Custom MacBook!! 💻 🎨 (Giveaway Winner)

[Applause] before the video starts um I think it's I think it's appropriate to say we out here we are out here because if you want to know how he would check just check we out here I did um you probably know what the video today is because you clicked on it I'm customizing my macbook whoops it's already done like I did it it's that's all you can see that's it nope um last thing before this we get into it I gotta give a huge shout-out to myself yeah shout to myself if you want to check me out on Instagram snapchat and I have Twitter now it'll be right there so um yeah that's kind of it sorry also the easy giveaway that's gonna be announced at the end of this video like the winner I got the idea for this custom MacBook um from a guy all my comments actually he said you should customize the MacBook I said okay and now that's that's what we're gonna do now so I hope you enjoyed this customization I'll see you guys after [Applause] oh why – the why bro are you on your laptop when we're at the beach come on Tom do you want it do you do I mind misinterpreting something oh I mean it's like it's wait guys you can see a laptop turn I I did it last shuttle and show me the laptop that is fire I just um you do your thing the beach does not need you 35 miles outside but I'm gonna I'm gonna head so you you stay there first of all let me just start by saying I hope you were satisfied with that because that's kind of my goal you know you know here it is whoo sorry for the glare but vacations going pretty good for those of you who care and for those of you don't care vacations going good and I have some cool things in my brain planned out mapped for the future if you're new to the channel I openly inviting you to subscribe I also openly invite you to listen to the next three seconds because I'm gonna announce the the easy giveaway winner the winner for the easy giveaway is Samira si mi RA egg topped underscore a so if you are Samira dollars for a then you won the easy thing for the 500 thousand to you that alright don't worry next upload video coming let me just sneak peek baby a custom air force for some reason out here in Europe like I don't know if it's all countries but air force in where I buy my footlocker and then freakin San Marcos whatever 90 bucks normal here they were like 140 bucks like that's a pretty penny for a pair of Air Force anyway um I hope you guys enjoy the video you would like if you enjoyed this video yeah me and my me and my cool up custom laptop are probably gonna go eat dinner at the buffet here cuz it's if you guys want to see the food I eat tonight would she probably don't care so if you don't care about that goodbye I'll see you next time but I myself enjoy watching food videos I don't know if that's me let's uh let's go eat baby

22 Replies to “Custom MacBook!! 💻 🎨 (Giveaway Winner)”

  1. You are an amazing YouTuber keep the great work going. I have an idea on the next video. It’s ok if you don’t like it but I was thinking customizing a ps4 or a Xbox!.

  2. That steamy ending 😂
    Also, not 100% sure, but I heard you can get some sort of tax refund on purchases in Europe

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