36 Replies to “Digital Art In Watercolor – Jack Frost by Sakimichan – Part 1”

  1. How do you get rid of the grainy look on the paper, and what do you do if you overwork a part of your paper with the brush and the paper starts flaking. I'm totally new to watercolor and was trying out your technique. ( OK darn i didn't have watercolors so i used ink tense) Have u tried those? Im an Acrylic artist but i don't like acrylic for portrets. Don't like oils neither so i saw your work and it's Amazing. Anyway great work , you are very inspiring.

  2. I love how you use unconventional colours for the skin. At first I thought, that looks weird, but then the eyes go in and the eyebrows and etc. and it all just falls into place and makes sense~! <3

  3. do you mind me asking how long did it take you to do this one? its fantastic 🙂 I love sakimichans work this is great

  4. Hey ! good work 😀
    Can you tell me how you did to remove all the little "crumbs" that appear on the paper because of the brush strokes ( 2:27 ) ? I always get them when I do watercolor :/ or do you know a way to prevent it ?

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