Digital Painting – A Self Portrait

everyone Dave Greco here and yes I'm alive and I am back sorry about that small hiatus things a little crazy got a bunch of work done but I should be getting back making more content again again instead of a break but we're back so very excited about it so tonight I actually want to do a really long self-portrait piece I may break this up into two videos if I wanted to go from exactly the start of the piece all the way to the end I want to make a new icon for a lot of my socials and stuff so I figure would just work on it on camera and record it and talk to you guys while we do it so I have some stuff kind of prepped up but we'll hop right over to the painting and we'll check it out all right here we go so before I kind of get started here and kind of talk about where I'm thinking I want to go with this piece as you can see on the right of a screen I actually have like a little kind of quick color sketch I did a kind of like weird idea I was thinking of to do for a new portrait piece I could do it put on Twitch or Instagram any of that stuff if you guys aren't follow me on Twitch usually can catch me a lot more often over there it's just switched on TV / Dave Greco our feel free to go over there and throw it at follow if you ever want to catch me go live and so I wanted to do this kind of like half Clara it's almost like this unnatural blue mixed with regular skin tone here with kind of like like a pink eye maybe you're I don't know but this guy's kind of look like me but kind of didn't so I wanted to go back and do kind of a more stylized sketch if I can on the left here so let's do that up I'll actually have a couple videos I'm working on right now – I do have a brand new hair tutorial I'm looking to get done and it's more than just like how to do hair it's kind of more of a technical like how I tackle hair and it's something that a lot of people seem to really like about the work that I do lately is how I tackle hair and so I want to get very a little more specific on how I do here basically madu like exclusive I know the points of like move around the piece as fast as possible like oh where where are my eyes whereas my nose roughly gonna be same with my mouth and this piece can be pretty messy hello mr. Cooper welcome back he's been very excited for me to start recording again make sure that my is closed now you hear like a slight little humming in the background it is my fan I can't help it it's like so hot at my office lately this thing is keeping me alive so don't want to go like totally realistic with this I have some kind of like reference shots of my face it's fine like in art school you do a ton of self portraits I really have not done that many in recent years I think as I was doing so many for a while I just felt like one of my characters always just kind of looked like me just fine for a little bit but we ain't gonna exaggerate some these eyebrow shapes and even when I'm doing this and I we've talked about stylized work and creating interesting shapes I'm always trying to think of how I want to create interesting shapes and any of this stuff like so on make it look like a version of my mouth but with a shape that might be a little more interesting I always feel like if I can get a nice loose sketch to start that the piece is a hole I feel like it has like a little bit more life in it its massive Daschle is happening I'll say that much I think my nostrils are that big yeah that's what I'd like to do that I still want to do the art school one talking about the pros and cons of going to art school wish I like Barry video editing though where it's like I have cool visuals to go along with it so to me just rambling so that one's good thing a little bit more work because I think that one should be like never actually a well I did video maybe with some animation and who knows what let's picture on that left here is looking bizarre we'll see if we you know I have to like end up really liking this piece whatever however it comes out for us to and I use it in all these things we want but maybe we can do something cool here looking at like the proportions of my face my sketch wasn't like too far off what I might do here is let's do a flip on everything just so I can kind of this little picture ad here yeah flipping is always super important if I haven't shown you guys how to hockey flip in Photoshop mean take a second to show you that real quick because a lot of people ask me that when I'm painting on Twitch I go down is you ought to edit keyboard shortcuts and then you go to image bring that down scroll all the way down till you get to image rotation and see where it says flip cam is horizontal you can click that make whatever you want mine's alt f2 for some reason that's just what it's been in for me for a long time and then basically it'll flip all your layers for you and you can flip like raising you've no idea how long it took me to figure out I went through like five years my career before I knew we're a hockey so that may be obvious to some people but it is uh it took me an embarrassing lot embarrassingly long time you identify that I'm always looking at like lines to where certain parts your body should be yeah usually like that your top your ear to be lined with your eyes and same with the bottom of the year you know kind of a line with the bottom of your nose so it was kind of something you learned in figure drawing you will have a tub or a head up here I was like heaven he's got this kind of like furrow brow here okay yeah I can say it again it's our fourth at the lack of content I think we were doing our recorder outside a nice that Thrones happened and that was you know that's a whole mix of emotion through that's we won't get into it maybe someday we will and then we have been spending a lot of time to file fantasy xiv lately i could not help myself and with the shadow bringers coming out i definitely wanted to get a whole bunch of videos recorded before i get totally distracted and so I'm using the DG main like