Digital Painting a Sea Turtle & Art Chat LIVE – Lachri

I think maybe we're alive let's find out it'll take me a minute my computer is a hot mess of way too many windows up and right now in order to do this so give me one second to find out what is located where if we have audio oh I'm gonna have to mute this mirror hold on I'm missing a Windows there's the window I need okay good off my speakers then looks like we are good let me pull Photoshop up so what you're seeing on the screen right now that seagull is a one of my past digital paintings and that was done on this same setup that you're seeing done tonight in Photoshop with with the brushes up actually don't know how many brushes I'll use on this one so far tonight but it's the same setup the Wacom tablet and all of that fun stuff I don't even I can't even see my chat right now hold on I'm apparently not done setting up that's a shock yep I'm not recording tonight but thank you um let's see okay I think we're good and let me make sure everything is where I need it to be this is weird this is a totally different setup than I'm used to I even have my camera in a weird location so probably gonna keep looking over here instead of you guys so that'll be awkward um and I guess that's what I need okay so there we go okay there is Photoshop and this is absolutely in the way let's get that I guess just minimize I don't know I don't know what I'm doing you guys are used to that okay now let's actually get started whoa reading the text on the Wacom tablet the quality and I wonder if it's one of my settings that is like really I'm used to the higher quality monitor maybe it just cuz I'm used to it it's a newer monitor I've been using it for a few weeks now and looking over here like wow was text always that blurry on older computers that way lower resolution screens because well okay anyway moving on so what I'm doing here I've already got this guy drawn out I am working off this reference photo turn there is my reference photo this comes from wildlife reference photos calm so if this is something that you're interested in drawing yourself you can go over there and purchase that you can get those photos and this isn't there's no affiliation here but you can get those photos you get ten no I'm sorry five photos for ten dollars and you can choose from most subjects when it comes to wildlife and they actually have a lot more ocean stuff dolphins turtles there were three I just bought three of their turtle images and what else is I get they had a humpback whale which is kind of amazing because you don't find good photos of humpback whales to use in our artwork you kind of just have to make it up a little because there aren't many good photos out there so that was kind of cool but anyway that is where this photo comes from so I'm gonna zoom that in I think it'll work well maybe we'll work first on no I think I'm just gonna work I'm not even gonna worry about the background I'm just gonna work on his shell see decisions I don't make them very well um let's go ahead and move some stuff around there we go okay so on the reference photo his shell isn't super colorful mine's going to be I'm going to get a little crazy with that so let me see what layer I'm actually on maybe shrink this I don't need all of that background showing if all I'm working on in its his show oops that's not what I need I haven't done a digital painting and so long so you'll have to kind of bear with me on trying to figure out where everything is located and on the newer computer it's Windows 10 versus I'm used to Windows 7 and apparently there's some differences in photoshop it should be the same maybe it's just a difference in my setting the default settings I don't know things are different I don't know where stuff's at so I have to yeah I'm gonna I'm just gonna stumble through this live stream of me attempting this digital cleaning but anyway okay so I have my base color for my turtle that is going to be this layer I'm gonna move that underneath now I'll leave it up here that's fine yeah okay so I guess a you just start picking colors so one of the things that you can do um which on this one I really am NOT going to do be kept too much because I'm not using those same colors one of the things you can do and this doesn't even matter what medium you're working and you can use this technique with Photoshop or even just any photo editing app will have that but you can do a color matching tool if you're trying to figure out what color so you're working in colored pencils or acrylic painting oil painting anything if you're trying to figure out which colors to choose one of the things that you can do is take your reference I'm going to use this little paintbrush tool and match to let's see where's my eyedropper tool this is how I do it the button that I need there we go usually what I do is will do it this way so you can see on a larger scale one second I just messed everything up won't it start it sooner or later maybe um you go smaller you go smaller what hit that is a weird dimension so one of the things that we'll do here I'll just keep this window open for tonight so that we can get an idea of colors as we talk about stuff so let's go new layer fill solid color so what I can do is just use this little eyedropper and choose an area on his shell and when you look then at where this falls on it's not really color wheel color square um you can see it's kind of a grayish tone when I looked at it on my own I might have looked at it and thought okay it's bright green bright blue but it's not it's very very gray it's a greyish green that it kind of a warmer maybe like a French gray would work with a little bit of a greenness age maybe mixed in with it but it gives you a good idea if you're using some of these photo editing apps to tell and you can do this on stuff with your phone's there's so many different apps out there but you can do this to kind of figure out color matching things I wanted to see what color for that background there we go I just use the little eyedropper touch it there and it shows me on this little square okay am i closer to blue or green on that that color strip there and how close am I more grayish and my Oh brighter color there it makes it really easy to tell what your colors are so no matter what you're struggling with well no matter what medium you're using you can use this technique with and again so many apps lots of free ones available to are out there to just figure out what colors you're fit you're a project so let's just go ahead and I don't need you right now but let's go ahead now I'm gonna like I said I'm not really matching his color for his shell because I'm gonna go a little bit more creative on that Heather said this is one of her favorite animals nice I love these guys so much I got three of them I'm gonna do a big long acrylic or oil painting I'm not sure which probably maybe well I don't know oil over acrylic I'm doing one of those as well but I'm gonna do it on a long canvas so it's a long thin um I've got the perfect canvas over here for Oh these would work good on the round canvases too I've got a few of those too okay anyway point is I'm gonna be doing lots of sea turtles and different mediums coming up here soon blue tiaras said there is a sale at Hobby Lobby of liquitex heavy-bodied I bought 18 tubes for fifty dollars so ecstatic Wow that is a good price cadion said made some progress on my diorama have been thinking about going back to watercolor and working with layers you know I worked with those watercolor pencils this week from from fabric half still oh my gosh those were so pretty in the way those layer because it reactivates your previous layer so it's not the same as doing it's not quite the same as doing like a glaze with acrylics or with with intents but you the way that the top layers will blend in and mix with them it was beautiful I'm so in love with those pencils um okay round campus please yeah maybe I've got this perfect long like really thin long canvas that I was looking for something like the perfect subject for I've got I think two of them three maybe have three oh no I need paint something on them anyway okay seriously start painting pick a color I'm going to go ahead and just go with kind of an orange II base here and then I'll add colors on top as I go and what sizes no brush I have this not set right crap this is not doing what I want it to which is a little unfortunate I've got that's the other thing I haven't finished setting up all the shortcuts on my pen and set so it is not that's going to be annoying tonight as I'm working oh wait maybe if I choose the right thing there we go okay yeah that should work we'll just go with something kind of soft just to fill this in and that is way not what I need yeah that should work that should work I've got my color okay and why is this default see I knew this is going to be an issue for me tonight I thought I was hoping that I have on my settings right and for some reason this is defaulting because I don't clearly know what I'm doing you and then you know maybe not that big you're good okay I've got my color why are you being weird to me there we go Hey look I'm a pro so I'm just gonna go ahead and fill that in and I don't even care if I'm super inside the lines here I can clean up my edges that's one thing that I really really do like with working in um Photoshop or digital painting it is so easy to fix mistakes so you can kind of be sloppy and then clean things up as you go along I'm just gonna drop that layer behind my lines now this obviously not a good color for what I'm going to end up with I'm just coming up with I just want to make kind of a messy base layer something to get started um let's see Larry asked how do I make my letters Orange if you do a clock refine art it should come up with with the orange like that so I'll be able to see your questions you look at my page set I'm looking for a really good quality watercolor sketch book that is good for all media when I need a break for my other work any suggestions I don't not really um I mean I just go really good quality I honestly don't know because I'm kind of new to the watercolor sketchbook thing I've got a few of them but I don't have enough knowledge that I feel like I can give you good advice on what's what is really good versus this is okay I mean I've used quite a few watercolor sketchbooks and the only one that I would say I probably wouldn't buy again is the really rough heavy texture because that doesn't work well for a lot of other mediums and may be okay for watercolor but it's not amazing if you're looking for other mediums to use in addition to just the watercolor so you may want to go with something else maybe someone in the comments if you guys can give any suggestions what are you some of your favorite watercolor sketch books cuz I don't have a lot of experience with those that's for sure I've got quite a few mixed-media watercolor or that work for watercolor that I like but I don't remember the brands haven't ever done a drawing with ballpoint pens I used to do that all the time when I was a hot in high school um like all the time which is probably why I didn't do very well in Spanish um because I was too busy doing that but yeah I mean I used to do a lot of sketch with that but not since I I really became a professional artist I haven't done anything seriously I guess it's impressive when you see that do that hey George from correlational Gia's here he says you do Photoshop to total 100 I do well I mean I'm in it : well yeah I guess it is Photoshop but it's digital painting so you can do this on what's that it's too harsh undo see so I love digital painting for you that undo button I freaking love I'm gonna play around with some of my brushes tonight if you guys haven't checked out George's channel if you like fish he has some really fun he does a lot of like skits and stuff they're really fun very entertaining so even if you're not sunshine I'll to watch but um oops he is the one who the painting that I recently did with the octopus and the seen coming out are the fishermen out of the frame let's see this is for Laurie said okay I'm not technically advanced you know it's funny Laurie I also don't know how to make it highlight I can't make it work either I've tried I'm terrible at it so what you can do if you are not able to get at Isla if you ask your question and I miss it ask one of the moderators to ask for you they'll highlight it so I see it sometimes I see things that are highlighted and sometimes I don't jason said you're changing the color of your background later yeah I'm gonna paint the background entirely separate later and I've got a couple of different ideas for the background so this that's what's cool I can use the same turtle if I get this turtle all finished all the details out on here I'm gonna be able to come back through with ooh fur that brush look like whew that gives me a native fact let's throw that in I mean it's fur and it's a sea turtle which wouldn't have fur but I like that brushstroke these brushes by the way are from Erin blaze he's here on on YouTube he is easily many of you know him as the animator from The Lion King but he has these brush sets that are wonderful for Photoshop this is actually why I got I used to use Photoshop Photoshop seven something you guys remember me using that one but I used to do that for whoops for everything for years I really like that program but I wanted these brushes that's why I had to upgrade to the newer version so see how I'm just switching directions here and I'm just gonna keep building until I get the texture