Does our Art Reflect Us? — Accordion Sketchbook Drawing

[Applause] all right gather round everybody yeah get in here close you might have to touch each other can everyone see this is the accordion sketchbook made by moleskin that I've been working on lately this is the current state of it and as you can see I've put a bit of time into it pretty happy with how it's turned out so far and today we're gonna work on doing another page spread in it and I don't know it's just like I enjoy filling up sketchbooks that said I have not filled up many sketchbooks it's much easier to buy a sketchbook and start a sketchbook than it is to continue well it it's much more difficult to fill it up you know because a lot of times you you start a sketchbook and then you you maybe you have a vision for it for the type of things you want to fill it up with maybe you you know you want like a certain type of thing you have a theme in mind for it and then maybe your your style change is the type of thing you're drawing changes and then you don't feel like the things you're drawing anymore would fit in with your original vision for this sketchbook maybe that's one reason or maybe you're drawing you know loose leaf paper has much less commitment than a false than a sketchbook where you don't feel like you can rip out pages so maybe you did you know a drawing in a sketchbook and it didn't turn out that well and so you feel like maybe you're just kind of gonna give up start on a new sketchbook and that's understandable because you've you you know you feel like you ruined the sketchbook that's definitely happened to me before I kind of resigned some sketchbooks to just be kind of I don't know actual sketchbook so I can just sketching them scribble in them when I when I present some of my sketchbooks and I say here's a sketchbook they're like this isn't people say this is not a sketchbook Peter this is this is art but I don't like I don't like preserving art for just certain things like all sorts of things can be art sketches can be art scribbles can be art you know those little have you seen those desert where there's rocks that get pushed around by the wind and make lines I think that's art but I think maybe I have a very very broad almost endless definition of art because I am a little bit or maybe very self-conscious about my own art so I want to make sure at all times that anything I do could be considered art maybe it's just a fear of failure deep inside of me so I want to make sure that art is a broad thing in my mind but also I don't I don't like the whole gatekeeping thing you know with some people it's fine everything's art to me what's more important to me is that you're out there you're making things you know create things I just don't want you to be discouraged about you know cuz art I feel like when you say that and they say art when you say the word artist a lot of that it's very easy for a lot of very uh like pretentious and preposterous ideas to pop into your head right and it doesn't have to be like that it doesn't have to be stressful and you know you I have a very I'm very prone to overthinking things so it's it's better I try to I try to get to a place in my head when I can just start drawing without thinking about what it has to be you know what it what it has to be when it's done or what it has to be in ten years you know when people are gonna look at it later where it has to be in a million years because probably gonna be nothing in a million years that stressed me out immediately if I started thinking about so I can't think about that I don't know I definitely can't start thinking about existential stuff otherwise all I'll lock up completely I shouldn't even I shouldn't have even brought it up anyways okay this drawing pretty happy with how it turned out the only thing I had in my head for getting started with it that was a little doing a little bit of daydreaming ahead of time all I had in my head was I wanted a circle on the page and some bulbous guy in the middle of it and then the rest of it I just kind of uh well I doodled it by doodling I mean I didn't plan it out just kind of went I went you know kind of free flow from the head now I think maybe the the source of inspiration fraught for these bulbous people is maybe my own body now I know I don't look exactly like this with these bulbous people that I have in these drawings lately but I think it maybe is rooted in you know my maybe I have like some self you know like some body issues or something maybe if I tell myself these you know bulbous people are beautiful maybe I think I'll think that I'm also beautiful the way I am or I don't know I'm I'm not saying what's good or what's right I'm just trying to think it I'm just trying to think it through out loud for you you know all right I'm just trying to get it out of my system right you know cuz I look in the mirror before I get in the shower you know and I see like I've got like a little bit of a tummy you know and there's probably like a little bit of self self-loathing there and you know and it's good to want to improve and better ourselves but it's also not good to hate ourselves but it still spins around in my mind a lot and so I think that's why maybe it comes out on the paper in this form with these kind of bulbous bulgy um people just because it's in my head and that's that's kind of it comes out in the paper so I think art is good like that it's a it's a good way to vent good thing good way to get things out on the paper sometimes it's more honest sometimes it's more obvious than others sometimes it's not sometimes it's not quite as obvious you know sometimes it's very abstract because sometimes the things I draw don't really look like anything at all so I'm not sure and I could be totally wrong about these bulbous people I know I don't know I don't have the the most clear view into my own head not a very clear view at all most the time but I do think it's it is interesting to you know try to be maybe a bit of a dream interpreter if art was dreams anyways I hope you enjoyed the drawing thanks for watching alright be good to yourselves if you can't alright try just take a take a moment stop and think sometimes just say breathe what do I want to do right now not what not what is everyone else pressuring me to do what do I feel what I feel I want to do what would be good for me yeah I don't know it might be different than what you are doing I don't know I don't know I don't have all the answers maybe that would help maybe I wouldn't all right all right goodbye everybody

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  1. Can somebody remind me which was the video where Peter talks about how he wasn't able to breathe trough his nose for most of his life? Thank you

  2. I think as artists we tend to overthink things(like you mentioned). I realized that I was wasting my time thinking of what to draw and not actually drawing anything. Recently I am embracing anything that comes out of my head onto the paper.

  3. I've been trying to fit in time to draw, but man is it hard with all the distractions I get from the real world and the internet. For example I recently drew the best thing I could be proud of when I had no internet, and I don't know how to feel about that

  4. when people ask if I'm an artist cause they see me doodling I always say "artist is a strong word" cause I don't feel like anything I do is good enough to be considered art ;;

  5. Dear Peter,
    Video topic suggestion:
    How to live on your own.

    I'm living on my own for 5 years now but last year was the first good year. Since I'm 23 y o I sometimes struggle with the freedom I have. The freedom of me doing nothing and no one noticing. How do you deal with that and other challenges that come along with it?


  6. Thank you peter… i connect a lot with your drawings and videos, youve helped me get into to meditative doodlings all while being honest and vulnerable in your videos in such a modest way and its amazing. Keep being you!

  7. I really appreciate all of your introspection Peter, it's a good reminder of the vulnerable humanity we all share. Thanks for encouraging me to stop and think, and be good to myself 🙂

  8. Peter speaks about his feelongs as if he is not the one feeling them like his just living in the body or doesnt understand his own deelings

  9. Lol yeah try being a woman in the high pressure standards of what beauty is supposed to be for us. Ridiculous and extremely stressful. Welcome to world of depression. All aboard!

  10. Your drawings are so amazing ! And the whole sketchbook is beautiful. Thanks for the relaxing time.

  11. Man, this guy spills his guts out to the internet and all we can give him is a like and some encouraging words.

  12. I wanted to purchase one of these accordion style sketchbooks, but can only find tiny ones. Anyone have info? Thanks!

  13. I was thinking "huh, yeah I don't really know anyone with the name Peter" then I remembered I have 2 acquaintances named Peter and also my dad.

  14. You're genuinely good looking Peter. For sure in my eyes, but I'd be extremely surprised if no one shared my attraction to you, both because of your looks and your mind and your art!

  15. ah, peter. whenever I’m having a hard time, listening to you talk while you draw helps me make sense of things. Thank you

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