Drawing a Sea Dragon in Colored Pencil & art chat – Lachri Live

I think we're live let me make sure audio is doing you know Oh audio thing let's see is it even refreshed oh wow thank you travel time and space for you that is you're so sweet gave me where she I don't know hey well I'm just gonna drill give me two dollars five dollars okay let's see refresh come on do we have audio Oh yep yay we are good let me just mute my computer for all the little pop-ups and pull out this chat window you're Burt one second just to get this going hi Gayle okay I think we are set up just as a reminder make sure that you do the outlaw Cree fine art but if it doesn't highlight in orange I don't see your question it's nothing I'm just trying to be rude and ignore you Oh sometimes maybe probably not though I actually do try to answer everybody's questions same record now um so if I'm skipping you it's not deliberate it's just that I'm missing the question and the best way for me to see it start to be highlighted and orange like that so tonight I am starting out on this little sea dragon right here who's adorable this is a photo a reference photo I had taken myself all the coral from this painting and the photo of the cat penny these come from tidal Gardens tidal Gardens is a coral vendor here on YouTube well coral vendor in Ohio but they have a YouTube channel here teaching you how to take care of your Caryl great channel I was a huge fan before I met him so I was pretty excited to get to meet them and air him it out aqua Shella but that is where these photos come from and if you are looking for coral reference photos if you are wanting to get into marine art if you sign up it's so cool I'm so excited can you tell you sign up for his patreon it's like five dollars a month you get access to all of the ayakashi uploads I think like fifty a month of these type of coral like super high my camera is probably wiggling like crazy I've seen it went waving the wind here sorry um but super high-resolution coral photo stuff that I've never been able to find anywhere else so I'm really really excited about this if you don't know this about me I've been a marine artist right I started out as a Marine artist that's all I did for my first like 10 years of my career so I know you it is hard to find good coral photos so this is really excited for me especially as a colored pencil artist because with colored pencil I tend to want to put more detail than I would with maybe acrylic or oils no that can't be done in acrylics and oil but that's just kind of the nature of color pencil I like to do the tiny detail these reference photos allow for that there's a link in the video description if you are interested in getting these corals or the mutant work by coral from them too but if you want these reference photos okay let's go I think it kind of in a couple of these questions and then we will get to started baby pandas one at once and I've been looking forward to this awful week don't forget to hit record thank you I did and I'm also glad to hear that um Joseph said audio is live and thank you I am recording I need it to you tonight to irsie says I like the colors put into your cat art Thank You arts with Ryan says you are good at good you are egg you aren't a tart god I didn't even drink alright thank you um I I can't read apparently too bad I can't be a god of um being literate can I trade Diane said this is beautiful how long did it take you to do do you think I spent two days on the kit so I did the start of the face that Wednesday night but I didn't really get much farther than that if I weren't doing the live stream I would have probably been to that level in the face within maybe 30 minutes if I were just like focusing and working and then I worked on this Thursday night and finished at Friday night so it was only two nights it really didn't take that long because there's really not that much detail it's just a matter of paying attention to where are your darks where your lights and then of course I hyped up my color saturation by pulling purples and reds and things in there so that she looked more shiny and not just gray and that's the thing when you're when you're doing pet portraits if you're drawing or even a human where you've got really really dark hair don't just jump to white is your highlight because that's gonna be gray when it mixes in with the brown or that the black and now it looks like the person is aged or the pet has aged or that they're dirty and dusty and haven't you know wash their hair in a while so by using blues and purples instead we get that nice sleek look with still having the highlights on the black and in this video I would say she's a little bit more muted under this lighting than what she looks like in like lighting in a room that would be more like what I would display her under if she was for me so let's see um Neil said I love the colors used in the cat but fur looks so soft thank you yeah and again those purples and blues and all of those like if you're painting or drawing an animal with black fur or a person with black hair pull those purples and it seems scary and it seems really weird what's the worst that happens you're working on black if you put in purple or blue and realize I just don't like this they're black over that's gonna cover it it's not like you can't cover it so just be brave and actually do that um okay now what was I do eat okay oh I need to put up glass unit first so that I don't get the oils from I can hand all over the artwork we want this to stay archival so I need the oils from my skin off the work and this blessed scene you can get it for fairly inexpensive a roll of this is not much on Amazon's weight I take it back I've seen it where the roll cost like $40 don't get that one get the cheap one but it'll a roll of that stuff will last it left me four years and I work a lot I use it a lot um but it keeps the oils from my hands off the work and it also well it doesn't smudge so let's say I get a like a nugget a colored pencil under the paper it's not going to pick it up like grip it if I were using normal paper sometimes it'll stick to that normal paper and then when I slide it that's that little nugget of color just made a line that's not going to happen with this so that's the big bonus of using this before this stuff I used to use tracing paper so I could still kind of see my work under but one of the problems with tracing paper is if you use a lot of hand lotion like I do the those oils may still soak through the tracing paper and that's not gonna happen this is more like a waxy paper and this is pH neutral acid free it's safe to use to wrap around your art for storage I do that actually in some you can't see them up there and I'm pointing I have some art storage boxes that I really need to do another studio tour with but I will put the sheets of this in between a lot of those pieces let's see Joseph said wait you mean you aren't the the naboo they should I can't even say these patron god of litters you know apparently not cuz I can't even read whatever you just wrote all right through the Ryan said do you intend to buy the new 36 color of the Derwent light fast range actually attend a contractor and ask them to send them to me because I do video reviews and they know that I'll share them with you guys so usually they'll just send me the supplies that I need to do those videos I have a really good relationship with during their I love that company so yes and even and if they didn't give them to me yes I would go buy them those are I am so excited for those pencils but I hopefully will just get they'll most likely when they come available in the u.s. usually they go ahead and send them to me so that I can review them um let's see tarter Ian said I wish I hope I did not say wrong if I said that right that is the coolest name and I'm a little jealous amazing work thank you for sharing thank you for watching I see you said are you going to do the color reflection of the coral to the sea dragon with illuminating light so the diff the core this is gonna be my challenge my coral is super super super busy I mean that is like a hot mess of all the colors I need to now make this yellow yellowish orange sea dragon stand out so I've got to adjust that Sun from whatever my reference photo is to do whatever is needed to really make him pop and that's that may require that I darkened the coral behind him a little or it may require that I make him a little bit darker than he requires so that he stands out now the lighter color is going to naturally feel closer to the viewer so I've got to keep that in mind you know we've got it I've got to work through that but based on where I have him in this art he would be right next to the coral anyway so it's not really that I'm trying to create depth there but um yeah that's gonna be a challenge for sure making sure he stands out peasy Cherokee said I just listen your color pencil cotton I can't talk any Ouisa I just listen to the colored pencil podcast where you and John were talking about summer drawing ideas the word you guys were thinking I was candid it was that is a few people have been like was it this word was it that where I'm like no that's not a word I would use candidate is the word thank you um well we're just gonna pipe up the fact that I didn't two words tonight or apparently ever because that we recorded that a couple weeks ago and we couldn't me neither one of us have thought of what that word that's hilarious yes that is the word thank you Neil said I learned to try different things and experiment with art from you hey I recently did a tiger in a forest and was scared to pull green into the fur but I loved how it turned out that is really cool a couple more questions I'll get started Lutie eric said I need advice for lighting and recording equipment I don't have a clue where to start by the way amazing work thank you um the lighting that I use to record the light that's over you guys if I aim it up there you're not gonna be able see anything anyway but that the light I use it's from Amazon I have a link in the video description I should hopefully it's there um that light is amazing the only thing and it's not even really a complaint it it's you adjustable but when I record it's so bright that it kind of washes out I think a little bit the colors in the video and so I have to try to remember in post-production to go back and edit that or fix those colors up so that they're more more saturated they're not as washout as what you see on video but other than that before what I see in person that looks amazing I can see everything love that light for um there they have the big soft light boxes that you can get you can see that's up there I don't even drag that down that often because it's absolutely huge and kind of annoying to work with it's just big and heavy heavy heavy is the wrong word it's big and awkward and I keep knocking it over that it doesn't really fit well in the studio so I lately if I have to record in this room I try to use natural height as much as possible because you know lazy um that one works really good as far as what was the other stuff recording equipment I really really like my blue my Yeti blue microphones these are I have three of them in my studio I liked them so much that I had gotten the one loved it got more when I needed realized I should really have others around the room starting after unplugging and moving stuff those are great great microphones they run I've seen them on sale for as low as like 110 but I haven't priced them I bought mine a few years ago so they may be cheaper now but I got those um I don't even have everything mark didn't where it needs to be on this guy I got those a couple of years ago and I've been there one of my better pieces of equipment I've really been happy with the quality there trying to think what else is really good my cameras really cameras you can get away with just about anything now now the camera that I first started YouTube with was this little like hundred I've only spent under one hundred and fifty dollars are right around a hundred fifty maybe it was two hundred I don't know but that was back in 2012 2013 and I used that for that would've been around 2012 and I used that until I upgraded to this one in 2015 and I mean this one I've been using for four years it's a it's 1080 but I don't even know or know is this one 1080 I think it's 1080 so it's not the highest quality in the world like it's about your 4k cameras but honestly I don't need 4k for you know what we're doing we don't need the most expensive so um you can really get away with with these cameras that are not this one when I bought it was like 950 almost $1000 there's so much cheaper now I wouldn't probably recommend paying that much more unless you were going for 4k I don't know I hope some of that helps Elaine said working on working on me um I can not read I need to make fun larger um let's try that again Elaine said working on about me page for my website lots of different ideas artist ones seemed to be more informal informal and like talking to a friend business ones are more sales oriented any tips I don't like I mean okay it's really hard to get anyone to read those pages and when they're too informal and like here's the basic information and I went to this school and I did this and I mean okay an include if you want to include schools you went to if that's if you did go to school but I mean yeah people aren't going to read them make yourself more interesting and if that means being a little less and less professional and great it's not the 90s where everybody like I remember back when this would have been around 2000 2001 my whole Mansouri machine I was like hi this is Lisa from lockrey you've reached Lisa actually back then I called it water of life studio not lock refined art so you're the water of life studio if you in and it did this bit business thing it was like first off you know one's calling me on my home number to hire me for things like that's not how they're going to at me they mostly but people go through email even back then but it was so like over-the-top everyone tried to be like when you went to a website it was thank you for visiting our website it wasn't our it was mine why we tried to make ourselves sound like this big business and it wasn't the best idea marketing I mean back then we didn't know a whole lot about individual brand marketing and it being an influence and all that wasn't a thing so everyone no one really knew how best to handle those sorts of situations situations so we were all trying to act like we were Target or you know Verizon I don't know we were trying to these all all over the top professional and it didn't really work at all um now I think being in professional nah I don't say unprofessional I mean you don't want to tell people your life story you know family drama if it's inappropriate but um color do I want here well I think mix magenta and but you do want to include you want to be entertaining I mean I wouldn't use a bunch of swear words unless that's part of your brand you know go back and prevent unprofessional but yeah I go I think it you want to keep keep in mind people are probably not gonna read that anyway so here's the challenge how do you make it interesting enough that they will read it because if you go too boring and too professional no one's reading that like I said no one's probably Rican it anyway so definitely I would say go more a little bit