that I want you can see that it's going outside of the line with this brush because this is not meant for a turtle this is a fur brush but it's giving me this really cool texture and that way I can put more textures on top of it get some variation in there and switch in the direction and what I can do see how around the edges where I've got outside the line all I do is take my handy little ray oh that's too big we don't want that big take that eraser and pasady and I can just erase anywhere where I was being super messy the same around the edge of the show so anywhere where I've gotten a little I was having too much fun we'll just clean that up so this is a lot of people don't you hear people talk about digital art isn't real art it's the same thing I'm layering just like I do in other mediums the one thing is I do think it's a bit easier just because you've got the undo and you can erase and the way that you Eric in layers I love so much fun but I would say that's like the only real goal that you don't have a hard copy you would have to have prints made well you said I used Windsor Newton watercolor journal okay that in you I I'm guessing Oh Louise is actually amazing I've seen her work she's freaking amazing if she says she uses the Windsor Newton watercolor journal there you go I'd go with what she suggests um there we go okay hey who asked Angela I'm trying to see some of these questions that are highlighted I'm Angela said I needed your channel do you have a formal art education I do not um you don't really need one to be a professional artist I mean it's not anything wrong with if you decide that's for you but it's not something that you have to have in order to learn different mediums luckily especially you guys are lucky now with the internet when I started learning painting and drawing the internet wasn't really a thing I'm old but so I just learned from trial and error it took a lot longer but you guys having the Internet's really cool because you're going to be able to UM to figure out stuff faster there's so many people showing you how they do different things so that's I'm all jealous of you guys who are now learning art there's so many ways for you to learn a lot faster than what I did and I want this to be really sketchy I'm just gonna keep building up different directions very scratchy looking to build the shell I probably have brushes in this set that would be more suitable to use for a shovel but I haven't used them in so long I don't remember the names of them I need to do digital digital painting more often let's see works artwork said I use Aaron's brushes as well they are awesome I'm imported some of them into credo I didn't use that yeah the these brushes I have I bought I think all of them every time he has a sale I go and check please me more please me more but I bought them all out last little last year last sale I got the last of the ones he has and he has tons of them like it makes it really easy for like if you're doing trees or bushes and stuff there are brushes like in this one it's kind of like if you think of using acrylic or oil painting where you're using a rake brush and so you're getting lots of different brush strokes and one brush stroke and you get a like four brush strokes out of one that's kind of what using these these brushes are you still have to do the work it's not like it does all the work for you but it really makes it's easy to get certain textures very very fast Jason said probably answered this joined Lake but what display tablet are using you you using I can't talk it is the welcome I think the Cintiq is the 27-inch one I'm the big one don't not the newer ones they have newer ones out this one I bought and I want to see 2016 right around there Laurie did the silly alpaca I have to say thank you for all the great lessons and my acrylic work is improving so thank you that's awesome not hearing that and see Angie's building this texture just and I'm using it just like a weight a colored pencil here you're drawing but the difference here is I can change the brush size if I want bigger or smaller or whatever let's get some highlight actually let's get some oranges in there I really like the brush that I'm using now it's from it's so funny because it's from the first set but it really gives me a nice texture for this shelf and then I can go through and blur any of this and blend if I need to if it ends up being a little too crazy or if it starts really looking like fur which obviously I don't want now one of the biggest problems that I see people when they're new to digital painting make is that they leave everything very very blurry very out-of-focus so watch that in your work make sure your edges are clean as you're working like where I went through with the eraser and raced around the edge erased around the edges I'm not enunciated everything anything to cut Chet's fought tonight I took a nap – I should be well-rested for this but um make sure don't leave everything super out of focus that's something that I see happen a lot with new and it would say I say a lot with newer digital painters because I did the same thing everything was super blurry and out of focus when I started in digital painting so that is one thing you want to watch to keep everything nice and sharp and in focus thanks Louise okay let's get some blues now I'm not certain what shade of blue that I'm going to use on the background that's something I'll play with after I get the turtle in and then what I'll do is readjust some of the layers on the turtle in like if I want something to be soft and now to focus I'm gonna do is take a soft eraser and erase that outer edge and let that fade into the background blue so I don't have to worry right now if my colors are the exact same blue is what I'm going to do on that background it's a really easy thing to adjust the brush with travel said so Lisa what we see on the screen is just strokes appearing but you seem to have a brushing head I have it's a pen um it's a pressure-sensitive pen so if I push harder I'm going to eat depending on how I've got my settings I'll either get a thicker line or I'll get a more opaque line it can make you can change it so that it affects the opacity or affects the width of the brushstroke but yeah it's a little pressure-sensitive pen here that I'm using let's see how you just keep building and building so it really is like any other medium and it's one of the things that always frustrates me when people get all weird about digital painting like it's not real art it is absolutely real I'm painting the same as anything else it's just a different medium a little faster than other mediums I do like one of the things that's really nice with digital painting too is that whether they can zoom in and out it's turning itself off I can zoom in and out like look at you can see all the brushstrokes that I've got there these scribbly textures I'm gonna definitely blur some of that when I see what that looks like big but you can zoom in and out which makes it a lot easier then if you're working on a piece you want to get all this little detail I mean here I can just zoom in so there are definitely some things about digital painting that I think are way easier than traditional mediums Heather said I drew a bowling ball digitally it was horrible of course I was trying to draw it as if I would on paper you know it depends on the brushstrokes you use so often switch up let's get some more blue and then we'll switch up the brushstroke but it depends a lot on the brushstrokes that you see are the brush that you choose so one of the brushes that I typically use in it's not called an airbrushing tool in this one it's just that soft blurry edge when I use that a lot um when I paint on my Sampson tell it they call it the airbrush tool but it's fuzzy and you have to make your brush really really tiny if you're gonna use that brush in order to get the fine detail and that's one of the things that you really want to watch when I first started painting it took me maybe three or four pieces before you could tell that things were starting to sharpen up everything was out of focus everything was really blurry so you said have you checked out the new Derwent light 572 set yet not yet that is when I need to I don't know if they'll wait to send it to me till the usually send them to me to review but if they'll wait till they're available in the u.s. last time they just showed up in my mailbox randomly they didn't even tell me they were coming so I don't know with that but I'm sure I will and if they don't send them on by them either way because the right the set of 36 I absolutely love let's get a greenish color in here looks like I should suck I need some darks let's go with darker to dark little darker there we go so now I'm starting to build up that contrast and again I'm gonna pull more colors too I really want to go very colorful on his show but let's get these base layers in I'm gonna switch brushes just because I'm getting to the point where I feel like I'm repeating too much of the same thing so let's see what I want to go with here this is very different than what the old brush was let's try that one what's that look like let's try it up here nothing huh why didn't that show up whoo that actually is going to give me some nice texture when I start working on I'm gonna get a little bit of that yeah the harder I push the way that these settings are the darker let's see what I mean you can get these different brushes and so I can sit there and I have the seagull that I showed you earlier that one was just I used one brush for it except for the water the water I use the water brushes but for the feathers I just sat there and individual individually shaded them like I would a colored pencil oh thanks Jessica yeah good tip here where did it go I just saw someone give it to him Teresa beak I have to be careful which layer I'm painting on yes that is definitely something to watch and when I first started painting every single new color I would switch to I would just switch layers so that I could easily undo stuff I don't do that as much now now I mean my background will be a different layer some of the finer details I may switch layers I'd actually definitely will switch to layers when I get to the finer details but oh my gosh I've made so many mistakes doing that not really paying attention to the which layer I was on now I can take this where's my blur tool a blur tool where's my blur which one do I need here that's not what I need nope the smudge tool this one is pretty cool and you can change the strength that you want but I could take these and just smudge where it was a little too harsh just gonna pull it the direction I want so if it was like an oil painting and my lines were too harsh it's like wet into wet blending there I'm just gonna pull these out brushes a little too big let's shrink that size down and see how you just smudged it just changes it to now like wonder why to oil painting Kelly sad do you like to organize your colored pencils by color only or do you separate by brand – um they're separated by brand and then color for me maybe I'll change that someday but that's what I've got them set it at now I don't think there's like any one right or wrong way I'm just gonna blur these like crazy so let's get some of these darks in here you're really liking how that's coming out I got years ago I thought if I just got one of those tap it's a it was like $100 it was a waste of $100 as what it was but it's a little tablet you don't have a screen you just have a pad that you can draw on and so your drawing down here in looking at your camera here my brain never got used to that and I could never do it right some people do amazing work with it I did not like it I definitely wasted that money that I could have just saved and got a tablet with a screen on it was not a fan of that I'm gonna blur these a bit now yeah we're definitely getting somewhere let's see what other colors I want to include let's get some bolder decisions no to pink ooh yes let's get some greens no don't like that ones brighten that a bit I don't like either of those those that's just erase those let's see there we go there's a nice color see it's like I let that undo I mean if I were to try do the same thing on traditional medium media I would just test on a separate piece of paper let's try a bigger brush stroke here you know Blair that a bit too I'm really liking this smudge look for the shell starting to look like graffiti turtle Heather said I bought a walking Bab bamboo when they first came out to I could not draw and not look at what I was doing yeah the only thing I used it for was like if I had to sign something like a document or whatever that it worked for that but besides that I'm not a fan wasn't for me at all some more of these darks in here actually let's make that bigger get just kind of some spots I'm gonna get a lot of variation in that she'll now of course you can copy your reference photo exactly if you're going for like photo realism is this would still technically be photo realism but let's say you're going for more exactly like the photo you can certainly do that with Photoshop I typically do but Turtles anything with the ocean I'm going to have a tendency to go a bit more take a few more artistic liberties I'm going to smudge that grab that smudge tool Lutie art said what software you're using this is Photoshop and it's you can get their package I think you can't get Photoshop and Lightroom together for like $10 a month which is cool because it keeps you updated with the current version of those programs but that's