Creative portrait photography using one studio light.

I'm gonna show you how we can get
creative and what you can do with one light. There's no harsh shadows
underneath the eyebrows and underneath the nose. As soon as we get to a dark
studio and we can bring that really strong defined shadow across the shot. We have no modifiers on the light that is it that's as raw as it can get with a
studio lamp. Focus, that's lovely and that's great! Yeah, beautiful, okay so look at that,
fantastic result there with just that single Octabox and that lovely diffused
shadow. We've got this sort of beauty triangle where the light is wider and
then it narrows down to the chin. This is a backlit shot – okay… But it is
a backlit shot with a difference. We often get a lot of comments about how I find it difficult to be creative in my small studio space, I find it hard to
control the light in a small studio space but this particular lighting setup
would work equally as well in a small studio space because you're controlling
the light spill. Here demonstrating the overall soft lighting of working in a
small room with a bare bulb light. The light is very close to her, so again the
light falls off very very fast so when I bring the background closer background is brighter, when I take it further away, immediately it becomes a lot darker… here back on this side a little bit that we have to light, shaping the face.

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