Dušan loses his VRginity / Filmmaking Tips

So we are here at the VR and AR Awards Launch for the Raindance Film Festival this year and we are actually sampling some of last year’s winners Dusan is actually trying his first ever VR experience Which is – I think he’s enjoying So we have got some of the winning filmmakers from last year some of the directors and some of the best minds in VR behind me right there just talking to us and telling us what to expect for this year’s festival I think we need to find out what this VR is about Oh my god Oh my god How was that It was the best thing I ever – I can I got – I am beyond words, there was this family they were waving to me and I got really attached to them It was beautiful and I’m scared of heights at one point they just torpedoed me up there and I was like *blarg* no then it was fine! It was like a dream So what have you learnt from your first ever VR experience I think that this is the future obviously I think if used properly it can change the world We’re here to tell you that the call for entries is now open You can submit your VR film to our film festival this year and you could be up there talking about it this time next year We’ve also got a VR masterclass that’s running at the end of March so check our website for more details Let’s go It’s the milky way, and not the good one!

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