Creating Engaging Instagram Content with Anna McNaught – 1 of 2

hello hi everyone happy Monday my name is Ellie I'm here with Anna McKnight hi so excited to be back here again with all of you and with Ellie yes exciting it's gonna be so fun we're gonna talk through some photoshop and photo manipulation and then also career building using Instagram and turning your passion into a business which is really exciting yeah so um feel free to hop in the chat tell us where you're from I'm from San Jose so right here in the bay and it's awesome I'm originally from the east coast from Pennsylvania and now live in LA yeah so let us know where you're from we'd love to hear where and how far away you are how close you are and then we have a full schedule today and tomorrow so we have the daily creative challenge you can go back and watch the replay of that that was earlier this morning and then I'm here with Anna now after this will be the EXCI creative challenge with melody and then Adobe live again designed for any screen which sounds awesome with yeah trees right after this so make sure you stick around for that it's gonna be a lot of fun so and then as always you have our chatting win so make sure that you're active in the chat and you're engaged we'll be doing that in a little bit you'll have an opportunity to win a prize which will be great and then if you're wanting to join us in the creative challenge make sure that you go to the challenge tab so that you can submit your challenge it's right up here you see the chops the chat and then the challenge is right here and our challenge today is to um create a glitch effect using filters and layers in Photoshop so I'll be fun to see what you guys create we'll be pulling those up a little bit later and looking through them so yeah it's gonna be great ah oh hey Michelle so awesome love from my hometown that's amazing Oh awesome we have Anna from Colorado Diane from Baltimore and Chloe from Malaysia Wow Wow lots of people joining from all over this is really exciting guys yeah wait we're so happy that you're here alright so we're gonna go ahead and a little about about your work and what you do yeah yeah let's do that so um I am I guess you would call me a digital artist I'm also a photographer and graphic designer and now I teach people how to grow their businesses on Instagram and how to become better at Photoshop clearly what we're going to be doing today so yeah I started my business about three years ago and I started posting on Instagram about three years ago and you have my Instagram up so maybe take a look at that right here you can see all of your awesome work Thanks yes so I am about two years ago after I was working a nine-to-five job in a dental office as a graphic designer and I was definitely lacking some creativity so I started posting my work on Instagram and it really started gain recognition because I was doing these like surreal pieces that were kind of different than what people were used to seeing and about I guess I would say year into posting on Instagram I was able to kind of start teaching people how to do the same and get a business going from it and then two years after that so a little over a year ago now quit my job and now I am a full-time digital artist Instagram or traveler you know all of those things it's been a really amazing journey and like I can't wait to share tips with everybody yeah it's so awesome Eric says that's just what I needed to know so we're really excited to learn more from you yeah so um this post that we're gonna be or this photo that we're gonna be working on today you guys can see this is kind of a little creepy oh cool maybe some people say it's either terrifying or they love it and the reason I chose this post was because it's my self-portrait for one and then also it's one of my early photos that I did that kind of went viral it's my biggest seller for my business so I like sell out of that at every art show and then yeah it I really want to talk to you guys about like the ideas that go into before having something go viral and then tomorrow we'll talk about what to do after something goes viral perfect so yeah we're gonna build this today it started all right so I'd love to hear from you guys if you think this is creepy or cool don't freak out too much because no I am NOT dead in this and no I'm not actually cut in half so this is what we're gonna be making obviously you can see the the finished image here and we're gonna start with this image here so you can see a huge difference between the before and after of like you know just what the power of Photoshop and what you can do with manipulation yeah was this on a timer I did somebody take this for you so actually I call it my self-portrait but my husband took it worried so you know we're kind of one in the same yeah exactly but um yeah we were in Joshua Tree and the road was actually right here and we're driving by and it was like this crazy windy kind of cold day and we had gone up there just to explore and do some Milky Way shooting and I had this idea that I really wanted to do like a frame shot but I didn't really know what I wanted it to yeah and this was like this was three years ago when I was first getting into it and so I think I think at the time I had maybe like I don't know 5,000 followers or so again not that followers matter but you know he's still gonna talk about it always helps out but um when I posted this it got like over 7,000 likes and at the time that was like oh my god this is insane you know this is more than the people that are following yes if people were seeing you who are anybody following you yeah and it was it was really cool because I had no idea that this little creative idea that I had in my head would like make such a big impact on me so yeah we we took