Designing a Hiking Mobile App with Brittney Urich – 1 of 2

hey everyone welcome back to Adobe live my name is melody I'm your host and we are here with Brittany Urich hi I'm so excited to have you here we're gonna be doing some UX design using Adobe XD and I'm really excited to be here with you I'm excited so you're gonna be working on yeah it should be a lot of fun I'm excited yeah I don't make it really cool yeah and a big hello to everyone joining us in the chat hello sarun or Kevin Arianna Lena snehal suyog it's so awesome to see all of you in the chat let us know where you're all watching from and yeah Arianna so exciting to have you here and if you are tuning in to the stream right before this andrea hawk was kicking off the new XD daily creative challenge which yes there is a brand new challenge starting tomorrow well kind of today today was a welcome day but tomorrow will be challenge number one so if you haven't signed up I can do show you really quickly how to get started I highly recommend doing the challenge it's great if you are 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XD and we have almost 8,000 people which was really exciting yeah yes and there's a community a great community everyone's super nice and friendly and they give you feedback on your designs so for the XE daily creative challenge people have been submitting what they've been working on and it's been really awesome to see and we have some great mentors and some Adobe people and awesome community giving feedback and everything and it's really fun time so I hope you all join maybe we can show the discord a link perhaps yay okay so if you head over to bit ly / XD discord and make sure it's a capital X and a capital deed you can join our discord channel and I'm excited to see you all in there and yes that is everything yeah I have to say so I can turn over to you Brittney you can write reduce yourself oh hello everyone I am Brittany Eric I am so excited to be here I see a couple familiar names in the chat hi Sheila my brother who's in Minneapolis and my other brother who's in Michigan I'm so excited for everyone to be here I'm Brittany Eric I am an experienced designer and content strategist I'm currently based in Denver Colorado working at Ogilvy well we'll go through a couple fun facts about myself okay so I like to roll rather than just a just a basic intro so first fun fact about myself I bleed green and white I went to Michigan State University for undergrad I am a third generation Spartan so very big deal in my family and hope that my dog after our basketball coach Tom Izzo so oh my god it's the whole thing second fun fact about myself my career in design actually started with a degree in professional writing really yeah so when I was a kid I thought that for sure I was gonna be a newspaper writer editor of some kind in living in New York City and that was the dream so I went to Michigan State and I joined the only major that started with oh okay so that was my my only only strategy there but it actually turned out to be one of the best decisions I made because they had us take all sorts of classes and content strategy information architecture that's actually where I picked up some of my design background so we had to take a lot of classes one class only focused on in design actually oh yeah very fun um and then my junior year of college one of my friends Zoey said to me I think we should build an app and I was like okay I would never build an app before we feel like we can do that so we just went right for it um started building the app actually raised some money got it built and developed and then launched it at Michigan State University yeah so we called it connector this is my first run at experienced design ever in the whole wide world so it was fantastic it was pretty well received by most of Michigan State we sold it to some colleges and departments No um and then we got students to post all of their different events so we had like the Spartan Ski Club posted all of their club events there so everyone knew how does it enjoin yeah so that was my first forage into the world of design and then I decided I should start doing it full-time um so now I am living in Colorado working at a Wolvie and I'm fortunate enough to be somewhere where they let me use my content strategy background as well as experience design so I get to be a little bit of a hybrid there which is fantastic we have 132 offices in 83 countries we are all over the board but I work with in the specialty XD practice so we do all sorts of things brand strategy SEO social but our Denver office is best known for experience design and so what that means is we take a really measurable human-centered approach to experience design and I'm really excited to bring some of that here so I'm not like maybe some of the guests that have come on they have all-white graphic design background I'm much more content strategy focused so we're gonna be taking sort of a Content focused approach to design today and see how that goes you did it should be good yeah and fun fact for obviously I'm an advocate for integrating content strategy I'm excited to see what you're gonna do with content strategy and UX yeah your background in yes yes oh my grad program it's called communication and digital media but I took a lot of content strategy classes and that's where I was introduced to it and it was like UX content strategy so kind of like a hybrid of both mm-hmm so for me whenever I think about UX Center I'm also thinking about content strategy so yeah excited to see perfect yeah I have been preaching this across the country and probably the last year of my life okay this is my fifth speaking engagement this year and I've got a couple more if anyone's gonna be at Seattle interactive this fall come say hi I've been I went like the pot not though not this last year but I went 2017 and 2016 and I saw in your portfolio that you spoke last year yeah that's so cool yeah I'm back for you guys it was so much fun oh I hope I am gonna try to go this year because it's a really fun conference what's a ton of fun they have I think 150 different speakers over the course of two days so there's something for absolutely everyone there if you're in Seattle you should definitely check it out mm-hmm um it looks like we have a question in the chat about what content strategy is and I am so glad that's a question um so just a quick overview content strategy is basically why words matter in design right and so it guides the creation delivery and governance of how content in the is actually existing so it sort of sets the tone for what your brand personality is what how you would interact with your audience all sorts of different things but it also sets the tone for how that content is created and governed and who actually so when we think about content strategy when it comes to design we like to talk about how you can actually use words to convey the same things you wouldn't design or why words should be included exactly and I think words are so important because they can really turn around a design like if you don't think about what words you're using you can like users will leave your app and they won't know what to do and be super confused so yeah I'm also a big advocate for that yes totally I like to say that you can design something absolutely beautiful but I as your user can't differentiate between the words on your page and something pretty that you're absolutely making so if your users can't differentiate neither should you so I think that's that's all thanks for the intro but what are we doing for the next two days everyone I like to ask myself questions when I feel that the audience may or may not ask me questions um so that's a great question what's happened to what we're doing for the next few days um so today we're gonna do a little project intro so what are we designing for the next two days we're going to talk about our problem what it is why it matters we're going to talk about the solutions obviously right here how we're gonna solve it and then we're gonna talk about some users because if it's not for anyone then what's the point of building in fact we're gonna go through a little bit of brand expression like I said some content focus brand expression and then a little bit of visual and then we're gonna do some basic wire framing just keeping everything in grayscale black and white all that jazz and then tomorrow we're gonna do a little project recap so what we did yesterday move over to high fidelity what in the world does this thing look like inside and then we're gonna talk about design systems because that is the theme of this week I love design systems I love content focused design systems so we are gonna talk all about that and all of the features mm-hmm and then we're gonna actually create some pieces of the designs in here um and then we're gonna prototype it because the doughy XD has a fantastic prototyping feature and you don't even have to leave them yeah exactly yeah so that's that's your a quick overview um let's happen to XD actually and talk about what problem we are solving today so we're gonna hop into prototyping mode because I hooked all these ok um so I moved to Denver from Michigan about two years ago and quickly realized there are tons of apps for avid speakers um but for users that just want to get outside a list of trail names can be overwhelming especially when many of those trails don't meet their requirements so looks like yeah you need to hop off hop off true showing on here so you guys can actually see what I'm looking at hang on one second Alberto's saying can we have an Adobe live on how to be awesome at she's ending yourself in your work here and yeah I think that's that would be really cool to see maybe Britney can give us some tips on how to talk about yourself or present yourself cuz you have some speaking experience so that would be kind of cool yeah I learned about yeah I am more than happy to chat about that as we hop through I don't know if I want to just sort of do that yeah if you guys you guys have specific questions shoot in my way I am more than happy to talk and type and design at the same time so yeah so we're gonna be solving for those of you just tuning in the problem of apps for people that just want to go outside and don't necessarily want to track their 14 errs and how fast they're hiking and all that jazz me we're solving my own problem here and so the solutions so over the next two days we're gonna be creating an app that recommends hikes for users based on their preferences and feedback so the more they use it the better their recommendations become yeah I'm I'm a big advocate of having some user feedback and then actually adjusting things based on that than just like this is what you get having fun yeah that I think like like when I use Netflix that's was another reason why I love Netflix so much is because it Taylor's like Hugh shows that you might like based on what you've already like I love like tailored experiences on apps because it shows that they really care about their users so I think it's not that you're doing that on your app yeah I feel like there's a lot of things I actually use all trails and I love it um but it doesn't always save all of my features or filters so I have a dog that I've named after Michigan State University's basketball Tom Izzo huh and so I have to take her every single time I hike I'm not gonna go on a hike and leave her yeah so I have to have trails that are dog friendly so I want to make sure that I can actually find it out but I also don't want to go maybe for like ten miles maybe we just want to go like three to five for the day so something that knows what I like and tells me what what else might be good for me is where we're going I'll see if we win there um so we have a couple users so we have a couple different types that I'm thinking about as we're creating this right we have Sam who might be in the concrete jungle in the city right I was actually talking to one of my friends about this who lives in New York um hi Kendall if you're here and we were talking about you know he would love to get outside more and hike but he doesn't have a car so how does he find something that's close to public transit if you're in San Francisco I have a friend that lives here and she wants to be outside and do more things but it's