Digital Painting Sketch – “Desert Suns” – Composition, Lighting and Color

Hi guys! Finally! I was able to record my voice
over for this video. Damn! It’s been really busy
these last couple of months And it’s been really really crazy So… Yeah! Indeed man! Finally and really really big welcome
for this first voice over [ever] that I do and yeah don’t expect this to
go perfectly but i’ll try to make this as best as possible and i really hope
you enjoy it hopefully, later videos will be better in
terms of voice over. I’m just using the recorder of my phone so… yeah.
it’s just the best I’ve got right now but I’ve been in really really high expectations to create this
kind of thing where I create my own paintings and then just do some
tutorials and yeah those kinds of things that people enjoy watching to learn
stuff and… thanks for watching I really really hope you enjoy! So… yeah. Welcome! My name
is Filipe Pinto, but you can just call me Phil it’s probably easier. I’m a digital artist
working and living in Portugal and I love, [seriously, seriously] love to
paint landscapes. I can do other stuff but it’s what i really really like to do
because i really really like to create my my own worlds and to, you know,
establish moods and those sort of thing… Really love concept art and that’s why,
[mostly] why I’m doing this… So yeah… without further ado let’s just get
into the painting. As you’ve probably seen already this is a really quick sketch of a landscape which took about one hour and thirty minutes or so it was meant [and it is meant] to one
of my projects that i started a year ago or so. I’ve been working on it from time
to time whenever I can and I hope it’s okay that I give you a bit of insight
about what the project is about so that you understand the bit of the choices
that I’ve made throughout this painting and like composition and color why
there’s two sons why and you’ll see i’ll do a really big planet and… yeah! that
that sort of stuff that kind of gives you the limitations and the objective
about what you’re doing. So, my project is called Eighth Alignment and it is about a
Solar System that has two sons at its center and as you might expect there’s a lot of
heat and most of these planets that’s why most of the colors scheme in here is
a sort of mix of red and oranges and and browns kinda like those really hot
color schemes that give you the sensation of heat going on… To me it’s
really important to establish this sort of thing right away because it sort of
helps you understand the kind of landscape that you’re doing and helps
you understand right away the color scheme that you want to use. It helps you
get really really fast almost without thinking about what you’re doing because it’s already processed in your
brain you know what you’re doing and you can imagine really easy and you can access
to your memories and find sort of environments that you’ve already seen
even just photos are or whatever you know so yeah it gets really really fast
if you do with light like that at least to me that that’s how it works of course everyone has its own process
and way of thinking, but that’s mine, i guess. Anyway, yeah! This sketch started
really really basic I had that sort of idea but I started with with a line art
which is something that I usually don’t do I had that idea already so I started
just putting the basic shapes in line and tried to define the horizon line in
the perspective that I wanted because defining the perspective always helps a
bit of the the composition layout and once you have those established it’s
pretty easy to just start detailing and adding stuff that helps you with the
storytelling that’s why here you can see me already doing some
some details and trying to define a little bit better the the texture of the the rocks and stuff like that also
arranging the colors of the sun’s like like what I’m doing now… anyway, most of the painting right now it’s mostly done because everything is
in place or almost as as I wanted to be so yeah most most of the painting right
now is pretty much finished after this all that’s left is detailing,
color balancing and whatnot so, yeah that’s pretty much it! I’m going to leave
you to the rest of the video with some music I really hope you enjoyed so far i’m
hoping to do some videos really soon and I’m already planning a few so please
leave me your feedback and it’s really important to me especially at this stage
I really really want your feedback and so yeah leave me a comment below and i
really hope you enjoyed Subscribe thank you so much for listening

22 Replies to “Digital Painting Sketch – “Desert Suns” – Composition, Lighting and Color”

  1. Great art. work on your mic and try to speak a bit more in depth about the topics – im sure you have broad knowledge, judging by how you paint ! 🙂 Keep at it and ill be supporting you! 🙂

  2. Dude, I have mad respect for this effort. Just try and go a bit more in-depth on a certain topic for each video. One topic, one video. Here it would be great if you only focused on, let's say colour palettes and how to utilize them.

    And also, move your mic out of the way of your breath, since youre using your phone, just put it out to the side of your mouth, and that'll do. Keep it up, man! You've earned a sub!

  3. Onde aprendeste a desenhar? Sozinho ou nuna escola? Porque eu quero seguir o desenho tamb e gostava de saber se em Portugal existem algumas escolas boas para este tipo de desenho/ilustraçao. Btw esta muito bom o desenho parabens

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