more informal and more personal like you're talking to the person you're telling them your story you're a one-on-one conversation type thing is what I would go for oops wrong Mouse I have to – over here if it'd look exactly the same four different computers oh and now that one's wrong uh-huh let's see what who is next TC Harry Harrison said can you wax big can you you waxed baking paper instead of glass and can you use okay you can but that's not necessarily going to be archival so the last scene is certainly a better way to go wax paper depending on the wax I mean who knows what they're using it before is probably better than nothing so I get you know it's a level of choose which is a bigger deal to you but yeah you could I would probably I used to use tracing paper because I know that's at least pH neutral I don't know if wax paper is pH neutral so that would be a bit of a concern for me but yeah that was um it's better than just putting your hand on the paper for sure why is this moving as much as it is tonight oh I use the new that's why it is I've got a new stand for that might earth I'm using a different sign I should say and it's Wiggly if you don't use that one next time good evening Rory why do you say question about pastel nah I notice when you use it for colored pencils sometimes the color seems to lighten after putting a dark layer almost like it doesn't really stay really dark any advice and wonder what pencils you're using because usually when you see that it's an issue of any paper I didn't see it with with what or see any trouble of that with the myself with pastel matte but I was working mostly dark colors even the dark shadows I didn't have any trouble with usually when that happens it's because you're using a wax based pencil and that wax is kind of raising to the surface so that's going to give you a a completely different end result um just it like racism prismacolor is what what is notorious oh if you're using for asthma color there's your problem right there you're not using prismacolor I've not I've only used it once and I didn't experience that yet so I really can't offer you any advice maybe someone in the comments did and can give you a bit of an idea unfortunately I've not used it enough to to have experienced too many issues yet or fortunately maybe Beavis said I got the $0.12 of polychromos pencils as for your suggestion the other week really love them so far that's great I'm gonna actually be doing a 12 set or the entire painting is done just with the set of 12 with a polychrome most really really soon so I got a I'm really excited about this idea I'm going to be doing a new series I want to try to do at least one a month and I've talked about doing it before I just never really followed through and now I'm just motivated and excited and I almost started last night with three in the morning the decided I'll do it tonight after the livestream and said but the first one is going to be for graphite pencils but I want to do a lot of intro pieces at least one a month I want to do limited supplies on a lot of those so let's say like because one of the things on my patreon I different mediums well what if somebody's only got their colored pencils that they want to try acrylics but they don't want to go and buy all the acrylics in case they don't like it and I want to do a series where and I say series but I kind of just want to permanently do this once a month rotate from one medium to another and sometimes different mediums will jump you know it'll be I'll end up with more than than just the one medium eventually or one video for one medium but minimal supplies so maybe for acrylic I'll do one with just black and let's you only have to buy two tubes of color and three brushes like pick three maybe simply Simmons something we can easily get on Amazon and pick just the most basic basic materials so that people can try a different medium for hopefully not a whole lot of money just to see if it's something that they're going to be interested in plus it would be great for beginners because it'll be a very basic lesson so the first one is in graphite where I'm I've got the photo done I haven't drawn it out yet but it's gonna be some succulent it's a close-up of a succulent and so that will give us a lot of practice with shading so it'd be like somebody's first time learning to shade with with graphite but I'm gonna be doing a bunch of those coming up soon including in one of the ones because I want to do the minimal supplies is going to be the set of twelve polychromos and showing people how you can get so many colors from just that set of twelve it's such a good way to start mastering your where did this go I'm gonna even know what that's supposed to be um I think this goes here I don't know colors are not the right place at this point and then you go here okay but um yeah that's coming up really really soon like I'm really excited to get started on those those ideas travel time and space reuse it what do you use to edit your videos I used to use and I'm bringing this up because what I currently use is very expensive in a little bit well a lot harder to learn but I used to use a site CyberLink PowerDirector I don't remember what number I was on sixteen I think fifteen sixteen that one is fairly inexpensive for for what you can do with it and that when I was pretty happy with what I use now though is Adobe Premiere Pro which is an amazing amazing program but it definitely a lot more and it's it's a bit more of a challenge to really learn and get the hang of so for a lot of people that may not be their first choice or the best thing to get started with so the PowerDirector CyberLink CyberLink PowerDirector that's backwards um that one is a really really good program and you can get some of the older programs on like amazon you don't even have to buy the new one because what is the one of the reasons that I switched from using that primarily or by itself it is it does have some limitations but they also change to where they want people to sign up for a monthly like fee like what premier does and I'm like if I'm gonna do that I'm just gonna go with Adobe but you can get the older versions that don't get updated constantly like that and that's what I used for years and they they really did work very well so it's a good way to get started but yeah right now I use Adobe Premiere Pro Ashton said when trying when I tried blending with gamsol I often get weird splotchy patches outside of my colored pencil area I'm trying to blend as a result of over saturation or poor people paper quality it's a result of part is your paper and part is yes absolutely over saturation so there's certain papers like if I'm working with a big one is Stonehenge cuz that stuff is super absorbent if I'm working with that I have to really work to not over saturate my paper like that's a big big deal with that stuff to be careful to keep the odorless mineral spirits exactly where you want it to be it's also extremely noticeable if you're working on any sort of color of paper like even if it's not the camp the Stonehenge I've used some of the camps in me chance if I'm using colored paper it will stain that if you get the odorless mineral spirits or the gamsol where you didn't intend it to be so you do want to use a bit less in those cases and be really careful it doesn't hurt the paper but you know you may not want a big ugly splosh oily mark where it wasn't intended don't scroll too far one second that one Sulley said Abdeen Sarah's high if you stir your PO oh she's telling somebody yeah if you if somebody's having a hard time getting their question you have to do a pluck refine art if it doesn't highlight in orange I won't see it and if you're having trouble getting that to work if you ask one of the mods they'll post it for you bloody said I'm using the same pencils as you but I'm working on a light blue pastel matte yeah you're gonna get a different result then I really really like light blue I haven't tried that on pastel not though I haven't tried any of their colours just the white paper and I absolutely loved that Dean ceressus I use prismacolor I'm only ten years old and I any tips um don't drop them they break easy so be careful with them don't push hard you don't like you if you see how sharp the point of my pencil is here with prismacolor I try to sharpen it a little bit here that are kind of more dull I mean this isn't a good example cuz it's not shirt but maybe something a little bit sharper don't go all the way to the end don't that's not the greatest example but um you I'm not gonna sharpen my prismacolor is quite as sharp as my other pencils and I'm also going to use a very light hand don't push real hard with your pencils so in if you start by using the light hand like what I'm doing here you can build up lots of layers presume colors are very waxy so you are going to be limited on how many layers you can get with them so you want to plan out a little bit more and not push too hard with those pencils too early on lots of light layers is my tip for you maybe panda said how do you decide which colors to pull out to get um to get the layering of each color you're going for so it doesn't look flat I look at my reference photo and I know that sounds way too basic but I look at it and it's like okay I can tell there's going to be purple I need to sharpen this purple I can tell that there's purple or orange and so I grab a pencil that's close to it and once I get the paper if I'm like wow that's not the right color I should have a different one it's just trial and error and I know that's probably not the answer you're looking for I mean it'd be great if I had this amazing answer of oh my gosh here's the formula it's just that's not how it is I just grab the pencil that looks close to what I'm looking for and then go from there he's actually really outlined here and I've missed I'll have to fill in a little bit where I whoops you go that way let's see if I can erase some of that whoa I lost my eraser the other day and how much a new ones so what happened here which isn't a big deal I don't really care if that lines there but see how I pulled that black line where I didn't really want it so what I can do before I blend if I can find an eraser what are they all um hold on I need I think I'm gonna have to go grab one somewhere else but I want to try to erase it I won't get that paper back to white but if I can erase some of it when I do blend out it's going to make it easier for me to correct that problem later on I usually keep them over here but I pulled one over somewhere I don't know give me a second let me pull out what do they do what I need to do I've got a big unboxing video to do from fabric hostel seriously the biggest art hall ever of stuff they sent me so this it's their fabric castel perfection eraser and just for transparency they did send this to me because I'll be doing some review videos for them but this is more like an ink eraser so it's going to lift more than what a regular like a tombow mono eraser isn't gonna quite lift as well and it's got the little hairs on the back of the brush so it lightened it I can still see that mark that I didn't want but it's gonna be able to I can cover it way easier than I could if I left that black there so let's see the lean creative arts ed I honestly don't know how you manage all the things you do to help us learn but thanks your teachings keep me inspired that's good to hear I'm glad that strangers that I was wondering if you have any sort of review or of any kind on water-soluble grandpa I've been seeing the set up of primary color graphite everywhere and it got me wondering I don't have any color graphs well what does color graphite I mean I have the I guess I didn't have the water-soluble the grap eat it from Derwent I've got several of those videos but I also have a lot of just basic water soluble graphite videos I've got a couple of those you just if you do a search on YouTube for a lockrey and water soluble graphite those will I've got a couple of videos of those I really like that medium that is fun to work in we just pull my oranges over here make my life a little easier and when I choose my colors I've got a set of 150 120 of like right now just have the poly promise that doesn't count the fact that I've got my Derwent light fast my Karen – luminous I've got all these other pencils over here I just go for something close if I'm like I need a dark orange find a pencil that looks like a dark orange if I find the pic choose their own one it's not the end of the world don't waste too much stuff I can't talk don't waste too much time trying to find the absolute perfect color the absolute it's not that big of a deal get your darks dark and if your lights light enough that's what's gonna make all the difference in your work having the perfect color not nearly as important as we like to think it is we give too much importance to color every color matters to an extent but our values darks dark enough life lighten up that's what's gonna make the difference in your work not the color so as I'm choosing colors and I need an orange you know one might work am I not let's find out don't stress yourself too much about that Rory said I am how do you use pen pastels and if you have do you like them for what they cost I don't know to be fair they gave me my set so to review so I didn't pay for them I'm not actually I don't remember what they they would cost I looked it up at one point and I thought that the price seemed fair but I don't remember what they are off the top of my head now I love them for doing a base for a colored pencil and then putting the colored pencil detail on top absolutely loved them the amount of time it saved and I thought it was going to be more like real or like real pastels and it wasn't because I don't like pastels I don't like to feel on my hands I love like look I think they're a beautiful medium I am too neurotic about having my hands feel dry and I just can't stand the feel of pastels that's why I don't work in those or charcoals or any of those but okay hold on I'm missing things this is black this is this what is needing to be bigger we've got a little skinny guy I'm gonna have to put some white first what I'll probably have to do because I missed a line is using my touch-up texture titanium white that's kind of working to really make that pop and then put orange on top because I don't think that's gonna stand out as much as I need it to yeah kinda I put white down first and make it stand out since I didn't save that spot and I'm gonna have to do that in a few of these areas where I've got outside of my line so like if I need something to be bright orange and I've got blue underneath there is no orange pencil that's going to be able take enough to cover so I have to put white first and I'll use them a touch of texture titanium white mixture so cover that up and then I'll go back on top like even though I'm putting orange now so I'm gonna have to go on top with the touch up texture titanium white to get it to be the color that I need it to be and then I can put the orange on top well this is lifting enough of that this may show up okay let's go with the darker orange here and let's see so we've got those three you and you okay got all my spots in there ah let's see who is next so yeah I absolutely love Pam pastels I'd almost say whatever they cost they're worth it I love them that much baby you have to send your new series sounds wonderful