hard to get outside of the city exactly yeah so how can we help that sort of the user find what they're looking for we have the Mel who was not planning on this but here we go it's me called her up – yeah yeah so we have someone that's at the gateway to the outdoors like maybe me in Denver Kendall is in charge I did Kendall yeah um so like a me who's at the gateway to the outdoors and loves hiking but has no idea where to go one of my first weeks at my new job at my current job one of my co-workers was like have you been to this camping site often – 85 and I was like what is to 85 it was like you just go up to exit like 286 turn like right onto this dirt road drive for ten miles and then you're there and I was like no ya know what highway we're talking about so it's like me right you don't know where to go you know that you're like close to everything but you don't know where all the action is and then we have like a ryan who's living in the wilderness basically and is always looking for new trails to check off their list and so they're probably gonna be happy to share their knowledge and their expertise rather than like just sitting back and letting someone somewhere to go yeah so these are all our all our user friends today um seems legit problem one can we start developing that Oh eager designers you but first before we do that we're actually gonna talk about brain person he'll be right we've talked a little bit about this um one of the exercises that we do is this brand personality traits exercise so you pick five to seven traits that you want to describe your brand along with a traitor to that you want your brand to avoid and so this helps us set the bookends so you might say you want to be clean but not cold or you want to be bold but not brash and so this helps us figure out what are the sweet spot for your design actually is so we're gonna do some of that today for this new hiking app I don't have a name for it yet so if someone in the chat yeah so does someone have some suggestions for this because I would be all for it let us know any hiking app name suggestions oh we've got a couple Spartans in the chat I'm lovin it we did not name it after Magic Johnson I'm sorry but that's alright clean but not cold sounds like a rap lyric if I ever decide to change careers I will be I do not think that's in my future not even close right but we'll see um so here is our insane list it's a lot of words right and so what we do is we we pick a couple of these that we think best fit that brand personality right so I think I've picked a couple ahead of time but I'm curious to see if anyone in the chat has some suggest for what they might think just to sort of set the tone I'll let you know that I was going for let's see I think I wanted it to not quite be rugged right so maybe not um ooh that's a good suggestion hike up let's go I like it good good suggestions for names um so if anyone has suggestions for some of our brand personality traits we can certainly touch them but I think I'm gonna go probably adventurous because I think you guys right right um but I don't want to go super rugged right like I think I want to kind of keep this like fun you're an interesting and see see how it goes any suggestions with Ally all right Wow oh these are some of the ones that I direct um I think if anyone thinks that they don't fit we can kind of tweak it and see where we go um so we've got laid back in there um so I've got what I've picked out is I want to be sort of adventurous maybe bold and I'm thinking that's more of like a color thing though than like a you know words yeah and then I think it should be friendly right like if you're supposed to be melt like more if you're supposed to be something that it's suggesting things for you and I feel like you're probably right I'm so simple right but let's not make this like really intensive and saying um I think welcoming yeah and then I'm not thinking we want to be super brash um I think I was thinking maybe like friendly but not cheeky that might be my sense of humor uh I don't know that that's what we want in a nap and maybe not conventional and like not super laid back right um so let's see oh yeah there we go so we've got friendly but not cheeky adventurous but not rugged simple but not conventional bold but not brash and welcoming but not laid-back I feel like that's it start of a pretty good pretty good brand personality so once we've got those from a content strategy perspective we like to do sample language so like what might that look or sound like for a person that's on so maybe it's like hi Brittany let's find the best trails for you so that seems welcoming friendly I think it's welcoming and friendly it's not super casual right yeah but it's pretty good adventurous and friendly are on point thank you go hike or go home your hike friend hike with a why sounds very nice I agree I totally agree mm okay so maybe an error message so if we wanted to write sort of an error message that's maybe friendly well welcoming maybe it's something like we've hit a snag please forgive us and try again something like that um and so then maybe for like an encouragement it might be here comes the Sun get out and hike this weekend for you all right something like that something friendly something a little with a little personality right and then maybe a push notification is like maybe it's like you finished your something yeah right I don't know so maybe you could flip that encouragement and then push notification whatever it is but this sort of gives us the idea of what we're gonna want to talk about and what we're gonna want people to sound like as we keep going um so let's see I think we should start doing some designing all right that's what we're all here for right no one really really cares about content strategy unless you're like melody and I over here I hope everyone cares about a content strategy you should Anders after the stream they'll have a better appreciation for it yeah yeah so my thought is that maybe we'll do some and sort of show what that looks like especially if we've already sort of identified you know what the brand looks like go back to that sort of we're trying to provide recommendations for people rather than just like tell them how they should do it yeah so like let's get to know our users right like we're doing this for them so let's let's do some onboarding oh sorry oh saying maybe you would sound more friendly if she spoke in the first person I'm thinking a lot about the movie her I haven't seen it oh it's a good movie it's about this guy that like falls in love with like a someone like Siri like an app that like Tommy buddy its Scarlett Johansson has a voice and she like totally acts like a real person but it's like a an app like a mmm artificial intelligence so it's not a real person but he like falls in love with her but like yeah so she talks in like first-person and yeah it's a good movie I recommend it if you haven't seen it but it's also kind of like weird like I don't know falling in love with a series it sounds a little strange but thanks to whoever called out that there was a type of cool is that Jordan thanks Jordan yeah um yeah okay okay so do we want to move this in into first person I was sort of thinking like I'm talking it'd be like of me talking to you like I'm trying to get to know Melanie yeah I think I like how you I've written it so far kind of like our conversation we'll see if we need to switch it up we can switch it up later on right like that's the beauty so I'm just gonna hit my my E for my little ellipsis tool and we'll just right now we're just gonna sort of set up a splash screen this is a non-existent logo that I have so we'll drop something in there um I'm thinking everyone was on board with hike right hike with the wife yeah I think so I like hike with a wide um and one of the things that we'll do tomorrow as we do design system creation it's sort of set up all of these assets down the sides we'll pick some colors some character styles and components and we'll build all those out but right now I'm really feeling the font a veneer next its it's got a lot of options so you can do all sorts of different different font weights and a whole bunch of things um but yeah let's let's just we'll call it hike for now with the Y and we will uh just just leave that there and then maybe we've got like a little message in here that's like Barney best trails for you near you something like that alright and one of the things I've actually noticed is someone that has more of a content background is that a lot of people tend to design with lorem ipsum and there's all sorts of plugins that exist and everyone's like oh yeah I just throw some things in there and then I'll figure out what the magic is later on and I actually think it's it's a lot stronger to come at it with a both content and design perspective so we're gonna try to sprinkle some of the language in and we might tweak it and that's okay um but it's better in my mind to know you know what that verb is you might actually look like I'm especially when it comes to design systems cuz you need to know how big or small to make things yeah right you know – you need to know how big your components should be if you need two lines of text or three lines of text or 28 but if you did 28 lines of text month yeah then then that might be more important so we'll see yeah I totally agree with you I think writing out like even if you don't know the exact words like even an idea of what you want it to say here could be great especially if you're working on a team with other people and they might not know what you're planning to write here and I think it's good and also it's like good to start from the beginning with content and design and then edit totally and one of the other things I feel like is I I'm working on a project right now that has an experienced writer and I'm the designer / content strategist on it and we have another designer and it's been really really great to have him hi Scott in the background to sort of be that voice for content throughout the whole thing so to sort of actually keep us on track and make sure that we're thinking about you know how content works in the design rather than just making something pretty because as a designer it's really easy to just want to make the most beautiful thing you can think of yeah it looks like we've got a question do you design for larger screens or smaller screens first well today we're gonna be doing an app so I'm just gonna keep it to one size usually I design for web and then move to mobile but I'll sketch both together okay so like before I've even started to put things into this sort of screen I'll sketch out web and then say okay what do we think that module looks like mobile right because you want to think about what that actually should be and the sizing I feel like everyone is all like mobile first was like a big thing right now but you actually should be thinking about it like as you're doing so yeah it looks like we have 225 till chat window so if you haven't typed anything in the chat say hi let us know where you're watching from and you'll have a chance to win a hundred free stickers from sticker meal yeah yeah I mean it looks like we also hi Kevin Kelly Kroger looks like we have a question it feels really difficult for me as a web developer to find the right words yeah I totally agree I think right now everyone is is sort of in this like hybrid room right where I'm doing content design we have developers that are being asked to write things we have designers that are being asked to write things um and how do you figure out what the right words for an are I don't know that you you find the right words in the first go right just like rounds and rounds of design you move through rounds and rounds of God and content you back so I think that what I would do is actually just try to put like what we're doing here right just say okay we'll start with find the best trails for you near you and then from there you can kind of tweak it edit it see what works but try to figure out how long you expect that content to be mmhmm yeah and Kendall also said you have any writers on your team that you can include in the process highly highly recommend it if you've got anyone that you can have happen then definitely bring them in early and often not very mm-hmm yeah we have people