DIY String Art, Corinne VS Pin #30

What up internet? Corrine here. And you're watching Corrine vs Pin. So, my wedding anniversary to Rob is coming up in the next month or so, and this year's gift is supposed to be made out of wood. So, I decided that I'm gonna try my hand at making string art. A bunch of you have suggested it and it's a goddam Pinterest legend. So let's get started shall we? Out into the world (panic). First place we're heading is Lowes to pick up some wood. Would you like to suck my blood? *weird laughter* Would you please stop? No!! This kids wearing a squirrel costume of some sort Or is it a fox? It's a fox! Oh nice, I like it! (sarcasm?) Yeah. I'm, I'm turning. Hehehe. Ok, we're here at the store . Gonna get our wood. Other things we need are: woodstain, some little nails what kind of nails do we need? (the struggle) Dammit. There's a lot of types of nails. These are so cute! Yeah put stuff back where you found it originally. Don't be an asshole. OK, now we're gonna get some wood. You WOOD'nt believe it but I can't find any wood…that I want so. This one? Oh, Jesus, that's heavy. This is perfect This thing looks scary as fuuuuck. Definitely not doing this myself. Don't wanna pull a Rob up in here, know what I'm saying? *saw sounds* *struggle sounds* Next up, JoAnns, for some some string. *music plays* OCD. Yeah, I definitely need these. And I'm pretty sure that… it would be against the law if I went home without this thing. (And that would be not taking a cat clock home with you) Okay. What were we here for again? Oh yeah, string! I'm thinking embroidery thread would work best for this. But… I'm not really sure….. what would give me the ombre effect I'm going for. Actually, maybe this will work! Yeah… I'm gonna get this instead. Okay… now, for the exciting stuff! Gotta prepare the wood and then make sure its fully dry, and now I can stain it with my wood stain. Looks pretty cool! While that dries, I'm gonna take the other piece of wood, and I'm gonna paint a f*cking galaxy on it. Yeah, a motherf*cking galaxy! Just all ya'll are tired of galaxy stuff doesn't mean I have to stop liking galaxy stuff. I happen to really like galaxy things, I think galaxies are pretty fucking cool! How 'bout that? Yeah! I like the stars, astronomy, you know what I'm saying? Hehehe alrighty while both of those things are drying, I am taking the opportunity to draw and cut out Rob's favorite combination of letters. You may think that this is mean but… Have you met rob? He's kind of an asshole. A loveable asshole though Anyway… once my stained board was dry enough, I simply positioned the letters how I wanted them. and taped them down on the board. Then, I used a nail to make little indentions around the entire letter situation. Yeah, that kind of hurts my finger a little. But that's okay we're going to continue on! *whispers* It's hammer time. *soft laughter* Yes! Way to show up! Looking good! Now, let's see how our string looks. Huh, hmm… I F*CKING HATE IT. No no no no no no no Let me just finish adding my nails, before I freak out on everyone. This doesn't look too bad. Not too bad. Not everything's bad. For the galaxy board, I poked out our Threadbanger logo! This time, I used a hammer and a nail, so I can save some finger strength. Oh, and when you peel the paper off after you're done poking out the design, (this might be ASMR.) Unfortunately, I only got about halfway through hammering out the design before I ran out of nails soooo… Back in the car again. The carbon footprint for this project is starting to be a little depressing. Not even getting a basket this time. Don't need anything but embroidery thread. I don't have these ones yet. Incomprehensible whispering. *clears throat* You gotta get the right stuff this time! I think this black will look really cool for the galaxy board. And I realise that if I want the ombre effect Like the pin. I have to get a bunch of different colours of embroidery thread. So I got this range of colours because it reminds me of sunshine. And Rob's my little ray of sunshine. Alright now we've just got to go back to Lowe's, get our nails, and this doormat, apparently. And we should be good to go. Hopefully, this'll be the last trip I'll have to make to both of these places for quite some time. Yes, now that I'm back at home again, I will start by hammering the rest of the nails into the galaxy board. Which I think was kind of a mistake because my hand no longer works But it doesn't matter, I still have to continue on, for the sake of the children. What? I don't know any more. And my hand really hurts And it, and I don't really know what I'm doing with strings situtation it kinda looks like crap. My favourite parts are when the string comes off the nails in the middle. Or when the string gets all tangly. I really love that! I am however kind of getting the hang of it as time goes on. Lots… And lots of time. Hoooo man. I'm really starting to hate this string art sh!t. I'm tired of looking at it. It's… It's just taking way too long. I don't want to do it anymore. Thank god it's almost over! Whoooo! Made it through! Made it through the string arts. Nailed it! Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I'm not really sure how I feel about it It's not really my Stealo. You know what I'm saying? I'm not really sure how Rob's gonna feel about it either. I mean I guess it's kinda cool: i put together a little 70's inspired beget Because this shit kinds reminds me of the 70's I mean don't get me wrong I like the 70's I am however very exited about the galaxy board But i just do not have it in me to finish this shit right now. I got to let my fingers recover a little bit As always, we wanna know what projects you wanna see us try on the show Please leave your suggestions in the comments down below If you wanna see updates on this project and other projects I usually post that sorta thing over on my snapchat Remember the moss bath mat? Yeah, we have to water this thing a shit ton for it to stay it alive *alien voice* Please dont fail us Corinne the moss is our home. So much pressure *crying* Snapchat go follow that, Gosh sorry very tired, My backs hurting, just hunched over in this one position for hours. Also make sure to subscribe. Like up this video and I'll see ya later

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  1. The galaxy and everything you do is awesome and rob fails most of the time but I love you both and Zelda and the kitty cat


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