Designers React to Design Critique— Young Guns Ep 6

previously on the young guns alright guys having finished the review I'm going to tally up the score and announce who I picked to be the winner of this challenge guys now you've heard my thoughts I'm curious to hear what you're thinking and feeling about the critique that I gave you did you feel the spare did you feel as honest was that too hard or too easy on you and moreover I wanted to know what you learned from taking on this challenge itself did you struggle anywhere with design ideation typography picking colors and materials or building itself what did you learn welcome to the young guns hey guys welcome to episode 6 if you haven't done so already go back and watch episode 5 right now I announce the winner of the packaging design challenge in this episode we're going to see how the young guns reacted to my critique function does in fact reflect undesigned exploitation is very very important trying to find a good concept probably had at least a dozen or so sketches there was a lot to fit onto a small canvas how difficult we can be to get lots of information onto a single package there's so much unnecessary distance learning to think in three dimensions was definitely something that came out of this project printing and making the physical mock-up isn't something that I've done before actually making a physical model designing and something other than a rectangle was pretty insightful you know made me reconsider the grid systems I was using and how elements were arranged making sure that the new packaging really stood out against everything else in the marketplace but still kept the impact and strength of the Cavani a brand is known for some over-the-counter drugs have vibrant vivid imagery that is designed to catch the eye while other prescription drugs just generally tend to have more basic minimal functional design because you don't really get to choose them amongst competitors you just go in and buy that drug specific and definitely disappointed that I couldn't win but I think Strom did an amazing job I love the critique overall on everyone's design it was very useful to watch and it was really interesting to see Chris's point of view and I definitely learned a lot moving on to the comments on my redesign the first one was the active ingredient and I did go back and look at the reference packages I used and some of them did have the active ingredient name right under the name of the product and I see how that makes sense and the other part was the stray part I also see how I could have showed that this was indeed a spray it's interesting because I think also the user journey I have in mind this difference from the one Chris has in mind when he's thinking about this like I think if someone walks into a pharmacy walk approaches you know the pharmacist and ask them you know I need clothes well it's an antifungal and the pharmacist asks do you need the spray or the pills or the whatever the cream and you say oh I just want the spray they get it to you there's no there's no really situation in Egypt where you grab this off of a shelf and you know you grab the pills instead of the spray by mistake I'm not justifying but I'm just it's interesting to see how these differences really influence how you design I'm not sure if I agree with Chris that I should have used the negative space I think it works best as negative space I don't think I should have anything there the silhouette of the spray bottle is too massive also the abstract spray in like an illustrative way or in an abstract way I don't think would work pharmaceutical products tend to have these abstract shapes that don't really mean anything something like this this is a gel product and it's similar to what Chris was talking about so I don't I don't really think if if I want to show that it's very clear than I already have indicated that an abstract route is the way to go I either show it as the original design showed it like very explicitly this is a spray bottle and you can see it or just have it in writing which which I chose to do I still don't think showing it explicitly or like visually would be very overpowering and throw off the balance I definitely should have had the active ingredients probably right underneath the name of the product so yeah that's what I thought it was definitely a very interesting reminded me of back in school like as soon as Chris got the the transparent paper out and started tracing over my design it just threw me back the school went when we used to have our work critiqued so yeah it was very it was very nice and very interesting and I'm looking forward to the next designs yeah looking sound okay Anna didn't break my headphones were okay I think my critique was fair I might go and ask Chris for his thoughts on the other aspects that I changed because not only did I change the color palette but it was a complete switch round I purposely made sure they were very drastically different do you get shelf presence with this one because if yellow and red whereas everything else is kind of in the markets like green and blue but this one being white and red even lifts her out even further I think that the idea behind the brand integrity where we lost maybe the we got a bull instead of a mine at all maybe should have included that but at the same time I think maybe I tried to put a little bit too much in my own touch on it rather than just going okay well they have a graphic of warming menthol maybe we should just include that something that I found a little bit difficult was the layout now if you look here we've got so much text to fit into a tiny space that you not only had to make sure it fit but you also had to make sure it was legible because if someone comes into the store and they can't read that but like maybe a foot from their face it's a bit difficult to warrant the change the other thing that I think I found difficult was the idea because one of the things I did struggle with was getting this menthol thing in that worming menthol idea I couldn't see how to make it work with the impact style I was going for with this now I could have just done a very stripped away logo and obviously Chris said that bull icon with the thick line style would have maybe worked a bit better because then I could have included the lozenge thing a lot more easily I feel that I've learned the main core idea of the brand has to be reflected continuously even if you do rebrand it not just looking at my critique but also looking everyone else's critique is there for instance with the Sensodyne critique is quite bold and quite contrasting with big block sections of icons and colors and as Chris said was lacking kind of a bit of weight on those lines maybe to break up some of the text as well I think also things that I've learned are when you prioritize a certain section of the design so talking about Aaron's and Sean's as well the idea of breaking up certain bits of design so your eye is very drawn to as Christa showed with the the dashes instead of a full line you see it as very distinct sections or with Aron's you see the prioritizing of different sections of the designs obviously the product is the main thing and then it was the what it is and then the brand so you kind of scale it and shrink them down and in priority that way makes me kind of want to go back out now and find something