DOES THIS LOOK RIGHT? | Mystery Art Box | Scrawrlbox Unboxing | Using Oil Paints for the First Time!

Today, I’m gonna to be making art with… this thing! The July 2019 Scrawlrbox! Let’s find out what’s inside! ♪ We got paper. AHHH! I love this! I love this! I love this! Scrawlrbox sticker. tissue paper, a blue sucker! this 2b Derwent
graphics pencil. oh they make their own paint brushes? a number ten flat brush with
the Scrawlrbox Logooooo the menu listing all of the art supplies in this month’s
box and by this month, I mean last month because I never get these on time hssssssssssssssssss! we have one, two, three paints. The Cobra water mixable Oil color. so they’re like oil
paints? I’ve never used oil paints before in my life I just realized they’re red,
white, and blue [patriotism intensifies] [drops blue paint] We’ve got primary magenta, titanium white, and ultramarine We have this
funny little credit card with like little scissors and like dotted lines
to cut on so it looks like they’re suggesting we try and use this to create
art it’s actually really thick and you can use it to scrape art, mix paint, and
cut it into different shapes and use it in all sorts of ways is what they
suggest. We also having this tiny little square sketched canvas test it out: sounds good we have the print this month by Katie
Jopling and Katie lists some tips for using oils like “always start with the
darker color first” and “remember drying times are much longer than other paint
types like three to five days” eeee! that’s fine I like that it’s kind of abstract
but you can tell that it’s like flowers I mean unless I’m completely wrong but
it looks like pretty flowers there is this piece of parchment or wax paper? [reading:] “a vegetable parchment impervious to oils and acrylic making it perfect for a
temporary art palette,” “we can use it to mix or save colors safe in the knowledge
that it will not bleed or leak through onto the surface below.” I’d swatch these
in my ‘squatch’ – [laughs] – Squatch? I’d swatch these in my sketchbook but I do plan on using it in
the next three to five days so I’ll find something else I do have this cardstock
that I can do a little bit of swatching on then we’ll do our final illustration
on this tiny itty bitty little baby canvas [paint swatching montage] here we have the paints pencil okay they
feel a lot like paint, which is good because that’s what they are kind of
like mix them together – I wonder if it’s kind of easy to do a gradient okay I can see
why people might like oil paints they do seem to blend really nice and I don’t
even know what I’m doing now like it said on the packaging you mix it with
water instead of some kind of oil which makes it a lot easier for someone who’s
used to acrylic here we’ve got I think that’s the French flag after it’s been
through the washing machine I’d like to trying to come up with an
idea they did include a prompt word which is “abstract floral” so I kinda
would like to incorporate that idea but at the same time draw a character of
some kind – let’s just see what I can come up with I’m just gonna start sketching
anything it doesn’t really matter and we’ll see where that takes me got to love a classic 2B pencil so what if her hair is made out of flowers kind of like
what Katie painted over here kind of like this and then the background can be
really dark gotta also remember we’re working with a square canvas -oh my gosh
it’s gonna be this small I’m gonna need a finer brush then maybe there’s a
little bit of flowers as the dress or some kind of a article of clothing now I’ve never used oil so let’s kind of see how they interact with like pencils
underneath them I’m gonna start by what did what did Katie say? ‘start with the
darker colors first’ I’m gonna take some of that magenta and put it on our little
palette here as well as our ultramarine and mix these together how do we use
this thing? this is very different than like
acrylics I would usually start with a lighter color – although I don’t know if that’s
correct when I do that so maybe this will
teach me something next I’d like to add a little bit of
white to this same purple color actually probably a lot of white let’s be honest and kind of fill in the skin and then we can get lighter for highlight try to get
whatever detail I can with this wide brush for now and then actually take the
straight ultramarine for the backdrop of the hair just to change the color up a
little I’m also just testing to see which colors look good where because
this is our first thumbnail so we have a lot of room to experiment now we’re
looking at the this, I feel like it was a really good reference of the way the