from Egypt Italy Ireland Grand Rapids Michigan that's my hometown hello everyone Denver and India that's amazing yeah we have a question are there other techniques for content strategy that can help des list of words is a good idea um so the list of words is our big branding one I'm trying to think about necessarily like techniques um I think it's it's a lot of a band flow if you have writers on your team bring them in as early and often as possible we have someone that just said design and development are iterative practices I would say content is as well so I think the list of words I think once you sort of know what that brand is then think about how it talks so we have up here just some sample language but I think the more that you can dig into that the better right so like what does it sound like in an error message what does it sound like if someone succeeds what does it sound like at any point in the experience because that's something that people tend to tend to forget or tend to not think about so the more you can do that the better and I always recommend that you align with any Content folks that work for you this could be marketing if you don't have dedicated writers it could be a whole bunch of other things so just try to bring everyone in yeah I'm excited so everyone in the chat if you haven't said anything let us know where you're watching from maybe your fun fact about you it's cuz britain hi Rosa fun facts yeah let us know and we will be right back with a winner of the chat we're back yay let's see we have a lot of Michigan fans I see the chat which is awesome Houston Texas margaritas yay Houston oh oh yeah emily is mentioning look up Kristina Halvorson she has a memory book content strategy for the web mm-hmm I highly recommend it if you are looking to get into content strategy I don't know if you have any other book recommendations maybe you can yeah I think some opposer are pretty great she also hosts she's owner of confab which is a great content strategy practice up in Minneapolis and then they host a conference every year called confab events so I know that their website for that has a ton of great resources and a lot of good talks that are available for you to watch a few yeah well hey we have a winner Kevin Kelly Kroger congratulations yeah you're gonna be getting 100 free custom stickers from sticker mule so if you want to design something and turn that into a sticker this is a great opportunity you get 100 which is amazing and if you did not win you can still get 10 stickers for only $1 if you head over to this link sticker milcom slash Adobe Live 19 and yeah that's a little pretty good deal 10 stickers for only $1 you can try it out see if you like it but yeah thank you to everyone in the chat for participating and a quick reminder in about an hour we're gonna be doing portfolio review so if you haven't submitted your portfolio yet you can do that if you're watching this on Behance or if not you can go to be hands down net slash live and above the chat will be a portfolio submission tab and you can submit your portfolio and we will be reviewing – and I'm really excited to see it yeah should be cool and excited to see what Culex do you work you guys I'm out sorry I have not been to confab that's one of the ones that's on like my conference book yes nice – I really want to go yeah all of my my old co-workers so I worked at Michigan State after I graduated early I believe but all my old co-workers went to it last year and said it was absolutely fantastic that's amazing mm-hmm so highly recommend pretty much anything that Kristina Halvorson has done shows it was a podcast I think it's just the content strategy yeah yes but check it out she has some guests that come on and talk about content strategy mm-hmm and it's really great if you want to learn more mm-hmm if you also just go to content strategy dot-com and that is her company's website and they have a ton of different blogs on there to confab is fun they give you socks who doesn't want socks at a conference really sucks so yeah good cool well we'll hop back into our hop back into our flow here okay so we've got our splash screen and then let's maybe do like a first like questions like maybe it's like let's make this for melody right you can and you can answer the questions I'm definitely not a big outdoor person oh that's okay I can be the user that maybe doesn't really go on hikes very often but does enjoy them yeah you can be our first person yeah like would get out more but like maybe isn't like an avid hiker they just like to get outside yeah so let's let's think about this so maybe first first screen is um answer a few questions to help us get you know you something like that right um and so let's keep that probably at the top the whole time um and then let's also show people how many questions they have to answer right because there's nothing that's worse than when you like doing an onboarding and you're like this is ahead right right can we please just get me out of here yeah so let's say let's maybe go we'll go five and then if we have to cut it down to four we'll go for um okay so real quick one of the things that I love is like a spacing freak is that you can see like all of these are nine pixels apart from each other which is fantastic you could also do repeat grid if you want to do look I have the five circles down the center and faster but you aren't even really fast anyway but if you're if you want multiple shapes or text you can yeah I feel like I used repeat grid a lot if I'm doing like cards or something – maybe when we get to the home screen we'll like show how that all how that all works yeah and then maybe we'll add like a little line across those so it's like a it's like some dots you're flowing through those mmm a silent koala is saying the name hike is already known for fashion on Google whoa okay so other names anyone here they have a suggestion possibly using an acronym for the brand name is good like gho gho for go hike or go home or go go okay I could work well so we've got our got our little onboarding up top we centered it um so let's see question one might be how often do you get outside I think Nell answered the question there so when you ask get outside do you mean like like walking outside so we're like the store it could be yeah well so maybe maybe we'll rephrase that right um how often do you maybe it's hike outside yeah or something maybe maybe it's just how you do hike yeah there we go but we couldn't we can stick with hike that's not a bad thing I don't even remember the last time I went on a hike which is really embarrassing but it's okay um I would say like like once a year this is good okay so so I don't know we're gonna do like three options okay maybe so so maybe it's not just zero to five maybe how about yours is just I'd like to get out more yeah exactly something like that right and so then maybe our next one is um I hiked pretty regularly right um and then maybe this last one is like our like wilderness and like user right so maybe it's like I live in the outdoors just something something a little more a little more fun remember we're trying to keep it friendly but not cheeky over here um and welcoming but not super laid back so I think we're definitely gonna want to make these a little prettier right as we as we think about these so maybe they're in like a button or something like that so I'm just gonna hit my are awesome name suggestions trail pail trail blaze pathfinders kind of like Trail Hill cuz it Ryan's and I'm a big fan of riding on hike like melody I like how you like melody thank you for that suggestion hike a little hike Oh what I like this okay Nora saying I went for a movie after two years so once a year for hiking is great okay there we go and then Asha says I've never been on a hike yeah okay see maybe maybe we're just we're getting people outside maybe it's not necessarily like you don't have to hike right like hiking can we like walk that's at the park right I like what I like walking around the city that's like my hike is like walking around San Francisco okay so but like actually in the woods mm-hmm hey that's okay well you are in San Francisco so I honestly don't know where you'd go here um it looks like we've got on a suggestion called wander on I like that thanks Megan up and out thanks William all right maybe won't like do a little pull this sure I'm a big fan of acronyms over here um okay so I'm gonna throw this on a rounded corner button just because I feel like it's more finely yeah right it's that fun and friendly and so that's what we're talking about when we say like there can be a brand personality you you want both the language and the design to convey what you're going for um yeah so let's let's stick with we've got one little button we've got our I hike pretty regularly option Dave I was saying that she can do a straw poll with some name suggestions yeah let's do it I'll start a list of some names if you haven't suggested a name let us know what you would call this hiking app have a pole and boat mm-hmm but the people have what they want right yes all right so we've got our little suggestions here spaceman way again repeat red would be great for this right but okay so we'll move over to the next one um so one of the things I have noticed as someone that hikes and as a dog mom right we're just gonna identify myself as that right now um they're not all trails that are suitable for dogs one of my favorite hiking like state parks in Colorado I actually can't bring my dog to so it kind of like broke my heart because I was like oh my gosh this is where I go all the time I know all the all the trails and I love it so Roxboro State Park if you can hear me let's move on show you that yeah I don't know why I've been from there if you guys have an experienced designer like the Colorado State Parks that's watching this let me know if you can remove that ban and be great um yeah so I think suitability is like a really really big thing and that's one of the other things I've noticed in in apps right is like you might have kids your kids are I've seen kids climbing 14 or so you know for Terrace no okay so I didn't know this until I moved to Colorado but a fourteener is a mountain that is over 14,000 feet high and so we have 13 errs and 14 errs in Colorado and there's I'm gonna butcher this so someone correct me but I think there's more than 64 teeners and maybe more than 130 nurse I feel like I'm just like making these numbers up yeah just saying bottom so it's a really really big thing um there's a there's actually a website called 40 nurse comm that keeps track of all of the different 14 errs that you could possibly visit or go to tells you what the conditions are 70 different trail reports it's like a very intense very intense website and I do not frequent yeah but yeah so there's I've seen kids climbing these 14 hours and then it makes you feel like really terrible about yourself because you're like huffing and puffing movies blowing view me after five minutes no it's horrible so like I did my first one last year and it was it was great but it was also pretty rough it looks like Scotty is correcting me there's 58 14 or 60 was close yeah that was pretty sick she was really close so that wasn't bad I'll take it yeah so there's gotta be some children that are not this avid right so like maybe so I think we need to ask about that we also need to ask we have a lot of trails that are paved or accessible so we want to make sure that we're accounting for all of those things so let's see Paco's saying I feel the same way with kids skiing and snowboarding mm-hmm mm-hmm you'll find me on the children sales yeah I've actually never been skiing or snowboarding really yeah oh my gosh man I know I really want to I've never been to Colorado either you guys awesome yeah so Michigan I grew up waterskiing which is really fun yeah so we do a lot of that but the snow skiing there we don't have mountains so it's like it's just little Hills so what I moved out I was like I'm gonna do the bunny hill for the first couple rounds and then see how I feel about myself I still do it I still love it anyway sorry we're super off-topic um let's talk about suitability so maybe the question that we ask is maybe it's like what do you need in a trail if anyone has a better suggestion for that language I am more than happy