CUTENESS OVERLOAD! β™₯ Drawing My Subscribers | Making Art in Photoshop

So, I just finished drawing three more of my subscribers and I’m very excited to show you how they turned out. So, let’s get into it. First up I’m drawing milkkteaacatt and while I do pick who I draw kind of randomly… This one… I’m just so excited to share it with you. So, I’m gonna play this one first. But their sweet, like, Lolita style and, like, the petticoat is, like, it was just right up my alley and I thought it would really suit my simple jelly bean style, where I draw- it’s almost chibi, I guess you could say, but it’s like, you know, a lot of round shapes. Very simple and pudgy. It’s just a very fun style to draw with and I thought: Oh! I think it would look so cute with what they were wearing. So I decided to draw them in that style. And here we are already on the s- I didn’t do a second sketch layer. Actually, I did a first sketch layer. And now I’m working on the line art and then added the piercings underneath their mouth and their cute hairstyle, like, everything about this image was just so cute and I couldn’t wait to draw it, like, I was so excited that this was the one that got picked, because… It was just right up my alley, because when I did my video about like doing guilty pleasure art: it’s very similar to this. So it’s like: hey! This is what I would draw for myself. So, getting to be able to draw this and have it be a gift for someone is just.. It’s just spectacular! I’m just very, very happy about this. I chose to do the hands kind of like “Meorw!” I don’t know why. It just kind of suit the style. This wasn’t the way they were standing. They were standing like they were holding their skirt up a little bit and it just made me think of this pose. But I also wanted to draw it a little bit… Uhm… Free? If that’s correct? Like they’re not standing on anything in this illustration. They’re sort of floating there. So, I feel like those hands just helped… portray the fact that they’re free and floating. That was kind of the idea behind the hands and I kind of just wanted to try to draw hands that way and see what would happen. So, that was kind of an experiment on my part and then I added their purse as well, which was adorable, like, everything about their outfit was just, oh, so cute. Oh and then there with the hair, uhm… I’m tr- You’ll see there’s some sections of this drawing where I kind of filled in the lineart, like, really darkly. Like, contrasting with some of the thinner line art and that was – I was kind of experimenting with something, because I know inktober is coming up and I do want to try it. But this was kind of an experiment to see: where can I push it? To see where I can add these dark tones without it, like, throwing off the balance of the image and maybe even help the image be more… I don’t know what the word is for that. Just… It’s almost like trying to get away without shading. So I’m just trying to make the lineart more fluid and more expressive, I guess is what I’m trying to say. Anyway, adding in some more color. Their dress was actually very, very complicated and had a very gorgeous pattern. I think it had, like, bunnies on it and strawberries, maybe, but I decided to simplify it just a little bit. I believe that stroke- uh, the stripe around the hem of the skirt had, like, a bunch of characters in it, but I decided to leave it a little bit, you know, just – just a stripe. Sorry, if that’s disappointing. But I do go in at the end and add some more detail to the whole dress. I add some, like, polka dots and, like, hearts. So basically, I didn’t follow the reference exactly, but I sort of made it my own and still represented the original image. Yeah! Anyway here is – I add Oh, actually, I did some color adjusting! I played with the color balance and then here’s where I’m adding a lot more detail cause I’m like: It’s just a little too simple. It doesn’t really quite capture what I wanted to capture. So then I added polka dots and that’s when it started looking like a beautiful strawberry and it was just, I don’t know. It was just so fun and I’m just really happy with the way this one turned out, like the floatiness, the expressiveness and the blush, and the hair, and the colors, and everything in the lineart, like, being that, like, reddish brown. I’m just – I’m very, very happy with this one and I really hope milkkteaacatt likes it. So yeah, thank you for using the hashtag #drawmewiffwaffles and, yeah, I hope you like it! Next up and- I’m not entirely sure how to pronounce their username, but I think it’s pac-ia spam or patch-ia spam. Either way, thank you for entering and I’m very happy to be drawing you! The image that they tagged with the hashtag #drawmewiffwaffles was a very simple selfie and I was very inspired by their hair and the way that it fell in front of their face, so you’ll see in this sketch, like, how exaggerated I’ve made that hair “fwoof” So, I was having a lot of fun with that part of it and the other thing about this image in particular was that her pose was just so relaxed and she was just, you know, sitting there and I was like: I should really try to draw and capture that pose, because I think, especially when I was beginning with art, my poses were very, very stiff, you know. I think most people struggle with that, as I do, and what we end up doing is we try to put space between, like, every body part. So, like, the head has to be, you know, a neck length away from the shoulders, and that’s really not how we see people. Like, in a photo usually if they’re leaning forward a little bit, their head looks like it’s coming out of their chest almost. This one’s not that exaggerated, but it’s something to think about when you’re drawing someone in a more relaxed pose or another thing I used to do when I was just starting drawing people was, like, their arms would never cross in front of their chest or their torso at all. So I would always draw like, you know.. pretzel elbows. [laughs] And when you’re drawing a person in a relaxed pose, like this one, you can see they… the arms sort of just slightly cover in front of, like, the torso and then they go over the legs as well. If I had been drawing this in – well, with pretzel elbows, like I said before, you know, they’d be sticking out more and there’d be that white space between the arms and the torso, which can sometimes be more flattering, I suppose, but it’s really not realistic. So, I decided to take this opportunity to practice that sort of technique and apply it to my own style, you know, without it being super realistic but having those, like, hints of realism. It’s basically why we study references. It’s very important to study references so