colors and the contrast look I might be able to use this to kind of figure out what I’m
doing I grab a little bit of this then grab some white and make a new color
and start blotching some more – try and create those flower shapes just blotching
cuz we’re looking for abstract here kind of think where light would be
hitting flowers I’m no entirely sure what I’m doing all right here’s what I’m
working with playing around I switched to a smaller brush this is a number 4
round kind of wish I had a bigger canvas to work with you get a little bit more
detail sometimes limits can really heighten your creativity because it
makes you have to really think and come up with something that you wouldn’t
necessarily choose on your own may come up with bad results but it’s never a bad
thing for your brain I’m getting a little better like feel for how to use them
like if you want it to blend more you add a little water if you want it to be
much more shapefull you use less water I’m slowly figuring it out, one
blop at a time kind of losing the sketch so I kind of want to try something else let’s start by drawing bigger it looks like the graphite doesn’t interact with
the oils in any way so we’re safe to put as much detail into the sketch as we want
(you’re just never gonna see it again) ♪ [quick sketching montage] ♪ I’m not sure where I’m going with this just
be very soft and loose – maybe incorporate some floral blobs here let’s try and not
include arms maybe that way we have more space for just trying to figure out what the
heck I’m doing I’m gonna switch back to the larger brush this time I’m going to
fill the background in with a light color and then use darker colors maybe
for the subject see where that takes me ohh…we were suppose tos start with dark colors
weren’t we? – well then we are supposed to start dark so let’s start with the dark color
then – color in the hair everything’s just ended up purple so far do I want to
keep that? I’m gonna be really crazy with [the highlights] at first so it’s gonna look like she has
like a goatee here of very light colors but I’m kind of trying to just blotch in
the highlights before I forget where I wanted them hopefully we can go from
there add a little bit more pink around the nose and maybe the eyes and lips
maybe even the chin add some eyelashes I think I need to add some blue to the
background here because right now her face is kind of blending in so I’m
thinking if I use blue which is a cool color it’ll kind of push the background
you know backwards maybe add a little water and blend out the edges (not that
much water) thats better doesn’t need to actually be blue, it just needs to
be bluer it’s my second attempt using these paints think I’m definitely
getting a little bit more hang of it I think the hardest part is trying to like
maintain your sketch which there’s something I’ve kind of been
struggling with a lot lately in general I’m like doing little
swirly motions to kind of try and pull out the color that’s underneath of it
some places the paint underneath a little wetter which makes it a lot
easier looks like a schmancy dress I like that it’s kind of abstract but there’s
like enough detail to tell you what you’re looking at it’s time to move on
to the canvas! that’s almost the right size I wont have to
draw too much smaller I don’t think so pencil I think I’m gonna change
the direction of the face just to give me something more interesting to do try
to figure out what angle we want erase some of these mistakes I really like
that swoop they like follows the scalp well I like face we got one thing right although wait wait wait wait the way
that it body is angled that doesn’t make any sense how can I fix this? how can I
make it more interesting? more like this oh yeah I like this better
it still need something a little extra you know bashum-shum-shumph I
just don’t know what that is I like imitate the shapes of her hair in
this section of the dress kind of feel like going for it the head is really
really big but I think there’s some charm in it and if I make it any smaller
I’m gonna have a really hard time painting it I try and get the shapes right while I can
still see the sketch I should probably be using the bigger brush for this start
adding in another color here maybe just add just a smidge of white and start
coloring in the skin no, more white then that because we need contrast
between it and the hair oops just bumped into the hair there these first few
steps are so creepy looking wonder if there’s a way to make that so that it
looks good on step 1 use a little water make sure I’m filling in all the little
white spaces it seems to be easier to fill those in when you have a little bit more water
