Creative Photography: Kodak Disposable Camera #2

for anyone that’s new here I’ve been
doing a film project with disposable cameras basically I gave them to
different students around Seoul City and I told them to take any picture that
they wants when they finish they return the film
camera to me and I develop them and then we see what can I picture someone who’s
never been told about composition or who’s never used the camera film camera
in their life we want to see what kind of pictures that I can take well I got
the second camera back and actually there’s also been a development because
I talked to a coffee shop nearby about possibly hosting a small gallery and
once this project is all said and done then we’re gonna have the pictures of
the students all over the wall so they can visit with their families and my
school also got involved and we might have a second kind of exposition in the
school so there’s that it’s been getting along pretty nicely so I decided to give
more cameras to more students despite the fact that these are out of pocket
for me anyways let’s look at the second students pictures this student is in
middle school the first picture and I know she went to New York so these
pictures are from New York and not gonna lie they look pretty good
so we got good composition there and a little bit of lens flare I like that I
like the second picture but instead of being like an Instagram filter this is
an actual disposable camera was a little kind of faded look and she’s got that
composition down like and I mean she’s got borders on the side with the
buildings so it looks like she’s developing pretty well and she’s doing
this all by herself we have a close-up it’s more clear less faded this is real
good shot I mean I think they’re both really good shots next picture it looks
like maybe she was on some kind of observation deck Iraq I actually don’t
know New York very well I’ve never been there
so I think that’s where it is so lots of landscape shots they’re all
quite nice I think this one is similar this one is kind of following the rule
of thirds maybe subconsciously like you can see the cities on the lower third
and she wanted to get more of the sky in there actually if I look at all these
pictures they do kind of have some kind of composition to them we just kind of
surprised because I don’t think she knows any of this stuff it just goes to
show that your eyes are just more naturally drawn to this kind of thing so
I like this downtown shot very much we have a shot looking up at the sky it’s
pretty good not gonna lie I would have liked to seen this at night or in the
blue hour but she’s got good framing skills like
here we go we have a second shot same thing I think this student has more of
an eye for photography I think like she has good potential
she likes geometry a lot she likes tall buildings this is good stuff like this
this these photos are better than some of the things I see on Instagram I’m not
gonna lie it looks like we have here Metro shots quite possibly
so they’ll fade it there’s not a lot of light down there but she managed to get
a nice good shot next picture is all right it’s the other side of the
building looks like there’s some construction going on ah this looks like
a picture that you would see in a postcard and I can see where probably
caught her eyes I spot one two three four five six different American flags
seven there are seven flags in one picture maybe that’s what caught our
attention but it looks very scribe beautiful this is a real good picture
like there is a kind of picture I think would
win some kind of competition just like my opinion straight out maybe some of
you might want to Prince I don’t know how ask her if she wants to do Prince
you know and give her what comes of it but that looks really good
we have a continuation more flag so maybe maybe New York just has flags
everywhere right I haven’t been to a big city in the States in a long time so I
have no idea what it’s like anymore but she’s got competition competition down
and she’s got good borders and she’s got good subject matter we have here kind of
a cathedral very cool looks like a lot of people
there like I said I don’t know about New York but seems like probably a tourist
hotspot but she managed to take a very fine photo so this this photo is quite
good actually all of them have been really good and she hasn’t put her
finger in front of the lens but I kind of liked that with the first student oh
that’s kind of cool you know but these pictures are really good and like I said
it’s better than most of the things you see on Instagram better than most of the
photos you see on YouTube yeah so there’s lots of building so we have
talked buildings in Seoul but not to this kind of degree like that’s not that
many so maybe I mean we do have many but not so dense it’s kind of weird to say
because so is pretty dense but like there actually aren’t that many
skyscrapers together you know so I think that’s what’s getting to her we have a
nice picture of the streets with lights well composed and our eye is just
naturally drawn to the to the street signals so she’s got all kinds of things
going on he’s got leading lines she’s got symmetry rule of thirds Wow
they keep in mind is like someone who’s never shot before just shooting next
picture it looks like well I forgot what the name is copper like that maybe Times
Square I don’t know oh yeah this is right there 220 times square so this is
during the day time very cool never been there myself this is
instagram-worthy more than instagram-worthy I mean these
will make I think all these pictures would make nice prints to be completely
honest I mean you don’t even need to post process the more anything they’re
just good and they all follow some kind of symmetry or some kind of rule not
perfectly you know it’s not like not like a seasoned photographer where
everything is just like perfectly aligned and everything’s like perfectly
symmetrical but she’s got some kind of sense of that without of ever using a
camera you know so she’s got potential you know I like this photo is another
good picture of what I I think is Times Square that the main subject matter are
the buildings without cutting off too much at the bottom so these are all
really fine photos we have another shot most of them for almost all of them are
really well composed and there’s like no there’s no doubt what is the subject
basically like right now we got our eyes are all drawn to the central building
and other crowds are going towards it lots of flags good stuff next picture
continuation of that it looks like she found something she likes so she just
taking about more than one photo to kind of get the one she wants most here this one is alright no whoa I personally
I don’t like so much empty space but it works out very well here especially your
eyes just drawn to the truck but also the sign here we have another shot
yeah it’s actually really well done it’s all really well done like she she knows
how to hold a camera despite not having a third one and you have like good
geometry going on you know so there’s good stuff like this better than my date
stuff you know I think I’m not very good taking daytime photos here is so and
this is quite lovely I mean you got all the clouds in the sky is this like a
perfect day is really hard to find days like this and so but during the rainy
season you get lousy so this is quite nice also a postcard worthy next one is so yeah that’s it for the second
students photos I thought there are really good like big difference but I
gave out a few more and four more to go with it so they’re gonna take some time
but once all this is said and done I’m gonna go back and choose like my three
or four favorite of each student we’re gonna have like a little gallery for
them getting by the parents and they can come and check it out and also do
something together with the school so this is the kind of stuff I like doing
and I hope there’s people out there who are interested in what I’m doing maybe
have a daughter or a son or someone and you can just get them with a suppose
with camera and let them go free it’s cool to see what I don’t want to say
taint it in but you know like if you go to art school all your ideas gonna get a
wash because like you just imprinted with the ideas of your professor and the
nice thing about this is I can see what the students see like
without being tainted by us dots you know trying to tell them what to do and
that’s one reason I never do critiques for other people were hey can you check
on my photos tell me what you think how can I get better I don’t do that
just because I want people to develop their own style you know anyways have a
good one our see you

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  2. Bro if you come to NYC, I gotta be your tour guide haha. I think I know where most of these were shot. These photos are cool mate.

  3. Would you tell me musics name from todays outro? Finding it on the creators website would take a while :'D Also Im kinda curious how you found them^^

  4. Really interesting project: nice to see how total beginners cope with framing without anyone telling them "how to do", especially since here they only have an optical viewfinder to work with instead of a telephone screen

  5. She has a lot of potential, I hope that she keeps doing it, sure she would become an amazing photographer. It's absolutely amazing what you're doping here Noe 🙂

  6. That was cool! Great shots and love that natural film color. I've been shooting film all week. Just got them back today. Will start working on the video.

  7. Man, this is really making me miss NYC! My parents started me on a disposable camera when I was 5 or 6 and I've been shooting ever since! It was so much fun to look through those 5×7 prints after they were developed.
    Back then, I remembered every image I took.

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