to go with it I've been told that going skiing is when you learn to plow snow with your face says Cheryl Cheryl I could not agree more um so maybe so what do you mean a trail we'll start with dog-friendly obviously maybe we'll go good for kids and then maybe we want something that's like wheelchair accessible right then let's also maybe think about the melodies of the world and stay close to public transit I don't you are okay so I don't never rely on uber or lyft or hmm that's close to public transit yeah okay so maybe and maybe this is an assumption that like we make but if you say maybe like you need something close to public transit it's also maybe like easy to get to or like either get a ride sure – yeah right because I'm going to Great Smoky Mountains National Park at the end of the summer and we're like we have to rent a car yeah because you can't get like a lyft driver to take you into the party and then like pay the entrance fee and then like get you all the way up there ooh okay so we've got some suggestions for what else in here requires hiking boots I like that hmm I like what are your hiking needs Thank You William prefer in a trail what do you prefer to shop I actually think maybe um I think yeah you can pick multiple options Haley absolutely I think for whoever just said what would you prefer in a trail I think let's make that the next question right yeah cuz it might be that you want um you want something where you see some water features we're gonna forest more like a bear I would run far away I don't know there might be here yeah so so I'm giving away my secret but every time I do like an intro this is my first like round of fun facts usually I do like my list of likes and dislikes on the grizzly bears always makes that list because under dislikes yes it always makes the dislikes because one they're terrifying I'm a – I went backpacking last year and we went to a campsite and when you pass some Rangers they were like letting people out here we were like yeah and they they didn't say anything they were like okay have fun and the next day we're hiking back and they're like so how was it like it's good you're like yeah I'm really surprised they're letting people out here um there was a grizzly bear that like attacked like one of the like camps the other night and I was like oh okay good this is not what I got oh it's like if they had told me that ahead of time there is no way we would have gone right like that was that was not gonna happen but it was one of those like you get back in you're like did I just like come really most dying yeah like why am i doing so grizzly bears always makes the list of dislikes Oh a voodoo ballast saying maybe we can toggle these on and off like gooks I'm sorry boots slash hiking gear or not Road accessible or not so you can find your ideal spot yeah yeah I like that I think so now that you've said that I'm thinking maybe you have like a profile in here that you can like access and then you can adjust any of these if you need to so let's let's happen it out in a second but okay so whoa we'll stick with these for for now I think we missed one that someone said so if I missed you I'm sorry come back and tell me what it was um we had a suggestion of what um what would you like in a trail right was that I think it was Shawn maybe that said that Shawn was that right or maybe what would you like to see does that feel better I think so okay so maybe let's go like some water I don't know if it's a water feature or some water but anytime there's like a anytime there's a hike with like a lake or a river or like especially a waterfall I'm like I know TLC's that don't go chasing waterfalls but I think action on for it what a hike that I do remember had a waterfall at the end it was when I was visiting Hawaii like a finger it was a really beautiful hike it was very short like an hour yeah where were you in Hawaii and Maui oh yeah it was so beautiful but yeah that was like six years ago another path like a past life of hiking but it was really nice but like knowing that a waterfall was at the end was like I'm gonna get there I'm gonna get a new this because it was also really hot and oh yeah but it was really fun yeah yeah okay so like a water feature um I see thanks Megan um I see some scenery what would we identify is right like maybe it's um maybe we go with like forest maybe we go with like the beach and then maybe we have like wildlife yeah right is that soon does that seem good do we have like another another thing that we're missing right I feel like maybe some nuts oh yeah you really put wildlife I I like to think I am um ooh Meadows that's a good one so maybe is that like this like fields ours at meadows I don't know what the leg go Meadows and then views I like reviews it is super super vague but I also think that's like one of the best things about it right is like you want to have something that's that's fun something that like is worth it like you were saying right like you get to the waterfall on you yes yeah okay so Kendell is saying City skylines oh that's a good okay so we might have to we might have to figure out a new pattern and this is why we're gonna design library it up tomorrow um so we might have to figure out a better pattern for this right maybe buttons isn't right maybe it's like some lines and like you slipped things off a list that might feel a little more better oh cool um does anyone in the chat know what design systems are are we working with like a lot of people that are like big design system advocates let us know and yeah also I have some names do you want you want to do some loading house yeah we can switch to my screen really quickly I have just some of like the most recent names that were given so we have trail pail wander on up and out hike oh hi like hike easy trail headhunter and trail blaze but if you have another name that didn't make it unless I might have just missed it but please share that and let me know which one you all like in the chat or maybe one that like mmm-hmm there's some good names yeah I feel like people have had some really good suggestions today um yeah I'm kind of feeling hike easy I don't know why me like I think it's supposed to be like a play I'm like hike and easy right maybe wasn't just like is this going back to like when I maybe had a rap career oh yeah I highly highly sorry legs hike easy okay okay I want to learn to with like a four I kind of like that Trailways blazer it reminds me of like a Chevy Blazer oh yeah yeah yeah hike you Trailways Lizzy I like things with a Z right it just makes it feel more fun hi Q hi X another blazer fresh but not cold let's let's just roll with that as an own house ever have a career thanks Ashley again I'm thinking that's probably not my best move but Ariana you had a Chevy Blazer what a small world there ooh I like that we had a lot of good names here people boots with a Z I feel like people are coming through with the Z yeah you see names which I like I'm all for it okay I don't know if Al's getting all these names hi boots hey-oh there's a link nice thanks Val for making the Paul so everyone um click on the link for the straw poll in the chat and vote on your favorite name we have hike in there with the like I think hike already exists well then that's out someone yeah someone mentioned that it's already something with Google fashion oh that's right guys so we're gonna do a different name for my zon word I think people are just putting it on yeah maybe I should have taken back that see all right oh I forgot we were selling ice cream that's okay sorry I was getting the pole ready I was thinking you were like taking us right into the pool and yank answering what I wanted write that in there I'm gonna get the pole ready and I'll give you a few minutes to vote everyone in the chat and then I'll share the results in a minute she was carefully because this is basically life or death yeah I suppose um I really should not have said that I like thankfully sorry everyone okay so once we've got that so we've got I'm like what would you like to see and then maybe after that we ask them what would you like to do right because like there are more things you could do um and then just hike right like maybe you want to go trail running I do not um maybe you want to go climbing maybe you want to go mountain biking these are all activities that people in Colorado love them like this is so yeah I have a personal philosophy about running so it automatically applies to running so I play tennis I love it it's fun but there's a purpose to that right like if I miss the ball I'm gonna let my partner down when you're running it is me and only me that I have to disappoint you and so every time I start running I go for like five to ten minutes and then I'm like what am I doing with my life like the farther I run away the closer I like the more I have to run back this is just a nightmare so I refuse to hate running my family actually runs like a 5k like wow I'm actually 5 or 10k like once a year and I have like successfully I've waited it until it really nice so I'm just gonna keep that strategy up it's been going really well hike words like Hogwarts that's a good suggestion or an e boots says Cornell taking photos on hikes I think that is a feature that should be added to this automatically – yeah ok so let's hop through this and then we'll talk through hiking extras you want to explore ok so maybe this is like my teeth at ease do you want to do how are we doing on the pole so we have some results okay do you want to do the bottom legs I think like six have one vote each so it's a little loose okay but if you haven't voted Val posted the straw poll link in the chat so if you're on behance click on that link vote on your favorite app name so we can see which one yeah tell us what you like tell us what you don't i don't think that's a feature in the chat you're just voting but just pick your favorite um so okay so like let's see what activities you want to do that you want to hike um maybe we throw trail running in there right Val says high courts the trail trail of dago's and boots yes yeah I mean I think I think you're a hundred percent onto something though I am all about it um Shawn changed everything to easy trails of dago's and OH oh boy let's see oh we've got my brother has said there's a Tough Mudder in August and I better start that is not happening mountain biking what other activities would you guys want to do out in the wilderness or maybe still in the city right like maybe it's like exploring a city um makes exploring a part of town mm-hmm right yeah um what else would you say is on there Oh swim that's good um that's maybe change this to like actual like words like maybe it's like trail run mountain bike hike explore a new part of town swing any other suggestions I feel like we kind of covered a lot of stuff right like I don't know well we'll stick with fire if someone has suggestion will hop back oh look at this bouldering or climbing there we go bouldering parody whoa I didn't know that was a thing like I didn't know you could get to that from anyone Colorado so I feel like I now have some new things to do when I get back lunch or picnic that's like the type of hike I like there you go food at the end of it or waterfall okay so what if there's a waterfall and food yes that would be ideal is that like you're right I do I do a hike there we go all right to everyone listening if you want to get melody to go on a hike with you have food and a water feature okay cool um I'm sort of feeling like at this point maybe we just like I think that's enough right I don't think we need like a fifth thing yeah I think you've told us all we need to know about you and we are ready to find your ideal hikes hmm I don't know what this looks like yeah we'll find out so my first thought right is that any time you build an app you need to have a bottom nav right so and we can leave these as blank boxes for now we'll add some cool icons and things tomorrow we're just gonna stick with some wireframing but I think as someone that likes to think about the words um that maybe this first one is like recommended in a gigantic font hmm so like maybe that or maybe ooh maybe if we will go with like four years just thinking back yeah yeah maybe we go like one step further with that lighter we should mm-hmm yeah recommenders is also just like