Episode 7 Starting A Life In Visual Arts Video In Nepali

hello everyone welcome to untamed anatomy as I say more Nepali my video Bernie – and he usually really be on a mirror routines Roberta hey DJ Dilys sketch song a Subaru so I thought maybe add when I'm doing the sketch I can talk with you all any team bunny or you're a topic time you like it so depending I read AXA or like I get a lot of messages from Andrew fellow artists or artists or who were trying to start up in the visual arts industry specially chemo anymore visual ads ad about a boy go by energy so I will talk mostly about the visual arts sector honey this magic you so funny the ritual – tomorrow mrs. out so that's a by when you when I am Satya Rashad moon arts much ecocidal acne were illustrating visual arts painting graphic design area magic positive lang naman a question normally Instagram message or critical email opening mrs. answer so more the Quixote as a how about like I sketched when II or sue any could record a honey and overlay you area Mikasa teal acne one originally the idea didn't true born a sadly say Miley you video stablish gotta go soon and he you videotape Ally language patthamas a second one sir I mean Nepali language banda banja mix up so you know how we have become a ducati other English other Nepali people in a generation and so yeah Argo chorus American Atrisco a mirror Nepali básico video a remotely interested a vehicle a twopenny male absolutely interesting like a kidney I don't think YouTube male Nepali bahama were the artist aru just don't buy two artists or the illustration or different art field majestico I'm in a video or boundness oxidated say YouTube mengapa kebaya it's it's an interesting idea to like have nipple Lima call a call sorry if I'm like out cumin behind a widow a decoy take a dim Italian certainly you're not thinking Casa de gornicke behavin it up so I just wanted to do a direct sketch and talk about visual arts especially illustration graphic design to idiomatic ostrich evening well suru Niko's recording art pop on your ideas amor or you'd story why like you knew the situation same or share costume so usually art much you know say about how you build your steps in a mirror like it's a Amma was a big inspiration want a toilet he as long as I remember she's always been creative I mean art say no very pony the magazines she read or mala handicraft or Milano handicraft kefir or Milano handicraft early introduced karna had Kokomo rule is to introduce karna and he kita by rope ornaments Amira hammock added a lat so you chromatic Yoon's ammonia were Tsuru Tsuru Mansi have a family family Marco created so family like family monk coughs lightly advocate II call a cop half an hour like value town sir Wow while go like satvatas a like we kind of start bottom line any are Co interesting part of my journey or a lot of people's journey is school my parents any Colorado art class drawing class all this messy Miro experience Manteca boy Tiffany like school MA oddly early classes over to Annie I think just one course of Cubans sorry you get a common either drawing go near a bunny bunny no I gotta do a cajeta gonna go T after Teresa anyways so might as a school manually drawing or ugarit here any teacher lemon I like drawing competition or Ooty Stormalong don't you and he so that is another place where our column at Sydney judoka madam Satan Vanunu socks I need up a rule school cortical activity and sir usually above camera superhero and camera soon well as they have a competition or do this dorama about competition or would say it has this weird like given any situation or routine there are Casa di mother say about you know usually arts my our teacher to say overall contrary Bonham novel situation cuz to vicunas over like overall country cool art situation cuz – sobbing it hurts and one had a town sickie Tonya why do I feel like that's any about the oh no Michael and sir so your teachers are like I feel like one of the best resources Hawaii true art career goal against and he like editable art Suruga not new boys over so they wouldn't so you know art my Langerhans to hang noon so bunny saying that's one of the they are one of the first to go people Winona art Milano GU Duda currency mirrored I keep any table you surah so to my teacher and a competition arm along with you and he I knew male equipment arts Milan new – that's my Johnny it's a to the exactly yeah area my also one is a dilettante know so you feel like teachers or go hot say of like you idiom as soon as a ik the me important I mean like just let it how they know I just go like Banamine appearance or to area mighty go touch sign upon it say they are like a good reference so keep ask your teachers the deeper questions any like you don't have to know my egg or so funny bunny titty you know poor donut or you area monkeys I hate like cat honest Arkansas keyboard a suck it up on it a teacher or less on the heady say they are like a very good resource that's what something I believe Oracle T oppose you see I feel like oily code generation cool Aggie arts school access is much better because of like social media any YouTube and Sandy they are like a very big resource so anything you want google it YouTube it it's there in a main chorus about how you get in get the right resource that's another thing but like you always have to start at a point where Koenig is to do gone over sauce so I would suggest amra palamas I think YouTube olliolli should avoid your Torah I don't think Instagram or media ARMA what do you see avi media room a say arts like the T DT internet Mahal say a boycott you know tubular someone say so the younger generation you have more like resources to look at any cost of the art martini you could either say I feel like there's much more you know access doing at the Heidi's day YouTube social media or ooh your different mediums or internet or what is AI think you can get a lot a nice Oh hashtags a rule for this generation access to art I feel like it's so much easier compared to like I'm not hammer mother I'm regeneration buddy we did get that input but not a lot so I feel like if you are interested in arts like just google and start youtubing in you know Instagram your area elements a quality key got it right sort of like what is happening you could either say you can I feel like you can always like check what is happening and if you really are interested a good way is to like link up with the artist it doesn't matter like the Michael Cuban neighbor probably how new you are to the whole sector or like if you're just starting enough don't ever feel hesitant to ask people cause every sort of an achy born a when it'll mean could a last I know know like you know any I mean last man even it's a I don't think we