different or maybe even go back to this and redo it or at least change those things I don't think there's actually that much to change from what Chris said which is kind of good I was a little bit worried that Chris was going to take a look at the two packages and the pictures that I sent them and go this is so far from the original that it doesn't fit anymore but clearly I've been able to as they extract that or most of as Chris said most of that brand integrity andrey put it in a completely different visual format but the thing i think i found hardest was layout for the packaging so when you're working with such constraints as it has to have exactly the same words on it all the same type but when you're thinking about rebranding something and trying to keep exactly the same copy not only are you trying to worry about the layout of it we also have to worry as I said about the actual practicality of it so whether that is making a certain word bold or things like that so I found that the hardest I think with the actual layout design overall I think it was it was a really fun project I think Shawn definitely deserved his place at the top I think he was saying in the last one with the social media and kind of portfolio communication stuff that he felt that he'll get me back or something now I'm not here to start beef Shawn but I'm really excited to see what we're gonna do in the next episode I'll probably be publishing some kind of blog post about what I did with this at some point in the near future but I feel really hot and really kind of shaky a little bit from nerves but I think it was a really fair critique overall I don't think there's anything I really want to put my foot down about on anyone's design really against what Chris said I think overall we're we're doing stuff in the right direction as Chris said you think and the fact he said he's really impressed with all of us is it's really nice it's also really kind of humbling to hear that from someone of his skill level thanks Chris for the absolutely awesome critique I think it was really balanced overall I think there's a lot to learn and improve from bring on the next challenge I think is what we're gonna do at this point I already watch the video so I do know that I won and I'm delighted but I'm also really surprised because I thought Connor Shareef had this for sure I might be on the roll on this one but you know Chris pointed out that at the top they have circle semi circle thing on the ward market he's seen the from which I was aware of but the thing is when I was designing the the word mark it was never intended to be a smile that's just kind of something I found in there and kind of you know took out and made a separate I con that could be used the word mark was actually based off the original sin sin I wear mark where the circles are kind of go around and supposed to be like some sort of sonic radar to portray sensitivity and so that was just simplified and then I found that the smile kind of motif within that this one was really about sensitivity so I thought perhaps these could be shockwaves coming up from the end to kind of almost make it look like a Wi-Fi signal I so that's actually really funny that he brought that up because that was a consideration during design the design process the reason I didn't do that is because I thought it looked like the Wi-Fi signal and that's kind of giving the wrong message there's more for like a like an electronic you know product that I think all right so not putting the 3.4 ounces on the the front is that yes huge miss actually prior to this I did not even know that that was you know then that we had to go in the front but sure enough but like I look around and I just look at some packages on my desk and they all have it right on the front yeah I was huge misty loops now I know that weight has to go on the front of the package all the time as far as the track and goes on the warm work that I do agree with that Chris is ready I probably should tighten that up a little bit far as having type right up against the edge and stuff car data shapes and stuff a big I deal with this design was to keep it looking very clinical and very sterile blues he's aware that Chris used I thought was you know good word to describe the look I was going for I think these kind of design elements that he's talking about a little bit too edgy for lack of a better word and and didn't wear the fits though he did say that that's probably not a solution for this and it's just got and might just been an opportunity for him to teach you know the whole audience something so as far as thinking hang up the lines go they were kind of met more to frame you know this like within it rather than be it you know a primary shape on there it might have looked nice but I my gut reaction is that it the thinner lines are better here alright so I actually like Chris's idea about the rules eating smaller rules to kind of rip the text together instead the ones that spend across the whole thing I'm thinking maybe like the ones that I used you know across the whole span of the line kind of help go to as a clinical pharmaceutical look I'm actually really surprised that Chris hasn't mentioned anything about the the type where the drug effects are because it is very small and hardly legible wants to like when it's printed out I mean you can read it if you if it's close enough but it's super small lines right on the edge and I'm very surprised that Chris did not mention that at all I would have changed that if I did it again I wanted mid found room to make the pie bigger but yeah super surprised that Chris didn't catch that or mention it at all it is challenges fun and I can't wait for the next one okay if you look at the process video where I'm actually cutting up the white paper and then wrapping it around the wrapping around the soap the product to kind of get an idea for the dye line and the dimensions for the design the initial idea was just to have that sleeve the one that I have designed the problem was that I didn't have enough time to print it out and then make a tangible mock-up so I just took a digital soap mock-up create mock-up and then I used that to just display the design and that's where I went wrong maybe if I was able to print it out and then showcase it in the in the way that I had initially intended this part could have been better I'm not saying the there are not no problems with the design like Chris points out in the critique it would have been a little bit better if I had done what I had initially thought the idea was to make the pattern in the color of the soap itself so right now rose water so it's pink if it was mean Tulsi soap it would have been green dark green and then if it was sandalwood it would have been yellow so when I was making the package design itself I had this in mind like you know I want to make a package which reflects different products Accardi natural has in soap lime to recap I wanted just the sleeve and it is my fault that I didn't showcase that then I wanted to make the pattern in the same color as the soap so fragrance so that it was easily distinguishable like which so I didn't even have to read it it's just you look at the color you like yellow and then you pick it up and you're like oh it's sandalwood so that was the initial idea this is the point where my design went wrong maybe I should have