yeah I feel like a lot of times um whenever you're writing for experiences you always feel like you know you have what you want to say yeah and then you see it on a screen you're like no that is not gonna fit and I feel like I do a lot as as a former professional writing major I mean how long can I make this how how beautiful and verbose can this language me and that is not how you should do it um Val's asking where I find inspiration for these projects oh man that is that catch-22 um I think for this one right it's it's a personal problem right so this is something that was born out of me not knowing where to find any place to hike and getting a suggestion to go off of like a really obscure road for my first camping trip um so I think that if you can look at a lot of problems that you have in your life or someone else has in your life that's like usually the best way to think about these things right and I need to thing that has sort of empathy and the design is always better than something that you just think is like an interesting or cool idea so like when Zoe and I built connector the question we asked ourselves was like what problems do like we have as college students on the biggest thing is if you're out of state and you're at a university that's the size of Michigan State University there's 50,000 students there 50,000 it's not my god it's massive so if you're at a university that big how do you find like your people right like how do you find the people that you connect with other than like if you live like next to someone in the news and I got really lucky and like all of the girls that were in the hall and my core and my first year we got along really well but like what about people that want to find clubs to join I know with the university that that's that's that big we have 800 different clubs and it was everything from like a Dungeons & Dragons Club to like Club Ultimate Frisbee which I played on all sorts of things there's there's something for everyone but like how do we make them find it yeah and so I think that's the same thing here right like there's gotta be a hike for everyone there is a picnic focused waterfall hike for melody right right there there's something for everyone out there so like let's just figure out how to solve it yeah so yeah yes our who says solving personal problems with an app is the best yes yes it is thank you um let me really quickly show the results so a lot of them are like we got a lot of one vote one voters names okay oh sorry I'm like so number one and number two they're tied we have up and out and heiko as our top contenders and then trailblaze blazer and onward our runners up and all these got one but okay hike easy only got one vote oh come on that's alright um okay so up and out or hike oh yeah does anyone feel like really strongly about one or the other snow which one you prefer heiko or up and and then I'll just see which one has more we don't have to do another poll and then we can pick name so if you if you feel strongly let us know if you don't um we're gonna pick yeah about it yeah thank you appreciate all of the suggestions okay so we've got this for you will be our first one I think the next one should probably be like a explore right like maybe if you don't recommend something that I like like I should be able to find something right yeah and so let's go let's go explore and then maybe after that we'll do like a saved feature right or like maybe it's what we want to call it save do you want to call it like favorites like what seems more friendly and fun yeah cool and then um I think our little profile should go over here so that'll be our our last one um so this is our really beautiful wireframe now for any of you that are wondering what in the world this is supposed to be um so we've got our bottom nav and then I think we'll probably have like a top screen with like a status bar and some other stuff maybe the name maybe we'll say for you in here so that it seems like it's like for unity gay yeah we have some votes for heiko and a lot for up and out I see a few and Sean says in and out but for indoor activities and yeah up and out and kind of does remind me of in and out and that's my favorite burger place ever I love it so much so I had it for the first time this year oh my god and I was I was trying to figure out what the height was right because I'm from Michigan and that's losing I think in the Midwest and so then I moved to Denver and we didn't really have it and I came out here and I was like oh well I get a favorite it's I love it it was so good young man has anyone else like ever not had in and out and was I like just missing out on all of life I went with my friend who's from Seattle and she's never had it or not we went to Las Vegas together let me have in and out there and she had it for the first time she was like oh my god it's so good and then for me when I lived in Seattle I couldn't have in and out which was so sad it was like one of the saddest parts of moving away from California listen no in and out but yeah I had it and I was like this is amazing I missed this in my life yeah so if anyone from in and out is watching a petition to bring that to Seattle and Denver yeah so I I really hope it does expand but like kind of stay on the west coast a unique thing right like if it was everywhere maybe let me know it'd still be amazing but not as special that I think it would lose some of its like uniqueness a lot of people have never had an out if you're ever in a state that does have it I highly highly recommend it Emily says the fries are not good I like the price personally but I've heard a lot of people don't like the price see I just like the sauce what it is right it's so good um Ashley says she's never had it and just hears everyone talking about how good it is yeah you are you are right Oh Shake Shack though oh yeah so it's good it's pretty good it they just opened one in Denver her like nice Oh maybe eight months ago and the line went around the block for weeks oh my gosh I was like okay I don't think I'm gonna be getting this anytime soon just because I can't would not like one or wait in that long of a life mm-hmm try fries of the milkshake yeah a new poll where let me refresh let's see what are we naming this Oh trailblaze traveling wait that one just come out of nowhere I guess Oh should we end it before it keeps going um maybe should we do trail blaze I like trail blaze yes do do we know if that exists somewhere else reminds me of the Trail Blazers maybe trail boy I think that's a good like hiking mmhmm mm-hmm I like it I think maybe like as long as it doesn't exist we basically stumbled onto something yeah yeah cool okay thank you cool I like it um milkshake dip the fries absolutely absolutely you though all right so it sound really good okay so oh I'm so hungry that sounds fantastic um so we've got this little 40 melody I'm adding a drop shadow rather than the border not sure we're gonna keep the drop shadow but like let's just have some separation without having like a huge bar there and I think one of the things that just drives me crazy when I look at these these hiking apps is that they have like these huge pictures of the hike which is beautiful and like you want to hop into it right away but they don't give me anything other than the name or like the difficulty which is like easy moderate hard I don't know where that lands on you right I don't know how long it's gonna take me to get there I don't know how like how quickly I'm gonna be able to hike it yeah um so I think we should still maybe include like a cool picture in here but I think that below that we should plan on having some actual like functional information give the people the info yeah cuz you're right like easy moderate hard can mean different things to anyone so it's really hard to gauge like how is this hike gonna be I don't know what moderate means yeah I'm a beginner so maybe that's like really difficult for me so mm-hmm and that's like that's all about using plain language and using language that people can actually understand it right and there have been a ton of different studies done by Nielsen Norman group if any website yep they did a whole bunch of studies on language and how people expect the language to actually like be in in their apps or experiences and what they did is they had a bunch of college professors filling out grants and then they used like professional like technical professor jargon and one and then just really like straightforward like first name last thing like the most basic way they could do it yeah and for the other and almost all of them preferred like the basic clean language and that's something that I feel like a lot of apps like don't totally understand they feel like their people are really technical users oh they get it or like our users know exactly what we're talking about but like your people want it and I'm telling you Bo as possible mm-hmm also for any designers out there I'm so sorry I didn't turn on a grid until now like please forgive me I actually set up this grid earlier so that I wouldn't I wouldn't forget to do it and I totally forgot to do it um so for anyone that missed it I just went into the art board and then I clicked layout next to checkmark credit I am a fan of layout rather than like the actual grid I feel like I go back and forth but like right now this just it makes sense to me I know where I need to stop things I know what my gutter is like I see it all so we've got a nice little six column grid here fifty fifty pixels wide all that unnecessary nonsense that we're sharing Saru has a suggestion should you include a weather feature mmm so I think yeah yeah I think that's one of the biggest things to on is in the Rocky Mountains we get so many thunderstorms in the spring in the summer and I didn't know that so my first like first summer hike up there my boyfriend and I went up to Rocky Mountain National Park we went at like one o'clock in the afternoon and we're wearing shorts and t-shirts because it was 80 degrees and everyone's got like their rain jackets on and we were like what are you guys doing and then five minutes in torrential downpour and then like golf ball-sized to Yale and I have never been like so covered in like welts from any sort of hail before and I was just like trying to hide under a tree like it was bad so weather absolutely is going to be included in this because you do not want to be like who showed up yeah if it's gonna be hailing or raining and it's so unpredictable you just never know what to do times we've got you know we're gonna repeat grid up in here yay this is like one of the best things and so like you can see you can see the distance between these and change them yeah we're gonna go like a 24 I think right now and then we'll see if we want to change it and and boom I love that it like cuts it off right where I need it to and it's not like round top but now I can see that might be like a little too close so maybe you like Oh 28 and then we'll have this way on top cool um so this is gonna be our cool picture right so we'll find something beautiful and can we just talk about holy like oh yeah everything is so nice so nice um and so then I think we'll put like name of hike right um I feel like hike names are always so ridiculously long it's like the trail that you will enter to do like this one thing and I'm like I don't know what this name is but like I don't know that I need that much information um so let's go name of hike let's go I think average time rather than like ascent mm-hmm so like maybe what I'm thinking is like maybe this keeps track of like you hiked in it like reports how long it takes you to hike and then like it reports how long it takes me to hike and then it like it lets everyone know right so if it's like an easy hike and you have a couple people that are like really really great at hiking and then you have a couple people there brand new it was like average yet so you would actually see like how far the beyond maybe I can like connect to like the health app on your or maybe there's like a couple plugins maybe feel like Fitbit yeah you're like the Nike Plus whatever so like maybe if you don't have an iPhone it's still better like sure so gonna show up for you yeah I think that's awesome I like that um and then like maybe maybe there's also a finger like we're just coming