I took this little frame that I had walked off the side of the road and kind of set it up in different ways and laid in the camera and it was freezing cold blowing wind and I was just like okay let's just do this okay good to go let's go get out of here go get food and so then obviously you guys know with me the magic happens in Photoshop yeah so cool Jordan says why not creepy and cool I love it it got a bow that doesn't have to be one or the other so I'm like it's so neat so true I love it okay all right so Matthew is asking who is your inspiration let's see um I have a lot well I actually learned Photoshop from Aaron NACE or phlearn that was one of my big inspirations in the beginning and then there's a lot of different people on Instagram that I'm inspired by like noise he's really cool see who else I don't know the list goes on and on and on I can share that later yeah okay so with this image it's actually gonna be pretty easy in terms of compositing all we're gonna do is be getting rid of my body here and then we're gonna kind of get into doing some fun things with like the background and all of that and I did this back when I was doing kind of all different styles and now my style has merged a lot into nighttime kind of like glowy colorful different scenes and so I was thinking today what we could do is kind of bring that style into this piece of art Ellie and I were talking earlier about how it's really interesting when you can look back on old work and then see how you can repurpose it that's like a huge thing because a lot of people ask me all the time you know what do I do I don't have any images to work on I have nothing new well again this image I took three years ago and I'm gonna turn it into something new today with a different look yeah with the same tools that you were using before but you're totally different look with the same ya back tools which is really cool exactly and I think something funny to know is that the first time I added this image I was actually erasing things instead of layer masking and you guys probably all cringing at that thought and I was like I look back and I'm like oh my god that was just three years ago I was erasing and like destructive editing so now you can look back and see how far you come yeah exactly what you learned okay so the first thing we're gonna do I set up my canvas here and just so you guys know I usually when I set up my canvas I do either an 8 by 10 or a 16 by 20 and that's gonna already be sized proportionally for Instagram so Instagram operates on a 4 4 by 5 and a tip is to always post vertical on Instagram even for all of you and landscape photographers out there Instagram is a vertical platform and your post is gonna take up more room on someone's phone if it's vertical it means they're gonna see it longer and they're hopefully more likely to like it so yeah so I usually do 8 by 10 16 by 20 if you're thinking about printing this if you want to sell it and for this one I originally did 16 by 20 because as I said I sell this one all the time so it's all set up I have my layers already in here and I just drag them in and then what we're gonna do here is just add a layer mask by clicking this little guy right there all right let's see what are people saying yeah everyone's just talking about working here I would love to know more about what you were doing before you started doing images in Photoshop like kind of your path to get to this place yeah yeah so I moved to LA about six years ago and I actually when I first moved I was interning with a photographer and not making any money so I was like okay what can I do to make some money here and I started selling solar panels door-to-door and it was absolutely horrible yeah yeah so that was just like yeah you know six years ago and it's crazy how much can change you know and I was literally knocking on these people's doors with my pitch like hi my name is Anna and I'm with this solar company and I was wondering if you would be interested in buying these solar panels for me please please and so then I got a job at a branding agency thank God I got out of the solar industry and then from there got this dental job that I mentioned earlier working as a graphic designer and you know as I said my creativity was just like dying it was just really hard to kind of keep up with everything and so I started doing this this work for Instagram and for myself and to kind of like branch out again met like a ton of cool people got into this new style and then when I told my supervisor that I was gonna quit and do my own thing he decided to retire and he was like if you're leaving I'm leaving and now he actually works for me as my copywriter and a kind of like business partner to bounce ideas so that's such a cool story yeah and I would like to know if you have tips for putting yourself out there and how you can actually get work which we're definitely gonna talk more about yeah yeah I would say I mean it really is definitely a challenge like something that I've struggled with over the years you know when I first moved to LA it was like constantly reaching out to people on Craigslist and like crying and just having these horrible horrible afternoons and so I feel like in terms of getting yourself out there obviously Instagram has been like a huge launch pad for me and that's something I want you guys all know like today in talking about Instagram and growing your Instagram I saw someone say about a popularity contest and that's not what I want you to think about I want you to think about this as a launch pad for your business for the next step like I would not be here today teaching all of you if it wasn't for Instagram yeah you know and so like really sharing your work and just blasting it in front of people's faces all the time and