we can go anywhere like on or Coco let's say we are this we are always like eager to get more people into arts like if you are interested in not stay with them whether you're gonna work hard and when you I because I get a lot of question about art Mikasa detainees any it's a it's a lot of work but like you have to start somewhere so to BA currently say if you are if there is an artist you really like Anita Bala to mention one person you look on but sue to go do but Apple so money say just make sure you ask them like what was your journey you am I mean like I think everybody will be interested in telling possibly they got into it like what are the challenges cameras ruining you could either say I don't think we mind sharing to our like younger generations or generations who were like just planning to get back into like doing arts and everything you know or Kokura say studying art art form at schools and I would say it depends on your perception in a topple I poured it a artificial border polarity double down on one sake yeah eat away all the field operator arts my own owns it it's all on you like people who have like gone through there are people who have gone through the school medium and there are people who like are doing it by themselves and seni so illegals and especially oily go time manatee being able to go in by yourself is like a huge given a resource I wanna break in on you while just oh it's not there isn't a group controlling the whole you know like the sector if you if you make good work you know the right you know place to place your work social media then you are there you know any ethnicity or laponia Bashar Gerda after no Santa come dick the slowly your people were like oh Allah is to converse urban it happens so they you know they send that input to other people and a mystery mystery you you end up having more welcome from there mean is mean crack you money you have to like build your portfolio auto cut early they could come no matter where Bernie acne mutiny acne mystery mystery builder guard a social media post where they were website free website or my postcard a we started we started bono them for all that you can get up to that place so to say or comedian boy honey school oh sorry school janakirama say about it depends like today's schools annamund somebody that's fine too because school is a good place to like turn out like double a keyhole back I'm gonna want so what a tear oh you're a direct is school later definitely or a direction settings are like it also brings you closer to like like-minded people any you're a community achieve nothing if you want to go to like university art school after you'd like done with high school or do your about a sick day procedure that's a good place I think Nepal not saying you have who do you have tinta art schools trees and allies and I think you can work since your pseudo DNA you can start working with them like I gotta borrow money taberu foreigner Melissa honey what's the other place allotted color blooded karate undergrad bastard degree the heat aware who do you do to school not even a song Lanza there I don't know logical aku you how do you like enter the admission process they're cute I'm gonna let have mine on and then there's the new schools I mean new tiny they're like it's been like I think ten years thirty Boyle cut money University go Center for Arts and Design to say our culture and they have a process where I think they do a call open call newspaper alma and then you pick that up and then then like go get your admission do I think you have to go through do a test in a local process the kids I am elated Tavener but then you'd have to go through interview and then you'll have to go through what's the other process drawing sculpture class I think three hours could test the stones and they also review your portfolio so portfolio on our activeness in Artemis I mean Cora like if you are ever interested it's the interest that gets you there Melissa T did black sign like just to come if you like come like good art bad art banda bunny like what concepts are you picking up on late who are you looking out to any like what kind of things are you trying to get out any type of interest crosses the topic could like tobacco growth mindset coasters are like are you willing to work and learn on Sydney so portfolio and lay matrimony rich they have a portfolio Bonnie you do you want to see what you're up to but like people start with no portfolio as well it's it's just the interest like what is the view one art like man Chile art go importance tequila why why do they want to do art is to put our opinion right that's how you enter school and it's not just that topic of portfolio table on it'll matter it's a entry to you know so it's it's a lot of things so Nepal cool I could say I think right now you have treasonous reasoner regionally its regional is she's in a college and he la lead color on knee or chorus a Cartman University consent of Arts and Design I am thinking while somebody's gonna go um possibly website so you can check the website out and see what the coupons what the requirements are and then decide how you want to you know go ahead with it so school Dano is a very good idea also because you find mirror like I said you find communities and they are but I think I would be started to order these are they any mature late in days a day that's how you do it it also helps you like understand art Co history are kun sector mazzani and cynic you know any art my pony dairy sector Boyka Boyka so that that part is there as well so it all depends like katas Aniki corny about what kind of ideas you're looking to push you what kind of sector you're looking to pursue yeah Donna here is a month's you think I'm gonna area but they I capoeira say it helps a lot so it's a good idea the riccati I mean Satya already keeping you in Cerveny you come to this realization that you want to be in the creative sector are after a long time or casas Cassavetes a keep on you and Cerveny like like financially it's not a doable thing so our resource and like a financially guard at home I'd say it's always the Internet I mean you know any ask us the cost of any why so many internet my hands really poor Aaron Cini free resource Salah and any they have you know going up to become artists it's just how you use the medium and pick up on things honey I know like Internet cough knee a situation pencil where it gets very tiring and like directions they allocate II not the right kind when you're a criticism putting out so internet ecology say and I understand why because it is it takes you into Cubans a loophole where kind of difficult to get back so your home ponyta the other thing I think I suggest you to like look at is reading like genuine