Digital Photography and Digital Media Arts Private View – London South Bank University – LSBU

I’m the gallery coordinator at the Menier
Gallery, and currently at the moment we are having a great private view for the London
South Bank University student degree show from BA Digital Photography and BA Digital
and Media Arts. To put on our kind of final piece, after three
years at university, kind of show our portfolio and our final major project, and to kind of
graduate I guess. The DMA students, Digital Media Art students,
and the Digital Photography students, have all planned a big project and put each individuals
on their own individual projects. I’m a dancer. I love to dance and I thought the
most I’m going to get out of this project is if I do something I am passionate about.
And my work is kind of circulating around the unexpected activities of everyday life.
I had a dancer to work around with as well, so I got to combine movement and the unexpected
activity and dramas of everyday life. Our students are really interested in the
potential of interaction and play of digital media, but also the potential of digital images
to inspire and shock, and question the world. And here are some 3D works by Liam King, where
he combines images of the body and machines and technology. Its very nerve racking, and you don’t prepare,
or at least I certainly didn’t prepare for people looking at the work, so it was kind
of, quite new. It’s not something I’ve experienced before, but it’s good all the
same. What we’ve provided is the foundation to
move into a massive area of kind of cultural and creative industries; An industry that
supports the British economy to something like fifty billion pounds every year. And
it is a sector of the work force that is growing year on year. So the opportunities for students
out there are enormous. You know we make sure the practical skills
they acquire really prepare them for various avenues of employment. It means you can walk
into a professional photographic studio and become a valued assistant from day one. It’s satisfying to see people look at our
work. I mean we worked so hard to just produce something for this gallery. And for people
to come in and appreciate that, it is really rewarding. I think it’s good, we’ve had a good turnout,
a lot of people have come and they seem to be enjoying themselves. A lot of people have
done better than they have thought they were doing. There was a lot of people with doubt,
with a lot of people saying “not sure about my work, whether I can hang it, if I’m going
in time.” So I think it’s been good and people are happy you know, people are successful. I think it’s fantastic, really busy, great
atmosphere. I believe the students have done really well picking and choosing their work
to not cramming the gallery with too much stuff. I was a bit nervous with loads of people seeing
your work, for the first time. Graduate with three years worth of work and suddenly it’s
all over, but it’s been really good, a really good experience, and I’m glad we’ve done
it. It’s going really well, there is a lot of
good response and I’m really excited for my future. The space is fantastic; the quality of the
work is fantastic. Well I think it’s a very successful event.
One of the lovely things is that I see students who graduated 4-5 years ago, coming to see
the competition. as they say. Digital Media Arts is a very good course,
it’s varied, and it’s not concentrated on one path, so it gives you different options.
Third year was a big difference from second year. I felt that we were just focusing on
our career development, which is really good, because we worked on our business cards and
our portfolios. So when we do graduate, we don’t have to start from scratch, and at-least
we don’t have to jump a few stones up. Students of mine have gone on to become designers,
flash developers, and game designers. They really help set students up for a future
career within the creative industry. If you put the hours in you can achieve the
work and you can do it. But if you don’t, well then it’s up to you, for you to put
the work in. I can see my development over the period of
three years, and I’ve come quite a long way from where I initially begun and I think
more prepared to go out into the big world.

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