DON’T CRY… IT’S WEDNESDAY! – 500 Prompts #132

That’s right this series is still going.
It’s prompt number 132. Let’s see what we’ve got. Oh my goodness. We have “Swordfish” and “Alarm clock”. Alright. Here we go. So going into this prompt, I knew that stylizing a swordfish was going to be really fun. So I was pretty excited about that one. And also look how adorable this cute little doodle of an alarm clock is, I love it. Though I wasn’t sure, even at this point, what I was going to do. I was really enjoying drawing that swordfish and then I got dad jokey and I drew a sword that had a handle that looked like a fish. So it was a sword fish. Ha. Get it? And although I am very into drawing what the prompt wants you to draw and not doing some sort of loophole situation. I kind of fell in love with my swordfish doodle and I got kind of carried away with it. So next thing I knew I was drawing this shark boy person… furry. I’m just joking. And they’re going on an adventure and they have their swordfish and their little pack of things and at this point I wasn’t entirely sure how to include the alarm clock, so I thought maybe maybe the shark boy has a companion. Like-
Like a guide through his adventures and for some reason it’s an alarm clock. Moving on from that idea, I drew a swordfish that was looking at its alarm clock. Maybe it was just woken up? I don’t know. I was so set on the shark boy that I kind of didn’t put a lot of effort into the other sketches. I also drew a swordfish version of the shark boy and made its nose really long or whatever that is. Just the swordfish bit. But I wasn’t in love with it. I had fallen in love with the shark boy, and I think that’s what I was gonna do. Actually- Actually, I know I know that’s what I was going to do. I did it-
I did it. I just really liked the pose I had for the shark boy and the adventure. And why was he sad?
And what was up with the alarm clock? I really wanted to figure out what I was going to do with the alarm clock and even now it’s kind of like “Eh, I’m not really sure what I did with the alarm clock, but that’s okay.” So I pretty much just recreated the sketch that I put into the 500 drawing prompts sketchbook. The pose and everything is pretty much exact. I just really liked the way it turned out. He looks like he’s trying to be strong but he’s hesitant because he’s sad. Why is he sad? I guess we’ll talk about that. But there is one thing I did change about this version. Instead of having this character wearing the bag full of goodies and things and having the alarm clock talked to him, I had his bag on the ground as if he threw it to the side ready to attack whatever he’s going to combat with. And while he is in combat with whatever monster he is attacking There is another fish going through his things and robbing him. So this poor little guy is just-
He has been- He’s been having a lot of bad luck and that’s probably why he’s so sad. In fact I imagine that maybe he was being held by swordpoint by this pufferfish and then in the middle of being robbed this monster came up, So he had to just throw his bag to the side and let the poor puffer fish have his way with his stuff and then he had to defend herself and not die and attack this monster. So he was already in tears from being robbed and this monster comes up and he’s just having the worst day ever. This poor cute little shark boy.
He just can’t get a break. There’s also just a few random details in here that I just did for fun because I wanted to. This shark boy is crying and I know tears are liquid. So you would think they would just go into the water with no…
no visual visual. But I thought it would be more interesting to have bubbles coming out of his eyes just to suggest more that he is crying. And then I thought it would be cute if maybe some passing-by fish got caught up in those air tears. So they were just swimming by and then suddenly they hit this bubble and now they are floating away in these tears. Kind of a random unrelated detail but I had a lot of fun with it and it’s just kind of silly. As far as the rest of the contents in this shark boys bag goes. I had a bag of gold because any adventurer needs money currency. Something to buy more goods with. A map of course, because again any good adventurer needs a map to wherever they are going. Not really sure where they’re going. In fact, I was thinking about the shark boys story and things were getting kind of weird in my head. What’s new? I was thinking what if because this seems to be the only humanoid fish character in this scene, maybe the shark boy is half shark half human. I don’t know, maybe his mom married a shark and they did it and made a shark boy.