reaching out to as many people as you can and not not accepting no I know that's so cliche but it really makes a huge difference for people to you know see that you keep showing up over and over even when you're just like shut down are you self-taught or are you I went to college for photography and graphic design and then you know have learned a lot on my own yeah yeah like I know a lot from like watching people like flirt and everyone's okay and then YouTube videos and and now I actually have a course teaching Photoshop so you guys can learn from me so everyone should check it out if you go over to Anna's website you'll be able to see all of her courses right here and there's a free Instagram masterclass all of you should take advantage of that yeah yeah definitely take that I have like videos teaching you all how to grow your instant in there and then also free Lightroom presets so you can get in with the Adobe crowd and hangout that's so cool that you're providing resources like that yeah I definitely want like everybody to be able to have a chance at you know these amazing programs as my career and and just to kind of like dive in and learn for themselves ah yeah the more you practice really that's the best way to hone your skills and grow ya figure out what your style is cuz when you're in school a lot of times you're still figuring out your style that's well you get out and you're doing work on your own that you really figure out and your style can evolve to you like you're talking about this image that you did three years ago is a different style than what you have now and that's okay it can change and evolve over time yep yep it's so true I mean I I moved to LA to be a fashion photographer now I'm like it's far from fashion photography getting it's something that I would not even want to go into at this point you know so yeah it's really true like your Styles evolve you as a person evolves I mean when I like I'm a completely different person when I from when I first moved to LA yeah that's really encouraging Brandi says but I took your course and it was good I keep free watching it to get better so thank you for that so awesome thank you so much Brandi that's really amazing to hear yeah so cool okay so should we dive in on this side or dive in let's see what you open so for any of you just joining I set up this canvas and we've been kind of chatting a bit with just my dead body here we I added a layer mask here and so all I'm gonna want to do is to get rid of the rest of my body and then we're gonna kind of start to work on some of the details here so I am painting with a black brush which will get rid of everything and then I have my flow on a hundred this is actually something that I talked about last time in one of my favorite tips is playing with your flow of your brush because if you're on a hundred with your with the flow then you can like deeply erase everything that's what I want to have I won't have that there we go I just turned this layer on over here so then but then if you have your flow like say down to I don't know like 17 or something and you start painting oh my god not even on my layer mask you guys it's early okay so if I've on my layer mask and I'm painting with a low flow at 17% you can see that it just slowly starts to get rid of it and it's similar to opacity but with flow is it will reach a hundred percent or it will reach whatever your opacity is so in this case a hundred percent but it will get there at a slower rate so it's really really great for blending and merging things together but in this case I just want to fully erase everything so I'm not worried about blending right now so I'm gonna put the flow on one hundred and then I'm gonna come over here to this frame edge right here and if you guys click with the brush and then hold down shift and then click again to like in a straight line it will get rid of it I'm like what am I trying to say here it will get rid of it in a straight line if you hold down shift so that's really helpful when you're trying to go around like corners and yeah you can avoid removing the frame also yeah exactly so I'm just gonna do that again here again I'm clicking first and then holding down shift so in this case we're getting some of that background frame so you can see here I'm using this as a background this old other frame photo I'm just gonna actually like move that over a little and we'll start to tweak this to get it right so you can see here what I did was I took a picture of me in the frame and then I took a picture of the frame empty so that I had this nice clean background to work with and obviously this would be a lot better if I set it up on a tripod like then I could get that background exactly you can see here it shifted off but we're gonna play with this to make it work so so cool when you were doing this image originally did you have any idea that this is to be a big image or was it just completely for fun yeah no idea it was completely for fun it was just like this idea that I had and I had no idea that it would kind of go viral and it would be a big seller and that's one of the things that's so important to note you know I I feel like a lot of people are like well how can I make this picture go viral or something yeah and it's always in those times when you least expect it that thing does yeah and I think it's just a matter of like continuing to practice and do your work and and do it for you not for other people and I think that shows through so much I mean the times that I've tried to do my work for Instagram I like to appease like a certain style or what people are doing what other people are doing it always falls flat and it's like really when I am focused on my own thing and things that I love and that empower me yeah that I feel like you know