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you boys ain't from around here are you where are you boys turn ahead to this town ain't big enough for the two of us now you boys best keep writing a year hey clear I need a haircut holiday July I am doing okay George Benson named George yet my name is George I'm perfect I'm cliff kid you didn't know I know it's right on your shirt there waiter thank you come this go bring something here hey all right take my glasses off thanks Jeff had a hearty welcome yeah just daddy day just gonna work though yes I did there's a hot day cle-cle head oh yeah yeah you feel that if everything was moving everybody got nervous I even got rocked if that living for personal and it she said it it scared him she said to her husband so what are you doing to that cow crystalline hug huh come the couches move him so much didn't realize it we have an earthquake and so far they had two of them it's pretty good orator the last one was like 7.1 then you know all the little minor earthquakes every shop did you fill the retreat over here – yeah I have with me here in our and there's anybody no ball machine uh-huh and that can just rock back and forth Wow but hopefully there's no damage this would be amazing I know it's unbelievable but that Mount earthquake did said the last one it was like but 20 years ago you know in California I was there when they had theirs quake in 94 and so I used to have this train on the desk and the picture on top fell off and it bended my train Wow I wrote down here once I get up there before dent le earthquake is that that's history there yeah because you hit a barber shop in LA right yeah nice relax huh well yeah after hot day work yeah of course a nice place to do that this place is so beautiful just like it's unbelievable barber shop all the western-style barber shops there's one a kind to Jake I sell it or water you know die take some water please so how was your day today mom perfect never find me I enjoy Thank You cliff my hair is pretty long yeah if it gets him long I could be on the band let a bandwagon no like a music band I know well the ladies love it said George I love you here I want you here cuz I love your blonde they keep saying to me we wouldn't leave the top a little long ok ok cuz we can camouflage a lot keeps your hair is very long so I'm alright I'll cut it the way I think it should go that's good if you wish afterward we'll change it ok ok you're the expert a lot of years I don't know about the insulin but I have a license to practice they get it I get it's true one thing about my job when you run out of here you know it's time to stop oh that's true that wouldn't be good no but you could just cut so much I know your job would never stop if you always beat haircut oh hey good joy now goes by beautiful Hey you a drag the new and feces everywhere you'll I know I've tried to kill the peeper the rat in this technically I came to cook her and I resisted pickle and I necklace rather than can be played time to mutate and hair without lying this player and we keep the expired go ahead one fella very common that here that your super place that's outside the trouble is sometimes it's hard to play somebody is here allow me to cut the hair on YouTube and then I've got to get the video man here ready to head get it together same time and it's really quite pitiful so I try to do the best I can I remember one time feedback I got this mascara couldn't look better sometimes when people had like alopecia areata with his bonus and spots and patches and I was dark enough to spin to where I then can comb the hair over the mascara that was kind of like a little bit about top coverage the ball clock so what I did with that and then put it on people here hey my senses though they could keep the transition of how the hair color might look better on them as far as dyeing the hair but rather the either here this would be disco and artificial thick to simulate what it would look like so what I think we'll do then go ahead and put this mascara on your monster Duncan little bit over your budget well we can diet you know if you don't then because to wash it out or if you warm with it or not you could put it on some time to time without having a dryer boy thing is you gotta be careful when you read or something you don't want to wait too hard because in essence will get a little discolored and of course you gotta be careful what lady am i kiss you know that's true you know leave your mark on her boy I'm tell you what he was just say you're the Mark of Zorro I like that one I'm keeping Zara yeah I make you look a lot younger too but always after you cut the hair like this you have to use a scissor be enough to hair maybe here nice day today big day today like the holy bleep dude yeah perform live play no I might play match the later how I kill to having say a day I don't think the day has anything to do with anything is she how we label things the descendants into the disco ball honey but they did not see The Tempest don't start going up we can look at some rain I might get cloudy but at least it would get rain let's put you to the mirror the mirror tells us everything throughing that even huh well it doesn't look like you had too much of a haircut yeah Geordi no it's just super long let's don't look a lot better now but that top sugar and fill in really nice I know you got to catch them with it too okay no going around again when you think if we change the part George how do you feel about that I would like to do that change it I don't know I'm just just tries getting ways now with all those people watching the video I would like to ask them which way you would look better went apart on the left or the right but I seriously don't know how they'll be able to answer so quickly now that would be technology hi George that's true because every hair falls difference no we have to have some kind of a push button and we need to what we can you know hear what people have to say which way you're more comfortable with it's usually to the right when yeah all right now that looks good I use a coma to the right about it no you come at the other way yeah no that's fine too joy I mean it could someone is here not too many bruises yet now George no so I'm going to get the razor and kind of lock it in for it okay okay that's when this water sound like a rude duck it does my scooter like a duck when I go like this sometimes they seem like the shorter you make the size too full of the top looks because it's like being shifted when reacting those are the top so they're the size of Kihei me down here because that looks pretty good filled with like giving you haircuts in here yeah that's true it's been a while because they had a haircut well then that's good then you kept changing for two haircuts right right well I'll tell you what you pay me for the next heritage and this one and then you don't have to come back no more how that just sounds pretty good oh okay good dinner I don't think you know what a good guy George you know about the address for the children yes what I do I use my level for the feel of how close I want to make it mustache but the pitch is really all the intent of making it too long or too short so what I do I just go straight straight down and if I think I should look a little closer but after you get experienced then you can do the pitches I always like that a bluff neckline rather than the taper he's just always been my preference how I would one over my family goes out natural yeah yeah but that you know here on the right but since is and that nasty little troll right there good no charge now when I heard this law could curl my hair up America fear yeah George and a lot where you can't have all those by yourself in here there this you know some people think you know that you don't have a good haircut unless it has a clean shave around the year you know ready well my expression is if you don't look good at least you walk out smelling good that's true what I'm doing now George I'm drying your hair but I'm also back combing to give it lift and height because this is nine comas because each row represents one cone a little higher for some people well you can just take one comb continue George okay boy here George and I got more here and that looks nice looks beautiful you're welcome I've got a question to ask you clearly in the fussing gloves over there is that somebody famous yeah it actually kind of a very long time I really came to manage me they gave me a CDL whole bunch years ago so they actually sitting in the back so when my guys had creatures shot and decided to take it out but I have to look to see the name again because it's really a difficult name I think it has about 16 letters to the name Wow so I can't pronounce that name no I really have a hard time just a lot enough stuff in here thank you very much it's my play in your walk home Thanks stairs All Right see you later but hey later thank okay and thanks for watching and tuning in and subscribing to cliffs barber Corral I'm getting closer to 10,000 so we're gonna have to have that giveaway scissors so I think we need about 750 more subscribers and I really hope you enjoy my work to them I'm trying to show people how I cut hair and thank you again and have a blessed everything bye for now you you