The first of its kind. Look, don’t ask. So maybe this kid is on the search for his parents. Maybe he was dumped into the water and never found his real parents and he’s on the adventure to find his real parents. And because he is half-human half-fish. the other fish don’t accept him for who he is because he’s part of the enemy because so many humans eat other fish. So because he is part human, he just is always getting attacked and bullied by other fish. Even by small little puffer fish that are much smaller than him, he gets bullied.
I mean, he’s a shark. He should be able to defend himself, right? As far as the alarm clock goes. I was going to a few options in my head as I colored this. I think the idea that I decided to go with is that this shark boy is super into waking up on time or just waking up early, He doesn’t like to sleep in he likes to get, I don’t know, things done in the daylight…? So he has his trusty alarm clock with him to make sure that he always wakes up at a certain time during the day on his adventures. Even adventuring, he makes sure that he stays on schedule. He’s that kind of guy. I also thought instead of him having a bag of money and a map and all this different stuff, maybe he was like Ariel from “The Little Mermaid” where he just really liked human-made things. So because he is a half human half shark character, he is really fascinated with human things because it reminds him of his family. Or I guess it makes him think of his family even though he’s never met his parents. He really wants to embrace that human part of his life. And so he picks up random things that he finds on his adventures and keeps them in his bag. So honestly that seems to make the most sense if he’s the only humanoid fish character in the ocean. But I also really like the idea that he likes to wake up on time. So I guess we could also combine the two ideas. Why not? As far as the coloring goes for this illustration, I wanted to make this the really deep dark sea. Because this is the bottom of the ocean the fish around him are going to be not very colorful. I think for the most part fish in the deep sea are pretty… white? They don’t have a lot of pigment in their skin because they don’t get sunlight or something. So they’re all white with slight peak hues to them. Except, of course, for that weird Lantern fish-ish monster that’s attacking the shark guy. He kind of looks like he could be a dog and he could be his friend.
A little dogfish Lantern guy. Overall, the color scheme of this illustration is very similar to my normal. I did really have to resist making the fish orange to complement the blue. I just really thought they weren’t going to-
I just thought it would be really obnoxious and too cartoony for the vibe I was trying to create for this illustration.
I think that making them white and pink really helped. I guess this more adventury creepy subtle feeling that I was trying to go for this illustration. Which of course meant that I also had to make the alarm-clock red and then the gold coins were reflective on the sword, so I made the gold sword.
I meant I made the sword gold. I also kind of wish I made the alarm clock of gold just to match and then also maybe just give more meaning to the alarm clock.
So I kind of regret making it red. But what can you do? You guys know I love my limited color palettes so I couldn’t resist doing this, but I always end up doing blue red and yellow and if it’s not blue red and yellow it’s probably blue and orange or some kind of Dookie green and maroon color. But that’s fine. I really like the way this piece turned out.
It’s very earthy, but also I think it’s playful. I’m obsessed with this Sharkboy. He’s just so sad and feel so sorry for him. I’m very curious about the rest of the story. So if you guys have any ideas or if you’re curious about making your own story for the Sharkboy.
Leave it in the comments below. Let me know what that alarm clock is for. I’d love to hear your opinions. Oh, and because I felt really cop-outy for making the swordfish a pun and not actually a swordfish I put a swordfish in the background swimming by just to say that I drew a swordfish. Cop-out? I don’t even care. I love this shark boy guy and I stand by him. Alright. See you guys on the end card. [Music] Last week’s prompts were “Smirk”, “Game of marbles” and “Crumpled paper”. Let’s look at the featured artist. First up we have @RayneBowNom, who created this role-reversal with marbles and the humans The humans are the game of marbles and it’s both terrifying and hilarious Seriously, this illustration is so goofy. How could I not feature it? Next up is @trins_doodles, who has been joining in the prompts for several weeks now and I’ve been enjoying all these illustrations.
So I had to feature them finally. Just look at this illustration. We have a teacher who looks like they have lost their mind from these kids. Or wait has she lost her marbles? Ha. Every character in this illustration is packed with personality. We got sass and sadness. There’s just so many little fun details, I love it. And that’s it. Good luck on this week’s prompts and I will see you guys in the next one. Stay Golden! Bye. [Music]

