Drama B – Lady In My Life (motion typography)

We Been Together Thru The Cold Winters The
Hot Summers Love Strong Superman You My Wonder Woman
I Wonder Woman Where This Love Is Takin Us? Lost Trust N Everyone One Walls Down But I
Brought Em Up Until I Met You, The Sun In The Sky
Why Brighten Up My Life When No One Else Tried To
Mind Over Matters But Matters Within Mind My Minds the Same As Urs Both Minds Intertwine
Ya Dig Yeah And Baby Girl You Show Love
Dosed Of Morine Shawty Got Me Feelin Slaaaa Future Lookin Bright Night Light In The Night
Sleep Tight In My Arms I Can Make U Feel Alright Like Mj Said Lay Ya Body Close To Mine
I Can Be Ya First Line U Can Be My End Rhyme Am I Your One And Only Cause You Fasho Mine
Got Me Lookin For My Eyes They Say Love Is Blind So So Listen To My Heart
Lay Your Body Close To Mine Let Me Fill You With My Dreams
I Can Make You Feel Alright And Baby Through The Years
Gonna Love You More Each Day So I Promise You Tonight
That You’ll Always Be The Lady In My Life Uh Let Me Fill You With My Dreams Make A Magical
Scene Baby Just You & Me For A Minute Lets Walk
& Talk The Very Thought Of Losin You Tragic
Got The Disney Wond Girl Everything U Touch, Magic Promise You When The Sun Rise Ima Be There
When You Wake Crust In Ya Eyes Not Seeing Clear
Dare You To love Me More Then You loved Ya Ex
Cause If Not That’s Foul Better Yet A Technical Im Blessed With You Foever Be A Sneeze
Put Ya Trust In My Heart Cause It Barely Miss Leads
Let Me Down Once But It Wont Happen Again I Promise That Ill Love Will Last Baby Only
Enhance Haaaa Seems To Me You The Modest Type
Honest Type Kind Nice My Type Gotta Wife Plus Up Minus Down Sum It Up Jeffersons
Cause We Moving On Up Baby Better Than Ever Before Baby You Got No Flaws
With No Floors Got Me Fallin For You hard lady
Just maybe this could last forever Better yet 2 ever just me and u baby girl

100 Replies to “Drama B – Lady In My Life (motion typography)”

  1. Although there is nothing inherently complex with this (other than a few thinks, like the animation of the morphine syringe), it is just all put together nicely, with a lot of variations and cool ideas to put it all together.

  2. @ReignbowDash worked on it off an on for a couple weeks. Certainly the hours did add up eventually. I want to say over 20 all in? Probably more.

  3. I missed this one when you first uploaded it. Really awesome. One of these days I'm going to give motion typography a try.

  4. @MattsMacintosh always worth a go. Or if you're feeling lazy you can always outsource. These things can take up time like nothing else.

  5. @theclonsyo I don't talk about all of them but I think I do one or two. There's not much special going on there that I can see, but then I'm biased like that. Let me know which ones are giving you grief and maybe I can help talk you through some of them?

  6. @MikePfeif good question. I think the block stuff is just Arial Black. Pretty sure. And the other is called Deftones by Ray Larabie

  7. Amazing.. where did you lean your stuff?…. any suggestion on where to start learning after effects inside out, I love your tuts 😀

  8. @224singh I started learning by doing. Never went to school for these things. It's one of those skills I think just comes with experience. I recommend staying tuned for more tutorials and check out VideoCopilot(dot)net. Andrew Kramer is pretty great for beginners.

  9. @utakata56 I have some pretty terrible advice in my tutorials on here. Those might be worth a look if you're just starting out. In general my advice for Aae is the same as my advice for all things. Never stop trying new things, and only do it if it's fun. See, terrible right?

  10. Well thanks. There's a lot of a lot going on in there for one tutorial. It's about 10 tutorial's worth of things i suppose. I'm sure I'll get to all the topics eventually but so far I think I've covered about 2 in other tutorials though.

  11. sikk, how much would you charge for somthing like this?… like maybe ALOT more simple to do, say without the animations, just moving white text on a black background? t hanks

  12. Billin depends on how many hours I put into it. If you're looking to get something done by me for you though send me an email to info @ evanabrams . com and we'll see what I can do.

  13. Because this is just so much better than mine will ever be lol. I've been watching all your tutorials by the way, they are really good and informative

  14. Bah, we all start out somewhere. I'm not some kind of special person over here. I've just been doing it a while longer than most.

  15. You did an awesome job… This is an awesome use of effects and you varied the animations well. I loved the blinking effect! The song is not too bad as well 🙂

    Awesome awesome job!

  16. How do you do the effect from 1:50-1:52? The part that says, "Dare to love ya more than ya loved your ex." Are you moving the text through a feathered mask? I've been trying for a couple hours but can only get the mask to cover the text, not the text to move underneath the mask.

  17. Have you got a tutorial on how to do this? (particularly the elements where the screen moves up/zooms into the lyrics?

  18. at 0.16 the word 'thru' transition. at 0.53 where the words come out of the line. truning the superman into the wonder women then the sun effect.can you do a tutorial on tis if you dont mind

  19. Nice video! Stupid question but? Do you have any tips on how to fin good music to make this sort of motion typography for? I really want to make one, but i struggling to find songs?

  20. I say there are no stupid questions. "Good" music though is a really subjective term. There was a time I thought that Blink 182 was good music. But As for music that is suitable for typography I would look for lyrics that are rich in visual metaphor and with a cadence you are comfortable working to. But in general when you find something that inspires you that's the one to use. Maybe start with a song you really enjoy hearing because you'll hear it about 1000 times while making the piece. Cheers

  21. I wanna know how you did the falling part. Everything else is pretty clear to me how you did it but I just can't figure out the falling part

  22. the falling is done with some clever position changes to the words and a particle system making little white dots float up. Cheers.

  23. Evan I stopped making K. typography for a little while, but I still stop by and watch this every couple of days. Great video I would love to see some more.

  24. AWESOME, BRO! nice… well, today I subscribed into your channel. now I'll try to learn with your how to do this great motion typograghy…. how long time do you spend to edit 3.26min with all different motion graphic? this question is just to know how difficult is. really great! consider my teach of it now 😉

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