[Applause] so today I'm gonna do some indoor photography even though looks bright outside the window it's not believe me bit windy bit wet so the theme is continuing where the weather is concerned and I got a DVD which I'm gonna use some food photography some water drops and I'm going to use this little beauty hair my rhinox microscopic lens and 250 now this little beauty here it relies on manual focus on a macro you a Deonte macro lens and you've got to con and manually focus so because of the depth of field isn't there it does involve some of the focus stacking and this time I'm going to do it on a try part I know I've been doing some handheld ones outside but that is purely because I don't want the insects fur flying off before I've got all set up and I do try better than sometimes it works out sometimes it doesn't but with these subjects with the UH peppers and your water drops on your DVD they're not moving so I can take the time and just get it just so hopefully so should we get on with it come on then it's to me so with this pepper I'm going to start focus at the forefront and work my way back manually so I'll just get this opponent on my screen my live view screen here so you can see what I'm doing right let's put them there we go if you can see I'm focusing here right at the front sorry for my fingers bit blurred and then I'm going to focus slightly just weeny tiny little bit and focus back into the depth of the shell there and I have got my rain ox 250m on so we'll see how that goes and there'll be plenty of images to take but I'm going to put bump the f-stop up to 18 because the higher the depth of field with God the less images you're gonna have to take oh hopefully without any aberration or diffraction or anything like that so we'll see I've got it on my lowest ISO of a hundred so let's just skip show that Oh got it oh no I haven't give you little liar I've got an ISO of 100 and it's doing me a shutter speed of two frames per second and I'm on f-18 so I'm gonna probably take four five six I don't know maybe ten images and see how that all goes and then what I'm gonna do just for a comparison is take the the Ray knocks off and just do a kind of an overall shut off the pepper so you've got one with really close close up with their little seeds pips inside and the overall kind of look of the pepper as well so it's quite obstruct image but it could be a theme for a kitchen wall or something like that so one against each other I've actually done a peppercorn before now with the super magnification and the peppercorns look really quite nice with their indentations than their lines and everything and yeah I mean it's only very very tiny out so I'm sure you can imagine with a peppercorn but it's quite nice to have as a car in your kitchen or something with a bit of salt rock salt there as well bit of a chef's theme going on if you like so yes let's get on with this I'll speed up this next bit while I'm taking them because it's going to get boring otherwise put it on timer put it on Tyler and increase your image size size by the plus on your live view and manually make sure it's all on manual settings and just manual focus okay when you're happy with that and if you can do your touch screen do you touch scope screen because that will do the two second timer as well change the focus points so that you've got all different focus points I have got focus peaking on this camera but it's not very good really I have tried it and it's it's not good at all so hence the manual focus ducking so try and get the inner part as well now some of it is sponsor you've taken it all because you've got different different focus areas once you'd stacked them you will find that you'll have to crop quite a bit out when you align them so the bits where you really want to make sure you've got them in your image make sure they kind of in the sender bit so you've got that crop flexibility afterwards so in total I've taken 15 images so that's going to take a wild process through Photoshop but I'm going to take this sum this off no the adapter off and we'll have a go at doing is just overall kind of image as well send them we'll have a little look at some water drops and a DVD so that's B that's a bit different normal so you know what they say variety is the spice of life so make the most of it so I've taped my reinecke 7/2 and 250 off and Composition even though it's closed up it still does matter with things like this because there's certain parts of the pepper that you want the texture to be defined better than the rest of it and there's these little kind of elements coming off the seeds where that they do count and where they're positioned and the semi-circular bitter of the actual outer outer pepper where that's kind of positioned it all matters in it all counts so just just have a mess about with I mean it's take me quite a while to set this up I know I know it seems silly just a pepper but it does just do you good to have a little mess about with the positioning of it all so we'll see how that goes and also also because with the rain ox m and 250 because you have higher magnification you do find that you have to take more shots with it because you haven't got the higher depth of field with a higher magnification so with this off now I probably won't have to take so many images so I'll just go through that again and as before manual so set your room set your lens under manual set the camera onto manual as well and make sure you two second timers on and put your live view on because that's handy as well and when you just increase the size of the image so that when you focusing manually you know you've got the detail there and just reduce the size again when you're happy with it and then just click and that's it and just carry on until you're happy that you've got the the correct amount of any images where it's got all of it in focus and then it's just case of folk house the focus stacking and Prost's knitting version of shops so yeah if you don't think so got my rain axe macroscopic attachable lens on em 250 again so I'm going to take some really closeup defined images focus stacked again of this DVD and you've got the spectrum of colors kind of coming on to it and that will be quite interesting an interesting quite arty abstractive photo and the light on it is really vivid so although the color of the rainbow and and I'm a bit dangerous today I've got a little bit of a needle here it's quite a big one isn't it so better be careful I promise haven't been doing anything else with it so yes I'm just gonna put these water drops on the on the DVD get up there a bit closer see they're all can get some random ones some small some large different sizes yeah you can get these syringes our famous on the quiet cheap really and sometimes I do a little bit of puts them up there as well some flower for toffee so let's see so yes I'm well practiced with this well practice with these syringe so don't worry well not practice them out even with anything else but flower and dbg kind of raindrop ii stuff so yeah we'll put those on very carefully colors are coming through quite nicely so we'll see okay finished with the dangerous objects now put that down somewhere where the doc can't get at it over here okay now I'm just going to put upon the string what I've got in front of me so you can see what I'm doing and as I said I'll be I'll do one with rhinox attachment and without so you can see the differences again but this kind of thing I suppose you could have it in a you know I don't know in a bedroom when it went next door to his stereo something like that and DVDs at the end of the day they're