Creative Photography Projects: Disposable Camera #3

welcome for those that have been
following along my name is noe and I’m a photographer here in Seoul South Korea
now I’ve been doing this kind of side project involving these disposable
cameras now some of you have actually never seen these which makes me feel
quite old these are old film cameras you can buy them you can use them and after
you’re done with them you turn them in you get them developed and they throw
them away but you get your pictures now what I wanted to do was give these
cameras to different students around Seoul students that have never held a
camera before and just let them take pictures to students
I already did two videos on to students pictures they’re much older one of
them’s in high school one of them was first year in middle school and I just
got back maybe another three cameras so one more
camera we’re doing today is actually from a sixth-grade student it’s girl the
camera I have an eye in my hand is from a fourth grader no way from a fifth
grade boy and today I got a camera from a fourth grade gross so there’s only one
camera out there left is from a from a third grader and there’s actually one
more camera where I haven’t really heard from the person ever again it’s from a
high school student but you know what these kind of things happen but I’m
still pretty excited anyways I gave him these cameras they shot
around the city they gave them back to me when they finished and after this
whole project thing is over I’m going to print out some of the best pictures and
I’m going to have them print it and put on the wall kind of a little small art
exhibit at a local cafe so the students can come and visit with their parents so
without further ado let’s go over some of the pictures that
this sixth-grade growth took now I did get a sneak peak when I was transferring
over the files to my phone but you know what I tried not to the first picture we
have is actually well I told her she could take a picture of anything she
wanted preferably avoiding people because I don’t know if they want me to
show them but here is a man maybe it’s her father it looks about
that age out there in the mountains it’s an alright photo you know next wait who
is that wait maybe that was for uncle and this next couple is her parents my
guess is that uncommon there’s a lot of hiking here in Korea
because you’re sick mountains everywhere so that’s pretty much what there is to
do you know and given that they’re smiling I figure there is some level of
familiarity between them so it’s a nice photo ah actually this is a really good
picture like this is the kind of picture I would print they’re kind of backlit
but there’s still enough ambient light where you can see their faces so I
really like the scenery I really like how there are the kind of pose and
sitting so this is a good picture I like that that’s gonna be pretty for sure
next photo looks like the first guy for the beginning maybe it was a brother of
movies or uncle I don’t really know but it’s alright it’s a little too far
I think but who am I to criticize really here we have another picture it looks
like the same guy back with the kind of suits so I’m not really good at
critiquing you know people always ask me to critique their photos like I’m
someone worthy of critiquing them I already have a video explaining why I
don’t like commenting on people’s pictures or critiquing them because
basically I’m not qualified even though do I am a professional but that’s that’s
check out the video if you want to know why I don’t go around critiquing
people’s pictures with the exception of my students here it looks like they’re
uh well it’s a monument I would like to see a little bit more of their face you
know you’re closer you can see their expressions but then if you’re closer
you probably won’t get the monument in the photo it’s actually more composed
you can see the whole thing so she’s got the fundamentals going here’s another
picture again I would have kind of zoomed in with your feets now there’s
always this big debate about like Prime versus zooms and personally I think it’s
just a bunch you know I think it’s a bunch of that you know it’s just just
take a photo you know don’t really matter too much maybe this is her
grandpa it looks that way she puts the people in the middle a lot
well she doesn’t know about the rule of thirds but we’re not really gonna go
into that you don’t always need the rule of thirds
I think it’s an okay photo like this photo is like more of a close up and I
like this much more because you can see like the expressions and the mom and the
dad and you get some of the scenery and she is following the rule of thirds here
so it’s actually good photo I would print it too and yeah they’re different
they’re this decently exposed maybe just a little bit of tweaking with the light
but white balance in Lightroom oh and here is the same photo but with a flash
so these cameras actually kind of have a self flash like they flash by themselves
if you’ve never used one I used to use them a lot when I was a high school
before I got my first camera I would use these a lot and they were cheaper back
then back then you had like the one hour photo but now since they’re getting rid
of the film development’s sometimes it takes a week or two to get your film
back so it really sucks well in the States because I live in Korea now I
could still do it here fastly but I like this picture with a flash much poor
much more this next photo of her parents is okay no I would’ve liked to seen it
more closer but I also like the scenery here we have maybe her uncle and her
grandpa it’s alright you know I wish I could see your Grandpa’s eyes looking at
the camera here is the shots with the sunset and her mom using a flash
actually this is a good picture you know so many people fail at taking a decent
picture like this like they’ll take the picture of the sunset but the mom will
be like really underexposed like tomorrow you can even see her or the
model will be exposed and the background will be like all blown out you know most
of the time you watch all these YouTube channels and they always telling you to
buy the latest the greatest camera or the greatest lens the best thing you can
actually do is buy some decent lighting you know buy a softbox by an LED lights
or buy a flash even the cheapest ones will make way better results in the most
expensive camera and lens so that these come with built-in flash and you think
it fires automatically so already she takes better pictures and most people
out there because most people water can’t even use a flash like everyone’s
afraid to use it ah now we have a photo just with the
landscape and are you probably going to print this you know you may not know
this but I’m actually I started off as a landscape and cityscape photographer
like I have a lot of videos about landscapes and cityscapes on my older
channel I’m gonna I’m gonna move them to this channel because there’s got a lot
of information for some people who come to saw and want to know about these
places it’s another shot with her mom and her grandpa we’re gonna that one’s
okay I like this one much more the one were like kind of kind of padlet but a
Lango and it’s kind of golden a shower it looks like this was a
sunrise like maybe they spent the night on the mountain like in a cabin or
something they’ve got sunset or or maybe they got there early in the morning and
they were just getting like the first sunrise
that’s that might be it but we saw the other pictures and they were there in a
day time so it’s kind of hard to tell to be honest maybe their pictures are
just all out of order you know when they get unprocessed I like this photo we
have another beautiful landscape and oh there’s there’s an s-curve you know for
those of you are into composition and landscape you got blouson USS that’s
really really well done I mean I don’t think that was her intention but it’s
quite beautiful I always liked looking at s lakes and rivers no it’s just just
landscape photography thing she even cut off most of the trees on the bottom like
that’s that’s some good shit so she’s got the eye for it we’re gonna print
down for sure – here’s another pictures more of the same another photo or this
time she did the rule of thirds just goes to show that just after some
practice with the camera you naturally start doing these things and she kind of
cut off their shoes but not by very much this is actually more like a rangefinder
camera so uh so maybe she wasn’t trying to cut off the shoes but she couldn’t
see she you can’t really tell with these like she might have framed that like
perfectly we’re not cutting off the feet but then just a little bit of range cuts
it off so she’s doing good it’s another shot with the mom and her
grandpa Darwin’s all right another one for Mom
I wonder if she just kind of hurried up and used up the film camera cause it was
it was she had it for like two or three months so either way she’s got some nice
shots and it’s good to see what she’s doing shot of her grandpa on the path
it’s alright I would have moved to counter a little bit more like
the path closed up it’s okay and that was the last one so yeah like I said I
have a few more of these cameras coming up this is all out-of-pocket expense for
me like I don’t know how much these cost in the states anymore but each one cost
like $15 in Korea so if you do the math how many cameras are given out three
four five six maybe like seven right cameras each one at $15 each and then to
get them developed is another six dollars and then to get the prints each
prints like twenty dollars but I’m not gonna print every picture just my
favorite ones so you know sometimes we tend to want to spend a lot of money
like on lenses or cameras or gear but it helps to spend your money on more
artistic things like this cause like uh at least two of the people that are
given these cameras to now have now enjoy photography you know because uh
one of my students because one of them was my students I gave her my Fuji x100s
cameras like a thousand bucks but I know she’s making good use of it now I
wouldn’t have just given it 20 random person I gave it to her because I knew
she was generally interested and she tried to take photos and she’s also one
of my models so yeah you never know what you can do you know once all this is
said and done I’m going to buy a few more of these and kind of place them
around the city with my address and just message to take photos or whatever you
want and we’re done mail it to me probably not many people are gonna mail
it to me but I’ll be happy if I get one camera back and I don’t mind spending my
money on that kind of thing you know because I’m not really a expensive
person like I don’t go around buying expensive fancy things or clothes or
food just enjoy photography anyways see you
around and be sure to leave some comments or something you know that kind
of thing peace