more people respond well yeah well there's more passion in it right because it's something that you actually are excited about new people can see that when you're passionate versus a photo you took just to take a photo or just to put together exactly there's no excitement behind it yeah that is like such a huge thing and it's something that I still struggle with you know to this day like there's times when I'm like oh my god I really just need to put something together and yeah I've been posted on Instagram in awhile and like people can tell and then you know you you just become like inauthentic and yeah it's like that words so overused but it's nothing no one wants to become so now that you've had some images go viral and you have a bigger following are you able to kind of predict now can you how to tell when you're making something like okay this one could be big or is it still I don't know I see Instagram such an evil platform I'll be like madness what's gonna kill it and then I'm like oh my god wow like no one like this you know or like oh I like this one piece I did for this girl underwater it was like really cool I thought I loved it and she was like kind of floating and all these like flowers around and stuff and I was like oh my god this is gonna kill it so good then no one liked it so again now another reason why you have to do your artwork because it empowers you and got your audience yeah yeah but who's that being said you know you definitely if you're trying to grow business this is like the double-edged sword here with growing a business and creating art if you're doing this for money and to have a business you do have to kind of you know go towards what people like ya figure out what they're looking for yeah yeah and especially like and I know you know this doing client work you know you have to do what people want yeah so that's kind of that's like a big pain you know and and so that's definitely kind of the downside to with your artwork turning it into a business because now all of a sudden like you know they always say like don't don't get paid for what you love to do even though you know people say do what you love it's like so so hard it's really hard yeah do you find that like has it changed for you since you started doing this as a career is it less exciting for you or do you sometimes feel like not as passionate because it's a job now definitely I would feel like over the past year or so it's become a bit harder to kind of like keep the passion and the career aspects going at the same time because when you're working on growing a business and you know you're making these free opt-ins and getting people on your email lists and reaching out to clients and reaching out for brand partnerships you're like oh my god what am I gonna have time to do my art yeah so yeah I think you definitely have to kind of like balance it and then in the past I guess I would say like six months or so I've gotten a lot into like mindset work and really digging into you know like who I am as a person and what kind of strengths I want to put into my business and the messaging and all of so that's really cool yeah um let's you someone said how is this sold what type of prey so I usually sell my prints just on like the photo paper and I actually use a site called nations photo lab and they do a really good job of printing and it's not like super fancy or anything but I'm I haven't really gotten into like doing limited-edition prints or anything like that so I sell them from all the way from like 5 by 7 up through 16 by 20 or custom size so that's a great way for any of you out there that are artists or you know photographers like to sell your work and it does take time and whatever and obviously money up front but like what I do too is I actually will have my prints for sale like just digitally either on Instagram or on my website and then when someone orders it I drop ship it to them so I don't have to have any upfront cost so that's a really great way for people do that Ryan asks if you do all your printing yourself or do you outsource any of that no I outsource although that's the site nations photo dimensions that it's directly there and they do have everything yeah and they do a really good job they also do metal prints which I love I have cool metal prints are amazing because they give like this really kind of awesome glowed but okay so now I as I'm talking I'm just over here editing but body's done so I just basically layer mask the body with this background image here just to kind of catch any of you up that are watching and so all I was doing was just getting rid of everything let's show that getting rid of all of that extra and you can see I had leggings on under my dress because it was so freaking cold okay so Anna asked if you take all of the photos yourself for composites or if you um use stock photography as well I do use stock photography sometimes like this one obviously I took but a lot of times I'll use stock I love going on Adobe stock of course yes but you know and some people it becomes a battle between whether that's okay or whether it's not okay to use stock and I feel like you know if you're creating artwork it's fine like you I can't you know I haven't been to Japan in the photo working on tomorrow is of Mount Fuji and it's something I had in my head and I really wanted to get it out on paper or on digital in this case and so I was like okay I'm just gonna use stock and that's yeah yeah so absolutely I totally agree with that yeah there's only so many photos that you can take and if you're inspired by something and you want to create a whole new image with it exactly and some people are very strict about taking their own photos which is awesome I think more power to you but you know if you have an idea and you