given it more time made more versions and not just go with the first one or the best one that I could think of first ones are usually not the best ones the critique itself but it was a real gut punch you know if you look at it without context though I think the design looks pretty good but after Chris brought up points about the communication aspects like the soap itself looks beautiful there are a lot of colors in there and I should celebrate that and not you know wrap around gonna have things around so that I think gave me a real nice perspective that next time around I'm gonna do a ton of research and not half-ass research like I did this time and give it more time to be honest when I saw the critique I can laughs laughing myself like I made this bad like mistake I'm really I'm gonna make sure next time around I don't come off as an amateur and I actually go shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone else in the competition this is absolutely right in everything he has said about the design number one I should have given it more time number two what I initially intended I should have waited a bit long and then showcase it as it was intended number three I should have tried more variations so all in all I think I learned a great deal from this critique and it kinda gave me a new perspective of thinking my decisions through not just you know stick to the first thought that comes to my mind and yeah do a little bit more research thank you Chris for opening my eyes and for that gut punch so to start I felt really really good about the critique everything Chris said was was super fair and just and actually I was really helpful as well sort of bummed I didn't win but you know congrats to Shawn I thought was really well-deserved and so yeah just to address some of the things in video relevant to me I guess in terms of changing the bottle shape I was just completely ignorant to the whole client perspective and you know it cost him more money that's my fault fix that for next time and learn from it the whole redesign kind of got over my head with what I've picked because when I initially walked into the store and I'm walking down the aisles the the first thing I'm thinking is what can I take the farthest how can I add the most value and I'm surprised to see that that wasn't part of the criteria and the thing is just keeping the designs faithful of original and in shelf presence those were things I did I wasn't even thinking about in response to that I'd like to ask Chris if you could give us the the kind of grading criteria or even hints of it in advance so I kind of know what I'm looking for and double-checking along the way throughout the design process he talked about the kind of two marks being three you're right and also um the bit where I talked about not being able to pick between two marks it wasn't so much that I couldn't decide – it was because each served a function and then I thought they would work well together like for example the brush script G be conveying elegance you can easily just do a swirl or some kind of fancy flourish but to me that's like the paul rand quote is a decoration or is it communicating to me if it says gb that's a lot cooler than just being some fancy script the G B monogram conveyed the feeling of rigidity and that it was established so those working in conjunction I think ultimately pulled a really cool combo maybe in the end he is right and that it's it's a little too much and that it's it's a little congestion something he talked about a lot but I know a lot of comments were kind of addressing this completely reworking the brand and how my design really wasn't faithful to the original at all that was intentional but for the sake of this project it's a redesign when I was doing my research I found that they've been around since 1908 that's the established part and the G be monogrammed they're one of the top-selling brands they have a quote beyond ordinary lotion from those three pieces of information I came to Coco's and I'm like okay this is a premium product and they're not selling it to a premium audience to me there was a huge disconnect there my goal was really ok scrap everything that exists now and just start new and maybe that was the wrong decision to do because ultimately it shares no similarity to the original you know product people are walking down the aisles and they see that on the Shelf they're not even gonna recognize it anymore Chris talked about the text being you know a little too small that's just a byproduct of you know me working here on a 5k display with vectors it's like anything feels legible it's my fault and really my bad for not paying closer attention to the prints and pay attention to legibility he also talked about unifying the elements and that there was the three islands and that was super helpful I can feel something was off in the design process but I couldn't really put my finger on it and I didn't know what to really do about it but now that you pointed out I'm like this that's it that's exactly what it was so I I definitely see that it needed that now another thing was the the curved drug facts now that you pointed out it totally doesn't resemble the monogram enough and it just feels disconnected I guess my intention with that was just adds some kind of visual interest I was trying to link it to the B you're right it's just too many ideas I just need to strap down and focus on one and the thing was you talked about the you be reading as a GH oh god I was so boned those during the process I was being very cautious at that and then you said that and I was like ah it's still not good and that was something I worked with for a long time so I'm really bummed I just should have just paid closer attention to that I learned a lot you know I've only been designing for a year and a half just to kind of conclude things I'm still really young grown strong and so for the first time ever trying our packaging design this was really helpful really fun thank you to Chris thanks to mark for editing thanks all those watching as well I'm reading your comments you guys have been you know both positive and negative but I think that some you guys are just super sweet and to hear that you guys that so that the work we're doing is inspiring you guys means just warms my heart it means the world to me thank you for sharing with me your honest feedback guys and I'm glad you guys have the fortitude to take the lessons and the criticisms I've shared with you I'm sorry but I believe this is all on our path to growth and sometimes these things thing a little bit and you can use what you learned in to the next challenge but I'm gonna throw a little curveball because I wouldn't be me if I didn't throw you a curveball get this this is the win without pitching manifesto written by blur ends instead of doing a design challenge I want you to read this book this book is chock full of wisdom about how to position yourself how to become an expert how to sell without selling I want you to read this book top to bottom front to back I want you to learn everything in this book and to apply it to your life how am I going to know that you actually read the book because for the very next challenge we are going to do a game show we're going to do it live on air I'm going to test how many of these concepts you've been able to master winner takes all [Applause]

