DIY Glamour Photography Backgrounds and 2 & 3 Light Glamour Portrait Lighting Tutorial

hey gang thanks for checking out this week’s episode of the last frame in this episode I’m going to show you how to create simple glamour setups using everyday objects as backgrounds and we’ll pair that with a simple two and three light setup to create even and flattering light stay tuned I love cool gear who doesn’t but a great photographer is a problem solver and believe it or not you probably have a lot of really cool portrait and glamour backdrops sitting around your house and you don’t even know it I want to show you a few backdrops that I use from time to time one is simply a bed comforter that serves triple duty in my studio and the other is an inflatable camping bed let’s start with the comforter it’s a cream-colored queen-size comforter that I purchased at a local discount store for less than 20 bucks on a clearance sale I was excited to get the cream color because it would allow me to cheat when I do my backlighting technique for these black-and-white boudoir shots with all the light behind the subject and then exposing for the shadows having the off-white color to the comforter helps keep just a little bit of detail in the comforter a white comforter will over expose and you’ll lose all the details much faster and as you can see in this black and white it looks like a white comforter the second thing I use this inexpensive comforter for is a sound dampener when I’m recording my video tutorials for you guys hanging it behind the camera helps to eliminate echo from the small studio area and third the point behind this video I will also use it as a background as you can see in this simple lingerie shot that I did for this young lady’s modeling portfolio this shot was made with a 72 200 F 2.8 zoom lens set at 95 millimeters the aperture at 7.1 shutter speed one two hundred a second and the ISO 100 I lit the shot with three policy buff le and bb-8 hundreds which are three hundred and twenty watt second strobes I’m using a simple clamshell lighting setup with to medium-size soft boxes from photoflex one is placed on the floor and aimed up and the other is on a boom arm and aimed down at the model the third light with a thirty degree grid is placed on camera left just past the edge of the comforter and aimed just in front of the model so that only a little bit of the light catches the model for a subtle rim and also so that it doesn’t light up the background I’m using a slightly low camera angle so that I’m able to put the model in a position of power and confidence the final image required very little post-production beyond the usual color contrast sharpening and of course removing of blemishes the second shot uses a plastic inflatable bed as the background just like the previous shot the model is standing directly in front of the bed and I’m using the same clamshell lighting setup but this time without the rim light these two shots were actually done one right after the other this shot was also made with a 70 to 200 millimeter F 2.8 zoom lens set at 95 millimeter an aperture of F 7.1 shutter speed of one two hundredth of a second and the ISO 100 this image also required very little post the more will here is that you can use almost anything for a background if you think outside the box here’s a beauty shot where I use the plastic pool float that is shaped like a clamshell as my background here’s a glamour shot where the models holding a different plastic pool float to create the background and here’s a shot where a black leather sofa became the background or you could use the carpet in your living room or the sofa and the carpet in your living room as always the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination gang I hope that sparked some ideas for you take this idea and run with it go create and show me what you come up with and please don’t forget your best shot it’s your next shot so keep learning keep thinking and keep shooting adios

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  1. Joe another great video! It's really nice to see you use everyday items that demonstrate you don't need a fancy studio to do such great work!

  2. Now, that's a cost effective and creative idea for backgrounds,Photography need not be expensive, just use your imagination, thanks Joe for getting our creative juices flowing for 2017! Much appreciated! 😎 👍

  3. Thanks for this Joe.
    I'm trying to help set up a one speedlight glamour shot using a small shoot through umbrella in a very confined indoor space, and using a Canon 1200D with 18-55mm kit lens. They have minimum props. It's in another country, which complicates matters but I will let you know if they manage it.

  4. Great video. I have a suggestion though, I think you spend too much time explaining the exif data. Instead of cutting to a separate scene verbally/visually showing us the settings… simply put the info visually in the same scene as the lighting set up. No verbal information necessary.

  5. Happy New Year Joe. I'm really enjoying your videos. They are always filled with great content and advice. Thanks. I just purchased a few meters of grey material to use as a background for my improvised home studio. It can be grey, black, white or colored pretty easily with lighting adjustments and/or gels and it cost less than $25 so I am looking forward to trying that out.

  6. You are an interesting character Joe and are certainly putting a lot of effort into your videos which provides great quality content. One can certainly learn a lot from your channel, so,well done.

  7. Is there any particular way you set up the comforter when your model lays on it? Messy it up a bit, keep it fixed and let them pull it in, etc?

  8. Great video! Question: what is your recommended power settings (or ratio between the top & bottom light) for your clamshell setup?

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