want to share it with the world like why not that's what the stock is there for so absolutely plus you can kind of collaborate with people that way I've actually met people through Adobe stock if you can believe that love your work using this is that mmm and it's like oh my god like I have some friends that share their work through Adobe stock yeah it's just it's awesome and that's one of the things I love about Instagram is like it connects people so much like it sounds creepy and weird but I've met some of my absolute best friends yahoo Instagram that's really cool so that's really cool yeah Cody is asking how you have gained your followers on Instagram so I know when you had this photo you said you had about 5,000 yes so how did you get that initial following to begin with so I guess that kind of all started from like posting different images I was doing and I mean we can scroll way back in my Instagram if you want and talk about it but yeah it was kind of like doing doing this different style in the beginning and then what I started to get into was like a lot of consistency and what the way I was editing like the colors you guys can really see from this yeah this is super consistent and they very like but you've said that you now do a lot of Nate see and I think that makes it yeah – and then it's out starting to get ya little bit brighter I use like mainly you know pinks purples blues those are like my favorites and really doing that and then also like when a post goes viral like what happened in in this case with this portrait is a lot of feature pages will share it and people that you know have like pages that have millions of followers for example like if Photoshop shared my image with what they have like over 3 million followers or something then you're leveraging that other pages audience and they're coming to you and they're coming to your page and looking at your work and so I remember like there's that image I think that was like the second or third time I posted it okay and you do repost work yeah that's that's a huge tip to in itself like people think that once you post it you can't repost it and you totally can like I share things over and over and over because you're constantly getting new people coming to your page and like you know share in the caption like here's one of my favorite pieces of work that I did here's something that you know like or have you guys ever I don't know done something like this whatever like ask your audience questions – that's a great way to get people involved cool in about 30 seconds we're gonna have our chatting win so make sure you're in the chat you know have a chance to win some stickers from sticker meal yeah someone said how did I choose my palette and my let's see camera of preference so color palette I chose just because I love those colors ever since I was little people always were like oh and it's the pink and purple girl yeah those are just colors I'm attracted to and it really didn't terms of like sunsets and night images and stuff you can see in like the early days of my if we can switch back to my Instagram back here you can see like the colors were so just random like darker Browns not as cohesive yeah exactly like I've green stuff and up all over the place and then if you keep going you can see it was like really romantic see you everywhere information though yeah and like I was just you know yeah it's like and I've deleted a ton of stuff I'd like Allison oh it's time for chat and win okay we are back waiting to hear who is gonna win a hundred stickers from sticker mule sticker mule is awesome there's so many things you can do with stickers if you get a logo okay yeah yeah you can do some guerrilla marketing yes awesome as dicker mule is great I've actually used them before and they're yeah yeah really high quality stickers it's awesome lots of people Jane hello try any of the design stickers this destiny yeah a hundred stickers SEMA congratulations hope you have fun with them let us know what you're gonna do with all your stickers and if you didn't win you can go to sticker milcom slash Adobe live 19 and you can get ten stickers for a dollar which is a steal so all of you to take advantage of that that is a great deal yes alright so back into the editing so let's see other tips I can give while we're working yes um I guess one thing to note is that like all of this takes a lot of work you know I think a lot of people think that it just you can post on Instagram and it all happens but like if you don't practice your craft and you know like whether it's Photoshop whether it's photography design illustration whatever it is or just business in general if you're not practicing and doing what you're posting on Instagram you're not gonna get any better and you're not gonna like grow as yeah absolutely you know do you have a schedule or a plan for your posting or do you kind of do it sporadically I used to and something I teach my in my classes is to have a schedule and a plan and usually for that I say to post um I recommend that people post at least one or two times a day when they're starting in the morning and in the evening on my posting time now is like around 8 a.m. Pacific time and so you kind of want to post based on like your timezone and everything right and but you know if you like I just see someone said Instagram is a full-time job I completely I but there's tons of apps you know where you can set it up and everything I use for my travel page I use later and I just schedule it out like a month in advance I actually manage people's instagrams as well and so you know I'll set that I'll get them all set up ready to go and so then you're not thinking about it all the time yeah you're working on your artwork while your Instagram runs and grows in the background yes and