Davie504 Hardest Bass Riff EVER [RUIDO Cover (aka QUINTUPLE CAMERA GUY)]

So this is how i made the Davie504 hardest bass riff ever Wait me a minute. So this is how I made the Davie504 hardest bass riff ever And at the very beginning when I heard this for the
first time I said I cannot play this is too hard for me so I said okay I won’t do it but I saw
that everyone was uploading this and everyone was talking about this and too many
people asked me to do it and I said okay let’s give it a try and some friends
helped me like Darkglass who gave me this okay now I’m a wizard. Darkglass gave me
this this Vintage Ultra pedal to record the riff
and Pablo Massa gave me this BASS. Pablo Massa gave me this BASS. This blue BASS to record the hardest bass riff ever, so now I can’t not do it
I must do it. This is what I did. This is what I did: what? that you expected more cameras no
you have to subscribe I have to like this video if you want me to buy more cameras
what? do you not believe me? why? because I’m laughing? okay you have to try
so I thought that this was harder than I expected I think that wasn’t that hard
am i doing right? because maybe I’m wrong so if I search the Davie504 if I search the David 504 hardest bass riff ever I think is here here yeah
Here I am. *If he still using four camera angles* The pick trick.
yeah *did you see that? the pick just flew…* *In his hand how did he do that?
he’s using hacks* Hacks? No this is a trick This is not HACKS. This is a trick that I
mastered by the years. WHAT? *let’s try* Wait… what? he made the pick trick on rev-
on reverse he made the pick trick during the video on reverse *I’ve five cameras too. Checkmate Quintuple camera guy* *He’s using HACKS. Because it’s easier to play it on a 5-strings. He’s cheating* *Checkmate Quintuple camera guy* *He’s using HACKS* *I’ve five cameras too.* *HACKS* *He’s cheating* *Checkmate* *I’ve five cameras too.* *HACKS* *Checkmate* *O M G* *HACKS* *He’s cheating* *I’ve five cameras too.* *HACKS*

100 Replies to “Davie504 Hardest Bass Riff EVER [RUIDO Cover (aka QUINTUPLE CAMERA GUY)]”

  1. man Fez, the 70's wasnt good to you, bro. i mean you mastered the bass but clearly all that smokin with Foreman did something bad. fucked your hair up too. just sayin. Jacky will never fuck you now.

  2. Holy Crap! I am listening but have skipped right to the comments and can't stop laughing!! EPIC! I might need therapy time 😂

  3. Triple Camera super villain. I love it.

    Also quality content there Ruido! Really! Keep it up, your videos are fantastic!

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