usual that you guys are I have it available to download right below I figure out you know where sit here if I'm Alex the weirdest followed this I think I do kind of want to light some of it sound what's the same I also keep this kind of loose right here yeah even if I have to break this video up into a couple of parts we'll do that I want to get the whole thing actually recorded for you guys and I won't space them out like a week apart or something I may actually put like a couple videos out next week so thank you again for everybody being patient with the channel even if there's ever a law like that just know that I will always be back I'm always so excited that about the channel let me push the eye up further here okay we won't give it people right now I wanted to be kinda like a weird piece that makes it any sense weird about it you're still trying to kind of find some like simple forms the way to the shower way I shot the references they flare my nostrils or something all right just say that it's called rot for who knows what reason hates this thing out that's just a little bit I've never had like a software that looks a little like we'll get it all fixed up though looks like I'm like chewing on something weird I think my mouth is too close to my nose – what's so nice about doing stuff digital you can kind of just pull it around like keep kind of moving it around I just a lot with some work sometimes just to find an angle or something that I might like I don't mind kind of warping and twisting and distorting it around especially during these kind of sketch phases just to find something that my people more interesting actually gonna race this mouth let's fake it like a little bit more loose again I think I was a little looser in the original sketch yeah so most of these videos won't have any music I find it's easier if you guys just want to pop on your own stuff I usually am listening to music while I'm painting on these it's just not um not picking it up just so you guys don't have to only listen to me breathe haters can I bring my lip up a little bit so it doesn't look like about to poop my pants or something that's not really look we're going for okay not gonna spend like I said why is that figure it's um painting underneath it I'm not gonna spend a ton of time on the sketch I think we can move off it into it's just like loose painting in color but like away it's just fuel you know I really want to move around the piece just adjusting things a little bit more here and there I do like to kind of like lighting scenario we had going before though so I definitely want to try to get in so that going all right let's go and make a multiply layer so I want to get a pretty dark I think I want a cool color though it's kind of warm over there and I'm like I don't mind being too messy right here if we can wear the top here so she's since like Instagram and twitch had kind of these like circular portraits now I don't mind if we do end up using it we could use something that's kind of more you know right here or something I don't know we'll see we're still messing I don't know what I'm really shooting for so there's kind of like shape right here I kind of want to do this and kind of cross over this lip and then come down like that it's kind of erase this out with the ear in that shadow and then all this all right so I make another layer here and I'm gonna do a little bit of that lighting layer technique that I tend to do she just got a lighting layer and I usually use like a dark really deep red just since some of these actually put this flow back in this right here just so we get like a little hits of interesting color in here I don't want to hit up the whole piece but maybe just these lawyers I'm actually erase a tiny bit towards the nose here we go all right maybe I'll layer I'm gonna do an overlay layer I want to really get into our color scheme pretty fast here I don't think we need to wait around there's almost parsa's piece I want to feel kind of graphic you know let's go kinda like a warm color here we don't wanna get you know too saturated too fast okay as you say there we go and then from making their layer it's just a normal layer I'm gonna grab this right here and start to give it form I'm gonna bring it up a little bit here then you change the color so we have a little bit color variation and that's where to start kind of it's almost like I'm airbrushing on top of it just to kind of figure out these little little shapes right here I'll go back in and paint it cuz otherwise you have like this really airbrushing kind of look you don't want that that type of stuff is gonna make you look really digital usually when you're working on digital re-wrote you're shooting to not have it look so digital that's it's like it's a weird concept right let me go back in and kind of paint around and figure out some these forms you're kind of getting rid of a lot of that feathered out edges at the airbrush mix and then I have paint in some of these shapes here paint in the eyeball yeah we're not getting too complicated with like our variation of color and a little things in there okay not getting too crazy as far as like you know eyebrows and I mean eyelashes and eyelashes underneath not yet at least my crab says pain cuz I didn't want this kind of like weird and will come in and really kind of hit the all that stuff up I like to do it this stuff pretty early she's like an Android now you know ultimately one go over it I probably could have cleaned out the previous one but that's alright I want to show you guys someone's stuff from beginning and I was kind of just like playing with ideas at one point so I wanted to see the beginning okay figure out this nose here I want all this stuff to be hanging out in this cool light but I still want there to be form on the nose so really guy just kind of blowing it around and I do have a blending video it's it's pretty short that's pretty simple on how I tend to blend and render a lot of by dropping and slowly massaging it around and you