that is that able to like post it for you yeah oh yeah that auto post so it's like a game-changer yeah I know someone was asking about hashtags earlier do you have any tips on hashtags yeah he knows a lot of tips so hashtags I feel like have not been working as well as they used to you know Instagram in general has changed a lot past few years which I'm sure some of you guys know and it's just like become a mess but um in terms of hashtags what I see people doing wrong a lot is they'll be like like let's say for example if I was posting this image and I was gonna hashtag it and I would say like today in hashtag Joshua Tree we had so much hashtag fun I took a hashtag picture like that doesn't work and it looks amateur and it might say and no offense if anybody's doing this totally fine that's why we're here to change things so you want to use hashtags that are targeted based on that image maybe they're about like or maybe they're for feature pages like Photoshop has a monthly challenge you know like hashtag PS underscore glow that was one of them that I loved and so using finding hashtags like that and then finding hashtags that have about 15,000 15,000 posts to 500 thousand posts and like if you did hashtag Photoshop that has millions and millions of posts see that yeah exactly your post is gonna get buried in that stream so you want to use like a good mixture of numbers we're looking for more specific hashtags an but not just specific exactly it has five people maybe yeah is that no one's gonna see it either sweet 90 that happy medium yeah yeah yeah so if it was like a random word you made up and it has no post then obviously that's not good but but um was I gonna say yeah oh and you can also do a brandade hashtag so I have like your ashtag anammox naughty yes yeah that's cool um Benjamin is asking the name of the automated IG posting and you said it was later right yeah so as sprout is that when you can as well like you just have to find what works best for you I've tried out so many different ones like you have HootSuite oh yes yeah let us know what you guys are using if you have any that you use or you like yeah fun to hear what people are using yeah um okay so let's do some color correcting on this photo so we don't bore you guys too much Instagram but could talk about that forever so um alright so I was talking earlier about changing this maybe into a night scene doing something fun with that so we got my body all cut out here and one thing that we want to do is you can see that this is a lot more in focus than the background the background was slightly blurred depth of field working here and so what we're gonna do is we're just gonna convert this into a smart object let's see alright so now it's a smart object and we're gonna come up to filter blur Gaussian blur so Kiki asked if you find that your engagement goes down with post Automator z– have you found that um I don't know because I haven't used it on my personal page okay um as far as I noticed no but that's something I should probably start to look out for yeah I've heard that that happens but I've also heard that it buzzing I know and I don't know if anyone really know and I think engagement on Instagram in general has gone down across the board Oh big time and then I've heard from people directly Instagram that a lot of that has to do people just follow more people now and they're liking less they're interacting less they're more just scrolling and so it could be a post Automator but it could also just be yeah people aren't engaging as much anymore exactly like it's changed so much over the last few years it's like you know I mean when Facebook bought Instagram like they just went really south and um between like the algorithm and you know now like there are so many bots and so you you know sooner get ten followers and you lose them all yeah and you don't even I mean I know I don't care about bot Fowler's good that's not even real engagement where people that are gonna actually interact and I'm sure you don't care about that either exactly and and you know like people obviously buying followers like so many fake pages it's just like it's gotten out of hand I know Facebook's trying to clean it up but yeah and then in terms of like engagement it's all like everything we all say is speculation on what we have seen works best but nobody's like actually you know yeah no one actually know everything is like trial and error yeah it really is like I'd love to have a sit-down with Facebook and just be a yogi what is going on here please oh so um yeah people said Instagram algorithms super-tough berries have totally a guy Brandi says Instagram is so interesting and not boarded oh good I have to hear that I know you guys are here for Photoshop – yeah this is creative career building but yeah um so what i'm doing here is i'll try to like mix in a little photoshop with tips oh yeah what i'm doing here is just trying to like kind of match this background blur with the blur I'm creating here so within Gaussian blur I'm just kind of like eyeballing it to see what looks good so the like that looks pretty close you can zoom in and I'm gonna have to clean up my layer mask a bit but you can see it looks pretty good there's like some a little bit of noise back here that we could add into you know you can really get into the nitty-gritty details of everything if you want in your edits and which is something that I definitely do and I have time to like dig in let's see Tim said you could also use a more accurate field oh yeah I have used that too before that's a good idea I like I always revert back to what I'm used to the same exact image yeah the same thing depends on the image or what you are comfortable with I know and like with all the new things with Photoshop yeah and I still hold