or artist or go like books or use the library find books and resources that describes an artist's good journey artists like art history or do campers they are to avoid what would say like our develop under mine Shalu a lot of reference or route a camera beans after worry particular Frances or Casa de niñas Hopkinson it's the garage I would say like a library is a very big and a good resource sorry moon are they drawing Tiger leaders and Aquino any I'm looking for an image to draw so that's why I'm talking to you right now and also like you know like scrolling to see what image I should draw were we anyways yeah so takeover like how do you want to like school is an opening Bonni Bonni sonic you know any school genre is a big commitment so if you don't have the resource and like I feel like it's a lot of commitment then you know using library and like making use of like humans and like getting in touch with people in the internet and being like hey meri zindagi esto sir I want to be in the arts and like but I can't afford school but like what was what would be your suggestion to like you know get into arts so two parts I saw or cocora I feel like a very good resource is to volunteer for artists and he I know I've not many connotations of like volunteering internship or Panama but if you are at a place where something could annoy answer and you don't know like how to get into it volunteering is a good place to start as well and where let's say ever like shadow an artist and learn his her or their way to like you know get into the arts and like understand kun sector but it's here that here is a it's easier or apprenticeship gotta got a pony like you might be able to like every penny comes like Ramlal days answer and then you you know slowly start getting into that whole phase of getting better at what you do so that that's another phase as well oh my god you have the earth anyway but yeah artists cooperate in ship cornu is also another big yes yes on my part because I mean schools I know one is great but practical broke my hair new pony in like on Sydney and that's a very good space to understand how our art Mikasa routine even it that's a only be seen a boy that was bad sorry about that so what else do I have for you I want to make sure that the video doesn't get too long and it always happens but this is how I usually start my day like try and like you know make art and make sure that plate I am you know how to Kokomo to career after school city code a real Amma bicycle tour like Anatomy oh boy that it is seriously Leanna alersa do cop eraser so you have to like keep up keep up like you have to get a ritual or like a situation where you're able to you know learn and like just there's no ending to learning I'm to arts sector masse like there's always new things to look out for know always like new things happening in the world so you have to keep up the basics or my visual add some real visual arts could be Sigma say you do have to like your drawing drawing or do Bernie and you're technically a look at this sound do not say I feel like it's money Paula are you don't like a Lickety it small concept honey it is all concept idea is what counts you know sort of – idea like a liquid tea actually execute gone insane at go comes a science and a so you have to be allocated discipline to like you know keep working on these your idea or when you rituals or room where you know like you are capable of producing so check okura and nicolas no porn anything alligator comes it about the corny person so i think my suggestion for like newbies and in I am satoru who want to get into especially visual arts core area romance a do you don't make a habit of practicing your hot cocoa model oh I go any lower you to drink or do you know like a steady drawing or idea the ha no one the heady drawing gonna know suck the head is a visual arts not much all tickety Garrett's answer writing and drawing say visual artist early I feel like it's a very important you know a skill that we need to hone into any gonna sock you know any say on the kitty Caro and so anyways um so yeah like this is maybe you told me you would only bought it on e maybe I can finish it up I don't know I I had this sudden idea I mean I wanted to do it for a long time throw a key under its own a sauce that sorta any plan gone over that one all that say it ends up ruining the whole you know situation so Jesus all like voy a coger ro one souvenir oh I don't know how much sense I made that uh yeah family make the most of us are the schools you choose or if you've been in a you know if you have been in a different sector and if you wanna like get into arts there's that opportunity as well there are mean CUDA a parts machine or any field because they act I'm gonna person like hotel and no personality of a rickety mmk money I look at the back full Mooney BTK about donated say have a money you something no one ever say gonna say I have no time outside and he gonna camera like a fly discipline gone onus of no parser like or only keyboard eraser honey look at the open minded boy honey so what nothing loss or no they're not like top ireoke sorry what you done way sir like how are you like doing this like how are you learning mmm it's the Quran might say look it did the Annunaki only saying I feel like this base for like a lot of artists like us and Sony any creative sectors I'm this it's more and more people are getting into it over possibly also challenging online but uh I mean a poly artists are but I'd say market T saturated tobacco so you know so I feel like we still have a good chance to like you know stand out and like make our names and like given me um I'm gonna town as I saw so I feel like if you are looking to get into the arts feel free to like you know explore this area I mean we're all I could say I'm because I love like finding new artists subtle I mean I artist so to be Taiwanese I get very excited and like I make sure I reach out to them and you know share their work and like do someone like them in one person like I feel like if artists a artists illustration II didn't know like event anymore if I have to go back to my artist management ofcourse so yeah anyways you owe me Roby Anika ritual this is what I do in the whole morning I don't know I don't know what you think about it like yeah so yeah I hope that was helpful and let me know what you think in comment section a common girl knows any if there's any other project that you'd like to see so and also check out my Instagram if you want to see the kinds of works I do and you yeah I hope you have a great weekend oily stay I'm filming this in the weekend so I hope you have a great weekend and I hope to see you soon bye

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