Digital Art in Oils – Portrait Painting│♥Alexandra ♥

Hi Guys, I hope you are all having an amazing
day. In this video, I will be doing something slightly
different. I don’t know if you guys follow me on Facebook or Instagram; but I create
a lot of digital paintings and I decided to take one of the portraits I created a while
ago and paint it with oils. For the first time, I traced the painting instead of doing
a sketch because I wanted all the proportions and scale of the portrait to be accurate and
precise. I stared off by mixing all the skin tones.
I went for a very light effect for the colour values of this portrait, instead of starting
with the middle values and then adding shadows and highlights like I usually do. And even
though it is not common for oil painting to over blend a lot in the first layer I decided
to experiment a little bit and give it a very smooth essence to match my digital painting. I usually go for a reddish eyeshadow when it comes to painting portraits; I think it
gives more of a cartoonish or fashion illustration look in a way. Then I started adding the darker values of the painting to give it more dimension and
vibrancy. For blending, I use an eyeshadow makeup brush.
I mentioned this in one of my previous videos as well. Make up brushes are extremely smooth
and they are ideal for over blending oil paints together for an even effect. My favourite part was adding the finishing touches of the highlights. It really makes
a portrait come to life. So, that’s it for this video. I hope you
guys enjoyed it and I will see you in my next one. Byeeeee

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  1. That moment when you can't even draw a stick man and people ask you what it is… And then there is this beautiful, amazing masterpiece.

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