yeah I'm glad you like the idea I'm Kelly Anne Newman I said as somebody who wants to try a bunch of different mediums on a budget I love the idea of minimal supplies videos oh good I'm glad you that you guys liked that idea because it's one I was super excited about and then you start thinking I mean do people want to do that so I'm glad to get that feedback from you guys let's see this next question keeps coming Oh Dean Sarris I've already answered that if you missed it just back up back the video up um okay no I'm caught up Elaine said very excited about crafts the right thing you're going to start and other mediums you've helped me to get back into art after many years so grateful to you think that's so nice to hear I thank you Casandra said thank you for doing limited supply videos I'm excited to try it critics and oils but afraid to spend money on a lot of supplies only to find out I don't like it yeah oh I need to get some I'm gonna look into some different kits to like that we can use maybe if there's like a 40% coupon available like Hobby Lobby or Michaels or something like that I'll see what I'm gonna do some pricing or I kind of also want to keep it to where it easily you could buy it on Amazon well just see I've got to see what's gonna be more of the most budget friendly but still quality and that's the thing as I still want it like I will still use the liquitex basics but let's do like for acrylic as an example but maybe just black and white and you can add other colors if you thought that was fun for oil paint I'd probably do the same thing a black and white oil painting then you'd add extra colors it's time went on if that was something that you enjoyed but yeah that'll trying to think I'm thinking out loud if you can't can't tell of the ideas to be as budget-friendly but still leave you with something that's fair you know its quality it's something that if you like you would still use you're not wasting money to test it but yeah I'm excited I'm glad to hear that you guys want that too cuz what makes me even more excited whoops that's kind of shaped a little funny there which one is that that is not the one I thought it was that is definitely shaped wrong okay see this is where this pencil is really handy when I start talking and a not paying attention let's just lift some of that color that just absolutely doesn't belong it's gonna be easy to fix cuz that's a black line this white line will end up being black well part black part white but okay so here he's actually got a little guy that sticks out this way that's gonna be another one I have to use quite a bit of touch-up texture titanium white on there's my polychromos um let's see Juliet said or asked hi Lisa any update on future watercolor pieces using a pilot tubes not pencils we'd love to see your experience I don't have any plans right now other than I absolutely want to do it that's the extent of my plans on that one but I definitely it's something that I do really want to do because that way we'll make this Kenna no that's not quite right it's something like that I'll lift the other color behind it but yeah it's I've got so many things right now I'm behind on that I need to get done first so right now um and I've mentioned this before I'm working on a set of videos for fabric house sells so that's extra videos I need to do on top of my normal videos so that's currently in the works once that's done that should clear up a little bit but I think by the time that's done it's time to start getting all this stuff for the new house ready so yeah coming up soon I'm not sure when that'll be but I definitely do want because the watercolor pencils I did not expect to like as much as I do so I'm actually really excited now to try your you know more traditional watercolors now again I mean I tried them when I was younger but I didn't really like on that much but now that I like watercolor pencils so much I have a feeling that I would really end up liking regular watercolor tubes now so I'm excited to try that but I'm not sure when that'll be I'm I said do color in any or do I color in any coloring books I don't just cuz I don't have time I think it's fun the other comment I have of coloring books is you're gonna typically like me looking down I can't do that with my back of my neck I have a world of warcraft' one I really wanted to work in but I just never get the chance I guess I could do that at my easel that if I'm at my easel I need to be working like a I'm so but I have so much work to get done um let's see Lonnie said I feel like my work on the pastel and that looks great from a distance but muted when I'm right up to the paper I'm using your starfish photo to drop by the way I know it's another one I just haven't done it enough to really know or you know I may have the same experience after I've done a few more well I'm curious to see how that goes for me I didn't have any trouble with the roses but I worked so large I mean it was kind of a close-up of those guys so I'm not sure if that's going to wait where you are here um I'm curious now to try that again and see if that ends up being a problem for me if I were working like so large I didn't have a lot of tiny tiny detail on that from what I saw it didn't seem to have too many but I also have the benefit of being able to use touch-up texture titanium white or I not titanium white touch-up texture if I needed to I could put the texture back into it if needed this will go over with white to make stand out again later so right now everything looks just cartoony and like a hot mess this will all work its way out this is just starting to block in where the color is going to go well every use copics probably not they're not light fast and date so they're just not a fit for how I work now there are other mediums that I work I mean intense aren't all light fast there aren't other mediums that I work in that aren't completely light fast but I don't like those when I can use like I like the Derwent or not Derwent the Windsor Newton pigment markers I love those I love how you blend them I love everything about them kopecks were just I was never super I never really got into them and when I tried them I wasn't good and very good at them but I didn't feel like putting the effort into becoming I mean you can get good at anything it's not like oh I'm bad now I'll always be bad but I wasn't interested enough when I did try them to feel like oh I want to buy more of these really really expensive markers that aren't light fast it's just didn't didn't seem interesting to me Vibha said have you ever done something stupid like accidentally grow mold on a brand on brand new paints asking a hypothetical question perfect I don't know how you grow mold on paints I've seen of people having that happen and I have never once experienced it so it may be a difference of the paint that you're using um I'm not sure how that even happens but it's got to be a difference of the paint so cuz I mean I've heard of people having to happen but I've never seen it myself I should say so no unfortunately tell your friends I have no advice and I apologize I hope you work that out mold sounds a lot like a whole lot of fun kamio-san I'm working on a model I'm working on a model of a mat from a game I play using popsicle sticks I just got the biggest part of a building gun that sounds like a lot of fun what's awesome ludie said would you ever consider doing a space scene in colored pencil not powder blender but with OMS probably not it it doesn't it's not that it can't be done it's just that I have other mediums that work better for that I mean every other medium I eat this is probably a better choice for a spacing than colored pencil colored pencil it could be done but it's going it going to take so long and that's one of the things I like about space scenes it's such a fast thing to do colored pencil is slow that doesn't sound like fun to me I know maybe I change my mind but right now I'm gonna say no just cuz it doesn't sound like fun to me I guess I could with a touch up texture titanium white to get stars back in that would be an option but I mean I can see how it would be done but that doesn't sound like fun so let's go if I would consider it but probably no car Lisa but I just said that about out of other things ended up changing my mind so there's that brilliant you ever thought of creating your own brand of art supplies that's a huge huge endeavor I actually have friends who have looked into it um and it's like I have one friend who's an inventor and she actually does come up with different but its products that don't exist at all but having like your own brand of colored pencils your own brand or whatever seems like like way more work than I have time for I'd rather just use other quality things that already exist but I know are good now I need to get a lot of pigment on here so when I blend with the odorless mineral spirits I get a nice smooth look if you don't have enough pigment on your paper and you blend out with the OMS it really doesn't do a whole lot like it doesn't stand out it doesn't it just looks muted and ugly okay wait where does your head go you've got your eye well this comes up like right at a point so that blue doesn't even belong there that's correct that a bit let's lift I don't even know why I have this blue let's get rid of that get rid of this it's gonna be light and then it'll go to the dark like I've got it so we'll go there pull in these light colors for his little triangle head when you're drawing you want to try to look at things as in terms of abstract shapes it's gonna be easier for you to form the correct shape versus I'm drawing a little sea dragons head your mind's gonna go first I probably don't even know to see dragon head it looks like but I'll make it up as I go along look at your reference but don't look at those abstract shapes to get a more accurate line it may not make sense as you're working on it but as you keep working on let's say this comes down here see abstract shapes when it'll all come together in the end Jason said the eraser that you got is great also want the seahorse blend more with coral it might it might and I may have to come through he just hype up the contrast I may have to darken the coral a little bit brighten him up or do the reverse yeah he's going to and right now if he's gonna blend with everything because he's just muted all around he's not bright or dark he's just a he's not good yet um but no he that's something that I'm gonna have to work on or watch as I work through here so yes Kimberly said when you teach drawing colored pencil or painting do you explain how to move through the messy stage before it starts to look like what you're attempting I mean yeah what I just did is just that it's going to look ugly that it's normal to look ugly like this right now and that you want to just keep layering until it looks good they don't be afraid when you get us to a stage like this and you're like wow that looks like absolute it looks like toes and it shouldn't look like toes why does it look like toes work through hot toe stage or whatever ugly stage you're at and you'll get there but yeah like right now I have no definition no contrast no anything everything is just a blurred ugly like what in the world are you doing mess and that's normal you have to expect that when you get you know in those earlier stages don't let it discourage you and that's what happens to a lot of artists they get very discouraged because they want it to look really good or on the early stages and that really doesn't normally happen and he's got a lot of details that are gonna have to go around these lines like there's just so much that he's going to get so I'm pushing a little bit harder around my edge just because I want that to be really crisp and I am really gonna be depending on that touch-up texture titanium white on this there are so many little spots that there's no way I want to sit there with a pencil and like circle them all and then work around them to keep the white paper that is I that sounds like a whole lot and not fun to me so that is something that will come back through okay just going over everything being kind of messy I just want to make sure I've got a lot of pigment for this stage and that's probably okay for now you can go ahead and blend that and then we'll answer some more questions know did I know where did my brush go here it is so whenever you're blending with the odorless mineral spirits one of the things that you want to make sure that you do before you start I'm almost out of OMS I'm gonna have to refill that soon get your brush wet with your odorless mineral spirits and wipe it on your paper towels look at that black what I recently blended was that and it doesn't you can't always tell when you look at your brush so if I wasn't paying attention just dipped it and started blending I would adjust much to black all over that yellow and you can only fix that's that's a challenge to fix so make sure clean out your brush first this is really dirty I actually need to pour some more odorless mineral spirits and my little puffs so I will be right back just spilled that all over my carpet I got the best tip from Joseph the artist Joseph finish him I did not know this when you have so when you pour the odorless mineral spirits out of I guess it would be the same with bleach or anything like that certain things when you poured him out of the jug they want a kind of bubble they go it just makes a mess it goes everywhere you told me pour like if your hole is on one end pour it so it's flipped like upside down where the hole in the lid is because in my case it's got a oil lit cover and I just poked a hole in it and I just pour it out of that but every time I pour it out it kind of gurgles and it makes the best so pour it upside down like upside down the opposite direction so the hole is on the top section of where you're pouring out of it doesn't make a mess anymore and it's absolutely amazing and I don't know how I got this far in life and didn't know such an amazing trick so thank you but that shows him let's see go back out to some of these questions I missed well I missed a bunch of questions oh my gosh she's growing up where oh my gosh so many amazeen okay here we go they've been said pen pencils are about seven dollars the little pen when buying them individually I think they were less I want to say they were like five and asel art supply said five I went not too long ago well when I first used them I was looking at him there and I think they were all I've been less than that it may depend on where you get them from mercy said now that the sunshine is out a lot are you going to UM watercolor pencil draw intense or watercolor paints sketching outside that video was cool last year I don't know it's hot out there now I kind of skipped the nice weather say anybody should have gone out and and drawn it is really hot and writing I know I'm planning to my backyard will be have lots of trees and pretty things in it when I move so next year I'll have a backyard to go draw and then it'll be a lot easier because I don't know walk anywhere take out drag out all my stuff OB you know at home so I have those I would like to do that I need to kind of watch out for the next time we have decent weather so I can go out and make more of those videos cuz that was so much fun if you've never painted outside it was and I always I'm not a huge okay I'll like outside I don't like bugs and I don't