the one I'm actually I've got the bigger package because I have to use Premiere Pro as well for editing photo but our video but you could get away with just getting the I want to say it's $10 a month for Lightroom and Photoshop getting somewhere here let's go ahead I want to darken I think I'll end up darkening it kind of decide how I want to do this let's go ahead and try this I can always undo it if I don't like it I'm gonna switch brushes to one that's really soft and I go a lot bigger lips is doing the same thing again no you stay there you are what I want no you I'm gonna drop the opacity down I'm going to change my color to more blue didn't do what I needed there we go and you're switching don't switch brushes on my why does it yeah something I don't know what it is like upset wrong it wants to keep going back to that and that is not what I'm asking you to do please stick with Oh cuz it's you I see what's happening do I know apparently I don't that's not what's happening stick with the brush stop I'm gonna have to play around with whatever is going on with my settings here later somebody's horn is going off dude stay Oh it stayed I think you've got it okay there we go that's too much let's drop that opacity way down so she's gonna give it this blue tint in the background because I want that she'll is going to be fading out into the water in the background Jason sanity tried Carl's painter software the way of simulates natural mediums is amazing I have not Brookes artwork said did you mess with the rotation of any of Erin's brushes since he he's left-handed I tweaked a couple very slightly and got better results it seemed for me being right-handed I didn't change any of them I honestly I've not played with it that often as you can tell where I'm like where's this button Oh remember I've not I've only done maybe four or five paintings using the this tablet which is ridiculous to buy this and only do that many so I need to start doing more Elaine said what type of YouTube videos would you recommend for an artist just starting out on YouTube um an artist in what I mean that way it would make a difference you've got here's my biggest tip really you've got all of these a lot of tutorials for beginners don't limit yourself to those if you limit yourself to tutorials cuz you're like I'm a beginner so I need beginner beginner tutorials if you do that you're always going to be a beginner if you don't want to stay a beginner get into some of the more advanced lessons even if your work obviously isn't going to be as good as like if you find an artist who does amazing landscapes if that's that something that interests you don't stick to stuff for beginners stick to find the advanced landscape artists and try following along with theirs you're going to learn more faster from that then stuff just for beginners do a couple of the inter paintings but then jump right into the hard stuff you're gonna going to just improve so much more that way that's probably my biggest tip I can't tell you which ones depends on the medium and even then I don't know everyone who's on YouTube cos which is funny cuz it's something that you'll hear a lot from different youtubers like we do if we're producing a lot we don't get a chance unfortunately to watch a lot of other youtubers as much as we would like to so I can't necessarily tell you what's the pastor who's the best or anything like that what I can tell you is do not limit yourself to things made for beginners you will really limit your growth rate at that because of that Jason said the brush you pick is only for smudging I know and it keeps defaulting I guess you guys can't see that I keep choosing the paintbrush and then it keeps defaulting reverting back and I'm not sure why it keeps going back to that I'm doing something stupid I'm sure it's user error but I don't know what it is yet James said I've just started playing around with airbrushing how do you feel about thinning out paint like look at tech I can't talk liquitex basic supposed to – I've heard pros and cons there's the only real con is trying to get that perfect consistency you want the consistency to be that of about milk as my friend honey used to say whole milk not that cheap non-fat stuff or the crappy nonfat stuff not cheap but it's it takes more time to mix your colors it works it works fine I've done it many times but it seemed like it just took so much more work to do that it wasn't worth the effort to me so I don't choose to do it myself but it absolutely can be done and you can get great results from it if you're willing to put in how long it takes to do that Oh Elaine said I meant for the artist making YouTube videos okay hold on let me back up and see what the start of this question was what type of YouTube videos would you recommend for an artist okay now that makes way more sense um beginner videos are always good and you can do anything don't stick with I mean even I'm finding now the thing that I've always done you know doing the tutorials aren't necessarily the things that are going to find the most people or a ranked as well on YouTube so try different things and see how that works like I did dog the fabric has still unboxing that video has performed better in a short amount of time than any other video in that same amount of time so it may not even be what you think just make art related video what you think about it this way what would you be interested in watching and try to formulate the ideas of videos that you want to make around that vs. I think this will be popular on YouTube like try to think of it as what do you want to watch because there's a good chance other people want to watch that too I've got a Durkin these edges quite a bit oh that's gonna pass it is still down solo so that I can put the highlights on actually decisions now I'll keep doing it this way and then I'll smudge those out but I need to get these edges to be a lot darker in order for those light rows I need to put in to stand out okay I'm intentionally choosing the blue blur – whoa – hi blur tool at that point there we go smudge those out a bit okay so the next I do need another layer new layer this is going to be good cold and so this one can lay right on top of what I'm currently doing so switching back to the brush stay on the brush selection please tool merci said try crow computer program it's a truly amazing art making virtually truly beautiful art I mean and even knew that the same thing can be said for for Photoshop the thing is I'm already paying for Photoshop and I already have two brushes to work for Photoshop so I'm kind of like stuck on that at this point I'm a he like I really do like this app a lot a lot so I know there's amazing other amazing apps out there and I may have been should Willy try them but right now I'm definitely um really enjoying this this one look I said because I already paid for it so I'm like do I really need to buy another one let's perfect this one before I start adding additional mediums into my let's be a little bit cleaner like that you know let's also be a little less okay with that yeah Photoshop is most certainly not the only photo digital painting tool out there it's just that like I said it's one I already use because of my other work I'm just you know editing photos and such so I did buy years ago Autodesk SketchBook Pro whatever their computer version was I did not I loved the version the old version the new sketchbook Pro for tablets I freaking hate that company just trashed that but the old one I bought that or I loved it on my old tablet and so I bought the one for the computer at the desktop I thought that would be amazing no I I really wasn't a fan of that that program ok so what I'm gonna do is actually take my drawing I don't even need those lungs in there let's just get rid of those you know erase them there's not there we go wrong yes no that is the right one okay the right thing checked I do eraser okay there we go I'm going to erase these lines so now that those lines are gone I can really see where I need to start sharpening some of that up and pulling this into focus so I'm going to switch to a smaller brush and keep working on some of these shadows let's zoom this in a bit and I'm gonna drop that down a few pixels there yep even more and I'm gonna pull the opacity way up I want to get a little bit more of a there we go oh I'm on the wrong layer anyway let's pull that back out go away undo undo undo undo undo undo there we go back to the right layer let's try that again and I can soften these if they're too harsh so that won't be a problem um thanks blue tr-try thank you Lisa for helping me with everything you're too sweet thank you bullit said what would you say are the best colored pencils by the way you're doing I mean you're not being the ones that out I would say you're just not gonna be unhappy with are either Karen – luminance ever castell polychromos or the Derwent light fast colors those ones I mean you they're just amazing pencils so I would say those on the Derwent drawing are all my must-have lists – it's a small set so I would just add that to whatever other sets you get Percy said Carl has a good brush selection for photo realism these transparent layers and Photoshop to create Ray's contrast at depth I mean most of the stuff that you're going to be able to do with one of those you're gonna be able to do with Photoshop – so it's cool that they have other options because I hope that eventually I mean iPhoto shop is really expensive I don't know if I'd say overpriced I mean if you get it by itself but the whole if you want all the apps it is expensive so um oops it's nice that other brands are cut or other companies are making alternatives that's always a good thing when we've got other options out there so I'm really glad that we do have those but like I said I'm repaying for this one and I've not mastered it yet so I should you at first I'm gonna actually make that stuff in that that's too much yep too much you know one of the things with Photoshop I think versus some of the other painting apps or painting programs Photoshop I thinking me a little bit more difficult to get used to I've used other ones and looks like right away they just make more sense to me Photoshop is definitely one where I'm like crap how do I do this and I have to go look it up luckily there's a million videos it's such an or widely used program that so many people use them it's not hard to find somebody that can give you tips on how to do whatever it is you're trying to do but it's it's definitely almost like there's too many options sometimes so it can be a little bit harder to get used to than some of the other programs and I think that is one thing that some programs definitely have above Photoshop all right I mean at least for getting started I think if I tried learning digital painting on Photoshop I would have been a bit more frustrated but I learned on my Samsung calles the original now you just use the Galaxy Note or no it's the Galaxy Tab s 3 is the tablet that I use now but before that I had the old like the original note tablet was the one that you could get the pen with with Samsung and with that one I used like I was saying the Autodesk SketchBook Pro back when it used to be good and that was definitely a it was definitely a easier way for me to get started then this would have been now I don't want to go back to that but it did get me started so that's another bonus to some of the other apps I think nursey said always have heard all good things about Carell with with interest oh yeah I've never heard anything bad about it I don't doubt that it's amazing I mean I know of some really good artists like I think is that what what is Aaron Rutten he uses Retton he's here on YouTube he uses he doesn't use Photoshop or I'm sure he knows how but I think he usually uses a different program or at least when I had watched him at his he did I be curious of ArtRage has a desktop version I haven't even looked into that but I really like that program on my tablet a lot she's getting some of these scratches in there on his shell don't you want to get some of these a bit darker so I'm looking at that let's go – that's the blur tool um no you automatically going to the blur tool see how this is gonna start by putting these colors in here along that the back of his shell it's gonna make it look like he's in the water more I'm gonna race clean up those edges a bit so you don't want what you're painting things that are underwater you don't want it to look like a sticker that you just stuck on to an underwater background I want to make them feel like they're a part of that ocean in the ocean in the water so what's further away see how it's blue I'm pointing at it but you can't see but it's more blue in through here versus up close where the colors I get more the yellows and the oranges you want to let that fade out to build up that depth Heather said I still have my surface go and pop art rage however I found it rather frustrating to learn our H has a lot of options – I think it was at least for me that was easier than Photoshop digital set um Bryn Jen said Erin Blais usually uses Photoshop unless he's animating yeah I know Aaron Blais uses Photoshop it's Aaron Rutten I think he was using something else a different the to many – all the errands like digital painting Serbian artists collective said many artists are switching from Adobe to affinity products most of the same features much cheaper as an outright purchase recent price split from $9.99 to 1999 a dope damaged Adobe reputation yeah Adobe I think it's too expensive I think that because you not