Customizing my SKATEBOARD!!

today I'm flying LAX to Warsaw Poland yeah I made through security which is good they did Pat me down which was probably probably the best part of this trip so far but you know I'm also gonna show you I made this skateboard that I'm riding through the airport because I'm skater boy this is a 13 hour flight and this is my plane so I'm gonna take off in it and then hopefully land in it's gonna be a fun 13 hours those of you came to see my sink ride an airport grub I will now show you that starting with step one step one is to sand board now I know I'm in the airport right now not here but this board is all sanded and now I have Mod Podge also have newspaper I'm going to Mod Podge newspaper articles onto the deck of the board and just then paste the newspaper on it like I'm now gonna let this dry for a couple hours then yeah I'll see you and I'll yeah see you later ok it has been about like two hours now I have a cup of water I also have a rag then I'm gonna dip in the water and then like you just like you just scrub you go ham I don't know I watched some lady on YouTube do it so I'm gonna do it because I'm also a lady on YouTube this is what we're working with blush just keep going and hope that my plan works now my work um I hope you enjoyed that video because you know put some time and do it I'm also here in Poland look at this place but thanks for watching I hope you enjoyed the video and yeah I'll see you guys next time peace

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  1. Ur art is absolutely amazing.. but honestly ur personality makes these videos even better. Keep doin u Dude! Ur goin places.

  2. Marco are you rich or something cause, wow, u have a lot of shoe giveaways and also I’m a big fan love your videos!

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