like Sun and I don't like heat so um I'm not Christy at all am I so I thought that I wouldn't enjoy it as much as I did and I got those Derwent had sent me those inktense travel pans oh my gosh I had so much fun like I didn't want to go home but I had ran out of water for my little brush so that's why I had to stop but I definitely need to go do it again it's one of those things like I can't get myself to go do it but once I'm there I love it and think it's the most fun thing I've ever done so I need to just suck up being hot and around bugs and go do it but I know for sure I want to set it up or have kind of a setup maybe a cart that it can roll outside but I definitely want to when I have my own backyard be able to work out there I thought I would work on my patio here some but it's not very large like it'd be hard to set up the camera and everything and being that I'm up so high if something the wind something away I really don't want have to run down the stairs to catch my painting that might have something if it blew off so um that didn't work here for the patio plan like I was hoping but I just need to suck it up I think and go out in the heat and draw here cuz I did have a lot a lot of fun that day it was one of the most fun times of painting that I had ever had so I need to stop making excuses ok JP c-13 or it said as an art supply hoarder the idea of minimal supplies is very scared he hated me and I'm excited for the series you're gonna try all the things right you probably already have all the things bricks artwork said I was on the fence about that ceramic blade cutter before the podcast once you mentioned that I bought it right away if it's good for different place that must be good yeah the funny thing about this is this is the cutter that ever everyone is talking about it's like a little plastic blade they say it's ceramic I don't know it looks plastic to me it feels plastic to me it has terrible reviews on him looks like three star less than three star because it doesn't cut paper that well it cuts but not that well that's what it's intended for for us with colored pencil we don't want it to cut the paper that's great but you can kind of scrape up it works better let's see it's not really gonna show up on any of these areas it worked like it worked really good here on this coral down in this area but if you've got a dark area over a light area you can pull up just the most subtle little details and it's amazing it has to be the right color combination so like pulling off Oh like on the cat I tried it on the cat that can work that well because I have a dark base on everything but if I've got a light base I'm gonna be able to do it here no that's a dark base and I have a dark color on top of a light color it scrapes you know you just lightly scrape up those details and it works so so well but it's got to be the right color um I already did it on this so it's not really doing anything a little bit here it's so subtle I'm not sure if you can see those little lines I'm throwing in there like the skinniest little line but again it works best um I don't know if you can see it tiny tiny little lines which is amazing like that's hard to do with colored pencil so to be able to use this but for me with blending with odorless mineral spirits if I blended dark first and then put light on top than the bat may work or if I blended light and then dark on top that works but if I kind of go dark and then kind of more darks and think I'm gonna pull light back up there's nothing for it to pull up I'm only revealing more dark so you want whatever color is as your base color to be almost opposite of what color you have on top and that's gonna work the best but this thing is I'm I'm really liking this and it's fairly inexpensive for a new fun toy let's see Nick said I'm guessing your plain artwork will increase once you have the new house I think so too I think just the fact that I can go the dogs can be in the back yard with me I don't have to like pack up driving you know I can be at home and still outside I need to get a lot of stuff planted first though because that backyard comes very basic like wall grass that is all I'm gonna need some trees and plants first Luigi art sorry I let that Rica sell it's one of my favorite brands I own most of their products yeah I I'm so excited about that box like I I need to do that unboxing cuz oh my gosh some of the stuff I don't even know some of this stuff existed I'm like how did I not know about this um Bevin said it did Feber invite you to Germany to know I would not be able to travel even if they don't travel so that's definitely not in my future but I really don't like to travel I can't travel far cuz on the plane with my back would be a nightmare Marianne said hi Lisa did you see that Hobby Lobby has some other liquitex acrylics on clearance yeah I bought some well you haven't been back though lately I need to go check it out but I bought a bunch when I was there last Cassandra said can we paint a purple tiger limited supplies that would be cool I need to see what colors are included in the twelve set I actually don't know we're just waiting for this to dry so I can go to my next layer um Steve Anthony said no creepy wind chimes today they're not creepy they're beautiful no that's not – indeed girl and you know it's not funny how some people find them to be creepy and some people like it so I'm one of the it's so peaceful and happy sounding like it's such a funny set thing to me that like the same sound can have such a different reaction to do different people that's funny um let's see Lettie said I think I met the pencils become very mad on house tell Matt yeah we know if it intended I don't know I mean has they come Matt anyway like this the cow just touched my easel is so graceful but this guy's really dull looking to me on this under this light icky try it under different lighting it might be I don't know I can't I just can't speak on it too much because I've only tried it buddy spoke I need to try some more colors and see that I don't know it looked rich to me I mean it didn't feel that much different than other paper so I don't know but it's hard anything to have too strong in a bit of an opinion on something when you've only used it once so my opinion may not be that valuable just yet I'll get their artistic marker said I heard that if you use walnut oil it may result in mold on the painting really interesting I don't know I've never used walnut oil I mean it I didn't win almost I mean once it's dry it shouldn't cuz it would dry I don't know I can't help Kimberly said when you teach Joe oh I did that one do you expect you I talked about that what do you think about oil painting paper I've never tried it um I don't like I mean okay so I could use like I have my my words are hard Frederick's my Frederick's canvas pad if you tape it like I do here onto another board that would totally definitely work so as long as you're taping it down longer edges that would like I know that one word work so I would assume oil painting paper I'm sure as prime so should work um Deva said same types of texture titanium white five times is quite the tongue twister it's a tongue twister saying at once I get a wrong half the time just once Julia said I've actually done galaxy scene with wolves and colored pencil was a smaller piece it was pretty fun and came out nicely I've seen people do amazing things with that I know it can be done I just don't know if it sounds fun to me look I'm what he said will he do a sneaky colored pencil at some point I saw a really nice one that was at one of our patreon photos I also have a pet snake yes definitely and we had the green it requested a green Viper is that a thing green tree it was some kind of a green tree python green tree is that what it was oh no it was beautiful I know that they're really poisonous too so you don't want to be giving him kisses but my husband also read when we move into our house one of his liked things that his dream animals who really really wants a thinking wants a hognose snake is the thing that he's like most worked up about right now so I'm sure we'll end up painting him and Ray said do you ever think about painting a fresh water scene like tied to tank looks I love your videos sometimes miss them but always catch up yeah well I mean I did the beta so it was technically a fresh water scene with him but I would like to do some of those the way the lighting is because it's completely different the way that you would do marine with you would have more green and yellows and and that so yeah I actually really like the idea of doing some more fresh water stuff I just don't have a lot of reference photos there I mean I guess I can go look them up but I'll have to look into that I'm gonna paint some ange freshwater angelfish I love those guys Dean said how can I blend better with colored pencils um I'm not sure better than what I don't know where you're at right now so I mean odorless mineral spirits is one of my favorite ways to go that's what you saw me blend with here more light layers I think you I think if I remember right you were newer so more like really light layers there's several ways you can blend like actually let's do a quick little demo of all the blending ways with color concepts let me grab a piece of paper has a lot of graphite on it you'll have to ignore it so one way to blend is just to continuously keep your pencil sharp and just light layer over a light layer over a light layer and see I'm kind of going in different directions little circles and you can just blend and blend and blend that way another way is to do what we call burnishing where you push hard and see how I'm getting that smooth look and I can take another pencil and push hard there and see how they blend that's one way to blend now the problem with that it looks beautiful but if you do it too soon in your work you limit the amount of layers you can put on top of that so when you burnish and push hard make sure you know that's why I think what your final layers would look like but that is one way to blend and then of course the other way is to take your odorless mineral spirits and then you can go right over that and you don't have to burnish first you can just planned with odorless mineral spirits and blend that way so those are three ways another way would be let's say we'll take one of my wax based pencil sothey this is the luminance and this method works best with watch these pencils not so much with oil with oil they seem to work best if you just blend with themselves but that was the luminance and if I take my full blender Brite and I think you said you use prismacolor so you would use your prismacolor colorless blender for this but I can push on that and essentially burnishing again and so this is blending that way too I actually like the results that I got with prismacolor and their colorless blender better than the results I get with luminance and their colorless blender which is their full blender bright but those are awesome methods you can use to blend your pencils blue tea art said do you think after the horrible ending the King of Thrones do you think that that would make george RR martin to write the next book I hope so I hope that he does get off his butt and gets that done I mean how long has it been though since this the last book he wrote he seems like he kind of was just writing that like the Train of what he already accomplished and not getting maybe too much work went into making the shows I don't know but he I don't have a ton of faith like I'm not gonna read any of the books if he finishes the whole series I will go buy every single book he's of that series well audiobooks but otherwise I'm not even gonna bother because I don't trust them to finish on I hope he does but I don't know he seems like he's gotten kind of like late I don't know if I'd say lazy or just bored with it or what but it's like it's been so long since he wrote the last one that if I don't trust an author to finish a series I don't really want to start it and I don't trust him to it at this point Laurie said is that um the video how you did the cat in the left side of this and they are already on patreon but for YouTube it will be altogether it'll be a lot faster on YouTube a much shorter video that won't be up for probably a month a few weeks at least before I get all of that together but they're already on patreon I already answered that Carlene said have you ever tried doing a portrait painting using acrylics I hope you can show us techniques in the theme I ugh it's not my favorite I mean I've done it I don't have any on me I can show you right now it can be done I probably should go ahead and it's not my I'd so much rather do it in oils oils are just so much easier to do with or with portraits but it can be done in look beautiful with acrylics I need to do I definitely need to do a video on it I've had enough of you guys requested that it's definitely I think something that would be helpful for you guys so yes I will be doing that Stephanie said is there see and I think see this is what's funny cuz everyone will ask me if I will do stuff and I'm like no I'm never doing that you asked me again a month later I'm like sure I'll do it I just have to think about it some god I'm like my my dad in that a little bit every time you ask him something he's like now he goes back five minutes later he's like that's a great idea but um yeah I think that's one that I'm going to end up doing let's see Stephanie said is there a tape that works best with certain papers I find that the blue painters tape rips up when I remove it it's apparent it definitely depends on the paper but my favorite to have it over here I don't have it on my easel I don't know here is um this is the tape that I'm using it's if you can see the inside of it it's called artist tape or pro artist tape I'm not sure if the pro comes before or after the tape it's like the chicken and the egg thing but this is a pH neutral tape and so it comes off really easily like it's got some tact to it but I mean it's really easy compared to regular masking tape so an because it's pH neutral I don't have to worry about it causing damage to the paper so that's what I use the blue painters tape and regular masking tape unless it's a paper that I'm gonna be doing like a lot of airbrushing or a lot of water media then I probably won't go with this if I'm gonna use like watercolor pencils I'm gonna go with the regular masking tape because it's gonna stick better but otherwise I'm gonna go with the black now if you have a hard time and it's ripping your paper you can take a hair dryer too and heat it up and slowly lift that actually some of you guys gave me that tip that's a good one but the heat will help to lift that co release that the binding the glue there let's see thanks – gww does baby oil work um technically yes i 100% do not recommend it to any fine artists it's not archival it's going to damage the lungful it's not intended for art supplies it won't ever really dry so you go to put your next layer and it's not it's not a good option um there are a lot of problems with using that and it's if you are a crafter if you're just doing crafts does that sort of thing go for it if you're trying to do fine art that's gonna be archival don't use baby oil don't do that at all uh whoops scroll too far and Ray said yes freshwater angels are beautiful I love those guys so much um Nick said you forgot my favorite