22 Replies to “Do 7 Things For Professional Logo Designs Every Time”

  1. Do check the link above for the cheat-sheet PDF to refer back to in your logo projects. Also if you want to enter into my competition, there is a link up there too. I had to make the video private as it was messing up my analytics

  2. Thank u so much.. its very helpful as i have already started working on the logo challenge u gave us.. i am thankfully working on these 7 points.. as you have told these points in your previous tutorials.. this video is having all 7 points together and thank u fr the pdf of these points as it will help me not to distract while making any logo..
    😊😊😊thank u

  3. If not a designer 👨‍🎨 how best to find a designer? I’m sick of hiring the wrong people.
    For logo design for small start ups – how much should be budget to get a good design?

  4. Thanks for the great video (as always). These lessons are important.
    I also wanted to say that the fan at around 2:40 is awesome =D

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