being able to buy it outright is kind of their pros and cons to that I mean it's nice because it used to be so expensive I mean that the using Lightroom Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro the the editing video and then what is it Adobe Audition I think is it for our audio to get those programs you're talking thousands of dollars it used to be divide that out right most people can do it so people were just download or doing they're stealing on they're downloading broke or what is the there's a word for it I don't remember what it's called when you download something you don't own but they were downloading those illegally and so this was kind of their way like here's a cheaper way to get people in but it's yeah they definitely are up there on price I'm really not sure understand some of their choices that's for sure but I guess not my business and I do like their product so I clearly keep using them anyway let's go ahead I think I'm gonna put on these you know let's go ahead and start on this portion of the shell digital Bridget said Aaron Rodney uses coral painting Jason said yep coral painting and credo I'm not experienced enough a digital painting to even have heard of some of these violins said do you have any tips on creating texture when drawing digitally when I try to draw realistically it ends up not looking unnatural and either has too much detail or not enough hey coffee yes okay so Buller use your blur tools no matter what program you have you have something where if it's too harsh go through there were two methods that I use to soften things up if I go too harsh on the areas that I want softer is that I go through you need to use a blue blur tool to smudge it a little bit or use your eraser with a real low opacity and just slightly erase stuff just slightly and that way you see the previous layers underneath if you're working in layers those two methods worked really well for me for finding that balance I have a tendency to do things in too much detail tiny tiny detail lots of little detail little pen and then smudge it or blur it out is how I was getting the effects that I wanted and yeah I'm like forever creating a saying you can make your own textures in Photoshop and that's what Aaron Blais has done it these are texture brushes they're they're creating texture just by the brushes that I purchased and I was able to get all that texture and that shell super quick super easily there are actually the leaf set so even though it said like it was their foliage set or Aaron's foliage set I'm using it for a turtle shell I'm just smudging it and using it in a different way so you're able to to kind of manipulate the medium that way crowd makes photo realism more clearer and higher contrast brushes are better than Adobe Carell creates more amazing looks highly realistic in always say I don't know that I would say that and this is why it depends on the artist it absolutely depends on the artist and what they're doing um every artist is going to have their preference preference I know amazing artists who will only use prismacolor I prismacolor I only you know I use the other brands that doesn't mean you know it depends on the artist in which way they want to go I would not say that one is like hands down this is way the better way to go maybe for that one artist but it's going to depend on how the artist uses that medium as to what results that you're getting I definitely would never say that like and again I'm using colored pencils as an example poly chromis is the only way you're gonna get highly realistic detail it's hands down better it is for me and for my techniques but then I look at like um who's a good example um why isn't it Jesse Lane and you look at his work oh my gosh it's amazing and he's using prismacolor but he's working large so that's how he's getting so much teeny tiny detail he works big so you know the techniques you use the methods you use are going to affect how well the medium you choose is working or the program in this case so I definitely wouldn't say that one is like that much better the like so hands down I don't think I could make a blanket statement myself anyway as to one being that much more like that much superior that's not grammar good grammar actually still work let's darken some of this up a muddy color here that should work Heather said there are multiple videos on Photoshop not very many for our trajan see that's another thing too on which program that is going to be right for you is based on I mean that definitely I think has an impact on which one you choose because yeah there's a ton out there I mean it's kind of like when looking for the witch um which on my website which template I wanted to use one of the things that was so nice about I'm using WordPress one of the things that was so nice about using elegant themes there are so many videos out there because a lot of people use it so if it's a program that a lot of people use it is definitely gonna make your life a little bit easier on learning it because there's going to be more tutorials out there that was what I found with the program that I was using to edit my videos was called uh well power director by and it's cheap it's easier to use for sure than happens then Photoshop it can't do nearly not Photoshop Premiere Pro it can't do nearly as much as what Premiere Pro can do but the thing that really got me is that there weren't many lessons there were very few people who were teaching you how to use that whereas when you go into something like an Adobe product so many people use them there's so many options out there I'm finding lessons so that definitely is something to consider when trying to decide which is going to be the right tool for you if you needle if you were wanting a lot of those lessons ArtRage i had to figure out on my own there were I didn't look up any lessons on that I just kind of played around with it and what I would suggest with ArtRage if because there are so many options just do everything with the airbrush tool figure out how to make it look realistic by shrinking the the pen size down really really small or really really big you know affecting it that way just do that and then on your next painting add one more brush your next painting maybe add one more brush but don't try to use all the brushes at once I think it was too many that really makes it difficult but with ArtRage by when i started just with that airbrush tool and then slowly started adding additional options into that it made it easier for me to learn and I guess the same can be said what I did with Photoshop it's just that with Photoshop there were so many more lessons so I didn't spend as much time experimenting it's just like how do I fade this out and don't look it up on um YouTube survey artists collective said the word you were thinking of is pirate copies of Adobe products yes that's what I'm thinking of people were pirating those that's not that hard I'm doing a seascape how can I not think of the word pirate but yeah there it was happening so often and I don't know if that's why they made that choice but the product was just too expensive realistically no one could hardly anyone can afford it like a professional photographer could afford Lightroom the rest of us could not if we weren't making money offer our stuff no one could afford it so yeah I don't I don't know if that's why they chose to make it a subscription but a lot of even CyberLink PowerDirector is moving towards a subscription-based model which I'm not a fan of that was actually one of the things that made me go if I'm gonna pay a subscription I'm just gonna do it with Adobe hillarie s art said has anyone ever said your work was not real art oh all the time it does not matter what medium you work in digital oil acrylic colored pencil airbrushing they will or what style you're working and you're always going to have some idiots like it's not real art um I don't know why they think they are the glod of who decides what is real art I don't think they understand the definition of real art so that's kind of hilarious all on its own but yeah it happens a lot well it is dark well I guess it's the light out there's a bird making a lot of noise outside can you guys hear that it sounds really cute okay but yeah you're no matter what art style you deal with style want medium what subject matter anything you're always going to have somebody who tries to pull you down and claim that it's not real art and I don't know why they feel the need to do that I just kind of laugh cuz anyone who says that I'm like well you're an idiot I mean there's art out there like where someone put a toilet an old toilet in the corner of a gallery and they called it art which I don't get but if somebody else wants to look at that then that's call you know but it's art I guess but you get so many different things that so many different people enjoy it's silly to me that one person decides what they like is what determines if it's art or not like it's ridiculous irsie said the brushes create more amazing looks at a higher tools and better results less effort than Photoshop it's just true everyone everyone is well taken I'm not saying it's not good I'm saying it depends on the artist because you give me one program and you give an artist who doesn't know what they're doing another program or somebody who knows more about this than I do like somebody higher skill level to me you're gonna get it depends on the artist you give me any you can give me coffee grinds and I'm gonna make a cool painting out of it I should do that one time but I mean it it's the artist it's not as much the materials I think I don't think you can put that much I mean yeah the materials do matter you want to use things that are archival and all of that when you're talking about digital paintings it's not how it works I mean it dealing with our tribal issues at that point I I'm gonna have to argue with you on that I don't agree I think that it depends on the artist and what they're used to using what materials they like I I don't think I would hands down say this this program is going to give you better results depends on the artist and how they work just like colored pencils but I already covered that so I'm done with that subject um let's see big teakettle says I learned to use photoshop in 1996 when I bought my first version of Illustrator Photoshop and pagemaker it was $2,400 and for six months I wondered why in the world I did that yeah it's it was so expensive jason said most subscriptions are because people would buy a version and use it for ten years making it hard for them to budget or plan sale subscriptions gives them a stable budget that makes sense that actually makes a lot of sense I mean how many years about use Photoshop seven forever um the only reason I upgraded because I wanted to use these brushes these specific brushes yeah forever creating that societies are starting to accept digital art as art which is good that's needs to happen I agree that's awesome my brain is shutting down for some reason that's not unusual you guys are used that Rick's artwork said to learn with digital paints since you aren't wasting supplies the best thing to do is just do it play around try everything undo is your friend exactly that's probably the best advice that you're gonna hear in this livestream I'm actually just repeat that cuz this is seriously good advice to learn with digital since you're not wasting supplies the best thing you can do is play around with it try everything undo is your friend yeah don't don't you're not afraid of me you're you shouldn't be afraid of making mistakes you can undo it if you do oh speaking of I should not be stupid save your files as you work and you can set it up with Photoshop to where it saves automatically every so often I don't I don't think I've gotten that far on this computer yet Mercy's all movies producing using coral to create I'm going to argue about it I mean it already told you my attitudes it turns on the artist just because somebody else most places love max most plays most editors are like no apples the only way to go I hate Apple it doesn't work I don't like working with that I just spit that was lovely I don't like working with Apple it's not the best for me maybe the best for you it is not the best for me and you can't it's the same with our mediums you can't decide because some company like I said most of them use Macs I won't I hate Apple not my thing so you can't decide just because one company one industry decides this is the best I'm not saying it's a bad product I'm sure it's amazing but you can't say that it's going to give you the best results it depends on the artist I'm sure not gonna edit my videos the best on a Mac because I said there fighting with it the whole time because it doesn't it's not how my brain works I don't like Apple products it doesn't it isn't how I'm used to working I'm not saying they're bad products it's not for me so and it's the same thing with different mediums Christy said off topic that you know if the fabric has del water soluble graphite pencils are like fast when you add water they are they are definitely like this I mean it's graphite it's not going to fade so yes they are you know I would recommend though when you if you're doing that and you're gonna sell it use distilled water or something like that because the water that you're using like if you're using tap water that could affect what ends up happening does that cause the paper to yellow over time who knows what's in our water lots of crap okay Irene let's see this is why I try not to pay too much attention to