blending method powder blender oh my gosh how could I forget that I'm just looking around at what I have here so that's another way to blend it requires you to purchase a lot you know another set of materials this step is called colored pencil powder blender and you apply it with like a little sponge it only works on sanded paper though sanded or just out of paper you wouldn't use it on like this paper or watercolor paper well this is watercolor paper you know it has to be sanded or gestured paper so it's it requires a very specific way but this stuff is amazing for blend and I've got I'm not going to go through the details without showing you tonight so you can just go look that up on I've got videos for a powder blender that you can go look up if you're interested in that petit Picasso said it's almost similar to zested pencil blend local art shop doesn't have LMS I've heard that it was I've never tried zested but I from what I understand it's an orange-scented kind of a more of a natural mint thinner type product and I've heard people had great results with it I've not personally used it so I can't really do the comparison I probably should order some doesn't it because I don't think I'm gonna like the smell but um yeah I've heard great things about it so it should be similar how similar that I can't tell you because I've not tried it myself but I have heard good things about it and a lot of artists that used it especially artists who are like in the UK or outside of the USA cuz I guess that that's a little bit harder to find in the you are outside of the US Pilar's don't want to throw on there right now maybe more purple ray said you have a brand preference for masking fluid I have Winsor & Newton masking fluid it's what I've been using and I also have one by frisket that I've not tried yet so I don't want to like give it my badge of approval just cuz I own it but I have it I need to test that one out but wenzer newtons the only one that i've used and it's the one with the yellow tint to it I've had pretty good results with it I have heard of people who got bad batches though but I guess that could happen with any of them but I liked it well enough we need a new red pinkish red nope that'll work my eraser down when I go to look for it later and can't find her she still mates under my feet um travel said have you ever done colored pencil on canvas or canvas panel I have not the few little splotches I tried I wasn't impressed with it's too rough but I didn't like give it a serious go so I can't say thanks Kyle Kyle said if everyone if you're having a good time watching please like and share this video it really helps out the channel and helps people find it yes please that it makes such a big difference for the channels just the way YouTube analytics work if you like and share any video that you watch that you like you will help that creator so so much the share button is a big big deal to you too because even if you share it on your own like say you share it to Facebook and you're like none of my friends are family like art videos it still helps me because YouTube's like oh someone shared it they must love it well she will let more of her subscribers see it because what are the things that YouTube does now they really don't share our videos with our subscribers that much anymore and so it really um it hurts view wise I mean the last few years it's really made a difference the videos that do the best on YouTube are like drama videos which I really don't do so because drama videos get more people commenting and share and talking and that conversation going and so they do really really well just based on what YouTube's current analytics are so yeah if you guys can share comment like all that fun stuff that really really helps me out have I heard of Chelsea love lavender spike oil and other I don't know about that specific one but I have tried other lavender paint thinners in oh my god they made me sick I couldn't breathe like it made me feel like my chest was closing up it really affected me negatively and it's like it's all natural and organic and it's healthy yeah okay lots of things are natural in art I don't really want to breathe in and that was definitely one of them I had a real bad reaction to that lavender I still said what do you think about oil painting pet okay answered that Oh squirrel Jafar so Sid is a yuki product so it's easier to get in Europe at least before brexit there you go uh Jen said can you do a new marine acrylic painting soon I am I haven't use it's a little bit another surreal one so a scene coming out of a scene but I that's probably okay I'm gonna do that intro to graphite first and then I think that that new acrylic Maureen scene is next desta comes in and comes in odor captions as far as I know but I'm not 100% sure Teresa said I bought it from Amazon took forever to get to me and Canada I do like it a lot I'm not sure if that's Canada or California because I'm you guy from California so and acca my brain says he says California but you might actually also be Canada um do what Carlene said you do you this cat your painting personally um I don't know the cat personally no this is my friend Pam from Carroll Gardens this is one of his cats he is he's like a super super cat person he loves his cats so much like he post photos I cracked me up the other day he posted a photo of these shoes add cats all over saying how much he wanted to wear those like he is super super like his cats are his babies so this is one of his babies Nick said lavender is definitely a lover hate scent it's funny because I don't really care one way or another too much about the smell of it it's that my lungs are like nope that's a big fluffy nope we don't like this so we're gonna close up and not let you breathe anymore there's some freaking temperamental lungs so now I'm starting to build up a little bit more of this contrast and it doesn't even matter to me like in the photo that's more orange I'm putting purple I don't care I care about my values Dirk's dark enough lights light enough that's what's gonna matter here and I really want my darks to even be darker than what my reference photo has that's going to look better too at least in this case because I really have to work now on getting this guy to stand out that's gonna be the real challenge and I've got the white dots that I'm gonna put in which will make a huge difference but I need to get some of these darks a lot darker first this has probably been one of the funnest paint colored pencil pieces I've worked on in a really long time I am loving those corals and it's so funny because for so many years it was like if I wanted to draw corals they did them in acrylics but now that I've got these photos and my color puzzles so fun for this Kimberly said that Kat is so convincing it's as if the finish the fish she's watching came around the corner my mind is seeing the cat Moo can you explain how one can plant movement in art the helens harder to explain so the movement to me I mean movement now I think you're talking about looks like that's gonna move but it's just getting things to look fairly realistic because I think your brain automatically once they look at it and they're like that's a real cat or real cow it's gonna move and I think that that's really where that comes from or if you can capture that cat and not make him look stiff another that's the thing a lot of people when they paint animals their movements are too stiff the lines are too straight or theirs they don't have the depth so like their darks aren't dark enough they're lights out light enough it's very neutral and when you look at that your brain isn't looking that and expecting it to move if you can make the cat look realistic if you can get those dark dark enough light my colors aren't correct at all I mean it's a black cat but I've got more reds I've got more purples I've got more colors than what that reference protocols for but if I get the value is correct your brain looks at it that you know it goes I expect that cap to move so I seem you know it's just getting those values getting getting an accurate drawing of course that's you know get make sure your base drawing is accurate that's gonna make a huge difference but if you can draw something that looks really realistic your mind wants to see it move it expects to see it move and I think that's where you get that type of movement now there's another type of movement movement when you talk about art where it's kind of the flow the movement of the piece like it's a different different type of movement and in that case it's just finding a balance and kind of see where do your eye well you can't see the whole thing but it's like where do your eyes move so I'm gonna I think this clown fish over off to the side is going to stand out a lot a lot once I get that in some I'm that's probably the one of the first things I'll probably flow this way but you're pulled back up to the cat's eyes backed out I mean you're kind of you've got the curves and such so you've got the movement of weird as the eye naturally flow on the piece so that's another term of movement and that's just that actually find it easier to control or to design the movement in a sketch a loose sketch you can kind of come up with movement and then draw your subject around that flow that you're going for but as far as having your eye or your brain look at something and expect it to move that's just my get it get those cut back your drawing and then get your darks dark enough your lights light enough that's really going to be the trick there for that type of movement we're gonna get the board eight for this draw and was it a stencil or did you freehand it it's a based off of God probably I think I got it from graphic stock which is story blocks now pretty sure that's where I got this one but it's not exact it was just based off something I saw there I want to just have it going back to movement I wanted this flow that kinda came from the bottom separated the coral from there but I wanted the movement to curl back down so that's a again going back to that movement I needed a curve so I could have done a straight line but the problem with if I had done a straight border here it's gonna pull your attention off the canvas I wanted something that pulled you back down and in and so that's why I went with a curved 1sg said I'm super vividly visual it I a super vividly visual individual gosh say that fast and I totally saw you and your lungs having a disagreement in my head it was a big disagreement it lasted for a couple of days because every time I open that pallet I could smell it like because I used my normal oil painting palette it was a smart art box project and every time I open my palette my lungs were like nook that's a big note from us uh-huh let's see Phoebus said have you ever had brushes with ornate hand carbon carved handles I've been dabbling and carving for my own fun I would not use them I would hang something like that like that would be a cool thing to hang on the wall for display but I don't think I'd be comfortable using something that sounds too fancy for me blue tea aren't said that like button is mocking me should I hit it yes please you should definitely hit the like button unless you already hit it don't hit it again it just must be hit once this artisan have you tried coal I Nora I'm saying that wrong colored pencils I have not wait unless I had a student bring them in and I hated them and just didn't ignore it it which I kind of think might have happened I've not like it's not something I bought I should say but I'd also that means I haven't given it much chance but I don't know much about them Elaine said I wake up in the middle of the night saying light lights light enough dark it's so often you guys got that how that stuck in your head that is too funny like if you watch especially my patreon videos I think that gets sad like every I don't know 30 seconds or so it's like the main thing you want to focus I guess everyone's always so like the colors aren't there my colors aren't right it's not the colors it's your values darks dark enough life lighten up read backwards to know I'll really screw you on that one um let's see Josephine said hi Lisa what are your top three tips to start start selling your art eBay I think would be tough one I think it's just a really good way to get started it doesn't cost much I mean it's the the fees that they take if they sell I think are pretty fair so yeah eBay is number one eBay and Etsy I mean you can try out say I didn't have great results with Etsy because FC's filled it's supposed to be handmade stuff it's not it's mostly like crap like mass-produced crap from China it's like a good crap even with the artwork half the stuff on there it's hard unless you know the seller you're looking for it's really hard the the handmade stuff gets so lost in the crowd of all the mass-produced stuff that's not technically supposed to be there but as they won't follow their own law rule so whatever um cyber out there um so those that would be my first one another option is to to try on Craigslist so you may let's say you're a portrait artist you can post that you have that you're offering a service that you offer you know custom portraits or whatever that's something that you can try I actually found a lady who posted on Craigslist herself that she was looking for an artist and I responded that way she had something custom she wanted done and I was able to show her samples of my work and we came to an agreed price did all that so that's an option um but as far as selling be realistic about your prices but also don't sell yourself short I see people who do work they'll spend 80 hours on this freaking amazing work and they're like a hundred dollars can you imagine working an 80 hour work week and making a hundred dollars you wouldn't do it so you know don't sell yourself too short but also be realistic are you a newer artist is your work worth that much money you know you kind of want to balance that out that's a bunch of random tips there's more than three in there um imagination art said I am I am artist on a Walmart budget for supplies I've been using a small bottle of dollar dialer whenever I can't say that low odor thinner from Walmart hey if it's working for you it should be fine that should be like archival you should have any issues with that but if it works for you I've never tried that one now when you say low-order thinner as long as it's an art supply if it's the dollar around anything whatever brand that is that as an art supplies so you'd be okay but don't use like a paint thinner from the hardware store not the same let's see Lottie said which audible book are you on I'm addicted to the last kingdom series by bernard cornwell the Netflix series is sensational I'm gonna have to look more stuff up I'm currently I just finished the heart of something by Lisa Edmonds I think is the name the next one comes out a few days yeah for like a week the one that what I need to know I'm not impressed I'm not too I earn it and I think I'm gonna return it because this is my funny rant so what is this call it's called no go back show me your name why can't I see the name of you oh my gosh I can't work my phone user error realms of ghosts and magic by Jay s Malcolm it sounded like an interest I like fantasy that sort of thing sounded interesting and I'm gonna give it a little bit more of a chance but it kind of killed it for me last night I was