Digital Painting in Manga Studio 5 with Perspective Tools – Udemy Promo Code

welcome back everyone Robert Marzullo here from Ram studio comics and I just want to let you know that my course on digital painting in Manga Studio 5 working in perspective is now available on udemy in this course we'll study the 1 2 & 3 point perspective and we'll first do that by doing very simplified examples like the ones you see here so that we can really focus on the tools themselves and how they're used and how they work you'll learn about different techniques for alignment and placing things in your scene and finding Center as well as using layers to simplify areas of the work by copying and reusing elements we'll also cover the special rulers which are very powerful in this program as well after you learn about the core fundamentals that go into utilizing the perspective guides we'll get into the scene creation we'll start with some very rough thumbnails where we can work through the ideas and get our concept down rather quickly then we'll take one of these rough sketches and we'll start to refine it well then use the perspective guides in a three point perspective to aid us in the process of cleaning up our line work we'll use this stage of the illustration to place as much line work as we need to help us when we get to the paint process in the next part so we want to get in lots of details lots information to make that process much easier then we'll start to lay in the basic paint work which will also help us to separate the work and itemize parts of the work for easy editing so that's the other part that you'll learn in this course is how to really set up layers and groups and the work so that you can make that it's much quicker and more effectively if you're working on a client job they want to make changes which is often the case I also show you different techniques that you see here for creating drop shadows and window effects you'll learn how to texture the windows and apply a series of various paint effects to really bring this scene together so by the end of this course you'll not only learned what it takes to create one two and three point perspective inside of micro studio five clip studio paint you'll also work through an entire detailed illustration from start to finish so if you'd like to think this course use the link in the description box below to get your discount and keep in mind you do have a 30 day money-back guarantee I want everyone to be satisfied and if you've got any questions I'm here to answer them thanks for your time and good luck with your art

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  1. Digging the class so far!! A couple of questions.. First, are you using the mouse on your Mac or a trackpad? I’m having issues sketching with the mouse. Second, what files are you supposed to get to download? I got the finished pic and brushes, but I read something about layers in the description here. Thanks again!! Your instruction is awesome!!

  2. Is the low priced version of MS5 sufficient to successfully complete this course?
    (You're not using tools from the higher priced version.)

  3. I sometimes use SketchUp to help me out with perspective view points on structures that I've designed, exported it to image png and then I use medibang paint program to draw over it turning it into a fine piece artwork.

  4. I picked this course up recently and it's wonderful. You have helped me understand these tools. Thank you. Be Well

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