on your paint brush a bit of a slow process but it’s important to make sure
you’re actually coating all these little white sections or it’s going to look
real messy when you’re done at least I assume… I say that like I’m
privy to some sort of important information now I’m gonna go in and add really blatant highlights maybe even mix a
little pink into it and these have to be like really big and clunky and then I’ll
blend in later so like anywhere that a lot of light is hitting cuz my light
sources like here the bigger I seem to start with these the better it looks in the
end cuz I end up like blending them to oblivion so I need to be really
exaggerated with this I also want to like darken up inside the ear alright so
looking a little messy I kind of like the way the pink looked in that oneas its drying, so I’m gonna mix a little more pink in around the nose I’ll just
see what happens usually like to get a little redder near the eyes just makes
sense to me I’ll let that sit a little soak in while I work on this shirt
section I want the dress to be that like dark red so it’s basically the purple
mixed with some more magenta fix these eyes a little still working on this plugging away
I feel like it’s slowly improving – it’s one of those things you just gotta work at it’s slowly looking like a human kind of slowly becoming very glad that this is a
small canvas or I might be here for like a few years what I think is the most
difficult for me to grasp is that these are not I’m not using hard lines to
describe every small detail because I just do a little subtleties let’s fill in the background switch back to
the paintbrush…wherever that one went remember that one I think I’ll fill in the bottom of the
background with the dark hair color like this and then move upwords to this color
kind of like that texture kind of blend it as I go oops that was supposed
to be not filled in good thing this is an opaque art supply darken up the corners
a little make sure we get those edges I wanted it to be a little darker at the
bottom I’m going to switch over to the smaller paintbrush kind of paint in
along the edges I don’t want to leave any white of the canvas it just looks
sloppy add that blue around the face to make that red in the skin pop a little
more we have to do the same over here where the shoulder is blending in a
little it’s creating this really cool gradient! I added a bunch of white here
and it’s like mixing with the colors around it it almost kind of looks like a
flower oh no I did my camera die? uhoh I think that means its time to take a break this feels like frosting okay welcome
back I just charged the batt-tree I’m ready to keep working on this what I did, I’m
working on it the same way I did this which now I’m really liking this better
but I went a little overboard and then I started stretching it all around and now
she’s got a very large collar made of some kind of flowers I want to add some
blue to it now all right so let’s take some light blue kind of just put it in
here and there may be some dark blue at the same time not sure what I’m doing
I’m just trying to add some kind of like variation in the way these flowers look
cuz right now they’re just blobby and we’re trying to go for abstract flowers
because that was the prompt word keeping the paintbrush pretty dry is
helping with the flower shapes I have a little too much paint to be able to get
these kind of strokes I’m trying to change up the direction of the strokes
maybe might help I think the white looks pretty good though I think I’ll keep doing that I like that better I feel like it should
be darker in this section like Katie said it’s hard to add darkness once
you’ve already got some light there so I’m gonna try and just glob it here see
what I can do and change up the direction just wetting this brush and
then I’m gonna do a little blending some of the new colors that I added to the
face maybe it might be time to call this one quits feel like I’m just kind of
making it worse here’s the mess I made today with the art supplies from the
JulyScrawlrbox! it was really fun testing out these oils for the first
time I wonder what the difference is between water mixable oils and regular
oils I’m not really that experienced cuz I’ve never really looked into them cuz
they just seemed like a lot of work and that’s three day drying time [eeee] that’s not
my speed I’m a quick lazy artist don’t ask me to wait three – days – to add – another – layer I think Scrawlrbox for sending the box
my way for free to try out and to share with you guys – ooh when did this happen? thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have a
delicious evening full of waffles!!! BYE!! ♪