up with all sorts of ideas here maybe there's like badges that it gives you based on like what you're doing for that too fun um so I think maybe we go like average time we go distance and then what else is like important for people to know here I feel like I had it and then it just like went right out of my brain it's this designing and talking at the same time people I'm sorry Kendall saying maybe the hike time is based on users with similar user behavior yeah I like that a lot actually I feel like that would be a really good really good way to track it right cuz if you're you're saying that you want to just hike in a city and you don't really want to do anything you don't want to compare against someone that is like hiking every day yeah okay like out in the wilderness okay so oh let's go maybe I usually says incline yeah elevation or incline yeah that's a really really big thing incline and I also like Meghan just suggested terrain um and I think that's a really big one so maybe instead of it being um instead of it being like difficulty we have this like combination of elevation gain and then um terrain like is it really rocky trainer something like that I don't know what all those like necessarily look like yet but we can figure it out right um so we'll have I say Sam Peterson is joining us he was on Adobe live I think two weeks ago yeah did he what did he build illustrator Digital painter really cool characters like character design and they were amazing so everyone know check out his videos they're awesome that sounds so yeah I wish oh that's so I joke that like one of the reasons that I'm like a digital designer is one like I started as a writing person so there's no artistic skill here so like if we sketch I'm always like if anyone can read those chickens those are here you go um but yeah I have a total respect for people that have like the ability to do that just cuz I can and I always think it's so beautiful and like what is this how do you how do you do this Sam if you want to like share some secrets with me or just give me like one percent yeah of your abilities there that'd be awesome if not I understand cool so I feel like this is like a decent like decent homepage right yeah right so let's maybe do i'mjust option moving let's do like a details page you're right we probably still need our little thing we'll get rid of everything we've got in here and I'm thinking everyone's come up with some really good suggestions for what gonna include but if you have any more shoot him over I think the biggest thing drives me crazy again this is very like selfishly design I'm just like what do I want it what do I want in an app I don't care what what exists um but there's always these really long descriptions of like the views you'll see on this hike and it's like walk through a lush green forest into your left you'll see a valley and I'm like I don't even care what is someone who loves words I'm just like no yeah an act like a hiking app like I'm not gonna want to read like five paragraphs about I guess I want to know how to get there and experience it for myself right like it's such a small like screen already don't give me all of this like information and text to read like no one's gonna scroll through and read all that so I think we either ditch the description we put that on like the bottom of the page if someone still wants to include it cool what do you guys think do you like do you even read these descriptions do you think we should include it or do you think that we should just like cut it all together and like give me the basics give me what I'm looking for and get out so exactly let us know um so I'm gonna go with like an angle for I'm thinking this will be the photo up here and one I would love to evoke a sense of an elevation or mountain climbing it's like the one time you're gonna hear me use the word evoke but yeah so I think like instead of it just being like a big block picture like maybe it's like at an angle you've like got like a little peak of it and then maybe we're either gonna love this or we're gonna hate this right like maybe there's some icons like along the little mountain climb they tell you like what it'd be like good for so like if it's like it's back to that like is it good for Kim is it like yeah all that so maybe you've got like a couple icons up there or maybe it's just like one or two up in the right so you can see I don't know well people saying Kendall says I would love to see images rather than a description and Ashley says less words and Ariana says images and maybe a small description yeah yeah wonder if you could include hazards like fallen trees rocks flooding et cetera yeah Megan whoo I am so on board with that um yeah so I think what we might do is just go with like a name of hike again um and then I think what we do is instead of this big description maybe we just do some of these you guys can't see me pointing at the screen maybe we go with some of these things that we included like average time distance it's either incline or elevation and maybe we just Bowl it um out down below so you can like quickly scan and see exactly what you're what you're looking for right yeah also a quick reminder in about 13 minutes we're gonna be doing some portfolio reviews so if you have some projects on your B hands portfolio feel free to submit those you can do that on behind stat slash live under the portfolio submission button and we will be selecting two so yeah about just under 13 minutes to submit and I'm excited to see all of your projects I'm excited too should be fun see this is why you use it for it I'm so sorry all designers that are like looking at me like what are you doing and yeah see so we're lying things up it just makes it easier to scan it makes it easier for people to like read and understand when things are like evenly spaced out and normally I'm like a neat freak about me maybe sure there's enough spacing but it's better to have something that's already already up there um so then let's go repeat grid for this one right um and so let's go average time distance um we've got I think maybe instead of incline we call it elevation gain does that sound better I feel I feel like sometimes incline it reminds me of like at the gym on the treadmill yeah because I don't hike I also don't really work out I don't know you knew what the Inc sign was at the gym you were doing better than I am okay so average time distance elevation gain um what other things would you guys want to know I might want something like not quite difficulty what a new side we were gonna call it um I like terrain yeah mm-hmm and then maybe that's it yeah maybe that's all you need if there's something that you guys feel like you are like holy crap how did we miss this um let me know but yeah I think maybe we just get it straight into the point and then what if um what do you have a spot to add like some tags it's like what if this is like someone said it'd be nice if you could add like personally like good for dogs good for whatever but what if like there was like a user spot where you could actually like put in something and once you've submitted the hike you have the ability to like talk about it um so let's like just expand this down we don't want to go too far down right we don't want to like hide things um but maybe we call this section let's see we call it back here um so this is like what would you like to see so maybe it's like um maybe we have an activities and so you have like your mountain biking your hiking all that stuff and maybe we make them in like little bubbles in here so they looking kind of tag like yeah how's that sound all right I think that sounds pretty cool great Shirley is saying those two sound like two different criteria and climb seems like steepness and elevation sounds like altitude mm-hmm mm-hmm I would totally agree so maybe maybe yeah yeah maybe maybe we have incline so maybe we have elevation gain as one and then like incline maybe instead of terrain it's inclined right like steep moderate like again we got to be careful because we don't want it to be like super confusing and we don't want to be really vague but we'll see what we can throw in there Allison's also recommending to add recommended attire like snow boots what you mentioned with like the weather maybe mm-hmm have weather / recommended attire to wear I like it and maybe that's like maybe that's something again that's like user generated and people you go on this hike and you're me and it's hailing and you are not for the weather and you're like you know what you got to not do that again so you want to make sure that everyone knows so I like that a lot um so let's go like activities and we'll do a couple of these mmm protip you can go up and down getting crazy mountain biking we'll call it rock climbing I'm pretty sure the technical term is like bouldering or something like that I don't know someone correct me and then let's say like hiking and we can adjust and then um what else did we have under our activities trail running maybe oh yeah swimming maybe this one can't be good for absolutely everything right so we'll give it a couple mm-hmm maybe we show like what to see or do you do you guys think that maybe recommended attire makes more sense first mm-hmm I would say for me I would rather like the first thing I would want to know is like what I could see okay and then like after maybe like what I should wear yeah so I think I'm trying to make this a little more like friendly right so we have what you'll see in activities but maybe we call this like what you can do yeah and what you can see maybe or what you will there we go uh yeah I like that I feel like that feels pretty good um um kendall has a suggestion what about user-generated photos like in Yelp Kendall you are reading my mind reading my mind I think that would be awesome absolutely wonderful to include also Megan is saying would it be too much to include a recommended items or stack your pack with XYZ I don't know I don't know no let's see what we've got once we're once we're in here we don't want to go too long but again maybe maybe we can like box some of this up and make it like a two column wide instead of it just being straight like right now we're focusing on like what content needs to be on this page right and then I think we can figure out like what what organization and what the page organization needs to be and that is the beauty of Design Systems okay so what you will see what what should we see on this high quality hmm a waterfall oh and here's the waterfall great great views I think I saw there was one app that had like what you'll see and it was like killer views and I was like so that these are gonna kill me yeah yeah what what what is killer views I'm like that's where we're trying to walk the balance here but not being not being super vague then I'm still like like and using good language like for someone maybe English isn't their first language like killer views might sound completely different to them mmm-hmm I just typed features I don't know what I meant foot I think I meant um I think I'm at grape easy there we go clearly my brain is in experiences I'm not hiking Motorola Singh bears and Shawn says bear views I think I think we're all just like I shouldn't have shared that story I think that's the real the real outcome of today come on so then maybe this is like some photos right um we've got some user photos and maybe they're like a little square and you can see some thumbnails or something like that right I think that'd be cool I always like seeing like what other people have seen so that I have an idea and maybe like maybe once you're in those photos they're time-stamped so you can see like oh yeah this one happened last week this one was like a couple weeks ago so you know like what you should actually expect so if there's still snow up there it might be good oh yeah just throwing that out there Meghan says iconic views I like iconic views but what what is iconic is it like um is it like Met Gala be I don't know I do like that language though it's like a good good way to describe it okay so I think we got some photos this is feeling like a lot of stuff I don't know that we want to add a whole lot more in here right I feel like this is getting to be a lot but I think we're gonna also want to maybe bring these up so they're on two lines and we