Epson R2880 Fine Art Paper loading

we've now swapped our printers for the Epson our 2880 as you can see please don't panic this is the back not the front of the printer is not some new style you've never seen before but often when people come to load finance they attempt to load it in the Sheep feet the normal feeding point for everyday APIs such as oyster or gloss or matte plus we close that down if you haven't located you'll find out a feeder tray it looks just like this possibly still tucked away in your box of your printer if you've never used it before but it's very very straightforward to load you have some orange taps and on the printer body you have some orange markers very simple and straightforward we just lock it into place by hooking it over and you have your feeder very nice and secure without any problems and you course to load the paper the paper is effectively pre-loaded to stop any issues with slight cuts like curling edges and hopefully it allow you to load it fast smoother than you haven't ever have done before it doesn't rely on the printer cam to pick the paper up in the same way you'd expect to load your oyster or gloss or matte plus papers so to load the paper we'll take a sheet we feed it inside the guys this is a four you just feed the paper down very gently till you feel it stop hold it for a second you feel the printer take over it takes it the further distance that it needs to and now your fine art paper is successfully loaded in your printer ready to go so make sure when you come to print you choose often refer to as manual rear or manual roll feed this will allow the printer to know where you're trying to pick the paper up from and stop any confusion any flashing lights to say wrong paper feed so that is successfully loaded we can carry on printing on our fine art papers

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