shift when I try to scale something I'm like so old habits die hard but I definitely am gonna try to use a field blur that's really cool okay yeah you can change the blur mapper area with the field we're cool thanks Tim member okay so now what I want to do is just come in here again with I'm actually going on to my Gaussian blur layer mask and I am going to have a black brush and then this is where I'm gonna really use flow so I'm gonna bring this like all the way down I don't know if – like 6 or so and by using a smart filter here on this layer I'm able to turn my gauzy and blur into its own layer mask so I'm just gonna come in and kind of that's even like a little too much so you can bring this flow down to like 2 maybe so Michael is asking if you still feel like Instagram is important definitely I would say like I know it's harder to start from zero now I know it's a lot harder to grow now but I still feel like it's so important I mean you have to have a platform and whether you choose Instagram or Facebook or Pinterest or whatever you have to have a platform that's like your baby yeah a lot of people you know and something we'll talk about tomorrow it's kind of growing your email list from that platform and then they become your people kind of like so you know if as you guys might know like Instagram owns your followers like you don't own them you know and so if instrum were to shut down tomorrow knock on wood please do not you would lose all of those people yes so if you have them coming to you on to or coming on to your email list through like a freebie or something like that which we'll talk about tomorrow then now you can contact these people and say hey I switch over into this platform because Instagram shut down come follow me over here yeah and like now you kind of I hate to say own those people but they're like in under your name now they make sure that they see what you're putting out to you right cuz you send an email you know yeah they're seeing it yeah it's there's I think less clutter sometimes well sometimes an email as well but it will like your emails and they're engaging then they're gonna open them and read that exactly yeah so there's lots you can do with that see Instagram is a Fed that will start dying off over the years Oh Derek I hope not but it probably will I know it's sad it probably I mean everything starts dying but I feel like Facebook has done a really good job of maintaining it over the past few years you know I think even things like adding stories and adding things that you can interact in different ways yeah but stay around longer yeah exactly what am I doing here so one question from Miguel again kind of website be just as influential and I think you would say a website is essential also yeah definitely I would say yeah a website is for sure essential because then again you can direct traffic from your Instagram in terms of just having a website I would say you need some sort of social media platform to get your traffic to your web yeah cuz how are people gonna discover you it's unlikely they're just gonna Google search you and you'll come off and they'll write all your work right and so yeah like of course SEO for your website is huge that's search engine optimization so that's one way they could Google you and find you but yeah like you said yeah less likely unless you're blogging alive if you're blogging all the time like maybe a couple blog posts per week or something you know how to do SEO really well then by all means don't worry about social media but it's free we're not super yeah yeah yeah I think you get to engage with people who are following you right so exactly people who are fans or people who have questions and it's a better way to engage and build relationships than just they go look at your website yep I complete I completely agree if I could speak yeah totally like I know it's really nice to like build that audience and then talk to people like for example today you know going on here I posted on my story like hey guys come join me on Adobe live and everything and so now you're like communicating with your audience you're getting to know them and as I mentioned earlier hopefully even becoming friends of them me like meeting new people in these places like do you want to collaborate you want to shoot together you know so if I had my camera with me I was actually thinking of trying to meet up with some San Francisco photographers but like a very bad photographer I left my camera at home sometimes you got to go without it I just got enjoy the moment you have your iPhone yeah exactly I mean don't get me started on iPhone photography that's a whole different thing but yeah I think you know sometimes you do have to take a break so yes so yes how do you feel about blog posts that because you mentioned like blogging and it looks like you have a blog and you are you have content there that people can go check out at Anna McKnight calm yeah should we hug switch over to the I you can see it right here so you have different posts specifically a lot of them to do with Instagram yeah yeah exactly so this is I kind of started this whole blog a few years ago this was when my was called the liked photo maybe some of you followed me on there now I switch everything under my own name but I basically little pop-up there sign up for email aha so I basically write all my blogs based on the subject matter that I obviously have on my Instagram so connecting all of your topics together like so I decided I was gonna teach photography Photoshop and Instagram so I have like a blog post how to use hashtags how to use Lightroom Instagram do's and don'ts and so now one of my posts on my older posts it's like how to set up a photography account on Instagram and it's ranking number one on Google right now so