hi friends this is Laura a cake with sketches I am an artist at dizzy TV this video has been highly highly requested so I'm finally getting around to it I'm going to follow a Bob Ross painting tutorial which explains why I have a different Center today I am in my home office this is my Cintiq it's a 22 HD and yeah it turns out like a lot of this tutorials are on YouTube and I just chose one at random I haven't watched this video yet so I don't know what we're painting yet so it will be an adventure I think I'm just going to use some of the default brushes that Photoshop CC provides it might be a little difficult to try to get the same look as Bob Ross an attempt will be made and if you enjoy my artwork check out my Instagram blue sketches let's try to follow a Bob Ross tutorial digitally okay thanks Evan y'all ready to join us sometimes life let's just have some fun let's just do something like a circle there sometimes it's not just a just a sort like to imagination go crazy just enjoy playing with color just having a good time they don't blue to this then this mixing it with liquid white this on the canvas and automatically you get all this nice and big man to pump us that a little bit of oppression oppression move as much darker much longer and we're right around the edge with a little bit of appreciated with us something like so favors do is use a little Chris Koster looks puts on the other side of your teeth going it back down there that Lex Hey now take it up okay but she's a little pressure but without a little bit alright okay right up here okay we'll just a little bit very very dark cover just like so every city music book crisscross notes it really makes blending a lot easier if you use a little crisscross trip further than just drawing big circles like yeah okay that one apart so this is a fun part of wash your brush let's take a little bit bit bit outward this is just straight titanium white I think it's a little bit brighter yesterday he's using a titanium white but his brush is wet so I need more like a bull indeed and if you do this several times to achieve a desired lightness if you want to oh it's so satisfying watching every color that's like the one thing I miss about oil painting I really liked mixing colors in touch more consumer oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah middle of both sides become full the color and it's the way it makes a big decisions maybe there are more donors it's makes a big decision right in here we're just taking that oh shoot thank you I definitely need a different brush for this and I think I'm gonna make a new layer because we're working digitally and we can do that they tell we'll just use a corner of the brush work it back and forth right here and I want to create the illusion missed them the base of this so take the top corner the brush probably hear how they're nice to go in there there's this guy we don't need to be rid of this thing I may be soft just something simple things in it back here maybe there's a little sticks of 20s juices right here they're ice and Blackbird are just hand over the top corner all right damn it with that we can come back in here just using a top corner you can begin shaping all kinds of little Englishman through bushes and trees and living here they look good indeed yellow right rib just very well and I'm just a little goes back and forth him change it to Howard it makes you happy he did one where she attacked just individuals later let's take some twigs of the quiet brief hiatus ever so hungry after that teapot I spend a lip liner in here today our big building maybe make it live right in here so take the mic just scrape out a basic without it being there actually the movers yeah all we're doing right now just blocking it oh boy thanks mr. Zen easy exit billboard just like that so long as very attached bear bears that the data directly nice to steak tonight I just realized I haven't been recording the screen better newer with paint right on there tonight again and it's just like bounce along here and play just touch it I'm not good anyways oh wow that looks really cool very easy way to the other side in case you don't see this on the other side but by using a small way to be sort of jagged there I look like you're looking at the edge of it'll do it oh yes to do it here that was so immensely satisfying just forget a little highlight sense of these do you think you could just take the top three people blush all these beautiful new trees yeah this is how I started doing this way watch it this is 100 squirrels they bring so much pleasure yes test world Julie's she plays a little bit this she cares about as much fun I do and they put it in his pocket and hide her feel better bitch there most returned just hang right there in pocket so we kind of pockets words pocket looks like the moon to growed up touch hi don't break dance I take I see this maybe maybe there was a little ditch right there just come right in here and begin putting in shapes of all kinds of bushes and stuff lucious just using the top corner we'll just put two bushes here on this side of that bit to Roubini or whatever you want to call it but a little dark color in there so that the highlights will show we got to have a way to get in there don't we hey let's take some breath maybe there's a little path comes right across here and lay it in yes because it teaches you lose just one big brush we would need to have maybe something up here to keep everybody from falling off so we'll put little doer like it few little highlights on it so we're having right right up maybe we have the you know me big tree lives right there he's got a friend right there like so just making nice and dark take our liner brush it wiggle jiggle gotta make those little noises and we put in a few little limbs on these trees in the back you can see a few little trees are living in there but just some nice hanging down four inches on here there the other old tree needs some – there we go but the paint should be very thin if you have trouble making it flow then just add a little paint thinner to it a little touch of yellow ochre on there and it'll mix for that it turns sort of greenish and just push up a little highlight on these well the old clock on the wall tells me it's about time to call it a day yeah I really hope you've enjoyed this one it's a very nice little painting from all those happy painting and that is it I follow a Bob Ross tutorial here is my finished Bob Ross piece I had a lot of fun but it was also really difficult for me to try to make digital brushes look like real paint I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more videos bye


  1. one time i tried to follow a Bob Ross paint tutorial and woke up in 1971 wearing a Doobie Brothers tee shirt.

  2. So glad you took the task seriously. So many youtubers make a joke of it and just splotch color everywhere. "Ha ha! I suck so bad!" Yes, you do.

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