see what works you know I do like to leave like a little bit of this line-drawing sometimes and really going around and finding a silhouette that works painting back in you know they were actually surprised around the nostril here you know we just slowly blend this out there we go I'm just brushing like a little little shapes we could try to get under the nose here yeah I want to go to extreme on any shadows or anything so I'm like flipping everything like all my examples all my reference I kind of flip at all how's that work if I can not always something I do but I'm gonna try on this one let's grab some of this you know we could have like a pupil in here and stuff at an IRS all that but you know we just have variations of the pink and something with the top of the lips too I always like to do they do like this soften the top of I don't like it nice I don't like doing like a hard edged upper lip but I do want to keep this light kind of the red that's going around I want to sit here it's part of the cheek that comes down I do you want to kind of keep it like as it the light sinning and then I want this kind of like red to really kind of be hitting that border and we'll punch that up when we push the piece further and when we start kind of like really amping up the contrast and all that stuff so I can't help but like my eyebrows are clearly not shaped like this it just I've been mean to like these like stylizing eyebrows since these like weird shapes lately yeah it's just becoming kind of part of my style so I'm just doing kind of embracing it I like it a lot maybe these eyebrows have like these kind of like weird cuts and stuff in him I like it and I shall embrace it you know sometimes things just happens with your art by accident and sometimes you gotta go with that flow right at one point we're just gonna go fullscreen with this and push out our sketch that we had before this is me when I go into like demon form which I kind of like I like the weirdness of it I really do okay it's a wonder if we still go kind of blue like I want to lighten up the teeth little bin here I guess we could slot this in the blue area I'm not painting this image like super high rez see here trying to identify some things in this reference we're going to feed around the upper lip here now hope you guys enjoy this type of content whereas let me kind of just say freeform painting and hanging out talking you guys you guys and you know you'd be working on your own work or just have this up you know definitely post down below if you do you like this type of style for you like time lapses way more than this or you know I'm sure people would want some more tutorials I do want to do some more of those this isn't exactly like a drawing with Dave which I'm definitely keep going this one feels a little different I wanted this one just be kind of like its own self-portrait thing here's most latter clairwood I like that we were ribbing this other side with this bright light see where all these shapes were actually the other nostril over here on that side it's that she pretty my reference I took actually pretty close to a quick sketch I had weight sheets for not surprising to me someone's just kind of go ride that I'm gonna have like a nice glow and I feels like it's coming off it too I just not yet so it's always weird because lights out your face sometimes hits this area where it's like almost feels like itch it's about to be a tangent like I said I don't mind this one being like a little bit more graphic we usually do and I'm not gonna rim late around this top of the nose here I don't think would catch too much of that line but I will grab right here and I think that's probably the extent it will bring that light there we go slip ma flip everything with God yeah totally loved again backing into a more self-portraits which she is you know I get older and older so you know have old man self-portraits it's probably not that far off yeah I've had so many people kind of hop over to twitch or an Instagram to say hello these past few months that have found me through the youtube channel which has been really unbelievable that's why I know I said it before I always feel so guilty we don't get stuff up but I think what I have to do is just refocus my workload I'm gonna do a little bead right here make sure we're saving let's see here we can actually go a little bit more this color and then go a little lighter for the spot back here I'm thinking and I'll bring it out all the way down it'll kind of just slowly blend it like we usually do you know I press on my monitor very very lightly when we're doing this type of work oh I do have a I'm gonna try to get a time-lapse going we just painted my lalla fell and file fantasy xiv we did a cool piece for that it's actually being animated right now so I do want to get a time-lapse go to that and then I can actually post up with the EF final animation is done friend of ours is working on that right now and that could be a pretty fantastic we have it all broken up so all the parallax gonna be really nice I'd like to diving to more of that stuff with my work absolutely all right you know I like to not have like one solid block of hair so I do want to kind of break it up these lawyers wear your hair kind of fades and just like steadily I don't have to go too crazy on hyper rendering all these hairs that really keep it more stylized anyway your pictures like this actually make me miss have a nice to have like really long sideburns he's like go down to my jaw and you just have ones and they kind of look like this you know that's that try be as cool as possible miss those bad boys I wonder if I want to try to put like a little bit of stubble in you have like these speckle and douse brushes which you can kind of do it with it sometimes and kind of do this deal this this brush is kind of weird for it but just because the way it lays it down we go the decimal I think the dust one might work better yeah not that large though but then we go back in a race a lot of it I don't