gain a little bit of vertical space back there and that's a little better this is the beauty of designing on the fly you can just change everything you've ever done Adams is saying that they are so excited about Adobe fresco which is it was project Gemini but they just released the name and it's like a new drawing app that movies gonna happen that's awesome we're excited it's gonna be cool even though I'm not very good at drawing I still would like to play around with it and maybe you get better after things yeah that sounds like a ton of fun yeah thank you for sharing that information with me Adam I did not know that until now okay so it looks like we only have a couple minutes left until portfolio review should be fun I'm excited cool see we move that up we gained a ton of space that feels way better to me mm-hmm yeah for everyone that's wondering why in the world is this still in black and white I promise we will add color tomorrow Oh Oh Ashley is saying maybe the photos can be automatically filtered by the season so in winter you would only see winter photos unless you click view oh hi loved that suggestion Ashley exactly that's I was trying to figure out how we were gonna amount for that yeah so maybe it's like I don't know what you'd call it maybe it's like based on like your time of year like photos I don't like photos now like current photos recent recent will go recent for now and see what else exists in there but yeah I really love that these are all really really good ideas guys yes everyone in the chest like on point today yeah I don't I don't know what we're gonna do with those yet this is like this suitable for maybe we throw that I don't know down here we'll see um so yeah it looks like we have a question do you focus on laying out the interface first and then designing it why so I am always a fan of laying out first normally we would sketch first I did a couple sketches for this so they're mentally in my head um but I always think that it makes more sense to lay out the actual interface figure out where everything should be and then design it because you can tell whether or not things are in a good position or like the right content is there when it's in black and white it's not one it's not a huge lift for you to change it at that point on a 2 it just sort of gives you a little bit better of an idea of what's happening and then I feel like sometimes once you've made something like in high fidelity it's like really exciting and you're ready for it to just like go out in the world and when you have like a sketch or something like this you're not quite as attached to it so personally I think that's really great but I also think it's really really useful for everyone to see and comment on the layout and how things are actually done rather than just the colors that's in there yeah hopefully that answers your question recently taken Kevin Kelly on a roll decently taken yep I like that I like that a lot ok what if sketch we go through high fidelity design and that sketch and then go with all the process I feel like if you start with like high fidelity and then go back to sketching it's a little bit backwards because I feel like you would put so much work into getting a high fidelity and like pixel perfect and everything when at the end maybe the content is a right or the placement is a right so I think I think it's best to do sketching and getting your ideas out there and then doing the layout like high for the fidelity at the end yeah I think we always we always want whiteboard which is such a weird thing for a lot of people um but you can just erase and then start over and it's like no one's really attached and everyone it's just a lot more collaborative everyone is really on board with it so yeah I think that definitely sketching before you move into high fidelity also like that's why we did some of this brand expression before you want to know what your brand personality is of what you're shooting for and so that you can actually sort of bring that into the high fidelity designs rather than just picking out what makes sense or what looks like yeah beautiful yeah and Cheryl says building the structure gives you a better idea of how the layout will impact the functionality before it's in color and images Cheryl I could not agree more yeah yeah yeah I would definitely say it improves the workflow a ton yeah it keeps you I think from iterating yeah it keeps it pretty quick and streamlined you know yeah alright you have like nine seconds I don't know what I can do in nine seconds other than show you guys where we're at three two one oh so it is time for portfolio reviews but Brittany and I are gonna take a quick trip into outer space and then we're gonna grab the portfolios and bring them back to earth and share them with you so we will be right back we're back you did you miss us yes do you have this ready sorry we went to space mm-hmm and now we're back we're gonna do some awesome portfolio reviews that is right I'm excited about you need thank you to everyone for submitting your portfolios we have chosen to and we can take these a little hard great for space not so great for Earth yeah yeah okay so I have I always select a two portfolios and sorry I didn't have this prepared before I went to interspace but yes we're gonna start with suyog and look at their projects and give some feedback awesome yay suyeong as a student from Mangalore india and they're a beginner of UI design and they left a code I love to code that's awesome and so since you only have two projects we can look at both of them so let's start daily you I sign up real quick I love the daily UI challenges yeah they are so fun – yeah it's so fun I think I stopped at like day 15 it's about money just like yeah about how you should actually design this and it makes you design things you've never thought of exactly yeah and another great thing similar to daily why is the XD daily creative jasmine right which is starting tomorrow if you didn't know and I think it looks like siog has a challenge from the daily crater Jonas will be looking at that but which is awesome yeah that's also a great way for beginners to get into it so yeah so yeah so one thing I might I might say here is I'm big on making sure things are accessible I mean so making sure that you have the right color contrast ratios and if anyone has used web I think it's probably aim but it's AI am to check color contrast the only thing I'm looking at as I see that sign up on the side I feel like that might not be um completely viewable mm-hmm with it over the mountain maybe if you just up the opacity like a little bit um so it was like a little less see-through then you would be able to see yeah I think that would work great yeah the other thing you might try is that maybe maybe that same color of like the sign up maybe it's like that green or something like that no no so give it some Mountain yeah I think that'd be cool Mountain vibes yeah so we have a credit card check out mm-hmm okay so this is actually one thing that has cracked me up is I have like examples of credit card checkouts that I talked about like really for content strategy um and I love that you've said confirmed payment here because I think the most frustrating thing and the thing that I like usually like harp on is that there's always like a next or continue and then if I'm a user I have no idea what I'm doing so what like what is next what am i continuing on to so I think the fact that you used confirm payment and there is fantastic like from a Content perspective like really really clear I know exactly what I'm doing I've put my credit card information in and now I'm paying so that's awesome Green landing page that's a new trend I've started to notice and design is like trying to make things more feel more future in 3d and I love it that's why I have no idea what it looks like in a strain but like maybe in the future you don't have these borders right and we just have like these flat like glass screens and it can kind of roll off the side or like keeps coming I don't know I love it um so one thing I see is so we've got like a highlights with like a icon maybe you add the icon to the scorecard there right so you've got like two icons I don't know maybe what that would look like necessarily but I like that yeah I feel like it adds a nice little touch to it yeah this looks really cool yeah yeah what is it oh look at this well resistance calculator not sure what this is but it looks cool yeah it does using color code just user profile okay signing and hosting it out I like this a lot I love all of the like photos that you've used in there they're all really beautiful yeah um you think I'm wondering so I can tell we're on the profile umm maybe make that icon in the bottom like a color and maybe make that grid one color so like they're just a slightly darker gray but maybe go with like or maybe make the ones like outline and that one filled in just so you know where you are if you're going for more of like a black and white vibe rather than just like some color but yeah just let me know where I am on the page mm-hmm yeah I love that though other screens not part of that is gorgeous that was how the image kind of goes up on the screen mm-hmm-hmm I also like how like we were talking about earlier like breaking that like actual lines you've got like the profile of the person coming up into that I really love that I really really love that um the only thing I'll say again is like maybe and you could scroll down I think it was still there maybe add a shadow or something to the top of those that you can make sure you'll always be able to see the arrow and the favorite up top in that image alright now that right next to the clouds um so just maybe if you added like a black overlay and then like terms that all the way down to like ten or five percent opacity just so that white really pops off of it yeah but this is beautiful looks really great no whew look thumbs up thumbs up I love a good daily credit challenge me too I just finished hosting one last week maybe some of you in the chat we're participating if you haven't seen it go check out check it out or sign up for the next one starting tomorrow you should definitely do that and where tomorrow actually gonna be reviewing the challenges for tomorrow live so if you want live feedback on there just be sure to do that tomorrow yeah okay so we have a drop-down menu let's see oh cool I like the I love the animation in there me too that's like that's filling up that's really cool that's cool I really really love that that's really really cool oh and so that's just what it would look like oh I like that animation here me too I like that it you've got like the filling up of the glass and then you also have the slider of the new mm-hmm that's quite like kind of goes together yeah it does that's really great customers can peek through products nice yeah they to upload file hmm oh cool that's an awesome animations that's really cool and you can do that in XD which is amazing mm-hmm oh I like the showing using percentage as you go up yeah that's really really cool pagination I love a good pagination oh cool don't think I'd be curious to see is like once you hit four and you hit right just like to shift all the way over and then you see like five so maybe that could show that like just a little bit more animation I do love that you've like gone all the way to 40 though and then you have some options there and it's not just like first/last yeah right like I know exactly how many pages I have to go through really clear yeah so pagination on a website I love all the pictures this looks really like a lot of people haven't watched okay good okay good and it's also over so that's true that's true so this is the leaderboard I would say that this Texas kind of small mm-hmm I kind of starting to read what it says I wonder if that's like and wonder if it's meant to be mobile and so because it's on this wide thing so maybe if you can like shrink the the video but yeah you're right I think it's a little bit a little bit small little avatars mm-hmm yeah profile of each character not I also like that you're doing things not part of the challenge I'm kind of taking it one step further it's really yes yeah once here once you've already started to do some of the design stuff sometimes I feel like it's just flowing so it's awesome