(EN/日) Sori (소리) “Touch” Recording Making Film [소리]

Sori’s YouTube Channel I am currently at a recording studio. List of emotions I need to carry: arrogance, non-chalance, make sure to breathe… …Like Christina, “Hi guise, this is Christina” A featuring rapper BASICK collaborated with me on this song. – Hello.
– Hi, I’m SoRi! I’ll give my best! If my voice is a bit “airy” BASICK’s voice is more enunciated, and will be catchy to your ears. Such contrast is something else for you to look forward to. This solo number’s concept would be… As I’ve mentioned before… Is something completely different from what I’ve tried in the past. There will be something that’s “wow-worthy” performance-wise as well… I hope you guys look forward to it too. Ah, and if you watch the music video, the outfit also has a huge impact, so, that’d be another thing to anticipate. Fighting! So, I decided to try out a concept that’s completely different from what I’ve done so far… I was very worried. if you look up the lyrics, it’s very, uhh… right! When I was recording today, the producer was like, “sensual image fits you, this is it!” “This concept is perfect for you!” he said! So I launched my solo debut project, which was revealed to you guys all the sudden, and continuously working on it, and to realize so many of you are supporting me, I’ve learned that once again, and was very moved. I wanted to show you how much I have grown as a singer this time, once again. I hope you guys get hyped, As always, thank you so much, and I love you

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  1. Well done, Sori. The song and video are excellent. Thank you for allowing us to come with you as you grow your talents and chase your dreams. We all wish you the best. <3

  2. Hi Sori, I am very happy and proud of you. You are a very special girl and deserve all the success and good things of world !!! I wish you lots of luck and happiness on your solo debut. Fighting !!!

  3. congratulations sori we're all so proud of you you aced your solo debut you look breathtaking and definitely left a long lasting impression with this song and mv (seriously the song is so catchy it won't leave my mind) you really own this concept thank you for working so hard i wish you grand success and i hope you'll enjoy yourself well with the promotions i am rooting for you always ❤️ (also a big thank you to everyone that funded this project you guys gave us this!!)

  4. いつも新しい事に挑戦してるソリちゃんって素敵ですね!

  5. MV見ました!新しいセクシーなソリちゃんにドキドキしました💓

  6. 정말 예쁘고 매력있어요. 가진 외모와 매력,노력에 비해서 아직 빛을 덜 본 것 같아 아쉽지만 지금 이 모습, 열정 그대로 충분히 아름답고 멋진 삶을 살아가는중이라 생각합니다. 좋아합니다!! 응원합니다!!

  7. So happy for you Sori!!! Great song. I can’t stop listening 🙏❤️❤️❤️ can’t wait to see what’s next. Continued love and support as always ❣️ Sori Fighting !

  8. You can see that Sori worked hard and really had body confidence. I Just love the song and the video. Keep up the good work. Hwaiting 😊♥️

  9. 의상고르기에 참여한 의상이 채택되어 더욱 좋네요 ㅋ 어서 음악방송 혹은 아이돌 룸이나 주간아이돌에서 뵈었음 좋겠어요~ 🙂

  10. Keep going! Keep fighting! You'll get what you deserve on the right time! Never soon, but never late! From Philippines 🇵🇭 We love you. 화이팅 소리야💕✨🍒

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