mind being like hyper messy with it it's like we're just trying to lay down almost like a texture on top right just so it's not like baby smooth skin which might make it look less like me if it is like that yeah then we're having a kind of it would come up here and you swap back and get some of this other one in here again and so this one should be on its own layer I'd kind of like will fade it down a little bit I'll me erase in some parts I just want I just want to be like a subtle thing yeah I don't want to know my lips then usually have kind of a gap right there well round brush see keep all these little mistakes in here for you guys all right it's time for good old flip let me go up here I want to darken up the background a tiny bit here we'll go with the pure solid that we have that's gonna be super dark let me just draw fuel past you on this so this is when I talk about I make like nonsense layers I do like one little part make a new layer so what layers are not that important to me and at one point I'll easily just merge it all down and erase it all because it just doesn't matter to me I always just kind of paint on top of everything I think those little mistakes in details you leave underneath or are nice to have let's go over the hair I know guys usually have a beanie on I actually did sketch this with a beanie I was like now I do have black hair although it does have quite a bit of gray coming into it which is is a thing let's see a spring swim just blew up here I'm gonna go a little more blue Ellis Greene into this and then I want to kind of go in and kind of carve so let's back out this kind of goes into how I tackle hair a lot oh well this is record I'm we're doing this a won a large tag all right it's gonna figure out this ear a little bit here you don't want to follow my ear reference exactly just some kind of like shaves whereas some folds happen I kind of like making my own ears it's got a weird thing to say but it is true we generally have this type of fold happening right here that's one thing that's always good look crab is your reference I always notice huge difference if I actually spend the time to get some good of your reference like oh yeah that's for that fold happens you know like I said I always depends how realistically you're trying to make in it's a cold here it's a little pointy I have nothing else all right we're not the Tourette's is no more that highlights and color into the skin pretty soon so I think that's gonna reflect back here into all this stuff I'm just going a little bit lighter with our color like I said we usually kind of build up slow like most the paintings pretty too saturated right now you like a little bit more of these kind of thicker hairs for them I kind of come down thanks I'm still trying to kind of like stylize in a way I think we're at the point I'm not really referencing this right one anymore so I do like to usually bring these things fullscreen I can all right let me move this over all right do I keep all this in shadow underneath here most this is all underneath anyway okay what if we bring something blue down here though they've only do the shadow Neath could be doable now we'll try to make sure what I'm doing the jawline – that's not like a solid line you know there's like that nice fate of it kind of been kind of you know curving down underneath right so you want to get that you know you've never settle you do want like a little bit transition so little blurriness to it in the shed I will start fading as well just clean up over here you see your if I go in it over lady I do want this type of like a little happening on the left side when I'd like a little more color to it I think if it was just try a little warmth to it and then have it kind of blend into all this over here a lot of stuff I'll do is still quite a bit of experimentation even it's to the point where we push it over quite a bit and then we'll kind of fade that out I just want to kind of bleed into the background a tiny bit I wonder if and then we're gonna race parts this also she wanted like a little just a tiny bit here we go and I'd like the fact that part of the face feels like it's like I naturally blew it's not like oh just you know cool shadows I wanted to be kind of bizarre I don't said that like three times all right and maybe on this other side where the Sinatra rules we go with a pretty saturated lighter color like that's why I kind of make it stand out a little bit we're just trying stuff like how's Heather I though almost has like no pupils all like in darkness and we can actually look grab an airbrush I do kind of want like a little bit of reflection and shininess to the eye here go back an account erase parts of it a little bit yeah I think we it's still worth getting like a nice highlight on it you've been doing it now I think would be fine no if we needed on the other eye we could we could put it over there something that's kind of like dreary about this maybe this is like a reflection of how sleepy I am all the time I'm just in some weird twilight zone I do like wooden speakings in this far back sometimes I actually like to accentuated these pieces self-portrait makes you look prettier than I really am I'm aware of where of that I'm not this – I'm looking this reference again looks like this here well yeah I lost my lip ring in there somewhere I want to get that back we'll see how long this is this piece gone pretty quick we might just get this into one video I'm sure you guys would probably prefer that anyway yeah let's just do this you know who cares how long this thing is let's just do this whole thing we'll post this out tomorrow morning these kind of weird marks just something you know we'll get some more light on here but had a little interest to it we're gonna fade this out here we've been kind of like overlaying simple color like this you can see that this thing is not taking very long I am trying to work on speeding up my process lately we're needed oh it's a delight sorry I'd like to wear this kind of cheekbone