Digital Art #2 – Portrait

hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel I'm going to be doing more of the cartoony portrait today since those are my favorite things to do in digital art you might not have known that since I did a landscape in my first video which if you haven't watched that you should totally try and watch it I think it was pretty good right now I was just trying to lay down things for my picture using a kind of cool toned Brown um with my paintbrush tool and then I tried to figure out how to put in a shadow of course I do like to put in shadows and things like that before I do line art I think it's much easier to do and it looks a lot better in the long run because i do not use adobe photoshop mm-hmm instead of adobe photoshop I use sketch pad in Adobe Photoshop I would have used the tool that would have allowed me to just edit the colors in one portion but obviously I did not have that I tried to go with a non human I guess we would say color of hair because I do like to color it in non-human like um I tried to make this in the pop art style where the lion art doesn't really match where the colors are but it does like very loosely it's one of my favorite part styles and you can see that later I would have used pixel fill for whatever I put in the darker green behind the girl but every time I did that it messed up my entire drawing and I had to start over again so I just filled it in manually mmm comment down below and if you guys what music in the background because I feel like people don't want to hear me talking about my art um anyways I tried to add a calligraphy outline to this piece but that ended up looking really bad and I couldn't figure out how to do that well because at one it would always be way too thin so I ended up just using a pen the pen tool that's always uh-huh-huh and I ended up liking how that looked a lot better sorry I just got text anyways where was I oh yeah outlining the face now that was something I felt was a little bit tricky since I did do the shading first I didn't know where to put the chin necessarily where I outlined it I did end up liking how I did it the necklace or choker was a bit off but I like it anyways I had a lot of difficulties of the face as you can see the first mouth looked really really weird so I tried to you know do that over again I kept trying to use different tools for the eyes and different art styles but no them ended up looking right since I don't have a stylist or a good program it is really hard to get a clean defined line that I want and that looks like what I need but what I ended up with did look up good to me whenever I did try to do the nose to me looked like I was trying to draw a kawaii face but with the mouth in the middle of the face so yeah that's not what I was going for I ended up putting some blush on the character because I just wanted it to have a little bit more life and I thought it looked a lot cuter with the blush and I love you might not like it I went for a different style than what I usually do with the nose as well if you couldn't tell yeah I really like the highlights of putting the hair to it really fan with the art style I usually do put lettering in all of my pictures and I couldn't figure out what to put in this one so I just put glue and xD because I am so creative and then I can figure out how that was spelled so yeah I guess that's it thanks for watching and remember to subscribe bye

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