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  2. Cool project. Would also be fun to see how you would edit these photos to bring out the most from the picture in your own style. Then perhaps have another photographer edit the same kids photo(s) to see the combined work of 3 different people and how perspective and taste drive the final outcome. Perhaps give the a couple shots back to the kids as a thank you for participating.

  3. Remember when Kai did that too when he worked at Digital Rev and was still, let's say, amusing.
    They gave the most worst camera's to famous shooters and they all made some great shots with those cheap or childish camera's
    All the prove, camera's are just a tool and a good Photographer is not related to an expensive of state of the art, camera !

  4. Bro u talk about critiquing… give some helpful advice back instead then friendly critique… tell them how thry can improve there composition or horizon lines… its doesnt have to be indeph and mean… critiquing will help thrm get better… thats how people get better…

    what looks good to one may not look good to another….

  5. I really like this project, but the one thing I never liked about disposable cameras is, well… the disposable part. Seems like so much waste to me (and I'm really not the "greenest" person myself). Plus, they're actually expensive – I found a lot of old point&shoot cameras for an Euro or so at flea markets and thrift shops and have a drawer full of these just because they were there… I'd prefer giving those out – for both financial and ecological reasons. 🙂

  6. I'm a simple man, I hear Noe I hit like button. It's great what you're doing for the younger ones, you never know to where and what interests it might lead to!

  7. its quite maybe lets say "under rated" how beautiful film could look when done right, it feels so rewarding.
    could you enlighten how much "dynamic range" films have? you mention you want or would print that beautiful landscape with the nice colors, im guessing with film the dark areas will stay dark and make a nice silhouette to add to the composition of the image.

    yes , i would love to learn more about city or architecture photography.

    those are disposable? that means you cant add new film inside? when you buy it, it just comes ready with the film already inside?

  8. "some of them maybe never saw a camera like that"… I laugh and then realize you are right… Feel old too now 😂

    Nice project ! I want to do some things like that, but my Chinese is not enough good now… 😅
    You teach what? Photography ?

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