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  1. Okay okay here me out… what if everyday at the same time of day a bunch of bad things happen all at once, so he has the clock to let him know when it hits that time??? Or around that time???? So he can be ready to face it but he’s like still a scaredy-fish????

  2. I like the idea of having a human who used a spell to become part-shark. But the spell has a limit, so he brings a clock with him to keep an eye out for when he'll revert to a human. He's crying because he is about to run out of time, with no immediate escape.

  3. Kasey, I'm so sorry for the loss of your cat. I know how it feels to lose a pet, and I hope you take some time to yourself to grieve. Much love from Kentucky ♥️

  4. maybe the monster appeard to help the sharkboy since he saw he was being mugged and then they become adventure buddies

  5. The Half Shark, Half Human:
    In a seemingly normal house, there was a mom giving birth. 🤰 Why was she not at a hospital? You see, Taylor was madly in love with a shark. His name was Sharp. Together, they had a baby. Taylor didn't want ANYBODY to know that she was dating a shark, so she kept it quiet. When the shark was finally born, he squirmed around. It looked like he couldn't breathe! Taylor put him in the bathtub and turned on the faucet. The shark swam happily. After naming the shark boy Tim, Taylor had to make a tough decision. Whether she'd keep him, or release him into the ocean on her vacation tomorrow. 🏖️ After a long amount of crying time, Taylor decided on releasing him into the ocean! Tim didn't know what was going on, he just knew he was dumped into a bigger "cage". Thinking he'd see his mom soon, he smiled and tried to wave. Tim sank to the bottom of the sea floor. He waited and waited and waited… Half a day past, and he was hungry. Tim went off to find food. He tried seaweed, but it tasted no good! He tried sand, but that tasted icky. 🤢 He moved on to fish. It was delicious and filling! Tim ate fish until he was full (which took a while). He realized mom wasn't coming back, and tried to cry underwater. Turns out that makes bubbles, which kept Tim from crying, and saved his life from a nearby predator who would've heard him crying! A few days later, all the sea creatures discovered him, and made of him for not knowing the basics of hunting. But Tim didn't really care yet. He just found a great place to find treasure! In an abandoned coral reef, he found: An alarm clock, gold, a "sword"fish, and a bag! 🎒 As he was leaving, a real swordfish started bullying him. It poked him with it's long horn. He got punctured and fell into the Great Deep! Tim got scared because it was really dark in the Deep Blue. Suddenly, he encountered an anglerfish! He pulled out his sword with the handle of a fish, and cried a lot. Meanwhile, a mean pufferfish dug through his stuff trying to loot items! Tim battled the anglerfish furiously and scaredly! Just when the pufferfish was leaving, Tim accidently swung his sword backwards into the pufferfish! 🐡 He was speechless as he watched their body hit the ocean seafloor. Everyone was now nervous when Tim approached. Tim didn't like it, but this was better than being bullied. He made his way to the surface. Tim remembered being dropped off there… Tim climbed out of the water! Everybody screamed! Everyone evacuated. Tim ran towards Taylor's house! He tried to slide inside, and managed to press the doorbell. 🚪 "Coming!" Said a familiar voice. Tim was so excited, but also felt dry..? The door opened. Taylor didn't know what to say! "May you please… Let me in?" If Taylor didn't say yes, Tim would be dried up and die in no time! Luckily for Tim, Taylor said "of… Course." Tim felt so happy! They chatted in Taylor's bathroom. Tim lived in the bathtub for the rest of his life. ~The End!~

  6. I cry when my alarm clock wakes me up, so there's that.
    Okay, it's usually half-coherent cursing but if I have a migraine there might be tears.

  7. His alarm clock character from the sketch is to, alarm him if he is doing things wrong

    Tsk tsk tsk, missed opportunity kasey

  8. I made a alarm clock but the pointy thingys that tick are instead two swordfish nailed to the clock trying to escape and are bleeding…its kinda like human centipede which is also very dark

  9. First thought when it came to the clock is a "Clock of Alarm", alerts rather loudly you when danger is near (kind of indiscriminate on what constitutes danger, so about to stub a toe or getting mugged, same tone), or a "Clock of Rest", in which you get a heal buff for it being set when you go to sleep (kind of like how in d&d players tend to heal, regardless of injury, during a "long rest")

  10. Maybe the shark kid and the lantern fish become adventuring buddies? Like lantern fish saw him being robbed and wanted to help out and it was just a misunderstanding, he’s actually a pretty nice dude

  11. Hey Kasey. I don’t know if you will see this but I saw on insta that Liki passed. I’m so sorry, it’s so hard to lose a pet, they are your best friend. We are all with you, take all the time you need. ❤️

  12. aww I haven't drawn for months and I was looking for inspo, then bumped into this jewel of a vid. This is a nice way to set up prompts, by the way. 🙂

  13. The clock and the other stuff has been left by his parents who went on a journey and went missing. The clock was a souvenir from the land 😁

  14. Kasey, got my ant in the post yesterday and he has been nothing but trouble! He says his name is 'Filboid' and keeps insisting on going home to his mom…? I found him using my credit card trying to book a flight back to Canada…! Just how did you raise these lil buggers…? Gotcha:)

  15. hmm maybe the pufferfish came to rescue and the sharkboy dropped his bag because the monster startled him? or the monster suprized him while he was sitting down to rest? and the pufferfish is his friend and he is searching in the bag for his sword to fight the monster too? really cool drawing! i love it!

