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these paintings are all examples of the genre of art called trompe l'oeil translated from french trompe l'oeil literally means fools the eye it's a style of art that makes you question if what you're seeing is real it's this illusion of depth that artists create which tricks our eyes when shapes get this third dimension of depth they become forms form is one of the seven elements of art along with line shape texture value space and color when given form circles become spheres squares become cubes triangles become cones or pyramids form takes up space in either a real or implied way in paintings and drawings for instance form is implied because it's an illusion of three dimensions with sculpture on the other hand form is real because it takes up three-dimensional space visual artists use light and shadow effects to create the illusion of three-dimensional form a strong sense of form can also be created by increasing contrast between highlights and shadow areas Street artist Banksy uses this technique a lot notice how these human forms are made up of only white black and one shade of grey sometimes form can even be created by an artist's use of color artist Akash niolani often juxtaposes brightly colored forms against neutral backgrounds to create the illusion of depth notice his forms don't incorporate any shading at all these are just a few ways artists create forms and incorporate depth into their work what are some other ways that artists create form is there a particular style or technique that draws you in and catches your eye mastering many different approaches to making form will give you unlimited options when creating your own artwork and will enable you to fool viewers eyes in any way you choose you

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  1. Due to my being prone to seizures.. I can't watch this silly flickering video. Please change this – there is not reason for this silly "special effect".

  2. I know this question probably gets asked all the time, but could you please make videos about the principles of design? That being said, my students really enjoy these videos and they provide great discussion points.Thank you to everyone involved for creating them!

  3. GREAT! set of videos!! Nice to be able to DI with these. Really helps with time! Thank you so much for creating these. Well done.

  4. This series of videos is FANTASTIC! I have always given my High School and Middle School students the Crystal videos on the Elements and Principles and frankly they are boring and the kids cannot relate. The artwork used in these videos is modern, fun, and interesting to the students. There was a lot of "whoa's" and "how cool!" comments from my Middle Schoolers today. PLEASE make a series on the Principles of Design that match this set of videos!

  5. may i know who is the artist which creates juxtaposition of brightly coloured forms against natural background?

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