Drawing ONLY the "Cool S" – Can I make ART?

[Applause] get everyone welcome to draw in Java I'm Jezza and this is a sacred symbol that transcends time and space geography and ethnicity as the universal symbol for I can't really draw anything but I can draw this thing it's cool shape and I'm also a high school student and I'd scratch it on the bottom of desks cuz no one's the bottom e its origins are unknown but everyone knows how to do it it's three lines it's three more lines directly underneath the little topper and the little bottom are just a little triangle on top little triangle on bottom and then we interconnect this is the magical moment like up until now it's just like whoo what do I always have a certain it's that cool s shape today we're going to explore it to its fullest and see if we can actually use it to create something truly epic but if creating art with something like that is a little bit beneath you and you're looking for something to really challenge you well you're in luck because this video is sponsored by Skillshare Skillshare is an amazing online learning community for creators with over 28,000 classes in design business illustration animation and Louden excuse her as a platform where you learn by doing there's an amazing place as a student because there are class projects and structured learning environments to enable you to learn to your fullest potential from professionals who know what their own about speaking of professionals who know what their own about I have two classes my own on Skillshare there are two classes i felt quite uniquely qualified to share with you one of which is how to be a youtuber and create a business out of youtube and the other is how to present a camera which as you can tell really good at if you want to explore the amazing platform of skill share you can now for free for two months is the link in the card and in the description also I hope you appreciate the whole they use MS and the skill chef I think that the S makes everything cool PS what is the name for this thing what is the name of that S shape that everyone knows how to draw and drew as a teenager there are actually accurate search results and there's a Wikipedia page also known as Stussy s super s point es and graffiti s as well as many other names so it's a mystery it's still a mystery but apparently Wikipedia goes with cool s it really does transcend time and space everyone knows the cool s so that's time to explore and see just how cool we can make an artwork with using the cool s let's try and make a face right so this is how I might normally start off the construction of a face your nose here do your eyes here honest gets us all very roughly in with a blue pencil first he use one of them one of the essays on his side here or it's like a superhero mask and I feel like the shape of the head itself is quite clearly one of these s's overlay an S on the nose I feel like I'm going to have to overlay these they're not always gonna be fully visible so we'll obviously have to be sort of behind other ones the mouth has to be one oh I did the ass backwards I always have to keep it as an S who draws the cool X backwards that's not cool that's blasphemy wait wait I have to interconnect these so it's sort of going back there getting weird quick this is such a dumb video idea time to add some line work what I'm gonna do the basics in just all this flat sharpie line and I have to draw all of them the same way that like with the three lines first then the caps then the interlocking s part for things like the eyes we can just thicken up some of the areas so he's got some eyebrows here okay it's beautiful Wow and you know the best part is this means that the shape that anyone can draw can be used in combination with itself to create some epic illustrations so those of you who consider yourself as perhaps not very artistic or not capable of drawing but capable of during the cool s you my friends can draw the cool ass man now I'm gonna try and do this to a very grand scale I want to say very grand I mean very grand we need to use a line weight variation to make the silhouette stand out and give certain elements of the image strength and then last but not least we're getting a very blocky almost robotic look here so I'm actually gonna run with that theme and do something a bit more sci-fi technological robotic before we get started I do need to remind you that this is something that no one has ever attempted at the scale before if at all if that's the sort of thing that tickles your fancy then okay you may want to subscribe also viewers impressed with the out work we're going to create as I as I think you will be you might want to share this video with people smash that like button hahahahaha I guess it's you up done all right [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] this videos purpose is to show you the power of just 14 simple lines I know that because I counted them 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 boom the next time someone catches you drawing Mountain thinks you're just messing around well you can let them know that you're developing your creative potential and you can tell them to face you'd never underestimate now I want to know what you think of this artwork and this video idea was it stupid or was it sex in fact I'm gonna put a pole in this video just because I'm doing a whole bunch of pointless things today why not throw in some community version I feel like we should also turn this into a guess the numbers game let me know in the comments how many cool asses you think there are in this picture the winner will never be discovered because I'm not going to count them not like that would be any more of a waste of my time than actually drawing with nothing but the cool s now of course one more time I encourage you guys to go check out Skillshare they sponsored this video and they're a huge friend of the channel they're an amazing resource if you want to learn how to draw if you want to learn something new or develop the skills that you already have a ten dollars a month for unlimited access to thousands and thousands of courses in so many different topics is a huge value for your money but if you're not entirely sure if it's worth it to you you can check it out for free use the link at the card and in the description now I know what you're thinking this video couldn't possibly get any cooler jazzer how are you going to have the outro be a step up in coolness what that's easy let the cool ESCO I take it away thanks for watching this video make sure to like it and subscribe to draw with chance' for more epic fun with art and stupid video ideas that's subscribed with a good check out the other videos on this channel and check out his flock channel too because I said so and I'm cool

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  1. I think you could’ve done a better backround in your new studio bc the backround you have now just makes no sense

  2. Dear leader i bow before you god emperor of the cool s and will do thy bidding, i am yours for life.
    From: 90s kid

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