they're just they're gonna be a retro thing aren't they because they they're just they just won't be there eventually everything will be kind of downloadable online and it'd be something good for their kids and grandkids when they get older what's that well you can let them know but well they'll probably think or what what's their what's the little drops of water about but yes so I'm just gonna put this upon the screen on my um so you can see what I'm doing and all week for this bits there you go so you can see what I'm trying to aim for with this and we'll try and get these water drops focus a bit more on a different F point on my video so yeah can you see colors are coming through quite nicely there's some real nice huh sleek pink colors there but on the images that probably be a bit more vivid so yes let's get on with that as I say yeah I will put it at a bit of a high F point so that I've got two higher depth of field so less images but some when I've got the rhinox off I'll probably won't need as many images again because it's so it's not so close up so let's see how pretty this looks at the end let's carry on put it back on there just just for a little hint as well when you're on live you the eyes shutter if you can the eye piece here it needs to be closed because you can actually get some exposure through this piece so that will help towards the images exposure as well so yeah and as before just let me just reposition this so it's in the place that I want it to be where it's showing all of the colors as well and I'll probably twist it around and do the other side as well so yeah timer again beautiful colors beautiful the actual edge of the DVD in as well so people actually know what you're taking an image off under this close-up they probably won't really but some it's just such a good service to do this on with the spectrum of colors but I'm going to plot away with this snare plot away plot away and there's probably gonna be some if it's a dust on this that will show up because she's so close up oh this is impossible to get rid of all the dust bits but I mean just you just spot healing brush in Photoshop to just dot around and get rid of those little bits of dust to wear just to make the image a bit clearer and crisper so yeah carry on this same and it's important that you take each of these raindrops individually focused in on you want to get as much those water drops are idiotic I said raindrops I'm sorry I meant water drops defined as much as possible colors are coming through beautifully with those and as I said I'll probably turn it around and do some more of the other side because I've put water drops on the other side of the DVD as well because there's a bit different spectrum of colors on the other side so I know this isn't nature but some it's it's not nature but you know it's the creative photography if you like and I do like a bit of abstract creating photography from time to time it's it gets the old gray Massa wearing doesn't it makes you think a bit and well I suppose you get when you kind of make yourself open a bit more flexible to other types of photography I think that encrypt increases you creativity a little bit more as well with the flexibility side of things so yeah just puts a little bit of a different stance on things and stops you getting bored not that I'd ever get bored of photography course so yet keep on plugging away keep on flooding away so those little highlights are showing through and then the lines of the water as well where they start on the disk the surface tension that's the word I was looking for the surface tension of the water drops come through as well they all do get bit flummox with my words sometimes I do apologize don't mean to it's mean general sometimes not the age creeps upon us all so you know don't be afraid of doing this face on either I'm just trying a different angle for just for a difference because it's it's too obvious sometimes stuff just face down and get the whole thing in aa quite like having the different angles so so okay that's looking very good actually yep enjoying a bit of that see how that goes and I'll take the rein up sir n 250 off now and do it without it so you've got a bit more surface area and see how that goes but before I do that I'm gonna do the other side because there's a different kind of coloring that's on the spectrum so different water drops okay so yeah we'll see how those go anyone ever say how they get processed okay I've got my little weapon here again mom I've got my syringe and I'm gonna because I've got the rhinox off now um I want more rate water drops so I'm good last of these only where the colors are though because I want the colors to go that's spit now mind went overboard with that raindrop that water drop stop saying rain drop Kim and just just be very random with them I mean don't want the more uniform you want a bit of randomness to some of these sometimes because otherwise it wouldn't be unique would eat so I think I'm kind of overboard a bit with those I think I've gone overboard a bit with those water drops now but hopefully I'll have the desired effect and sometimes it's all about creativity isn't it so and it's at the composition it's all it's just what's pleasing to the eye Rayleigh so just get it all kind of lined up to how you think you think it'll look and how it be pleasing you so yeah so that's exactly what I'm gonna do here so I've got that all lined up and I'll get more or less the whole CD but on a different kind of angle really late so I'm gonna spit all over the place but that's how I wanted it that's I wanted all those water drops so when they were all random not uniform just creates more of a kind of arty feel to it when it's all over the place sometimes to have them chaos is quite creative well in this case it is anyway so yeah so I'm going to kind of focus tackle these as I said I won't need as many images I hope with this one because it's further back it's not focused in us forward so the depth of field won't be as shallow I'm still keeping it on f-18 though because I do I don't want to be taking absolutely bun doors and it'll keep the processing down so yeah so two f-18 at the moment it's good job I've got my tripod at the moment on an ISO of 100 and f-18 it's on 1.3 seconds so Quang will have to stay very still so okay let's get those all focused up then and where I'll just show you what I'm doing on on the actual video on the on this camera at the moment it's showing very shallow depth-of-field so yes that's the kind of thing that I'm going for because I want I want the whole DVD or nearly all of it in this image with the rhinox one it was kind of petitions of it and it was probably more abstract than this as well but you can see those vivid colors and some of those will actually come through on the drops as well so yeah see this let's grab a few of these and hopefully I won't need to make too many on I'll process them and bring the images up so hopefully you'll enjoy so yeah well it's a rain wet horrible day on and off today it's raining then it's not overcast it's windy so it's good time to do indoor photography and when you can't go out because it's with your landscape photography it gives you another option and it's a bit of fun as well okay so we'll see


  1. I did like this video. I haven't tried the cd one yet. My Tamron 90mm Macro comes on Tuesday. I'm excited. Keep those videos coming 🙂

  2. wow the finished shot of the peppers looks like something under a scientists microscope. we've got some similar tutorials coming up in a few months – great minds think alike! 🙂

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