that you're keeping this continuing cool that's cool really fun animation mm-hmm yeah six calculator an apt to calculate expenditure for a trip like a trip planner okay I need this in my life mm-hmm so I have a few questions I noticed this X right here I was imagining like multiplying these two means that they were just adding them together right so I think made that X like deletes that line item so maybe maybe it's sort of the reverse we're like instead of it just being the calculator first maybe you type in an amount and then add yeah right there so you could see in line you got like the 500 and maybe it says hotel and then you've got like a trophy or something like that just so you can tell a little bit just to make it more clear yeah cuz once you're here I know exactly what I'm yeah adding in but it looks really great and I like all the animations and everything awesome job yeah looking great great I hope you participate in the upcoming daily creative challenge with Andrea who's doing a music creation app which looks amazing your starter file is awesome so I hope to see you participate suyog or maybe anyone else in the chat that's watching yeah yeah great job let's look at our next portfolio this is Adams emoji from Dubai already I love all of the colors I am a bright fun colors person yeses awesome thumbnails look really great mm-hmm-hmm we start projects yeah hmm okay is there one that you want to close yeah I was kind of like in weren't like the one of the first two in the Left column I really love those colors that first one why not that my is that the most recent yeah let's do that Oh complete crypto you like it no yeah Oh we'd see we've got sketches yeah yeah just see so and I love so he's got them drawn on like on the actual like iPhones or whatever it is but like sometimes I just draw like a box and then I fill it in there or I just like draw like two lines down the side of the pages like my barriers and like something across the top and however long it goes so yeah but I love it I love the the wheel that's happening I don't know what it's doing yet but I really like that mm-hmm we've got some user flows yep yep so one of the biggest things I always talk about with like content strategy is like what like what is the path of the user and then like usually they're just like a problem in the user flow that's caused by like missing content so I love that we're like talking about the actual like back-end of this and it's not just like here yeah here does so this is awesome I love this oh those colors I like this and I like how you displayed the colors it's always fun to see how people do that on right hands yeah a veneer hey someone else is a big fan of that in here oh those illustrations are really cool I love that they're like 3d and they feel like they're popping out at you yeah look at them and I feel like they tell me it looks like crypto-currency I don't really know anything about it but to me this is kind of what I would imagine yeah I'd open it up to look like totally icons always good got some wire frames in there I think you're using black for wireframes maybe I'll take that and like start doing that now cool oh is that like showing you where you are on the flow down the right I like that registration main screens when they got down there mmm I like the red for like decline mm-hmm the only thing I might say is that green is kind of hard to read what's on top of it so maybe make those um maybe like if that was black even mm-hmm um just cuz you've still got the red or the green is the indicator cuz it's hard for me to see what the percentage is positive but in the negative I can see it really well yeah you can even do like a dark yeah just like luck yeah yeah wallet balance I wish and I well it looks like that that would be nice yeah I like that you can see all of your different options and then edit them right there yeah I wonder maybe this is just me not knowing but like what is add coin and add wallet mean and are they the same thing or different things so and I'm gonna butcher this right no my understanding is that you can I think you can have different wallets Frodo and maybe you don't have like the same thing and that's like a whole like ridiculous stream of like numbers and letters and all that so I think that like I get that one to add coin maybe I'm not 100 percent following but I think that's like a me think okay I I don't know let us know Adams if what you mean by odd point maybe it is maybe it's like adding more Bitcoin I don't know maybe but yeah yeah well I like that there's a new section in here that's really really nice this is kind of like a Twitter type feed of like people that are mentioning type of cryptocurrency yeah I like that a lot oh it's this is from reddit and this is from Twitter oh so concerned where they came from yeah that that's cool okay so the trading that's the wheel mmm I like that a lot like this so we've got exchange we have send and we have buy sell okay yeah they don't make sense and so I guess would be and maybe there's an animation but like you could like rotate over to the next one I really like that there's been like a lot of apps now that had like a plus button in the middle and it gives you like two options or look like I like this wheel 2 years Diana's saying there's different types of coins and the wallet is like where you keep track of them thank you Dan yeah okay great thank you what's that cool okay so you can buy and sell yeah I really like that it's like a normal yeah that's remember how I was just saying it is really ridiculous Streeters numbers that's what it looks like because like for me like for like a content respective like see this baby it's like that's like this like that's why people like Bitcoin cuz it's not like you're sending it to like a mean you're sending it to like this no mm-hmm so like I don't know how I feel about that they're right for like a Content perspective but I think that's normal yeah cool oh and you can it looks like you can oh yes you can just scan your address so if you don't want to see that really long thing we've got that's good that's smart cool thank you yeah this was awesome let's look at one more really fast look at that with a yellow one or the other maybe yellow this is like web so maybe it's different from them mmm Dimond uber 404 page Oh 404 pages are always like a really interesting like thing for me from coming on right like it's interesting and I love to see what people come up with for them yeah okay so pages project you see the team page contact us okay so yeah this is like a womb hmm our team I love that page that's a really really cool said on a tablet or is that just a wider screen without like I don't know but I like it no go back um okay yeah let's see oh yeah I like via illustration there that looks really cool mm-hmm what what is it like a car something that's on the one side it looks like a um maybe a train no guys like the front of it the Train or maybe the back of the car I don't know I think Aviva yeah either thing website coming soon cool um that subscribe to our email list looks kind of late mm-hmm maybe uh yeah yeah maybe just go like bump it up a font size or font late yeah knowledge and more I love that I don't know what is going on with like the lines and then that gray iPhone over there but I love it mm-hmm I just like the colors oh it's a train Thank You Adams oh you should want to clarify your email address tell us about the great idea I like that um it's more of like a conversational tone um I wonder if cuz you have questions for the first two and a statement for the last year maybe you make them all questions or all statements so maybe it's like what's your great idea or it's like yeah maybe it's maybe it's just what's a great idea so it's all the same thing so you're answering questions your other than like feeling something and I like keeping it consistent mm-hmm I like this strikeout that's really cool bring over it that's cool that's really really cool I like that it's thin too so it's not taking up like the other thing yeah oh and look at you can switch through all the different people oh yeah I like that this would be cool if you could add like the animation mm-hmm I would be interested to see how and look when you hover and like the new the people for each person yeah and I like that you've got like black for the selected person the Lions a little wider but maybe you go a little fatter with the line to like up the stroke on it you can tell that that's like that's where you've leant it or maybe it changes from like a line to like a circle or that or a diamond or something like that just something something you're like little more I'm looking at this you can say oh this is Adam Smith mm-hmm mm-hmm like that remember me yeah cool this is awesome yeah great this is great you have some great projects thank you for submitting your portfolio Adams yeah yeah so we have a couple minutes left so maybe you can do like a quick recap of what you did and maybe we can expect tomorrow yes totally so um quick overview so we're working on a hiking app so there are tons of apps for avid hikers for people that just kind of want to get outside filtering through that list of trail names can be overwhelming so with all your help we're creating an app that recommends hikes for users based on their feedback and the more they use it the better their recommendations are so we identified our brand personality today so we've got friendly but not cheeky adventurous but not rugged simple but not conventional bold but not brash and welcoming but not laid-back I mean so we've just been working on some onboarding for this I think it was hiked what did we land on for the Trailblazer Trailblazer there we go so we took all your suggestions and we're going with Trailblazer now and so we've been working on sort of an onboarding flow so we can actually like get to know you and get to know what kind of hikes walks whatever it might be we can suggest for you I'm so we're asking how often do you hike we have like a melody who would like to get out more yeah we have like a maybeit's of me not really that high um and then we have some people that are really outdoorsy we're kind of asking people to tell us what their hiking needs are right do they need something close to public transit good for kids wheelchair accessible and then we're asking them what they'd like to see right now this is all buttons I don't think it's gonna stay as button tomorrow I think it might be moved to a list and maybe it's like a multi-select list so pick as many things as you want and then we've got what activities you want to do which ton of suggestions from everyone in the chat which isn't great and so then we have this like for you page so this is sort of gonna be your hikes and then we decided to pick out three key pieces of information we think people want to know right what's the average time it takes you to hike what's the distance you're going and what's your elevation gain so we'll add in some nice pictures down there we picked out our navigation on our tab bar so we've got a four you section which is this page we've got an explorer where you can see all the different Ike's in the area if you don't think that your recommendations are right you can favorite them and then we've got a profile and then we've moved over to a details page for this hike so we've got probably a big picture up here we talked about maybe adding some of the like good for kids like wheelchair-accessible dog-friendly that suitability up top in these bubbles not sure what that looks like yet and then we decided to forego these big long lengthy descriptions of of hikes because we don't really care about that we just want to know what we're doing and how we can get there instead we've got like the average time and all sorts of facts about it yes I'm excited to see where you take this tomorrow I think we're gonna add some colors yeah we are so I said ality yay big thank you to everyone in the chat for joining us and thank you to Brittany this was amazing and really fun and it makes me want to go on a hike soon yeah we've inspired melodie yes thank you to everyone for joining us we'll be back tomorrow at 12 p.m. Pacific time to do Day two all right I'm excited we'll see you all tomorrow thanks bye everyone [Applause] [Applause]

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