listening and I mean okay I understand people don't understand the use of ironic and don't understand the definition Alanis Morissette and I can kind of understand where people misuse the word ironic in place of coincidence I get it it's wrong but I can kind of get it my problem was this Arthur she's talking about um the girl went upstairs to turn on the news and ironically enough or know it she went upstairs and turned on the TV and ironically enough the news was on what not only is that not not ironic it's not a coincident it wasn't she's using these filler words and I just lose so much respect for the author he uses filler words that like have nothing to do like it doesn't even fit in that sentence you're just using it to sound smart but you really made yourself sound like an idiot now I'm like no the rest of the books probably gonna suck because I'm still at the beginning but it was such a weird like it wasn't even close it wasn't even a matter of not being used right it was a matter of no possible misunderstanding of the word ironic sit in this situation it was like why would you return the news being on TV at ten o'clock the ironic there's nothing ironic there's not anything coincidentally it was the weirdest use of filler words that had yeah so um I'm apparently way too picky but if an author does something like that I don't have a ton of hope for their skills otherwise in the rest of the book that kind of like when authors I also it drives me crazy with and when an author you says I could care less no it's I couldn't care less you're an author your job is words like mine is not words I screw up words all the time but it's I couldn't care less that is your job understand my words work but yeah that that one always gets me when an author gets that sort of a same incorrect and when they do over and over and over again you're just like please stop so yeah I guess I'm one of those picky picky people let me use another word but it probably would have got me demonetised um let's see random rant there that had nothing to do with art so Miriam said the sea dragon looks almost like he could sit on your shoulder Oh Chris chicken wouldn't wouldn't like that chicken did get chicken actually is really good I'm surprised how well chicken does with sharing space with nugget cuz I would have thought chicken it'd get all jealous he's not he actually does pretty good with that Nuggets the one who gets all this is my space I'm sitting here you go away that chickens pretty I think chicken would share with it with a sea dragon chicken actually likes to look at my fish tank too which is adorable no you hates the tank chicken really really seems to like to sit and watch the fish swim around um which is adorable Nuggets like just nope it flies off if he keeps because the take is right next to the room where his gauges so he every time my husband brings him near the tank he looks at it he's like no fan he flies into the other room he's funny imagination art says I know you play World of Warcraft you play any other RPGs no I I really try not to even play on her craft much because I have too much work to get done but um no I do I tried what are some of the ones I tried I did I played a on for a while actually really liked a on but then none of my friends were playing and I didn't like the PvP level or you tried to do anything and you'd have someone who was like the highest level trying to kill the lowest level who's just tried to quest and that was annoying and a on claimed their big thing was it's not gonna be gear based it's gonna be you know skill level and blah blah blah it wasn't it was so gear based it was painful how gear based that game was compared to everything else I've ever played so that when I played for a while I liked it until like the PDP I didn't like in that game um was the other one I tried Final Fantasy I couldn't get into you because it was so much based on storyline and don't care about storylines that much in games I just want to go kill things because apparently have violence issues but I didn't a I wasn't getting that I didn't play a on for that long it came free would like a computer some I don't remember why I had it it came with something something I bought so it's just not one didn't do anything for me I just wasn't having fun with that it was so slow moving and just not what I was looking for um like I said though I'm not looking for a storyline in in a game really so that makes sense if you like the storylines which a lot of my friends do then then I'm sure Final Fantasy is amazing it looked beautiful it was a beautiful game but oh my god if they told me to walk one more location to talk to somebody else only to walk back I was like this is I'm not this is not going to me I don't want to just walk around so that's pretty much all I played with there are played as far as those go I'm angry I said your videos are very informative and really funny at the same time glad you think so easy cherokee said i also don't understand why people say you want to have your cake and eat it too or you made your bed now lay in it i don't understand these well at least those are being used correctly those are love those terms i get basically the term the idea of wanting to have your cake and eat it too is you want it both ways you want to own the cake you want to like have have it own it it's sitting on your table and you can admire it but you also want to eat it in which case you no longer have the cake because you ate it that's kind of that that one and then what was the other one you made your bed now lie in it is you done screwed up son deal with your problems so you made your bed really badly and your sheets are hanging off in all kinds of crooked weird ways now you get to lay in it because you made that you know you made the mess now it's your deal your thing to deal with so those two ones i get um the saurian said hi so I kind of want went on an impulse shopping it's a pretty fair day and bought a bunch of oil paint brushes and some mediums but found myself terrified of trying anything I need to know there's a video that I did if you go and look at intro to oil pinion I think it's a green apple that one's gonna walk you through really step by step what you need to know that one it's easier for you to watch that for sure make sure you clean your brushes alright that's a big one but yeah watch that video that one will walk you through your first project and make it it breaks it up so that it's pretty easy to tackle just look at lockrey apple and oil painting and it should come up those terms let's see Kelly said welcome to my life as a professional editor I consistently wonder how some crappy books get published when talented writers are rejected exactly it makes no sense to me I I just I read these and I'm like who how did this get passed it looked it you will it's got an editor listed so an editor read this how did this not get how didn't know we catch this there's actually some of the audiobooks that really get me to our when you can hear chairs moving in the background you can hear people talking in the background like how didn't nobody catch this let's see Kenan said I just launched my art company and started accepting Commission's do you have any advice for a college student trying to make to market cheaply for more work social media social media is such and I don't mean run ads on social media I don't know that I believe those are super effective I'm almost tempted to run a an ad on Facebook to see what kind of results I get just so that I can then go and tell you guys not to waste your money or maybe to waste your money but because know I've always been super determined not to put money on Facebook ads because I don't like how they double-dip on we want you to we're gonna put ads on your content so we're making money from that but we're also we want you to pay so that people see the content that we're then gonna put advertisements on the double-dipping really gets me but I'm almost curious to do it just as a video that I can tell you guys like how it went but anyway let me know if that's something you think I should waste my money on I'll do it for you guys they social media in general is a really good way to go if you can build up your social media following that is probably I think one of the best ways social media and then wanting what's the use that you're trying to get more commissions who do you know let's say you're doing pet commissions do you know people who were a dog groups let's say you have a friend who has an IB sin hound I'm speaking from experience I can paint that person's eye decent hound she now can post look what this person did she painted my dog here's a link to our thing I can't do that I can't go to that beast and ungroup and post it I'm spamming then but a friend can take that I can do it is a donee you know for free just to get that kind of feedback ask the friend did here's the agreement I will do it for you but I want you to go to every a decent home group and show off this painting show people what I did and send them back to you know show them where you got it so they can hire if they want their dog painted that's a really good that was no defective way for me to go and you can do that with especially cannot people who friends who have horses that would be a good way to go um if it's a parent group like you're doing human portraits you can if you've got a friend who has a kid who's in groups on Facebook but have kids they can do a portrait of their kid and then show you know have them share in their mommy groups or daddy groups or whatever group they're in share and where they got it that's a really good way to get that started um have a website that's a bajillion you can do a free website from like Wix or Weebly or any of those you don't have to do the super expensive although I do like the better ones there's definitely bonuses to having a nicer site but get at least a free site going and have your prices have your prices based in this meeting oh and graphite for an 8 by 10 this is my price for one portrait if I put two portraits in that same size that's really gonna be little I don't recommend it go do an 8 by 10 with two people but let's say you did here's my price for two two subjects in this medium and break it up by medium and how many subjects and what size it is what your prices are going to be have that before you start pushing it because if people look at your stuff and you don't have a priceless set up they're probably just going to assume you're too expensive without ever asking you lose a lot of sales by not being upfront and like here are my prices um you are probably going to be a lot cheaper than they're expecting let them know that advertise those prices so if you can get your friend you know your friends in let's say deities in homes group or whatever breed dog group have them sharing those and or even let's say there's like a forego group I have a dog camera for the you know I can watch my dogs when I'm not home boy so I don't know I think I need to do these things but let's say I want to UM I could have a friend who's also got a furball who's in that group paint her dog it could be a mixed breed it could be whatever she posts in that group now here are all these other pet owners who are gonna see it I'm like I want that too you can get some Commission's that way Miriam said your aquarium chicken is chickens TV like parents sticking their kid in front of a TV oh if only he'd stay there for long though that's the thing he likes to look at it but not like for very long he gets bored and wants to walk off but he the fact that he looks at all I thought was cute he's not that entertained what else gww said my god her laughed at your final fantasy comments did she have to walk all the places to without getting to do anything because that was my experience with final fantasy walk over here no walk over there let's see imagination um art said you should try Monster Hunter it's not much story line and you just walk around hunting different creatures I don't really I mean I'm not looking to drop try more games I'm actually looking to play less because I do play you know I used to play Warcraft a lot of time anymore but I actually kind of want to stay away from from I don't want to get addicted to another game like right now we're crass not super fun it's actually kind of boring so I can log in and play for 20 minutes right before I go to bed Justin and a line down and then or like after the lifestyle probably log in and do some dailies but I've not like hooked on it so I can then stop and go do actual work so yeah I'm not really looking to get into more games just timewise I used to love love love playing all the time but then I realized real life was kind of you know making real life money is more fun than making game money you know paying bills is more fun than you thought it would could be um Haley said I love your life strings just as much for your random Rancic content but things like it's kind of keeping ramps down when ishida Lidl said or don't cry over spilled milk have you seen the price of a gallon of milk I think that's supposed to be not to be upset about something it's already happened so don't get upset about it like you can't do anything about it I think that's how that goes I don't know maybe I'm misunderstanding it could be I just don't drink milk and then mine would be joke more fitting to say don't cry over spilled that's what I spell a lot of water car um that's nothing to do with what that comment means Carlene said I'm confused with the orange guy what is he is a right now whoa that color is actually really accurate for what I'm seeing he's a sea dragon a leafy sea dragon and he's gonna have tons and tons of spots on him so in order for those spots to stand out I need his coloring to be a little bit on the darker side so that's kind of what I'm working on now so when I come back through yeah I'll have time to do spots tonight actually let's go ahead and we'll probably do spots a little earlier lets me blend this and then I'm gonna let that dry for a second and actually I can work on tiny details once this dries we'll do the touch-up texture titanium white you'll see what I mean by the spots that it it's pretty amazing actually I need a lot of black in here before it but the spots so because I should pay attention what I'm supposed to be doing and I'm pushing pretty hard with this pencil because I'm not gonna have to layer a lot on top of it the thing that's gonna stand up on top are some of those white dots whoops yeah that's girl too far I had one from Elaine Elaine said I saw a YouTube video that said even a $30 boost is effective oh so for Facebook maybe I don't know I my issue with Facebook is I don't want to give money I don't like what the company's done I don't like a lot of choices they've made I don't like their business practice of do they need to make money they need advertisements I get that but they're double dipping they're like okay so YouTube is like we're gonna put out you're gonna make content and we're gonna put advertisements on it and we're gonna give you some of that cut facebook's more you're gonna make content we're gonna put advertisements on it and then we're gonna charge you to let the people who followed you who said they wanted to see this content sure it's like that just that double dipping is it's for the principle of it is the main reason I've not done it but I also kind of think I'd like to do a video and what