the comments when they're not like directed at me we've got Joseph says battle bees writing cute dogs maybe that's random happens when I just jump into the middle of a conversation that's too funny um Anna says I love this I don't know if I could do it you make it look easy oh you could I'll show you how it you could Chrissy Rebecca art says what about Albrecht Durer my are they light past when they add water I need to check with them on that that one I don't know so me and my egg John the co-host for the color pencil podcast we've been talking about that it's like it doesn't make sense that they wouldn't be like fast but you have a lot of people who are claiming that some of these aren't when we add water like the intense and no one has been able to give us we can't find any documentation as to whether or not it really makes a difference I have to wonder when people say well it faded it caused this problem or that problem I have to wonder if it was that the people were using their tap water and their tap water had something in at the chlorine or something that that's what caused it to fade so I don't I don't know we just can't we aren't finding answers I'm gonna ask fabric Estelle it's one of the things I need to do before I do a review of that product maybe they know because they're pretty good about testing stuff Tammy said going from Windows to Mac's is super confusing I had to do it for school and it threw my production off I can only imagine how horribly it would affect yours yeah I mean when you're used to one thing I'm gonna do a better job on Windows no matter who thinks Mac is better that's you know just me if I tried liquid charcoal I have not that sounds amazing starting artist says yay someone else who hates Maxis what just like they are not intuitive at all I love my species my problem I think max used to be like I get why everyone wanted next and there's still a great product I'm not saying they're not but for a long time they dominated because they the technology they just owned that I mean they were so much better than everybody else but pcs caught up in so many ways and it's like people say well max don't break down they don't have the problems I my family has max they have just as many problems as I do with my PC it's just different problems like it's not and you're gonna pay a lot more to get a Mac then you are with us other brands you know your you are definitely paying for the name so I'm just not a fan I'm the other thing with me with Mac I like to customize things and you can't do it as much with Mac like phones well pin pair Android to iPhones but now they have gotten better with that and Apple has improved some of that but I mean Apple is definitely more controlling there are pros and cons to that for me it's too much on the con side so it's not something that I am interested in I'm just not that's not for me here's he said thanks for your help help there I can't read this font I needed enlarges thanks for your help there are light pass ratings on the pencils for a director I would assume a fabric house still did the nest the test properly we'll see anything it's not necessarily that they do the depressed properly I just know that every other company that does watercolor pencils they only tested dry the light fast ratings so I don't I'm not saying that like Darwin did it wrong they just only tested dry we don't know what those results are and I don't even know how they would test it I guess they would have to test it with distilled water so that it's even across the board there but how much water would might would it does it make a difference if you use more water less water I don't even know how you test for that so I don't know I appreciate the suggestion nursys crystal Owens said working on a lion using graphite on hot press watercolor paper should I use it fixing it when I'm done with it I would I'm tested though on a scratch piece of paper I usually on graphite work when I'm done I do before I ship it anyway not really when I'm done I typically will use a fixative over that the one that I have right now is Kryolan and I'm telling you right now it's not the best I know that that's not the best I've got to you buy and try some more expense like nicer ones higher quality but some of them will also if you use a matte finish they'll take some of the gloss out of the graphite graphite which is really nice – JP c-13 arts and I've heard from any artist that the fabric s the watercolour pencils have the reputation of being the most light fast that's good to know because I freaking love them orchid blue at 24 so do you do you save your color choice palette each time or do you pick the closest color you need I just pick the closest color and you can kind of see where it's low-key down here now if I wanted the exact color all I have to do is use the little eyedropper tool and figure out you know put touch where the color is I need a match and I can do it that way but I don't need it to be that exact caution artists at play said I've heard that the pigments used are light fast then it doesn't matter if water is out at sea and that's what I see that that's what John and I have been talking about the color pencil co-host John medic but it doesn't make sense that adding water the pigment is the pigment like I'm not sure why adding water would make a difference but people were claiming that it did so I don't know I mean it makes sense to me that it shouldn't make a difference irsie said have you tried the fabric has del watercolor pencil and color drawing pencils you can use them both drawing pencils first and watercolor pencils last with more contrast if you're going to mix both drawing pencils you mean the regular graphite pencils yeah I actually so one of the things that I want to try is doing a graphite the water soluble graphite pencil first and then watercolor pencils on top of that with a fabric Sol that is definitely a video I'm going to be doing soon Jenny said I asked pepper cuts though about the Albrecht Durer and they said they stand by the ratings wet or dry and I can't figure Apple or Android that's really good that is really encouraging to hear because I love those and see I don't even know with karen Tosh or with fat or with Derwent if it makes a difference when you add water they can't give me an answer so actually I did look back that if I did not ask um Karen – yet so I'm making it sound like they gave me information that they didn't but with with as far as Derwent they don't they don't know they didn't test for that so I don't know that's good to hear though peasy charity said if Stephen King wrote on fine draft msword note pad or napkin doesn't matter it'd be well written same with artists it's not the medium that matters it's a skill over absolutely and the only exception I get ie would give to that is with traditional media is it archival that's what matters that's the only thing that I'm going to like jump on somebody about like but you're not using archival materials it's not going to last so I would feel a little bit shady selling something with let's say glow-in-the-dark paint if I didn't let the person know by the way not light fast that's not gonna look the same in a few years so that's my only thing that I think matters is as long as you're using things that are not going to degrade and so your buyer isn't being affected by that whatever works best for you I mean every artist like I said I'm not a fan of prismacolor but Jesse Lane makes the most amazing pink colored pencil pieces if you've not seen it you should go look him up he's actually the one that did the cover um of the Derwent like fast pencils the eye but it depends you know you a good artist is going to be able to work with with any medium and make it amazing okay what am i doing I keep stopping here it's actually blow you up a bit yeah back to you let's get some highlights in here because I can probably just keep using this brush for a bit so funny I'm technically painting little leaves on his shelf but it gives such a cool texture and a bit brighter and through here on some of this or the lights really catching along that edge that I'm definitely going to need to blur out quite a bit I want it darken some of these two I'm drawing on the detail layer and whatever Oh what was I just going to do oh yeah I'm going to go ahead and smudge that some and it's not gonna smudge as well because I was working on the wrong layer so I'm just kind of smudging into itself no there we go Rodney said thank you for being an inspiration and new and veteran artists I like thank you for watching you're welcome I did not read that properly my brain was like no I'm not gonna translate that for you not translate read properly I don't know why I'm my brain is really not functioning correctly tonight like worse than normal okay let's go back to the detail section now I'm going to switch brushes oops I'm being too messy let's clean that up let's undo actually you should probably just enlarge that a bit so I can see what I'm doing better oops – urgh just use that eraser to clean up those edges that I was being really sloppy on look that opacity quite a bit let's get some bright areas in there irsie son I created an orange star flower paint using the fabric Estelle colored pencils and the watercolor pencils and the I don't know what that is the levorg that just scroll to Gus museum was very impressed nice that's cool what kind of mic do I have if you're asking me it's the highlight so I'm not sure if you're asking for me but it is the yeti blue microphone I actually have three of them I like them so much I've got them all over my studio okay let's shrink that back down few highlights in here and I actually let's make in order to make the shell look like it's kind of indenting in I'm going in at two well let's push the right button Lisa we're gonna add a bit of shading next two I'm gonna do it right see how do I want to do that I'm gonna do it underneath that we're going to go with a soft brush and what color do I want something dark kind of greenish maybe and dark muddy grayish green that'll work and yep that is on the right layer so we'll just I had a bit of shading let's go smaller than that way too many pixels there we go you want to keep in mind when you are doing digital paintings use a large file if you want to have prints you can only go so big before it starts to get pixely so um usually go with a pretty large file so that I can have larger prints made because if you start on a small project you're only going to be able to go so much bigger before it starts to pixelate there's note you can't really fix that Geraldine's said I will be getting my walk in soon what app would you suggest I used to draw I can't find a good application to draw on my computer my favorite is Photoshop that's what I'm using now as you've heard from our arguing magnet where here there's lots of different programs that you can use that are all great but Photoshop is currently the one that I choose to use one because I already have to pay for it because I need Photoshop anyway why pay for two apps um the other is that it was just works well for me it works well with the brushes that I use well I changed my mind ever maybe but right now I really enjoy it and I'm able to use all of these brushes from Aaron blaze which were was one of the big things I wanted when I started looking for or making that choice for the Wacom tablet which programs I wanted to use because I did consider getting other programs but I like the results that he gets and I wanted those brushes really badly I loved his brushes and lots of people make brushes I don't want to make it sound like he's the only one who has brushes that you can get or buy you can make your own brushes too but I've been really help happy with it so what I'm gonna do now I'm gonna go back up to the details I'm gonna thin out some of these lines where I was getting a little bit crazy it was kind of messy so I can clean that up now and see because this is done in two different layers I'm not happy I'm not erasing what I just did I'm not erasing those dark areas I'm just erasing the this layer in the eraser tool I forget who asked earlier about getting your work different textures and it's either too blurry or too whatever the eraser tool is a big one for me on correcting that so if I'm too harsh I can use my eraser just soften things out clean make your edges a little bit softer if you need to especially if you don't go super opaque well right now mine's minus 100% opacity but see I can just go through and clean up those edges now I can go ahead and erase this portion of the drawing he's a larger brush let's save some time so I'm just getting rid of that bass drawing that I initially did at the sketch I don't need that anymore see where everything goes actually I can go ahead and start getting rid of some of this because I'm gonna start putting that in on my own this is 13 I am not unhappy with how that's coming out I'm really having fun using a bunch of these different brush types serving artists collectors said ooh make your own Photoshop brushes how a lesson on that one day I don't know how to do it myself I've never tried I think I don't know I'm sure there's plenty of lessons on YouTube I want to say errand boys probably had some and I don't even know I just assumed because he does in my world Erin can do all the things but no I don't know how I can go it can be fun I just haven't tried that said this is off topic but how are your studio assistants they are adorable and cute and good I just posted Jessi studio assistant number one helping me do patreon postcards the other