  16. I REALLY wanna see more of this shark boy ;-;
    Kasey please if you have any more opportunities to draw sharks draw more things about his story
    I'm so hooked holy crap >:3

  17. I'm sooo in love with it 💙 actually your drawing always inspired me to be better and I love how much your illustrations have stories 😍

  18. My thought when I saw that he was crying was that he was genuinely terrified & crying because honestly if I'm scared I'd probably cry too.

  19. That shark boy is so adorable! He looks soo sad i feel sorry for him! Great idea! I love the way he turned out!

  20. Shark boy is actually a prince cursed after starting his quest to prove he isn't a spoilt brat as citizens have said, he goes through a forest and finds a sword lodged in a stone, and completes a task to obtain it, next he travels through a swamp where he meets 3 swamp creatures dressed as ladies, he teaches them about how they are beautiful without glamour, his journey soon comes to an end as he finds a door leading into a room full of Ants, he comes face to face with the one, The Ant Queen, this Queen is the ruler of the grand Ant Kingdom, a the palace walls guarded by ants, the queen is shocked as the prince has travelled for 131 days to reach his destination, although the queen is to intelligent for the prince, and uses an ancient spell to turn him into a shark boy, his sword has also changed, the shark boy is shocked as he remembers nothing, waking up to find no memory of who he is, or where we was, now having left his kingdom for 132 citizens fear for their future, will everything be fine or will something shock the world as we know it

  21. the reason why he's crying is because the monster ate his special alarm clock and he had to get a new non-special alarm clock

  22. Aawww I love lil shark boy!!! maybe he becomes friends with the glowfish and it helps him get his stuff back from the pufferfish! and they continue going on adventures together!

  23. One thing I do know for a fact is, if you ever made a comic or cartoon I’d watch the hell outta it due to how amazing your ideas and stories and character designs are! It would be AMAZING!!!

  24. Kaseys shark boy: I am half boy half shark looking for my parents

    Shark boy from the movie: hey that’s is my story

    Lava girl: Are you brothers

  25. I think the alarm clock is for when he has to go get some air since he's part human he needs more air then normal fish. So he has an hour or 2 underwater and then he has to get some air. And because he's so busy, he forgets the time! So he sets an alarm for him not to drown 😀

  26. Maybe the alarm clock is the only thing his parents left for him and it probably would have been rusty cause he has had it since he was a baby

  27. You should definitely try making a cute game, your art is adorable. 🙂 Still love these prompts series, though now that I've caught up, I don't know what to do with my life. 🙁

  28. Your so good I wish I could be that good even tho I have been drawing for about 4 years I haven't got that good 😔

  29. Madye a human wrapped the shark and the shark disowned him because every time she look at him she remembered the horrible things the human did.

  30. Maybe the alarm clock could have been incorporated to be kinda like Navi from Zelda? And every time there’s an enemy they’re like: hey! Listen!


    Shark boy was a Lonely kid.
    People Didn’t Like Shark Boy Because the way he look.And Was scared Of water even though he Was Half Shark. So one day shark boy was having the worst day of his life. And decide to get over his fear and jump into the water. But When He Did He could not swim. But didn’t drown He could breath. He Sink to the bottom and finally was able to walk. He came across a sword and tried to pull it didn’t come out. But after a couple of pulls he gets it out. And a huge monster came out of no where. Just when he thought his day could not get worst

    To Be continued

    Sorry I’m not good at spelling are grammar so yeah What did you think

  32. I'm watching this two days late because I had a three day migraine that had me in tears and… just suffering in bed and the title amused me so much. It's so fitting.

  33. so i know you said we could make our own interpretations of the prompt ― encouraged it, even ― but i wanted to ask if it was okay to write a full on short story with this prompt?

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