areas I probably will use an overlay layer again used to like use overlay layer is probably too much but now I use in a way where I still build it up slowly I try to at least or you can get too saturated too quick and I can be a bit scary like I kind of wanted it like overly warm where I think it would probably have like a little bit of a cool app I actually like the contrasts from the obvious from the blue side give it an old flip alright now we're gonna go to a normal air a little more less red in there I just want to grab some of these kind of lawyers to bring out I said I – part being a little smooth you know can always grab a brush that's got like a little bit more texture and stuff in it which is sometimes kind of nyancy now I can kind of drag it around see what kind of little shapes you make you know it's probably better on something like this so she when it comes to scanner Ryan having like really smooth skin it's gonna make it again look more digital sometimes you know dirtying up spray probably good idea yeah and just find so you don't find some weird little strokes at work I think the idea of looking like paint is being scraped on or something is probably a good thing you know I think those little mistakes add interest to your piece I don't have to clean up you know the entirety of this whole thing well if you find like a brush let's hang some cool stuff halfway through the piece and you know start jamming it in so go back to my DG mein right like in these brushes we do have eye down below in that video description just like all my videos you can you find a link to this person I'm not worried about the details down here I kind of like them being kind of messy brush truce try to fix some parts that you're here I'd go looking deeper Reds kind of hits this little part here it's usually quite dark like a little kind of mess with this down here and we can do Larry I'm actually gonna so this was usually it happens it's time to Smashing I squashed the whole thing down all those layers are gone like I said I was like building on top of what's already been made anyway so we've smashed it yeah we should actually give it like a little bit color here since you're you know lips are a different color at least different all right so we had to do on this side we could you add the lip ring and we should be kind of here I you know what don't get too crazy with it times you can make them pop too much also I do like that it's like some tea shape in here just like subtle ones and where that lights gonna hit this thing just kind of bleak pop a little highlight on it you don't need to do much for something like this I think you could overly render and then looks too crazy she liked to get kind of like a lighter color and hey the crease of the lip I probably cut was in a little bit more here okay I'm kind of just ignore this area up here which probably fine it's like it does there's an outfit it's not like totally bothering me let me flip that back around Bob Ian's is pretty cool way to I do you like a little stylized self-portrait definitely encourage you guys do the same I think yeah it's always that easy to have model compose your face heavy one especially with having like hey you have foeman's now it's so easy to shoot yourself you don't have to like deal with like sitting in front of mirror as much anymore I'm just kind of like paint out some shapes it looks like I have nice and chilled smooth hair turning I think in the future I do you wanted you're paying some of my pieces aren't so dark I feel like let my views are kind of like dark and they kind of pen and the idea of that contrast that makes it pop I don't know I'd like to get like a little bit more variety I shouldn't get rid of this one I think I'll change a couple things because of this right here it makes it look like my Bollinger is probably different than it actually is I'm gonna add some like pinks and stuff back in in here because it looks like I have like we were Java thing happening you see if we can fix that sorry I'm kind of like analyzing someone's here try and try to keep as much commentary going as I can while also being let's see here okay I can't scroll out some part of this this times the messiness is a nice thing wonder how much more we can pull out is blue and sometimes I don't mind messing with some of these to see what we get maybe something that gives us something interesting so he's worth playing off you know Clara dodge it's just gonna make it I make it too crazy I don't know that I wouldn't mind making it kind of pop I don't usually use color dodge sometimes I just don't want it to disappear too much into the background you know there's something kind of weird and awesome that was that especially with this like hardline right here I don't know why no it's gonna be too much was that like a 36 it's where this here cuz just do like a little bit to it I might soften that edge again though actually don't think that this thing said well I want that to actually to be a very warm color I think let's try it I'm gonna hit it hard with the overlay I'll smash it pretty deep regard on this thing see if we can get something kind of weird and cool with it now sometimes you just have an idea for a bizarre a little painting and I'm just gonna have to jam it out but I think waiting to get to this point to any more form and stuff under my jaw I'm looking at another monitor here it's definitely missing a lot of that that's something we need to definitely get back in it's lighting snare is a little bizarre so some of us getting a little flat let's see I think the stubbles that actually kind of confuse some lighting and kind of settle shape which is kind of winging things now see what kind of interesting shapes we can make but it's also kind of forming us of some form right could be kind of neat I think it's the idea of you know starting to weave my brush a little faster again we will smell smooth this one down it's Hargis I'm looking at whatever you guys probably eyesight see the same colors I see because I