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  1. Learned something from everybody!!! Frankly, I would have made the same mistake w/ the soap packaging (covered up the whole thing).. I learned something as well today!! Thank you!!
    (old gun talking here… trying to start over w/ this career and I'm super grateful for the insight!! thank you!!!)

  2. I felt Arun's was the best. The khadi soap, being a handmade soap, it does not have sharp features like manufactured soaps. Wrapping up the package would help hide those imperfections when compared with other soaps.

  3. Just an idea…rather than printing the soap color on the sleeve, Arun could have punched flower shaped holes in the label to reveal the product's color.

  4. THIS IS MINDCANDY FOR DESIGNERDSSS <3 keep it coming! Also can we have an opportunity to show you our work and get a critique?

  5. Months late to this series, but I want to point out that although Sharif has a point that it is an over-the-counter transaction for customers, not having a defining mark for the different types of that product will also make it hard for the pharmacists/vendors to identify and sort it themselves. I think even some sort of legible icon, if not a larger graphic in the negative space, would work as a marker and not interrupt his overall design.

  6. Wow! The "Front" and "Back" labels he did at 12:35 were so helpful! I would have easily confused myself whichever side a plain bar of soap is facing. That's a great design process right there!

  7. I loved this series . It was very helpful and informative .

    How can i be contestant of next young gun series ?