that you can sort of apply your style to those techniques or those things that we see in real life and it’ll just add that little extra something to your art and really, really bring a more… It’s- I keep saying realistic, but it’s it’s not realism, it’s just adding that hint of what we see in everyday life to our art, that is very exaggerated but when you put those things together, you can get a much more, I feel like, appealing piece of art? Well, no, not appealing piece of art… It’s what I’m going for with my art is what I’m trying to say. I really want to capture, like, a cartoony, but not so cartoony that it’s impossible sort of thing. I don’t know. I’m trying to find that fine point and sometimes I swing too far to the left, sometimes I swing too far to the right. But eventually I’m going to find it and especially with my jelly bean style, like the picture previously, that one is very much [high pitched whoo], like, that is just way over in left-field: very cartoony, but for my, like, main style I kind of, like, try to, you know… I try to play around with it a little bit more. All in all I’m very happy with the way this one turned out. I feel like the face is very, very inviting and, like, the t-shirt looks soft. Oh, and I flip the canvas right there and you’ll see the eyes just look skewed and I had to, like, adjust that a little bit more and, like, tweak those and you’ll see me flip back and forth. It’s very important to flip your canvas, people. Just do it! You’ll know exactly what I’m talking about when you do it. You’ll just see all the mistakes and then you can fix them. So it’s really nice. Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming, and you’re like: holy moly! Like, look at all the things I have to fix! But trust me it’s better in the long run. Anyway, this is the finished version of pachia.spam. Hopefully I’m saying that right. Thank you so much for using the hashtag #drawmewiffwaffles and I really hope the way you like this turned out. What did I just say? that didn’t make any sense, but I hope you like it. And thirdly I’ll be drawing mynameskyra. I’m very excited about drawing this one. Well, I was before I drew it. I’ve already drawn it. What am I saying? My brain. Okay, because they were wearing this, like, big cozy scarf. I think that was even their caption. It was just like “big cozy scarf” and I’m like: heck yes! So, I’m very excited to be drawing this one and they also had, like, those round… circular glasses, which – glasses are always a struggle to draw, but I enjoy that struggle. Like, that’s one of those struggles where I’m like: yes, give me more! I enjoy this challenge. [laughs] So, that is some of the things going through my brain when I was doing it. I don’t think I captured their likeness very well, so I’m not entirely happy with, like, the face. But I had a lot of fun, like, practicing proportions and you’ll see later on, I adjust a lot of the facial features and move them around, trying to get, you know, a more… more – capture their likeness more. That’s what I’m trying to say. And the other thing was with their hair: I’d never drawn hair in this style before or this type of hair before so it was very interesting to, like, learn and practice it and try to simplify it into my style, even though I had never drawn it before. So, that was another thing. So, I basically tried to simplify it as much as possible. So, I thought of it all as, like, one big shape and then I used smaller shapes to try to add small details to, like, try to just represent the shape of the hair and you’ll see, like, their style particularly, like, it had that one section that’s pulled back, so I had to capture that and so that one has a few more of the strokes, because I had to, you know, try to create the illusion… Because art is all about the illusion of something that’s real and I’m trying to capture that, when I’d never drawn that style before. And the other thing is with the scarf: I play around with, like, that shape a lot and I think this is the one that I stick with right there. Oh! And another thing is, like, this one: I didn’t draw, like, a full body or anything. This was a pretty close-up selfie and just like last time when I did drawing subscribers and someone did a close-up selfie, I kind of just captured the face and made it a weird illustrative thing where, like, they had no body. I kind of did the exact same thing with this one, but I was able to play around with that scarf instead of having to play with like super long hair, I played around with the scarf and used it as, you know, a way to end the pose. So, it’s kind of like a bust, but, I mean, there’s no bust. You know, like a sculpture that’s like a bust. I don’t know what I’m trying to say. But I really like the way it looks, so I hope you do too. It was really, really interesting to experiment with, like, the shape of the scarf and, like, not having a body under it, but, like, imagining where the shoulders would be and having that scarf come off of it from there. Then once the lineart was done, I added in some color. The colors ended up being really muted in this. I’m not entirely sure – it wasn’t something I was going for, like, I didn’t think about it going in, but they ended up really pastel in a way. But I do enjoy the colors, but at the very end I kind of tweak it and they become a lot more bold and saturated and I do like the end result better. But right here – Oh, and painting those glasses! That was really interesting! I learned – I don’t remember when I learned this, but I learned that, like, the color gold has, like, undertones of green and it really, really helps capture that gold color, because sometimes when you’re trying to paint gold digitally, you, like, just grab an orange color and you’re like: that doesn’t look anything like gold, even though when I look at gold I see the color orange or brown or one of those things, but adding just that little bit of green really, really helps. And then lastly, all I did was adjust the color balance to try to create a better color scheme throughout, like, the color range that I used, and then added some details to the hair as well, like some extra strands of hair and that was just about it. Uhm yeah, this is the finished version of mynameskyra. I really hope you like the way it turned out. I had a lot of fun drawing this one. And yeah, thank you guys for watching! If you’re interested in having me draw you in a future video, you can use the hashtag #drawmewiffwaffles over on Instagram. I look forward to seeing you over there. Anyway, I hope you all have a delicious evening full of waffles! Bye! [music coupled with cutlery sounds]

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