think of my Cintiq is really saturated sometimes like all the car pops and then I kind of look at my other preview it's actually quite muted I wonder if lie to you guys the face looks too green that's possible I wanna go too much hair like it's getting real hot right now I'm just try a couple things what's weird is the space between where my jaws on stuff is way too far out looks like we're have to shore that up here cuz that is gonna bug me I take a look here yeah I think I see some issues we're not cutting any of this I think when I was moving around and really this should have been coming down to here like that at the bottle this year she can't weigh down here that's it you know it's just nice fellas right easy for you to come back and smooth it and Shore it all up and do some tweaks that you might need to computers are in a hedge a little bit here that's great all right it's kind of blending this out and I don't want this to be too a hard-edged here prettier jog like he's kind of goes underneath and then this part kind of curs over the top here I think I was starting to feel more appropriate and I was like there was my jacked face stuff happening and it was fried there for a while spring suppose blue down here just like a little bit of reflected light to kind of tie into the top a little bit might be kind of nice yes always take long to kind of go in and tweak some of em you know maybe back here it's a little I'll get a little bit of warmth in here a little a little some subtle Reds just so we can pull off and see the back of the hair leave this kind of deep red in here we're getting there guys we're getting there we're almost done I think at least done enough for the video really glad you guys you know sat around and watch this this whole thing thank you so much and there's some stuff in the lip I gotta fix I'm gonna bring this forward more well yeah seriously it really means a lot cause I appreciate it thank you so much like I said if you like he's kind of just just painting and hanging out I'm start to finish now sometimes it's hard to do a whole painting in one sitting but these kind of simpler ones aren't too bad but yeah let me know I said it just could be recording again some content updates so I'll let you guys know this – yeah it's kind of funny actually talked about the stuff on your YouTube channel I had like a nightmare the other night that um because I had a guy content down it's been like six weeks or something yeah one of my longest routes on the channel I think I had a dream that I like posted it like a movie review and like this it's been six weeks for that video here's a movie review by Dave Greco I just went saw this and then also in the dream I panicked like man why did I upload that I put anything up in six weeks as I put it was gonna freak out me me and it's like been stuck in my head and like alright we get you a buckle back down here it's like it's clearly getting my brain I think that Jah stuff and all that stuff we did helped a lot I'm glad we went back and redid it there we go let's puts on his cool light on the ear and even more up here then I'm just gonna go back in and carve these little shapes in I actually kind of want like a bright one I'll sit here it's about right here this it was kinda nice see you can really spend quite a bit of time at this point just hungover and pushing in like little more detailed shapes that you like to see in here that's usually what I like to do I like to find little cut shapes I can make that kind of make it a little more interesting right you find some make sure little shadow areas and we had some kind of where wrinkle lines have been not going like too crazy all right well here's something yeah I might this could get some small tweaks once I look at it later for small things but things could be pretty much what the piece could look like and you know we may actually change the the icon to the YouTube channel this so it's really cool that we got to do this whole thing right you're not recorded if everybody while we worked on it and then maybe this is what you'll see you propagated everywhere you know I'd always rather show the process of all that stuff I'm trying to put together this looks like younger Dave that's a that much but I'm not gonna fight it who's Dave miss prime Dave that lives on my memory it's so much sleep and energy all the time my hair was probable thicker than – you know what I'm sticking with the guys I'll paint old Dave later in life all right let's probably do it for this piece guys I like spring cool I mean it works for life this kind of sketch blue line cut thing I had in mind yes as you get a vision of piece you gonna paint it out even it's a simple one alright so I'll definitely have this posting I'll probably post this on Instagram which you can find a link to my Instagram down below if you always want to keep up to keep up with my work there I try to post up there as often as I can again you can always catch me on Twitch as well which is slash Dave Greco art we do paint a lot a week and then we play games on there with a lot of our community as well guys thanks so much and it's great to be back thanks for being patient with that a little bit of the drought race recently but here is the final piece you know maybe you'll have it face this direction yeah there's some things we can tweak and we could push and figure out some shaves I still think there's some like jaw stuff right here you know that could get figured out a little bit better to kind of make it look like more more like being like proportion-wise but kind of in one sitting not really taking breaks to kind of analyze this type of stuff I think it worked out I hope you guys saw even more of my process that's exactly how I do almost all of my paintings guys thank you so much and I'll see you guys in the next video you know definitely if you like what you saw I'd love if you could subscribe to the channel give it a thumbs up post down below and I'd be amazing you guys are awesome and I'll see you the next one thank you