  8. 1. I agree 100% – if it's bought in pharmacy then most of the time you're not the one who chooses the product by visuals, you say "I want xyz in spray form" and pharmacist gives you that (if the product is available without prescription on supermarket shelf then it's a different story).
    2. I would never thought of that (original) image as minotaur, it looked to me like some goofy humanized bull-figure which was supposed to symbolise warmth or even burning hot, even when Chris said about minotaur, I'm still not sure if minotaur represents duality or hot/cold – i think that's a stretch. Secondly, if you go on covonia website there's a few images of bulls, same in tv commercial – they never mention minotaur. I think bull is their actual symbol (or they left minotaur and went for bull as it's easier to portray in modern photo/video campaigns) and Connor did a good job here (outlined version looked better tho)
    3. Weight should be on the front, no question about that. Not sure about spacing of the letters, seems ok to me, wifi signal would be cool imo – layout and colors of the design suggest that it's a medical product so i wouldn't say it looks as something electronic-related.
    4. Colors bring a lot to the table, shame it wasn't expressed when showing the project, now it looks way better
    5. I think Chris is right that changing the bottle makes it expensive for the company, but i also agree with Spencer – old bottle was something i would never look at as lotion, looks more like something you use to clean the toilet or other nasty chemical-cleaner. If it should be redesigned – it should be remade from scratch. White version looks way better and fits the luxurious description they seem to identify with, also i didn't notice 3 marks/logos on the front, to me name and framed GB is one symbol, crowded one but still 🙂 Even with the problems of 3 awkwardly spaced blocks, still looks way better than original and does it's job.

    Just my thoughts overall 🙂 Thanks Futur

  9. The GB logotype reminded me of the a chain of supermarkets in Venezuela, called Excelsior Gama. If anyone is curious enough to look it up, you'll see the resemblances. I point this out, because of the importance of doing an in-depth research when doing creative work.

  10. Just turned 17 and going to college in the Fall. I'm a front-end web developer but I tried a bit of graphic design and loved it. After watching this series, I think I'm going to consider going deeper and exploring graphic design some more. Definitely excited for the new episodes! Thanks so much to The Futur for putting this out here for teens to find!

  11. I really like that you give the Young Guns a chance to share their thoughts and reflections on Chris' feedback, it's a huge value-add compared to just having a one-way communication!

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    Cheers 👋

  14. Sharif you should have a spray visual element because not everyone can read so it aids the functionality of the design.

  15. Hi guys,

    I've been binge watching all of your videos and looking at your website. You touch on not having to go to school to become a designer. This is great for me because I didn't go to design school. However, I feel like there's a gap in my knowledge with some of the terminology. Do you guys recommend a design dictionary of sorts? (BTW if you decide to make one yourselves, I'd totally buy it.)

  16. I love how Chris lives out his educational beliefs by challenging these designers in something other than design. This is truly the Skool of the Futur!

  17. This series is awesome !! Would love to see more of this if it is possible. Thanks Chris and the futur team for the content.

  18. How (much) the designer interprets and absorb the critique in front of a global audience, while at the same time having to confront and align with their own egos into making a video response is what makes this design/art critique so wonderful. Truth and real answer are kept open-ended at the same time.

    Great top-tier quality content there, very valuable!

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  22. Love these episodes with designers, the process, the design and the critiques. This is great insight and advice, so thanks to everyone involved.

    I wish my tutors in my final year at university were this helpful!

  23. Again, kudos to the young guns, really! I remember, at that age, I was way more stuck up towards critique, at least in matter of the creative part. Then again, I sorta still am. Meaning, if you consider yourself a designer, it's necessary to stand by your decisions regarding pure layout, if you're able to explain your fundamental motives. I think it's one of the most important things to learn when becoming a designer; knowing when to accept rightful critique, as supposed to dealing with a client who is (excuse my French), full of bullshit, just to have an opinion.
    Other critique like, for instance, the volume of the actual contents (? sorry, I'm not sure how to refer to that in correct English) would be something on the checklist of necessities I'd ask the client beforehand, even for a redesign. Sure, it's pretty obvious for products like these, but I often had completely opposite reactions when considering things like that for a redesign: "no problem" versus "well, of course that's important". I'm not sure about the detailed instructions for this project, but in this particular case, designers aren't pharmaceuticals and, in my opinion, are not supposed to know whether something is obligated or not to include it in the design.
    Being a designer for a long time, self-employed for 2 years, and being aware of my poor skills as a team player, I do sort of miss well-considered opinions of others, that are passionate about equally well-constructed design. But thanks to you guys, I am constantly reminded about the importance of consistency about every aspect of the job. Great work!
    I'm not ashamed to tell you I have other expenses I need to make, therefor I have never contributed to your work, but since I'm starting to notice that picking up and practicing even some of the small bits of your contents is resulting in a better organised and growing designer myself, I look forward to do so in The Futur. Greetings from Antwerp, and thank you!

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