44 Replies to “Easy Abstract Landscape Painting Demo / For Beginners / Blue /Acrylics /Daily Art Therapy / Day #052”

  1. Кого уже заебали эти ёлки а реках,ставьте лайк

  2. Прекрасно, очень красиво, большое мастерство 👍💐🌹🌷

  3. This is stunning I have just decorated my lounge in navy caramel and grey sounds awful but looks good this art would look great in there you’ve given me ideas now 🥰

  4. Wow! My daughter and I are in awe !!! You have inspired us to go out get all the supplies and start painting like this together! She is 8years old and I just know that this is going to be awesome mother daughter activity

  5. You always make it look so easy!! I can’t wait to try out your technique ! I don’t have the fan paint brush, or that spatula tool either.. you give me such inspiration

  6. Оооо, я вижу ели заснеженные 👍.
    Теперь я, простой человек, начинаю понимать и влюбляться в ваши произведения искусства 💗

    Ohhhh, I can see ate snow-covered 👍.
    Now I, a simple person, are beginning to understand and fall in love with your works of art 💗

  7. Whenever I watch these I never actually look at what u do I just skip until the end to see the end result 🙂 it always amazes me

  8. すごくこの絵好きです どこからこんな素晴らしい発想が生まれるんです?とにかく凄いです‼︎‼︎

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