[Digital Painting] Asuka Kazama from TEKKEN by ili104 (comments added!)

Welcome! This’ll be my short overview of what went through my head painting this piece. This is new to me so if you like what I’m doing please leave a comment or subscribe! I wanted her to have a relaxed pose, and I always push myself to try something new, so I went for a gesture I’ve never tried before. I like to check the basic values used (different shades of grey) to see if the shapes work and that the image reads correctly when viewed at a distance. Because if it doesn’t then you have a problem. This initial sketch was rather sloppy and I ended up changing a lot of things. The head looking straight at the viewer felt unnatural so I ended up tilting it, making it more in line with the rest of the body. I often (but not always) start in greyscale, something the old masters used to do back in the day with graphite sketches, because greyscale allows you to focus on one problem at a time. Colour adds a lot to the difficulty and can be distracting. I move the image around a lot, flip it horizontally and zoom out to get a fresh view of the painting, doing my best not to get caught up in details I work on the entire painting at the same time here, moving between areas and slowly refining all areas instead of doing one part at a time The composition was giving me problems, and here I was trying to see if I could make any more interesting shapes, but ended up removing many of the changes. This flexibility in the digital medium allows you to test all sorts of crazy ideas and is very exciting I feel. I had a basic idea of the sort of colour scheme I wanted, with green and blue, with yellowish highlights. I used the lasso to select parts of the painting and then the curve tool to adjust the hue. The advantage of using the curve tool is that you can indepently adjust how much colour should be added to shadow areas and highlights, so you can end up with richer hue variety. I tested a lot of ideas other than my main one though, to see if they looked better. I added a secondary light source to get some more hue variation going because right now the character looked too desaturated for my taste, and too bland This line of turqoise is what makes me like the painting, as minor as it might seem. I really like how it interacts with the upper body area and ties the colour scheme together by introducing some of the background colour onto the character.

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  1. pixivでも拝見しました。ちょっと野放図がすぎるようなお転婆全開の、でもそれゆえに健康美溢れるところが、とっても素敵な飛鳥だと思います!御馳走様でした。

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