Digital Art – How to Come up with Ideas

hey everybody my name is Greg and today I'm going to take you on a journey into my head scary I know but I'm going to share with you my process and my decision-making and all the steps that I go through when I make an illustration now we're gonna take a look at a handful of drawings I did on the iPad pro using procreate and you're gonna be with me the whole time now if you do want to see more of that stuff you can check out my Instagram there's a link in the description below but if not just kick back and enjoy the ride so let's start at the beginning with with an idea and specifically how do you come up with an idea I came up with this when I was just home doodling on my couch with my dog sitting next to me and I remember you know just kind of thinking really know how to draw a dog maybe I'll draw a Lucy and I'd also remembered like my wife had just bought this really cool new jacket it's like big and kind of mustard yellow and almost acai cool a square shape and I was like oh you know maybe maybe let's do like a little family portrait here so I started doodling the two of them just standing there like what would they look like if they're on a walk or something and that's kind of where I came up with this fundamental theme then when I started going on into the world I would start paying attention to people walking their dogs and their fashion choices and what they were wearing and I started to generate this kind of overall theme of year of the dog but what if it was year of the dog walkers instead that was enough at that point I had a theme to work with so when I wanted to make a new drawing I didn't have to sit there and you know scratch my head and say oh I could just say okay new dog walker it made that first drawing and out that was great that was cool and I decided you know this was going to be my theme moving forward so what I wanted to do is establish a set of rules for myself to to make it make it even easier to produce and I find that really helps me you know and I'm not trying to invent things every time I sit down to do something so my rule is really simple one character one dog breed no background just a solid color and it needs to work in the square format and that was my box at this stage had a theme I had some rules I had a general direction I was going so let's talk about what happens next you know the idea is in place I'm kind of getting ready to draw at this point but before I do that before I make a single mark it's sort of like mentally plan what I imagine the end result looking like and this all goes on in my head you know some thinking about okay like who is this character and what dog breed are they paired with where I typically start is just google image search I'll look up reference for what the character is wearing you know like what is their fashion style what's their hair like and how are they standing what is it what is their body language tell us and I I go until I find something that really kind of sparks it could be anything really it could be other type of like pattern that I see or a jacket in the way it fits in the shape so an interesting example is that this character was actually inspired by someone I saw in the real world so my wife and I were out shopping in a department store and this this lovely woman was helping us she had this just rad hairdo you and these giant hoop earrings and like heard heard her like up bun was like a perfect sphere it was amazing it was really cool like her her sense of style and fashion everything was just fantastic and I used some of that to draw this character and pull it from it once I have a good idea for the character what they're wearing and everything and they're kind of looking like hey you know how you standing what are you doing I start to think okay now what dog would pair well with them what kind of story are they going to tell when they're together I try to look for any kind of story in there sometimes I'll see it right away you know be like oh obviously you know you're going to have a pitbull obviously you're gonna have two chihuahuas and it just works so well other times I go back to trusty Google Image Search and I have a bookmark actually have like just different dog breeds I can just scroll through and find really interesting shapes and their faces and you know try to look for stuff that I that speaks to the character that I that I'm thinking about drawing I'm like yeah you know what you look like you would be with that person and that makes a lot of sense okay so now you know how I think what I do process to approaching illustration I hope that you guys can use some of this stuff and to do a quick recap first of all let's see you want to find a theme so you don't just have to invent something new every time you know do like a week theme or a month theme with like a 30 day challenge something just to kind of keep you on track and then set up some rules to yourself to follow so you don't you know over blow some project keep it simple give yourself a box to work with them it'll really really help and then lastly just have a general direction that you want ahead you know and I think once you have a theme and some rules figured out that'll really come to light and when in doubt pull reference go out explore the world meet people talk to people you know don't wait to be inspired go and seek out inspiration or just you know find something and copy it and learn do something okay so I hope this stuff helps you guys and if you want to see more videos like this let me know in the comments below I would love to share more of this stuff thanks for your time see you next time you

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  1. Digital illustrations was what i came looking for on the futur channel in the first place.Though i didn't find those but instead found super helpful and impactful content on branding,business and almost everything related to design.
    Loving to see illustrations being a part of it too.Kudos to you guys!!!🙋

  2. It is really cool to be getting more fully introduced to you and your process Greg. I love how you guys are developing your own style for your videos while still maintaining that Futur feel.

    This is a great video! Now if only I had the basic foundation of illustration skills to help me along…

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