night that's a run Instagram if you missed her adorableness she has a sticker on her head or a label but anyway um no they're doing really well really really good iris-t said can you do a live show using favorite custom colored pencils and then a show as fabric i sell watercolor pencils on the same art maybe you draw a unique and amazing orchid well I wouldn't if okay so here's what thing if you're gonna mix those two mediums if you're gonna makes polychromos and you're going to mix um your watercolor pencils you want to do your watercolor pencils first all the watercolor you want to do needs to be done completely before you start with your colored pencils because you'd be putting out otherwise we do at the reverse you're putting a lap a water-based product on top of a wax or oil-based pencil you can't do that well I mean you can it's just not going to be our title so you want to make sure to do the reverse watercolor pencil first color pencil on top okay let's see no they actually there are some elephant skin brushes and they play around with those cuz that would work really well for his quote some of these African elephants Asian elephants caner African elephant skin let's see what happens I've now I've never played with these so I really don't know what to expect mmm what happens if I do this let's fight whoa that's big let's shrink that down a lot too much and I probably need to go with kind of a grayish Brown something dark that's just not doing anything I need pull up the opacity oh you probably would need to be pretty big in order to get different effects huh that's not gonna do what I want it to I was better off with the foliage these limbs I think for the size that I'm working or I'm really not ideal Oh No maybe I don't want to play with those let's try the Asian African elephants see what happens those are big damn nothing huh I don't know I need to learn how to use those he's in the nursing with the Aaron Aaron's he has a lot of of tutorials that'll go through how to do certain things because obviously oh how youth elephant ones yet I've done in his foliage I I followed along with some of his foliage and his water tutorials that were really helpful okay let's go back to the foliage ones actually we're just good for for what I'm doing let's try some different ones nope that's definitely a tree something else that actually would work good for some of the underwater stuff that I'm doing I need more leaves or actually I could no those are definitely leaves I could just sketch it in which works too I'm just being lazy person nope not those pzu cherokee uh says how many pets do you have and do you have a plan on getting our plans and getting more if so what kind right now I have hermit crabs although one of my friends is actually probably going to be taking them she loves them and I think they would be happy with her so because we're going to be moving and then the who's who's hibernating when and it actually works out really well if we move them well to somewhere while they're not all not hibernating um so here's the thing with hermit crabs when they molt and they have to molt every so often um well that's actually gonna work really good for me when they molt they bury themselves in the sand Mike hermit crabs are so old and they're so big that they may be molting for three months I can't move that tank if anybody is molting because they'll die so when they're all up and out of the tank is a good idea to move them then and I have a friend who absolutely loves them and she really really wants them so that's probably I have them now but they're probably going to end up going to my friend so I get to see them all the time and we're so good and then um okay I got the hermit crabs because I really wanted fish well then I got fish so I'm like I'm not really even enjoying or spending much time watching my Hermits you don't play with them but anyway that's where that that whole story goes so then that brushes are way too small um my I have my fish and coral I'm coral our animals and plants as it turns out um I've got my betta fish and a snail in his tank I've got lots of or two snails and crabs and all kind of stuff in the saltwater tank I've got the two Italian Greyhounds chicken nugget who's a parent 'let you guys have seen him um who else do I have I have is anyone I have right now I think that's what I have right now when we move I'm getting a greyhound I'm gonna adopt a greyhound through um grants unlimited and then I'm going to get let's see I want the red-eyed tree frogs I'm going to set up at the very end for them that's kind of like one of the reasons why I'm like that I don't know if I need the crabs anymore cuz I'm setting up that variant for the tree frogs and then what else my husband wants a snake he wants a hognose so those will be all of our animals I here's a fan from tidal Gardens says I bought more coral as future pets yes I probably need to go to title Gardens in place in order I really want eight cans I don't have any and that's kind of my new thing I've really wanted a can I want to try those guys I have my blasto who's doing great and so now that was my first LPS and I'm like okay he's doing really well I think he's growing a new head and so I'm kind of excited to try more so how many did you go shopping um let's see we have RC said is it archival to use fabric estelle colored pencils and then watercolor pencils next no you have to do it the other way around watercolor pencils first then your fabric castell polychromos oh wait yeah for the colored pencils um does it chemically work that way with fabric I still colored pencils than what yes you still have to go water-based first then oil and wax based puzzles on top yeah oh look see I'm teaching you guys PC Cherokee thought the coral was a plant yeah it you think it was it kind of looks like it but no it's actually classified they're little animals so technically I have thousands of animals if you count all my green star polyps so um title garden says eight cans are great they're so pretty I'm like yeah I really need to get into those guys see I need to go darker and I need to go more opaque at this point that's good there we go why is it oh I'm a racy no I'm not what the heck am i doing I hit something wrong but later am I on oh I'm on the drawing that doesn't make sense either though details pay attention and actually makes me think I probably just did a bunch let me erase anything yeah I've got a bunch in here I need to get rid of that's on the wrong layer let's just start at that area over so you know excited about corals not paying attention to what I'm doing don't do that on that layer JBC 13 art said where do you buy tickets to the law pretty simple well we're not open yet you know you gotta get um your licenses and all that stuff what am I doing wrong here I've got something set wrong I'm using the rug this is not the right this is this yeah you there we go no oh it's cuz the brush nevermind I just realized what I'm doing common sense I don't need it um okay there we go now I will get the layers that I want so what this brush is doing it's using the two colors it's using the black and the white to get the hair strokes it's a fur brush but it's giving me this this nice textured little wrinkles and I'll still go back through and hand you in details it's not just going to stay this way but this gives me a nice base of wrinkles to build off of now I'm gonna come through and start I'll use my normal little airbrush tool and I'm just gonna shrink that way down tiny little pixels let's see if that's gonna give me a good look I want yep drop the opacity a bit and let's see Geraldine said any suggestions someone who wants to start a YouTube channel X first video um you want to start a YouTube channel go subscribe to Tim Schmoyer at video creators every youtuber should subscribe to him he has the best information for like tips on and there are lots of youtubers not that we give tips but subscribe to some of those because they're gonna give you way better tips and I'm going to give you they're just so much information um you know I can give you tips like get on a schedule that sort of thing but definitely um Tim Schmoyer your video creators is one of the best I'm trying to think there's another one I've been watching a little bit more lately and I can't think of his name right now but there are a lot of you too you know these channels that are set up just to help you give you tips on growing your channel um big big tip is get yourself onto a schedule if you upload you're not gonna upload and I think this is something that people can misunderstand they think if they just upload a couple of videos everyone's going to come and watch it and it's gonna be amazing no you have to upload a lot I have a thousand videos I mean you actually have more than that but a bunch of them are are unlisted but I mean you you're gonna upload a lot a lot of videos just start uploading just start to it and get on the schedule don't hold back thinking well I need to get better first I need you know I need to learn how to do this better and then I'll start doing it now just start just start this is actually yep there are layers in there but are in my way cuz I was not paying attention to which layer I'm working I actually have not saved to this in a while so let's go ahead and do that um let's see but yeah just get started don't wait around like well when I get a better video I need the best video camera in the history video cameras I need I need to practice doing this more I need to make everything perfect don't just start just start but go and subscribe to video creators on Tim Schmoyer he there it's just there's so much information so much but those would be my biggest tips for you Rick's artwork said tile Gardens is 15 minutes from my house fabric s tell us headquarters is 45 minutes from me I need to make some visits oh my gosh I need to move apparently you live where do you oh I guess that would be Ohio then wait Ohio is that that's what I told our dances isn't it well I'm jealous l have said any plans to make more coloring pages actually yeah that is something that I need to start doing now one of the best ways that I like to make it is using the Wacom tablet my computer got to where it wasn't wanting to put to work with me so now that this computer kid obviously is doesn't have any lag or delay yeah I definitely need to make some more of those maybe I'll make one of well I can't do it if this guy cuz that would be we're gonna get this reference code a wildlife reference photos I can't make coloring books out of that but some of the other ones yeah I definitely need to do that I think that's a good idea excuse it's stuck um the other thing with your videos to remember when you start no one's gonna see it home to come and watch when you first get started so don't be afraid thinking like oh my gosh people are gonna judge mean they're gonna be mean that was the other thing that surprised me yes you do get people or I mean any people were jerks but not as many as I expected I thought it was going to be like an ongoing regular thing and it's it wasn't which surprised me what am I doing here that this oh no what do I have set on here it is not wearing the way I want it to I don't know it's like I'm using an eraser but I'm not we'll just start getting some of these shadows and now and then I'll come back through and clean up my edges they're just gonna scribbling back and forth here because this is all wrinkly it's kind of like well actually it's part smooth but when I get into the skin which starts here this parts all wrinkly it's the same way that I do with elephants when I draw elephants I don't sit there copying every line on my reference photo I just need to go for clothes I just need to get the lines going in about the right direction and this is not giving me the look that I want um oh let's see if I go a bit more no I'm under what do I have something to set on here weird what did I hit you is that what he hit no that's not what I hit I don't know what I'm doing you know I hit something weird what am i doing I'm gonna hit the right button all of a sudden all these lines that are not showing up right are going to show up it's probably what's about to happen um I'm actually gonna switch layers though let's put another one in here for the skin cuz that in the long run probably gonna make my life a little bit easier okay gonna work on that health wants more outlet to me – no let you know when I do more color pages yeah I definitely need to you know one of the things that he needed you to actually Kyle's been the one who's been pointing that out to me I need to start um using my community tab moron on YouTube maybe just letting you guys know when there's new video because half the time it's not gonna notify you anyway but I definitely need to start using that and notifying you guys have like new things going on I've been really bad about that I actually forgot that I even had a community tab for this first let's soften all this out yeah that's gonna give me a nicer base let's just get the shadows and then I'll I'll sharpen everything on top actually you know and I think I need some blues for the bass and more blues on that skin would help let's go up here oops wrong one choose the right color you kind of a grayish blue there no I just oh gosh here I go again with the Blair tool and not switching to the one that I need you switch to blur is it gonna stay on this hey look it worked I'm learning I'm just gonna get some darker shadows in here OOP too dark that's there we go okay back to the turtle skin now so now I'm going to just