you guys share with you what my experience was maybe do a video like promoting patreon and see how that does and do a video promoting paintings for sale and see how that does so we can kind of get let's see in real practice for an artist what results we get I don't know but I hate the idea of getting Facebook money just because I really do not like their business practices I don't like their you know as far as their privacy policy there's so much that they've done where I like yet I use it so I guess the best that I even use the platform makes me a huge hypocrite there you go um let's see imagine United said FYI color with Claire is having a giveaway for joint lighthouse color – okay um Kenan said thank you for Thank You fellow North Texas artist appreciate it so much oh nice whatever you and Kenan mmm where is this Nikolai said spill the tea six Eric draw says why does it have to dry if it's pencils it because I put odorless mineral spirits on it so it gets the paper wet so I need that to dry that's what has to drive the pencils themselves aren't well I guess they're wet the paper is wet though because of what I just did to it these aren't exactly the right shape they don't only need to be they just need to be closed seeing this pin here I'm gonna have to make white so that I can put orange on top it's just actually a lot of these I'm gonna do that with which will look weird at first but it'll look better in the long run sharp at that pencil a bit okay what are you this one in this one so he's also going to have some clear fins that I'm going to have to it see you you've got a little one guy that whoops broke that tip of that it's gonna go home in there and no it is not possible for me to do this without narrating and then we're gonna go over here my brain is just things that need to say these things out loud I can't working on myself and I still do the same thing okay it's got a shadow in here it's kind of a little bit bumpy and I can put a lot of these details after I get the white okay let's start petting some of the white and now that should be pretty good and like I'm gonna have to define you can see here areas where like see how that coral I've got a white glow around it almost I've got to fix that I'll have to come back through anywhere where there's color between the coral and this guy to make sure that's nice and clean so what I'm going to do hopefully I have my materials over here I probably don't I need to go hunt some stuff down where did I put them one sec I need find my papers okay so what I do I use these little condiment cups and you can just reuse them over and over again you just rinse it with water when when you need to clean this product I've got a tackle on no synthetic hog here number two liner brush these are they're cheeky little Hobby Lobby they're generic ones I'll have those brushes there for liners they're some of the best what I'm gonna do first is let's see not powder blender I need such texture and titanium white so this stuff it's a powder and it comes in this little like um looks like a mineral powder makeup container and then I've got this stuff in it comes in what's like a nail polish jar and I want to shake it really well I don't know if you can see there's like stuff at the bottom I need to shake it until the stuff is no longer at the bottom that has to be mixed in all the way I just use this other day so that's actually mixing normally you need to mix it a lot longer than what I just did but I mixed it long ago so it's pretty good I'm going to pour a little bit of this product I don't know if you're able to see it but I'm just gonna put a little bit I don't need very much I typically make more than what I need but just like know if you can see that without spilling it but just a little bit of that I know I'm gonna put a few drops of my liquid we're just gonna pour some in there now if you put too much of this you'll make the mixture too translucent but if you don't put enough it's too thick so you kind of have to balance if you find I feel like it's like when I mix my hair bleach when you mix too much of the powder just add more liquid if you mix too much of the liquid and it's like not it's too thin or too ready just add more powder go back and forth but don't mix a lot is the point or the main thing here this stuff isn't something where you can just put a lid on it keep it for later or add water you don't want to add water it will be archival anymore this is the only product to get white highlights on colored pencil that is going to be archival acrylic paint not archival you're putting a water-based product on top of a wax based product gel pens not archival the only thing that's going to be archival to put on top of these is this product is made for this so this is why it what I it this was a game-changer for me with colored pencil when this product became available and so with him I need to actually let's test this cuz I thought maybe too big I probably should use a number one brush so I just barely want to let it touch yeah his little dots now if I get out of control and realize oh my gosh you put too many dots you had way too much fun slow down with the fun there I can just put colored pencil right on top of it this adds tooth to the paper so even if it's an area that I burnished and pushed really hard I'm gonna get pencil to stick back on top imagination art said I think would be cool to see a day-in-the-life on video I'm definitely doing that I'm tempted to wait until we have a house though because like everything from doing my makeup I'll just bring you guys along for the whole thing I'd probably make it the longest video in history videos real like the full day I just do it like a 24 hour livestream but that I'm kind of tempted to do it in the new house just because the setup will be easier to do and then in the apartment like with the cameras and stuff and then we'll see if I wait that long I mean maybe just do one here and then do another one there so these dots are a little bit bigger I'm gonna push a little bit harder to get bigger dots the harder you push the thicker your line is going to be if you want a teeny line or teeny dot just barely let the brush touch the paper you know a lot of these lines it's okay if I'm too bright I can always go back on top a pencil these are little dots right along the bridge of his nose there see and this is a whole area that I missed so I can just come through now do that with the white over the dark man I really missed a lot right in there Nick said I thought keeping the touch-up texture bottle on its side makes mixes the white sediment easier you're right I noticed that too that's a really good tip is hashtag luxury lifestyle going I use it I follow it anyway so if you guys want to use it I get to see your work I'm selfish that's all I care about I just want to see your work um Rick sigh Rick said there needs to be a MMO for artists mana based on colors classes based on medium use like good versus dark evil are your life's light it has a lot more meaning in that game oh my gosh it's funny let's see Marian said you've probably already answered this vid you put a fixative on your color can fart no well the only time I put it fixative is if I use powder blender then I use there's one made for that it's I called final fix it if I think that's the one that I use but if it's just like this this will not have a fixative on it cuz I did not use powder blender I'm still like that line that I just did I'll put yellow over it it'll come out really bright and then I'll put a shadow on the opposite side actually if I just leave what's dark there now that may be dark enough for that shadow but these little dots there's no way I would get these tiny little things with the pencil wouldn't really show up that well and that's where this product is just a lifesaver for me I can be messy and don't have to be perfect and it's okay because this can fix anything I'm not super clean about before what I would have needed to do if I wanted these white dots to really show is work the pencil around the lot the white paper show through that would be nearly impossible on something this size so I just avoided subjects like this with colored pencil I know I don't have to which is pretty nice I feel like it really opened up a lot of doors for me and like ideas of things that I wanted to deal with colored pencil that I would just avoid before Nick said I thought okay I'm so mad where were we what is the highlight paint call need to get some four colored pencil drawings it should be in the video description if not I need to add it it is called touch-up texture and titanium white there are two different products if you go to brush in pencil comm you can find them there but you can also order them on I know dick Blix website there in depending on what country you're and they're available in like because Delta art in Canada it's blick here in the US Jackson's art supply in the UK I forget what it is in Australia oh wait no that line actually goes back here and so see I'm able to kind of fix some of my lines where I was like that wasn't quite on where it was supposed to be and once I go over it with pencil you won't even notice that it was a problem before now I'm going to go ahead and pull the white more so that I can have a bright bright orange stand out there now if you are looking to enter competitions through CPSA if you use this product they consider it a mixed media it's not a straight color comes love that point so keep that in mind if you're entering if that matters to you for me I just care about making my outlook work look cool so I really don't care but I know some people like to enter those shows and so that's something you want to keep in mind so these white highlights these little lines I'm doing right now really don't stand out but I'll come back through with shadows later in that will it see this comes almost down to here let's mark that off I'll put some little dots where it would be sparkly just make sure it's already starting to dry calcine I'm ready to follow you around like a pro it was gonna be the most boring day in the world for you to record that um petit Picasso said can we come to the housewarming party that would be fun but I'm a little terrified because I'd be afraid people who work like you guys people who are more stalkerish don't necessarily want them knowing where I live Milou paranoid I've had some scary comments from people that I'm like oh thank god they don't know what my address is I'd be afraid they'd show up there are some angry people out there Haley said I vote for a practice day in the life of video where you are now and another in the new house I may have to do that but PZ Cherokee said how has Alexa remind you did you to clean your airbrush yet it's been a week no one was last time oh yeah that's dirty foundation so I'm really gonna have to soak that one overnight I know you usually have to soak overnight I can usually just soak it for you know an hour or so and it's fine but this one has been so long that's gonna need a good soaking I don't think about it till I go to use it in its clogged because I'm you're responsible I want that to be a brighter orange so I'm just gonna put white in there it's not that it'll stay that light oops scroll to you far ah Nikolai said if you don't come out with Murch saying are your lights light enough your darks dark enough what was the point I'd buy the little closure you know what I'm gonna change that I just said maybe I'll do that tonight I wanted to reach it right so I made the current like my merch is right now has the walk pre-flight already I made it because I wanted the sweatshirt that's what I made that design for it's for me but it's probably I knew when I made it it's not something most people probably want I wanted it for me but now oh my gosh that is genius I love that idea I well I'm gonna change my my merch stuff um probably tonight I'm really liking that you are a genius sir I'm Randy said hello I was wondering if you can use this white with a dip pen by chance you probably could I'm not sure what should be more effective I've never tried it I would imagine you could that needs to be outlined with black and then this body looks a little bit segmented in through here so let's get little lines I don't need an exact closest good enough and those all come back through with yellows beliefs he art said how many experience an illustration mmm not much not enough that I would go to any good at it I mean I had to do a few illustrations for people over the years because when you get started with art you'll do anything that has to do with art just to make your bill or pay bills so I've done a few things but I don't have enough experience that I really would give much advice although I've had people claim my artworks not fine art but it's illustration so I don't know I guess depends on who you ask some people coin using an airbrush means it's not fine art um deal in creative arts said if your new home has trees where your future rescue Greyhound will run it expect to see rings her on the trees my gray has created or a little track around the trees no right now there's no trees it'll just be grass and fence so but I'm going to be planting a lot so but the trees that I'm gonna be planting are gonna be along kind of along the wall crepe myrtles are my main thing that I want to plant and those will be set back further along the edges of the yard so we'll see how that goes but I'm pretty excited because that means our house should be done in about six months which means in about six months I get to get my Greyhound I am really excited and it's even better because before that that's the breed that I was going to get us my next brain once because I've got my Italian Greyhounds are a lot older so when that sad day came that's kind of how I made myself like that's how I cope is what's my next dog going to be if I can kind of focus on that it's not it not as like traumatizing when you lose your little buddies but now once we get to the house I could have three dogs at the same time so I don't have to wait until one of them passes before I can get the grey which seems like a more positive thing understatement of the year cuz I'm real I really I'm excited to get a big greyhound we already did all of our adoption paperwork they did the home visit here but I don't know if they'll want to do another home biz once we move but we where like all set oh my gosh so many dots in the body okay I have to start separating these little lines let's start getting these in and these I'll have to take kind of a lavenderish color over this looks really weird at this stage this is definitely an ugly stage um where did that go when I sneeze w doesn I totally buy that hearse okay I'm definitely gonna work on that that's such a good idea why did I not think of that it's something I say so often that I'm like people must hear it's funny that you say you are hearing it when you try to sleep because I do say it that often Leslie said hey Lisa I just got the additional light passed pencils expanding the set to 72 have you got those yet I can't recall you did a review on him not yet usually or what at least what they did last time is they waited until they were released in the US and then they sent me some to review so I don't have them yet I'm really jealous of you guys who do I've heard nothing but good about the color so that's good those the Derwent like that's the ones I have they're actually sitting next to me