Double Flower Bloom – MUST SEE – HUGE CELLS / Acrylic Pouring / Abstract Art / Fluid Art

hey you guys it's Molly I am going to be doing a white negative space pour today and I'm going to be doing it on a rectangular canvas a two foot by three foot and I wanted to do kind of like a Dutch for like a blow-dryer technique up on the top corner and kind of in the middle to the bottom corner and then leave the rest as negative space so I'll see if it works but it's kind of the idea that I had in my mind I normally do my Dutch pores on square canvases and I'm gonna also try a technique of you know the three elongated canvases I've seen a lot of people doing that lately as well but my idea in my head is for this one I'm gonna be using my signature blues that I always use I'll list everything down in the description and I'm gonna go ahead and get started all right you guys I'm gonna go ahead and talk through everything as I'm pouring but I'm using actually using a mixture of house paint and regular acrylic paint a little bit of gloss medium and floral gene HD 800 and some water you want to make sure that you are getting a pretty good amount of the paint off the canvas to begin with and otherwise I've noticed with some different types of the white house paint the colors will kind of the white will kind of swallow them up so I've been trying different mediums to see if I only see where I want to go here I think right there I've been trying different mediums to see how they work to try to stop that from happening so that was phthalo blue and your consistency on these when i do the bigger pores i try to have my paints just though you know a little bit thicker but you want them thin enough that they're going to be able to travel the whole distance of the Candace and that's really important and so if they're too thin you may end up getting breaking if they are too thick they won't move and if they're just right you'll know because the the painting comes out absolutely beautiful but one way that I can tell normally that my paints are a little too thick I mean sorry too thin is I'll start to get this ring around the outside where the white is already starting to swallow them up okay I think this aqua is gonna be really pretty in there okay I think that actually might be enough paint so I'm gonna pour right around there and I'm just using whatever house paint is semi-gloss interior latex that is on sale really at any hardware store all right so I'm going to turn this on and I'm going to get going so I wanted this blue to reach a little bit further what I did there was I turned my I turned to my blow dryer on cool which is a little bit higher so when your paint stops moving like this it's actually the white underneath it that you know you need more white to kind of push it over so I'm actually going to start right there the cells that are popping up in this are just amazing and I think it's because I've added back in a little bit of gloss medium and the original acrylic white paint to this so now I have this white here and I'm going to blow this again and it'll be able to move it a little bit more see that white help that blue move all the way to the outer edge I think I'm gonna do the cobalt here yes and then I'm going to do a little bit of the aqua here so yeah those are kind of some of the tips and tricks that I've been learning doing these large pores and you have to have your canvas level if you don't have your canvas level it's a no-go all your cells will dissipate okay so now I'm gonna go over to this puddle try to do it so you guys can actually still see one of the viewers it's that I should have a like a overhead plug so that I don't have to hold it every find a man or you right okay in the bullet this way first over the colors and then I'm going to blow it out when I want to travel more I put a little more white down then if I want it to travel a little bit more a little bit more way you guys cannot believe these cells I'm going to show them here a little bit more up here in this corner and I think a little bit more of the blue and the light blue right here and that should be it a lie going off the side of the pier sorry I blow dryers going mean you guys can't hear me I know but I always talk and give my tips while I'm going and then people ask me afterwards and I'm like but I said it alright last one last pass I think I think the last little thing that I may do is just mouth blow out just a little bit of that but I'm gonna do that off camera so I'm gonna show you what it looks like and then you guys can always check out my dried result on my Instagram so look at these cells that I get with this house paint gloss medium mixture I mean it's just crazy I love those pops of color I love the lacing in this I just hope it dries this way and I will show you guys for sure I won't post the video probably until it dries so that I can make sure that what I'm telling you is correct but let me see if I can get a but that's the overall piece I really really like it I actually like the negative space I like everything about it all right you guys let me know what you think let me know if you're having any issues with anything check out all my social media find me talk to me I love you guys alright thanks for watching happy painting bye you

48 Replies to “Double Flower Bloom – MUST SEE – HUGE CELLS / Acrylic Pouring / Abstract Art / Fluid Art”

  1. These really remind me of flowers! I don't know exactly what kind lol! Love the cells and lacing! As always, happy painting!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Very excited about learning add more white and keep spreading the blues. You need a name for that technique. “Continuous add technique “ lol. Love it. I was disappointed we didn’t get to see the dried result. Please show us that in a quick video. Please!!! Can’t believe you got 10 thumbs down. Love your videos!!!❤️

  3. This is beautiful beyond words… a puddle here and a puddle pour there and 💫 magic!! Oh how I wish I can do this… 💫 you are an inspiration 💖

  4. Really beautiful! Can I ask where you got the canvas stands from? The little stands that the canvas is resting on? Thanks.

  5. Gorgeous Molly! Those blues are so striking,! Can't wait to see how it dries and if the colors are still so vivid.
    BTW: I could hear you fine in spite of the blow dryer. Its not an issue at all.

    Question: Is there something specific that causes cracking? Or is there a specific formula to follow to prevent it?

  6. It's lovely, and the tip about the extra base colour to make the other colours flow was a lightbulb moment. The first side you blew became a lovely blue bird, now it looks sort of like a blue pelican. I think this style of painting really opens up our imaginations and I just love how we all see different things in a finished piece.

  7. Just curious. How do you store your paintings after they are dried/sealed, but not sold/given away yet?

  8. 👋 Molly. Thank you for your mini tutorial today appreciate your straight forward explanation to answer from us. Gorgeous pour reminds me of an Iris bloom faded a little on the edge by the 🌞. Moving home in 2 days can’t wait to get new hairdryer out of 📦 😀. And start Happy Painting again I’m going through withdrawal ☹️ . Karen NZ

  9. You are becoming my fav painter, you do gorgeous pieces and share information that is so helpful 💜👍😊

  10. Hi. Can you share where you got the little square stands your canvas rests on? I went to your Amazon page and don’t see them listed. I’ve been using cups and they just aren’t study enough. Thank you 😊

  11. Absolutely spectacular!!!! It's simply WOW!
    Thank you so much for the many helpful tips. I had more questions that you also answered for others in the comments.
    You are amazing Lady! !

  12. Molly you are my favorite to watch! Love all the paintings you do! Thanks for putting a smile on my face

  13. I've gotta admit, I didn't think this one was going to turn out, but you've done proved me wrong again Molly lol I absolutely love this painting, I think it's my favorite!

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