49 Replies to “Customer Happy- Cliffs Barber Corral Tutorial 25”

  1. It is very enjoyable watching you interact with this customer, Cliff. I hope you can have him on your channel again soon, he seems like a real genuine guy.

  2. Im a big fan of your channel. I was wondering though if one day you can post a video of doing some kind of fade. It would be awesome to see.

  3. Hi Cliff, if i'm ever your way, I will be poping in for a haircut. Might I say that I love how you treat your customers, you put a lot of people at ease and always give them a great haircut and finish. I've been watching since day one, so please keep going. You rock mate.

  4. Great as always!! Good luck with the 10k subscribers!! Love from the land of tir na nog 🇮🇪 xx ✂️

  5. Would love to meet Cliff for a hair cut, Good work Cliff keep posting them videos fella 👍 Regards from across the pond, Ricky

  6. Hi! Clif, if you live stream your hair cuts you'll get the viewers input instantly , like you would say the "push button".

  7. Greetings. .Cliff's, I am a subscriber to your channel. you may not know I am a Master barber as well. ..I walked away from barbering due to having to cut the hair of several family members terminally diagnosed with different stages of cancer. I feel that after seeing how you interact with all of your patrons it's truly spiritual. Well, I am looking forward to return to barbering soon Master Cliff's "☆…maybe one day our paths will cross brother. …God bless you. ..Walker.

  8. Another great one buddy. Lovely chap in the seat. You do amazing work. I wish we could put you up for an award. All these yrs making people very happy. Some humanitarian award. I will check it out. I would love to chat to you . Keepwell my friend remember cliff you mean so much to people. Pj Edinburgh Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  9. Can't quite put my finger on George. Really nice guy but kinda makes me feel uncomfortable. Throws off this video for asmr for me.

  10. Hello from Maine! If i ever get out there i will see you for a haircut and a beard trim! Always learn something about being a barber when i watch you. Thanks

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