I've been using that a lot on these this piece those are such amazing pencils and I one of the things that I love so much is that they pretty much keep you select until they release the pro color and artists were like what in the world why would you not make these light fast like will you call them Pro color so that makes that implies that they're for professionals except like half the pencil set almost isn't light fast and Dermot's response to that was here's a set where everything is light fast and we focused on that like I love that they listen to what artists want instead of certain companies prismacolor who is just like this is our product that we're making take it or don't like it like we're even complaining with prismacolor about quality control issues for how many years and they've not done anything about it and so I really like that Derwent Slyke oh this isn't what you wanted let's give you what what are you guys looking for let's we'll go ahead make that for you you kinda like a company that wants to create what the artist wants instead of telling you what you should like this is getting hard because my stuff is starting to dry now I have a feeling what I'll do is come through and tint a lot of these yellow and then pull even highlights on top of a lot of that okay thoughts that have to come in between the lines – oh my gosh she has so many spots like I can't even imagine trying to leave these Blake with the paper showing through without this product it was really getting thick and starting to dry though so I probably won't finish those dots on this time around but I've got a lot of them in there okay I'm gonna go rinse this brush before I ruin it I will be right back and we'll get caught up on some questions and this just needs to be rinsed in water how box that I just tripped over my actual okay that was my fabric Castel hull that I just tripped over um you should do a day in the life of an artist apartment edition and then another homeowner edition one that's the one where I'm panicking because that's scary buying a house that's a lot of bills I'm a little bit panicky about that whole thing Nick said not cleaning up afterwards is my main reason I haven't tried acrylics or oil paints yeah oils you can get away with not cleaning up for a longer like I can forget to clean my brushes till the next day and I can usually save them a little bit easier than acrylics oh no if that helps you uh-huh Susan says fYI I purchased my brush and pencil titanium white from the art shop calm in Australia okay cool the artists shot the art shop calm no the art shop calm yeah that's what it was for this product in Australia looks scroll drew far there we go Nikolay said your review made me invest in the whole imminent set any tips loving them so far um no real tips they're just an amazing pencil you know they're all light now so I love that really good for blending and layering and every any technique I've tried with luminance beautiful uh they're just a good pencil I don't have anything specific um trying to think I can't think of anything if you can narrow down at a piece of advice that you're like I could probably help you there oh I know when um for storage can't really see it over here but they're at these three drawer woolen pastel boxes I love these for storing my pencils so I can easily pull them out the way here's my one for a minutes so it's just a really easy way to store all of your pencils and if you just do a google search I got mine from Jerry's aren't wrong about those work the best or they have the best reviews and I've been happy with them I should say but those ones if you look three drawer pastel box is what those are called and it's funny because you would think everybody's wants to color pencil Learner's like say that they're for colored folks is stupid they list them as for pastel but they're perfect perfect boxes the story any colored pencils in so that's I've got three for these colored pencils and I've got two more for my Windsor Newton Newton pigment markers which I really need to use again soon Kimberly said I'm trying to see is the lavender showing under the white lines if not why lavender um I don't see lavender showing up but I'll have to put lavender because it calls for it on this guy so right now and what you're seeing I'm not really gonna get a chance to do anything else on him tonight because this needs to dry completely like it's dry to the touch but it needs to really cure if I don't actually I can stop recording if I don't let it set for like ten to fifteen minutes and I put pencil over sometimes it'll chip off that white if you let it set for longer it's not coming off it'll stay it is archival it's permanent it's great but you've got to really let it dry so I'm not gonna get a chance to do that tonight but I've got to come back through and add extra lavender there's a lot of detailing around these lines so much detailing I'll post on on Instagram when I get him done um oops that squirrel too far again Joseph he said my dad said that art isn't a stable job and that I won't make any money off it till I'm dead but I can't imagine working with anything else what would I say to him gosh so many answers um some even appropriate some not he's I understand where he's coming from it is hard for a lot of people to make a living as an artist and for me like teaching well it works out because I love to teach that's what it's fun to teaching is as fun to me is actually creating the artwork so that that's a good way you can go where you have a bit more of a stable income if you can teach versus just selling the artwork itself yes you can absolutely sell your artwork while you're still alive that's not really necessarily the thing but it can be a lot harder to have a stable income doing that so maybe teaching art and doing that may be an option for you something that you want to look into um you can there I mean there's plenty of artists that do make money off of it but it's kind of like I think being a musician like if you're just trying to sell your art and not teach that seems to be a little bit more like being a musician on you may or may not get that there are so many musicians who never make it to the point where they can make their whole career that it's just it's it is hard it's not going to be for everybody but I think if you can teach to teach in addition to like local classes teach kids class or whatever that's gonna be a way that you have a more stable income in addition to selling your work so it's a that's kind of a a nice happy medium that maybe he'd be more comfortable with because you are like I said you are teaching and you can do where you're teaching you can go a lot okay keep this in mind I know so many people who are like I'm gonna go to college for art because I want to teach college art classes or high school art classes there are a limited number of those positions available to teach art art so that can be a little bit harder to get into but teaching your own classes I mean teach it like a local art supply store or well you know something along those lines that may be a good option for you it's definitely a way that you can have a more stable income while still painting while still drawing while still staying within the art realm of things cuz for me I mean originally I was thinking just to focus I mean I've been teaching for twenty years but I thought eventually I would just focus on the art one I would miss teaching I love teaching but two it's very hard you don't know if you saw a painting that month in like if you're gonna buy a house that's kind of scary so maybe consider it like talk to him about the potential of being a teacher in addition to doing your own artwork that may be a good way to go and that's world where we go um he said I like that day of the life edition of the house Dominic said what did you name your new fish are you enjoying their company he's gorgeous he his name is I wanted to name him Edward but actually Kyle one of the moderators here and my husband were like no that's lame because my husband was like it looks like a vampire so I thought Edward : was great they said no they were thinking more like Lestat Kyle is the the at the end of the video the poor guy who had to deal with me choosing crabs and she catching my fish that's Kyle's the moderator tonight so him and my husband they were decided that Lestat seemed like a better name so I named him Lestat : so he's still at : um he's still a lame vampire but that although my husband lately has been calling him the nope fish because when you walk by it but he doesn't do it so much with me as my husband because he doesn't associate my husband with food so when my husband walks by the fish is like nope insulins into his cave really fast and he thinks is like the way his face is shaped looks like an oak fish so my husband calls him nope but yeah that is what his technical like what I named him was lasat : I'm a dork I know it Molly said I am 15 year old artist who is wanting to make art a professional career you have any tips for me love this piece thank you uh you want to make it a professional career you want my biggest tip for you learn master your art get really good practice all the time if you've got a free five minutes draw something if you're sitting there watching TV spend that time sketching in a sketchbook non-stop draw things the other thing I mean you're 15 so right now you're probably not gonna get into that too much but start working on your social media presence be appropriate on social media 15 year olds tend to post some stuff they shouldn't be they wish ten years later they hadn't posted but learning marketing reading blog on blogs or vlogs on marketing learning the marketing side of thing is going to be a big thing but right now at 15 I would say your most important thing draw non-stop just you have free time that's what you're doing you keep a sketchbook with you all the time if you're with your friends and let's say they're at a skate park sketch them skateboarding if you're at lunch sketch the trash can whatever just sketch things draw non-stop would be my biggest tip for you at your age really really perfect your skills blue tea art said is george RR martin prismacolor wait is george RR martin prismacolor new owner because of how they don't listen to fans you're so hung up on Game of Thrones it takes years to do anything and the older ones were better that is a good comparison comparison Oh Valerie said thanks Lisa this is so much better than spending my evening in front of the TV I'm glad you like it I have fun – thank you guys seriously thank all of you for joining me this is like so much fun to sit and do I also want to thank the moderators for helping Nick and Joseph they both have art channels here on YouTube links are in the video description Kyle has an aquarium channel that he never uploads to but you can still subscribe does it thank you maybe something a live look so um thank them too they helped me so much but thank you guys for joining me um let's see oops when f gww said I have my Masters in Social Work I'm going to school for art so I can combine it and do art there be for women with PTSD that is amazing I had a student years ago who did that she worked with at a boy's home with troubled kids and that's what she did was she had gone and gotten her degree to do art therapy that is definitely I think an amazing way that you can combine art and still have you know a stable career on top of helping people what an amazing like that's a really good way to go that is awesome PZ cherokee said do you think your husband would make an appearance in your day of the life video absolutely I would make him be in that video I've threatened him several times but to put him in videos he he's just like no don't want to do it but he would have to be um buzz art painting drawing and gun powder powder tutorial says well you ever have your husband oh wait I just wrote that I just didn't read your name oh wait two people ask that yes I think I will we all have to make him in the videos I've asked him to be before he even like if I take out my camera to take photos he's just like please don't I have to promise that it's not going on social media he doesn't like when I post his photos on social media because then all his friends at work that see he doesn't really use Facebook much so if I tagged him in something he doesn't see it but the next day he goes to work and all his friends are like oh I saw that photo of you and for some reason it bugs him I don't know he's a guy he's weird um I'm just gonna go with the guys are weird but yeah I I'm gonna tell him he has to be in the video so people know that I he's not like my make-believe husband but he really is there oh we are at 10 o'clock my back is not happy with me I think I slept on wrong on it last night I'm going to go thank you guys so much for joining it really is fun Oh what my phone's charged what kind of tiny phones charged at the same time the thing is I should have been done charging a long time ago though anyway thank you random thank you for joining I'm tired I'm gonna go take a break and watch the fish um I will see you guys next week I'm considering seriously doing a digital painting working on something digital for my next piece my very next piece so if I do that the cool thing about that is even if you're not interested in digital painting there's gonna be a lot where you can kind of see I'm gonna show you how I use the color matching tool where you can more easily see what that color is on the color wheel so it's really helpful I think as far as that go so that's either next week or very very soon probably next I don't know we'll see how everything else goes but thank you again for joining thank you to the moderators make sure to hit to check out their channels and subscribe to them as a thank you especially I mean they've they both been uploading some cool stuff so anyway okay done I'm done I'm rambling goodnight guys

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  1. Always fun to watch your streams! Thanks for all the effort you put into creating the content people would like to see 👍
    Can't wait for the 'limited palet tutorials'… am on a budget so can only afford 12 or 24 sets of pencils.
    I have a 24set of prisma's, polychromos and derwent drawing. Would be great to know what other brand/set of 12 or 24 or what combinations of sets of 12/24 you recommend to get a good range of colors for people starting out or on a budget 😊
    Thanks to a tax refund and a 50% off offer i am now also the proud owner of a 72set of Inktense pencils with your lovely dolphin on the cover.
    Thank you for inspiring me to pick up my old love of drawing after 25 years!

  2. I love drawing along with you on my projects, you give me so many aha moments, and your so much fun. Thanks for being great company!

  3. In answer to ArtisticMarker, I use M. Graham Oils, which have a walnut oil vehicle, and thin when necessary with walnut oil. I've never had a problem with mold.

  4. Someone was asking for a purple tiger. I watched a watercolor video a couple of weeks back. https://youtu.be/pLJ3WvucYDA

  5. Please do more livestreams! I'm running out of things to watch from you 🤣. You are SO inspiring and help me work on my art a lot more!! 💕😁

  6. Did I miss the link to that ceramic blade? LOL 😊 OMG 🤪 I agree with you about the "Couldn't care less" thing! Drives me nuts too!!!

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