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  1. Fun fact: There are a multitude of thinner mediums one can use on oil paints, including mediums that help the paint dry FASTER 😀
    I've the bare minimum experience with oil paints (worked with em a bit in school) so I dont remember which medium that is, but if speed is your main hangup, then perhaps finding out which medium speeds things up might help?

  2. tip for the next time you use oils (if lol) don't start with a white background. use a light wash w a color that relates to the piece and cover the canvas, then its easier to navigate the painting !

  3. That little card you cut up is giving me déjà vu, have they done something like that before? Where it was like meant to be used as a palette knife or something

  4. You can’t clean regular oil paint off of your brush with water. Oil and water don’t mix, and all, you usually have to use paint thinner. Anyway, that’s the difference, basically. ☺️

  5. Ahh I'm late!! >:( thanks a lot YouTube notifications…
    Anyways, can you try drawing an anthropomorphic animal someday? Like the characters in zootopia UwU

  6. Disposable palettes are fun, you basically get a second piece of art out of it.
    Also: The difference between "water mixable" oil paint and regular oil paint is that you can use water to thin out the paint, instead of paint thinner, turpentine, or other mix-in mediums designed for that purpose.

  7. I've come to the conclusion that if I want crisp lines oils is not the way to go. I've used oil paints like 3 times maybe, and I'm too much of a crisp clean cut kinda gal. Oils are great for what I'd call a blurry effect I guess. It's all blending and mixing, no real clear separation of shapes or colors.

  8. Yeah palette paper/wax paper is (at least to my knowledge) standard for beginner oil painters if they don’t wanna do a standard palette like plexi for oils.

  9. Maybe you should just start with a very loose sketch and then render it with the paint. That way you don't waste time on a sketch that you'll never see again and if you get bored of the sketch you can change it anyway!

  10. I think I would really like oil paints because they're easy to blend and they take ages to dry and when I was trying to paint something with acrylics they dried in my damn pallet >:"(

  11. Your videos have made a shift to hilarious lately and I’m 100% here for it. 😂 amazing art and I laugh. The best.

  12. When I was in high school I wanted SO badly to use oil paints, but my art teacher told me I had to do an acrylic before I could test out oils because of the difficulty. I HATED acrylic. She was so surprised when I picked up oil painting so quickly. I loveeed blending, even charcoals and pencil I love blending. So when I see your art style with more color blocking it makes me so jealous that I can’t do that. But seeing you work with oils is eye opening, it’s easy to see the difference and now I understand more how you actually color with your alcohol markers. I was taught a more “traditional” art, with paints, rather then markers. Then I had a friend who used markers, and a similar style as you. I would sit all day just watching her because again, jealously. I never could be as good as her. So I sit here literally 15years later, without touching oil paints in 11years (kids will do that to you) and realize it’s SUCH a different medium, my brain just doesn’t work with color blocking and shapes. I need blending lol I can see your art style come out in the way you use oils, I love seeing that. thank you SO much for posting your artwork, it takes me back to sitting and watching my friend draw. It’s sparking my light, and giving me inspiration to actually sit and draw/paint something. I miss it so much.

  13. Random idea: you should save up all the stickers from the art boxes you have/get and for your next sketchbook, use them to make something for the cover

    Idk…just one of my random late night thoughts

  14. The thing is i use paper as a pallette all the time lol😂😂 I am realy not an artist at all i dont even have one of those paint mixer holder things

  15. even though these are water mixable oils, paint quality will turn out better if you use a medium like linseed, or even an alkyd like liquin! Water only in place of turps and easy clean up! I’m using the winsor and newton water mixable oils with liquin on most paintings

  16. heya i work with oils n such a lot and im here to answer your questions n concerns

    you should do an underpainting to avoid the white slipping through by watering down a color and going over the canvas like a watercolor wash in acrylic (or oil, do what you want)
    also, a little goes a long way (hence the small tubes), the globs left on the swatch made my heart hurt LOL
    oil painting is like an onion, and ogres, as it has a lot of layers, so dont feel like you need to dunk the canvas in the paint to get opaque.
    water soluble oils are quite bizarre to me, since thats literally a contradiction of itself, however i know that normal oils will be dry to the touch in about a day, but the layers underneath will technically still be wet but eh dont matter if you cant reach it

    thats all i can think of that you might find useful 🙂 good luck and remember oil paints dont come out of clothes!

