49 Replies to “Dreams of a Digital Artist – Renee Robyn”

  1. Whoa. I have no words. One of the most inspirational, get-off-your-ass-and-do-something-while-you're-alive messages I've ever heard in all my 54 years. That was divine, Renee. Thank you.

  2. wow this was really inspiring and beautiful. you are wonderful… love your process and respect your struggle, such beauty, elegance and power rolled into one.. BTW your hairs looks damm cool 🙂

  3. Photography is one of the few things that makes me wish I was younger…… and more organized & knowledgeable. Photography, like writing is having ultimate control to create something special…. if one has the talent & sensitivity.  You have it… So does whomever shot your video or was that you, too?

  4. Boy, I really like her because I never thought of doing layers upon layers of photos and mend them together like she odes it. That is very good work. I would love to make her my acquaintance. Peace, Flood!

  5. I'm a rider (08 Yam FZ1) and like speed, a photog, and am very inspired by your story and composites – so impressed! 🙂 looking forward to seeing what I can learn from you

  6. I am literally in tears right now! This video captures for me all that I feel about photography and riding my motorcycle. My anxiety disorder and fear that comes with it keeps me from doing so much. Riding my bike and photography are the only two things that make me feel free and in focus. I love this video and your story since I can relate on so many levels. It has truly inspired me to pick up my camera again and start shooting after putting it down. Thank you for this video and for your inspiration.

  7. OMG ! I Love Renee ! I'm such a huge fan ! I wanna be a composite photographer as well.. Her story and work pushes me to keep going and not give on my dreams of becoming a composite photographer ! Renee is GOLD !

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