switch to can i play with some of its no I'll just hand do these two big there we go I'm crossing over to some place that I've been making coloring pages to but I'm not sure what to do with them what is the best way to go about getting them out there do you sell them individually I just included them on my blog I used it as a kind of a marketing thing I guess so that when I did the video of the colored pencil piece I also offered the colored pencil or the coloring book version and it that really did get a lot of people over to my website and that was the goal is to have people look around at the website to give them a reason to go there and then they could look around maybe they like to look through the gallery whatever read more articles so that was was what I did there you can have coloring books made I have not tried that but that is definitely something you could do this is not a big enough oh it actually makes a lot of sense works better am i standing no I'm sitting on a Pilates ball which needs more air it's getting flat I've not feel like waiting long l said when drawing animals or other things do you always draw using the reference or from memory and from memory can you give any tips on how to do this reference photos if you want your work to look realistic every single artist and this is something that you have to undo their is this idea out there that you're better or you're a better artist you're a good artist if you're working for memory that's not how it works you either have let's say you're painting a dog you either have the dog lane in front of you that you can look at or you have a photo of that dog throughout history this is how art is done it's not we people this concept of photographic memories there's no such thing there's not an actual photograph of you some people remember things better than others I'm one of em on the low end of that totem pole but um you're going to you have reference photo now the exception to that is going to be I have drawn a million whales and dolphins I can draw fairly realistic orcas and dolphins and and humpback whales because I've done so many over the years but we're talking thousands you know I've done so so many that I know what that looks like but I'm still going to go pull up reference photos even if I'm not doing it in the same position of that reference but I'm gonna look at it to get the texture of the skin to remember like exactly how that fin curves or you know do you want reference photos to look look at if you want your work to be realistic you're not drawing from memory not if you want to be good at it now then my husband is the person who disproves that he can he draws you like people he's really good with anatomy and he can go without a reference photo very very few people are going to do that but he's drawn so but he does like comic books all he's been doing it for so long that he doesn't need kind of the same thing like I was saying with whales or dolphins or something that I've drawn so many times I had to draw thousands before I got to the point where I can draw without the reference photo so and even then I still would rather have the reference photo to make sure I'm going fairly accurate but um don't why is this oh I see I drew something on the wrong layer let's go ahead and erase that um geez I drew a lot on the wrong layer I'll get that out of there that actually makes sense and why I was not getting that under there I didn't realize I was on that one um but you're going to if you want to draw from memory then you need to be drawing thousands of that subject over and over and over again from photograph and then you'll get to the point where you've done it so many times you can pretty much remember but it we're talking thousands almost every artist you get out there who's drawing something that you like that you're you're wanting your work to look like they're using reference photos even if they're not copying it exactly they're still using reference photos Nancy said she's self-published her coloring book through Amazon that's pretty cool irsie said the chemical makeup of amber Castile color and watercolor pencils is that you can use them both way whichever one wants it makes little difference to the archival no that's not how oil based and water-based products work if you're not adding water you may be right if you're adding water to a product if it is water-soluble you don't want to put that on top of an oil base pencil I just don't recommend doing it um let's see Nancy you said how are okay you know you're asking somebody else how do you get prints from your work I do from either G clay to de FN once you clays the higher quality like really nice archival or this not disturb is different for postcards um fine art America or pixels same company that's who I do because it's a print on demand so I don't have to print a bunch of things and store them and then ship them if they order so that's what I do alright my husband's in illustrations online nope he is no fine I I was getting on him about that last night saying because some of you guys had asked on the fabric SL art hall when I had mentioned that he was an artist said that you wanted to see some of this stuff or we should get him on a video so I do I was telling him last night I'm like we're gonna do it one of these days we're definitely going to and he's kind of given up no or not I think I'll win this one eventually we'll see he's getting better about letting me take photos he never wants his photo taken either but now he's getting to where he's a little bit more likely to UM play along when I'm like ok pose for this look like you're looking under this bench for somebody so I can send that photo to them because they're not where we thought they'd be you know he's getting better with that so maybe I can get him on some videos I'm just kind of crossing back and forth building up this texture a little bit more okay there lock layers is not being used oh I never do that I actually I can't say I know how that works I mean I look actually I do I used it a long time ago and totally remembering it was actually something I learned from air and ways yeah I don't that makes sense I mean I'm still not gonna use them cuz I don't remember all the details in that Rick's artwork said it was just typing let's see I told you guys I'm not a pro with this I have not mastered this material I can make pretty things but I definitely am NOT going to be giving you like a bunch of Photoshop lessons this is how you Photoshop or use that cuz I do it wrong or C's you were just determined to argue with me about all the things tonight aren't you I just don't think I believe it I don't have to look into it but I don't I'm not putting a water-based product on top of an oil-based product I'm just not fabric Sol has also as much as I love them they've also responded to people and said I don't know where you got the information that are poly crumbles or wax or oil-based from your website you still it's on your website still so yeah now believe what you want I'm not doing it I just know how oil products and water-based products work together and that's just not how that works it's like the basics of science click the look what is that um Joseph what does what is the purpose of locking it I don't even remember other than that that is the layer you're working on so you're not switching back and forth but I keep switching intentionally back and forth on layers I remember if you wasn't it like if you use the lot I don't got him how today it's been so long since I did a lesson or like took a lesson where I copied I learned from someone else's video I don't remember why to lock it like what how that helps oops that's a little bit too opaque yell instead have a question for you and I look at Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks say you have a cat in many positions I realize these are called study pages but how does one accomplish this well a study is definitely good I mean I don't know I'm not so familiar with the one you're talking about there but your studies are typically going to be a close-up like in this case maybe just the eye of the turtle a study of that like little things or just little sketches it's not a complete painting or maybe it's the full cat but it's not the complete like here's something realistic that you're going to frame and put on the wall although you could put a sketches like that on the wall but it just it's a study it's a you're not doing necessarily the whole background or something as detailed as you would the paintings that you were typically going to hang on the wall that's at least how I understand it and I probably just butchering that definition there we go this is more what I'm looking for maybe a little bit more opaque than that there we go let's try that there we go so I'm kind of coming in between and filling in these highlights in between some of these little lines that I had done a little bit smaller on that brush size um crystal said if you lock a layer you cannot change anything on that layer okay that is the information I was looking for thinkI lock layers can't be drawn or nothing will happen but then I have to remember it over it to switch lock is still an icy time so who are ya I'm it I'm incompetent enough I don't think that's gonna fix my problem I would just sit there drawing on a lump layer before I realize either way I'm wasting time cuz I'm doing it wrong I see the thing for me the biggest thing is I need to just get used to working digitally again I haven't done it right I went through a phase where I was drawing a lot digitally and I was doing all those things constantly and like more fluid you just do it without even real like you know thinking about it cuz you do it so often and then I haven't done it in so long now I'm just way out of practice alright so I decided to learn to reap RAC tiss publicly on a live stream I don't know if that was the best idea um thank you guys or Z said I know that because of my distant grandmother from Christian 9 dead Mark was drawing and painting the way colored pencils and watercolors I'm not gonna argue about it you don't put water over oil water and oil don't mix I'm just not going to um I'm done with that conversation Jessica said Deanna maybe I'll I'll talk to fabric castel and they'll convince me otherwise I don't but I don't think I'm gonna do it that way um do you have recommendations for start a set of pastel colors which colors to go with first they are pricey oh if the pan pastels if you get their basic what is the one that I got if you look at my video where I didn't the first video with it on the owl in the background there they sent me it was like the set of like 20 colors I think maybe right around there um and they those ones were really really really good you could blend almost anything from that I mean I felt what that said it was a big set so I mean it is more expensive if you get a lot of colors but I felt like there were I could mix anything I wanted from the colors in that set but if you look up its it was an owl um that one if you just look up like lockrey pan pastel it'll come up but the one with the owl the set that I leaked there that's the stuff that I'm using and I want to see there's maybe 20 colors in it I don't really remember but it's that one was amazing I'm just kind of getting these little highlights and I'll tone them down but just starting to build up that texture sissy when I did the the shell of the turtle that was largely done with different brushes to get like that full and just effect to get the little dots and all those little things quickly but you can also come through with just one brush and do it manually which is what I'm doing here please draw a kangaroo I need you to get a reference photo of mine and I'm just gonna go back and forth with where the shadows and the lines are and I will make some of these lines a bit more crisp – this let's see missing some stuff here we've got wines they're gonna come down that way well I got the white I may as well make some of these a little bit brighter and a couple of spots but just effect by switching how opaque your brush is and how wide the brushes you can give one single brush and get all the little detail you can make it kind of stuff and you don't have to have all the brush sets so like we were talking about with art range being a little bit more difficult to get used to or even with this just pick one brush one practice with that one brush don't try to use everything available it gets too overwhelming start out with just the one just change your opacity and the brush size use those as the two things that you really get used to first yes sir changing the direction in here of these curves I'm gonna be a little bit Messier and then I'll come back through and clean those up let's start getting some of that shape incorrectly yeah when I started with digital painting this is what I started with is just focusing when is this let's see you are a part of the skin here so you actually need to be a lot darker but I just started focusing on one just one brush just really get used to using that it'll be so much easier to get the hang of yeah um let's see let's go with the smaller brush now back down to the little guys I'm having a define a little bit more in between some of these shadows up the opacity a bit more and so the way that I'm working this is exactly how I do with colored pencils only I'll have to sharpen my pencil which is you know big added bonus let's see I just get them back through and I work on the little details and start creating that texture and I can still go back and blur I can still go