  17. Oil and water typically separate so if an oil paint is not mixable with water, then you can get an uneven coat that can be very wet. Just to put in some background info- lava lamps used to be created with oil and water, so the paints, like the lamps, would separate

  18. I was thinking of ideas and what if the skin was the magenta color a little lighter and the hair was purple then the background was blue 😂idk just a thought

  19. Amazing video i have never never saw like this thing before. 💜 💜 💜 💜 💜 Thanks for making videos

  20. I’ve never seen oils like that! Like all mediums, to mix supplies you need to have the same base (water, alcohol or oil). But normal oils actually work pretty similarly to these ones. What Katie said is super important as you see. It’s because the drying time is so long (and 3-5 days is short for oil) that you can’t achieve a dark tone on top of a lighter one, because it blends ! Also when you work with oil, you do exactly what you did right there, you start by applying layers with “diluted” paint and finish with very thick out-of-the-tube paint to get that texture ! I’m not really an expert but some of the advantages (and danger) of oils are that super long retouching time and the different textures you can achieve. But it’s veeeeery messy and cleaning oil is hard (instead of water you got to use white spirit, an organic solvent). Super cool video Rin!!! 💜💜💜

  21. I’ve never seen oils like that! Like all mediums, to mix supplies you need to have the same base (water, alcohol or oil). But normal oils actually work pretty similarly to these ones. What Katie said is super important as you see. It’s because the drying time is so long (and 3-5 days is short for oil) that you can’t achieve a dark tone on top of a lighter one, because it blends ! Also when you work with oil, you do exactly what you did right there, you start by applying layers with “diluted” paint and finish with very thick out-of-the-tube paint to get that texture ! I’m not really an expert but some of the advantages (and danger) of oils are that super long retouching time and the different textures you can achieve. But it’s veeeeery messy and cleaning oil is hard (instead of water you got to use white spirit, an organic solvent). Super cool video Rin!!! 💜💜💜

  22. The way to easily avoid leaving white canvas and to be able to see your sketch is to do an under painting. Where you used 1 color and you water it down a lot and fill in the canvas. The way I do it I normal make it a little thicker in some areas and kind of make a general value study that way I can see if the light/dark is balanced.

  23. I know I'm kind of late I'm sorry but you are my favorite youtuber and I have been watching you so so so much while I draw and you inspire me and motivate me to keep doing art, even if I don't like some of my art. THANK YOU SO MUCH

  24. id love to have seen the effect form the first thumbnail with the very dark base and lighter flowers over the top to create the dark edge and shadow to the flowers in the final piece! i feel like the final one is beautiful but lacked contrast

  25. The art they included in the box looks like something of an impressionnist style to me.
    I like what you created, but I do have to admit that the thumbnail seems a bit more pretty to me. For someone who has never tried oil painting, though, you sure did a great job!

    (also, can you imagine all the great painters used oil painting and took weeks/months to create their stuff ? How crazy!)

  26. I had one oil painting not dry after two months and I needed to travel with it. I built a shadow box with cardboard attached to the stretchers and then news print to cover but it was like two inches away from the surface. And flew internationally on a two flight trip to the destination and had to hand it off wet. It happens. Oil is never really dry, seriously.

  27. I love oil paints literally the easiest paint in the world to use and because it takes time to dry you can always stop and and work on it later. They also have different mediums to shave off the wait time.

  28. This box was really fun. I will say that drying time is 90% accurate. I used a little too much water for the clouds i made for my picture and its been like 7 days.

  29. I've used a love note as a paint palette bc I didnt like them and didn't get the chance to say I didnt like him

  30. I really like the outcome of the face but i honestly think that the look you had going in the thumbnail was better. I hate criticizing peoples art bc im not the absolute god of art and i dont always like getting unwarranted critiques so i try to limit my comments

  31. Hey! I do drawing too! It’s Pokémon drawings…and obviously not as good as yours…but if you see this you should check it out😊

  32. RIN- i want you to know that THAT BLUE SUCKER is not any blue sucker. that brand makes the NICEST sour lollies in the uk, and they’re only sold in certain places like ice cream vans. i hope you savour it.

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  35. Мне показалось, что она в начале сказала всем привет по русски

  36. I am so inspired to see your art!! I am 14 year old artist and I have just started my YouTube channel being inspired from you ❤

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