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  1. This was a really awesome video and cool to see how you are able to create such a good portrait in such a short time its amazing!

  2. Really loved seeing this and how you took your time to go through your process with us, explaining how and why you are doing what you're doing and how it comes together – its all so impressive!

    The lighting especially was super cool to watch! I personally would love to see more tutorial-type content like this, as well as anything you'd prefer to share!

    Also thanks so much for the link to your brush, it is exactly the type of textured brush I've been looking for, can't wait to try it out and keep improving myself too! Hope there's much more content to come, keep doing your best!

  3. I like this format. Also, never grow out sideburns that long again… that's only for weirdo douchebags. kthanksbye. <3

  4. I don't know if you will read this but i just wanted to say it anyways.
    I have this crazy deadline at the moment and i haven't felt right the last couple of days. I have been extremely stressed about it and had a breakdown yesterday, because i stayed up until 6 am for days and only had a little sleep, it all got too much and my body wasn't handling it anymore.I'm still recovering but i'm feeling much better. But i watched your video and i kept thinking to myself how everythime i watch your videos i get excited about art.About making art. And i just wanna say thank you for that because i follow so many artist and i love so many of them but there are only a handful that made me say this and it means a lot to me. And i do not care at all how many videos you post or how much times is between them it just makes me excited about the next one. Thank you Dave 🙂

  5. Dude no.
    I’d hate to see you in the hot room the whole time, and the noise is so minimal that the people complaining care more about the quality of the video

    Edit: btw keep up the great work!

  6. Self Portraits are so interesting because it forces you to focus on yourself and how you look in detail. Not in a negative way, but I find it helpful to find positive features about oneself 😀

  7. I really love it!! Can i do study of my own self portrait using your light and dark style as practice??🙌🙌

  8. I love your work man and the fact that you gave out your brushes for free, Man! you are AWESOME! i appreciate you…

  9. definitely do this type of video from time to time, cause sometimes in twitch it's a distracting when you stop painting to entertain (not complaining) and I get that's how twitch should be. But this one is perfect for a youtube vid, where we can see you continuously paint rather than stopping every min. to talk.

  10. Hey, Dave! Amazing video as always! Btw, they added special flip option for artists in PS under the view. It doesn't write flip to the history, so you can flip as many times as you want without worrying about undos

  11. This was so awesome! I love seeing process videos by artists I admire. Can’t wait for that new hair video you mentioned. Keep it up, Dave!

  12. I'd like to see more portrait painting real time I'm not doing that great trying to figure it out I know the Theory read the books practice of a bunch know my basics but actually doing it and making it look good is another story lol

  13. Huh…I thought I subscribed to your channel for video game reviews…jk!

    Great to see a new video Dave and definitely enjoyed seeing the whole process. Excited to start rendering a new icon for myself! Thanks Dave!

  14. I like that you did this in your style and the lighting is different but I still think It doesn't look like you. The old render looked more like you. Maybe its the smile that is throwing me off. It might be a little too feminine (if thats a proper way to say it).

    but thank you dave again for this glorious video. It's always helpful to see a pro's workflow and thought process!

  15. timelapse gives me anxiety, this kind of videos make me feel more confortable and not rush my painting

  16. love these kind of videos Dave! they always keep me company while grinding away on my own work. but really, upload whatever you like to make and we'll watch!

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