back and soften things layer on top under it whatever thank Circe's he's definitely fun this is addictive I will tell you if you've never painted digitally I don't know what it is about digital painting but I will find myself like once I get started I only want like I can't stop I don't know what it is about this medium that I will sit longer than I typically do it the easel like and maybe it's because you don't have to get out your paintbrushes or your water or anything like that you can just you can just grab the brush and get started at any point you're not like okay this layer needs to dry or you can just get started and it's um definitely an addictive medium once you get started so you know you've been warned actually I won't say that was super true when I first started it wasn't until I did like three or four paintings when I started getting the hang of it then I didn't want to stop once I started it was like all I can think about is I'm gonna go make a few more brushstrokes I don't you want to go dry and you just have to pick up one brush you're not having to wash your brushes you're not having to do anything like that which is really nice and you don't have to have the big expensive Wacom tablet you can use if you've got an iPad or if you've got like with me I use my samsung galaxy s3 tab the tablet um that it's just anything like that you can use so don't feel like you can't get started because it's it is expensive even with you know an iPad or one of those tablets you do want to get the pen or the pencil that won't be pressure-sensitive but it's not as bad as like the Wacom tablet like this one was I had to sell toast to buy this um who knew toes were so valuable but you once you've done a few drawings with it it's something that I definitely like want to draw all the time Elaine said you need to you to use tag that says love cream oh so you're showing somebody else sorry if I'm missing somebody is a question you have to do that out lock-free fine art if it doesn't highlight with orange I probably won't see the question it's not that I'm trying to ignore you I just don't see it so I apologize I mean Emma says I want to make a website for my art any tips on choosing a domain name does it matter short go as short as possible if you can use com use com they have so many is gonna be the if that's available dot-com dotnet would be my second choice but it's more it's easier for people to remember but um short don't do avoid any dashes avoid anything um like if I want to go with lockrey finer I just go with lockrey cuz it's short you want as short as possible so people remember it but let's say I wanted to do lockrey fine art I would wouldn't want to do like lockrey – fine – art don't try to separate your words that's the sort of thing that gets screwed up all the time when people are making their domain names keep it as short and simple as possible would be my tip the same just came is sketching through here I do really like this pin it's kind of wide it's very comfortable to use but more so than my my tablet they use a really skinny little pen and those aren't just comfortable to use up for as many hours as this one is this one my hand never gets tired using and then after I've come back through I can do the same thing if I want to start adding some more highlights you're not that bright I'm in between some of these to see with one brush all in changing is opacity and the width of the brush I can get the texture in there you can get different textures so don't feel like I can't do it because I don't have the cool fancy Aron blaze brushes you can it takes a bit longer but it's just like any medium you can still draw it all in I mean think of the difference between let's say I'm drawing a tree I can draw in with a small paintbrush and paint in all those leaves or I can take a big sponge when I like acrylic painting and sponge the paint on there um you you've got multiple ways that you can do things and that's what those different brushes in Photoshop are going to do for you like it's just having a different type of brush or using a sponge in that case lots and lots of different ways to get to a very similar end thanks Elaine it was better than the reference photo good that was my goal I work because I wanted to get the brighter colors in the shell I wanted to create a little bit more depth that way so that's good to hear thank you I have a feeling once this live stream is over I'm going to keep working on him because this is really fun it definitely takes a lot of pressure off to eat working this way because the undo button is amazing and then of course being able to work in layers that's also pretty helpful let's come back through tell them some of those blanks down just a bit you can get depending on the brushes that you use the way you're using them you can get a look that looks very much like watercolor you can get a very sketchy look you've got a lot of options with this medium you can make it look like pretty much anything and this is the same method I would use just kind of scribbling back and forth for the little details if I were doing elephant skin I'm gonna want to soften all that it's a little bit harsh so what I'm gonna do I'm actually gonna do it I'm gonna do this second layer no I well I have two different ways I can go one I can I'll just undo it if I don't like it let's go back to the nice fuzzy brush I'm gonna go quite a bit bigger I'm gonna drop the opacity down a lot and I'm going to take this bluish Kuttler here actually and just use the blue that's on there just go right see I'm going over everything I've used that light the opacity is it's like putting a glaze in acrylic or oil painting or whatever medium you want to use but see how it just tones it pushes everything can raise those colors together I don't want quite that much contrast in there there we go and if I didn't like it I can just undo it so there's no real stress there like that's maybe maybe a little more than I wanted let's undo some of that let's there we go a little bit lighter I can also do it let's drop the opacity even more let's go to six percent and just put a few more areas on there just pick slowly build that up I can also come through with that blur tool I can smudge things if I need to you can work back and forth which is just really cool um let's go ahead and save this again um next he said what is your motivation to start this I was looking for who was there looking for a reference photo of everyone I was even looking for and I went to wildlife reference photos and I found these Turtles and I thought oh my gosh that'd be fun in a digital painting that's it that's the extent of how that that thought process went okay we're about done for tonight so I'm gonna go ahead and stop with that for right now um if you have not already please subscribe um hit the like button share the video if you can that really helps me Sharon is probably one of the biggest ways that you can help me or any youtuber that you're watching if you want to help them out if you share it to Facebook or Twitter or wherever else even if you share it and you're like no one I will know is gonna be interested in this face or YouTube just sees that and goes oh someone shared this more people might want to watch it and they'll it'll come up in the YouTube feed more so sharing does so much to help any youtuber that you're watching huge huge help for that Rick sorry said this proof disproves the notion PC does the work and digital and not the artist you are using Aaron's brushes but work in a different way to get a painting just like a traditional mediums exactly that's what I can I wanted to show you guys and I'll be finishing this in half a full YouTube video of the whole piece but it's just like any other medium this too I spent two hours to just draw a show we can zoom him out looks like I said different my remote back on um shells not even done and I spent two hours on on that it's not did and I think that's the biggest misconception people have about digital art they assume they hear digital art and they think or digital painting they think it's where someone takes a photograph and does photo manipulation and that's just not what it is so do you mean the seeing how we layer and blend and work back and forth it's just another medium it is absolutely real art and that's something that I hope more people start seeing when they see how digital painting is done they assume that it's something fast easy and I think the best it is it can't be faster than other mediums for sure but when we watch these time-lapse videos on YouTube it definitely gives you even more of an illusion look they did this in five minutes so it's not real are like real art that would take two hours or whatever it's not it's slow it takes a while and so you I hope that more people can see how much work really goes into actual digital painting like I said it's not digital it's not photo manipulation and a lot of people confuse those terms I don't like I just hope more people see that that's how it's done well thank you Kyle Kyle said please like and share this video it helps out the channel and helps others find it I also really don't want to have to pick up Nick Edgar to come find you Oh careful cut to you because Nick Edgar is like the master of spoilers so if it's popular he's gonna spoil ending for you you don't want to upset Nick Thank You Kyle for the the super chat uh Tammy said thank you for the wonderful stream I got the faces of some art done tonight nice share that I want to see if you also if you guys aren't already in our art group yeah make sure you read the rules follow the rules we're kind of picky on that because it keeps the art group active and no everything's nice and everybody has fun but if you aren't already in the group share your artwork over there the link is in the description if you want to join and share with all of us yeah I love that John is so right John says upside to digital art is you don't have to wait for it to dry exactly and I think that's one of the reasons that I have a tendency to like I'll be doing other things I may go take my shower for the night or like things where I'm like okay I'm done with art work I'm getting ready for bed and I'll walk by and I see that pen sitting there and it's like I just need this one pen this one pen does I can do what I need and you know make the adjustments here but I always find myself just wanting to come back cuz you're not you have no dry time I don't have to sit and mix paint I don't have to get it's just it it is a nice medium to work in that's for sure next he said you're one of those channels you take the time to explain everything to their fans I are already starting to share this amazing video thank you so much you are awesome that Nixie nexi then dentist Minsky I can't read we know that I get everything wrong thank you guys again and what time is it 1002 I'm probably next week working on an accrual opinion I also need to do a critique soon so it'll be one or I've got a couple projects that'll be started up this should be long done by then so I don't think this will be the one to do but thank you again for joining oh wait um since Laura said I don't know how to use acrylics how do I Stewart just start you just jump in make a mess go paint something ugly biggest if I can get for you is just go paint something ugly don't go into it thinking it has to be perfect and if it comes out not perfect then I'm not good it doesn't know how it works I do have videos I have a really good video that'll help you out if you go to just art no huh yeah I mean go there too slash lockrey on my homepage there should be a video of a there's a copper banded butterflyfish beginning to acrylic so just type in in the search bar lock create a beginner acrylics or intro to curly something like that it's a longer video honest it's like 45 minutes oh no it's a long one and it'll walk you through step-by-step completing your first painting but my biggest tip for you when you're starting any new medium don't be too picky don't beat yourself up if you're not perfect right away you're not going to be you're gonna go beat you have to paint so many ugly things before you get to the good stage painting ugly things in the beginning that is no indication of whether or not you're going to be good or bad later out well it is because I guess you're getting the bad stuff out of the way but you have to paint ugly things to get to the good stage so don't be afraid if you're painting something and you know don't be intimidated by stuff just choose something jump in start painting um let's see you've got a couple more questions here Nick said get stream everyone have a good night to everybody oh I'm a jerk check out our moderators and thank you moderator so much for your help i'm nick and joseph Fincham both have art channels here on youtube link is in the description kyle has an aquarium channel link is also in their description just you know go subscribe to them watch them actually art good stuff but go see um what they've got and they helped me a lot so you know thank them okay we are good tonight so thank you again for joining and yeah I'll see you guys next week if I can find oh gosh my screen is a mess I don't even know how to find what I need um there it is okay hi guys

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  1. Hello Lisa! Amazing sea turtle digital painting! hoping this helps answering the w.c. sketchbook question! I am a watercolour painter! I recommend Strathmore watercolour sketchbooks and the Arteza sketchbooks for w.c too!

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