that's bringing our number two maybe bringing traffic to my website yeah yeah I think to you if you have clients here time to get client work having a blog um it gives them a peek into your process but also it shows that you know what you're talking about yeah you know kind of like you're educating people and you're helping other photographers as well but you're also kind of saying like yeah I'm professional I know what I'm doing and I think that's a great win for clients to totally it's so true and also like building some authority and your knees you know showing people that like you're the expert in this field and that's so important with everything you do whether it's like through your photography work through your art work through your business you know really just showing that like this is what I do and I'm good at it when I don't like Tooting your own horn yeah it's useful and helpful for other people as well so you're putting things out there at people can use yeah um someone was asking I don't know where the question is anymore but Instagram versus Facebook page okay yeah you think about that I mean I'm biased because I love Instagram but I would still say Instagram of our Facebook page I think you could definitely a lot of people have grown their Facebook pages really really powerfully but I mean a combination obviously of both and and then also if you have your Facebook page and then you can set up a business profile and insta and that's how you post automatically yes you have to have fun yeah yeah exactly the insights yeah yeah yeah it's really no point I know without a business page yes yeah many more it's so worth it yeah I've had a lot of people say like well you know what about engagement dropping and all that but like who cares you need to see your analytics analytics are key to growing a business you need to see where your people coming from why are they coming here what do they like the most where are you gaining followers where are you losing followers and then you can grow and scale so little little rant there okay so some Photoshop stuff here I grouped my images together here I grouped the background and this top piece together just so we can start kind of doing some coloring to them as a group so I'm not really sure what I want to do with this last time what I did was I did kind of this like moody a MIDI yeah like dark edit and you can see I actually went in and painted like my lips and I painted my nails then I did some like dodge and burn – like really bring out all of that contrast yeah but this time maybe we should do something different and if you guys have any ideas I'd love to hear them yeah let us know what do you think she should do what would you like to see first let's add some curves I always like to kind of start with that and I'm just gonna clip it to the group below and I know last time I was on here like a bunch you guys gave us some good tips or how to quickly like clip but I of course can't remember your member yeah there's like a shortcut I'm so bad with shortcuts I'm always like I just use my mouse but so let's see um a lot of times what I do now my recent thing is to hmm oh yeah dramatic skies yeah you were talking about that the nighttime look just yeah that's more your style now yeah exactly I was thinking of adding some stars maybe we'll do some like I don't know cloudy skies what we made it like sooo Game of Thrones mm-hmm that could be cool okay yes all right so lately what I've been doing is I've been first adding curves and then I've just been dropping this like really low in the middle and then bringing this leg down and just kind of working it almost to be like really dark and this is just I mean there's so many ways like a thousand ways to skin a cat right like you can do whatever you want in any way that you want in Photoshop and that's like the beauty of it but so I'll bring this down really far and then what I like to do is on the layer mask with a black brush I put my flow really low and then I kind of start to like paint back certain things back we're getting lots of suggestions thunder from SEMA tim says you could even do a sky replacement Darrin says red sands maybe interesting Melanie says dark rainy nights that would be cool so many good suggestions I know someone said how did you build your website yes I did use Squarespace actually she's great I actually started on WordPress and I was like yeah no way WordPress is really awesome if you know coding yeah you don't have time to figure out coding you don't know coding it's Squarespace is really great yeah so simple yeah I completely agree like I had my website on a wordpress for I don't know like a year maybe maybe a little less and then I had my personal website on Squarespace so I knew I liked it and I was just like no I'm gonna switch it and everyone's like you have a shiny object syndrome stop which I definitely do have shiny object syndrome but I was like no I know this is good for my business and so I switched it over and oh my god it was the best thing I've ever done yeah yes grace you can make a really professional website that looks very unique just by dragging in some of your own elements and it's so easy to use exactly and like I'm variable yeah super portable and I highly recommend using the brine family for your template it's really really awesome I don't know if you're familiar with that but it's it's great because you can like really customize it it's one of the ones that are recommended by all the like Squarespace designers and everything so all right lots of good suggestions coming in here now I'm like overwhelmed us the in store yeah like oh my god I need to go gather more images um but I think maybe I want to work on some like color balance first and just go from there let in diarrhea I'm like debating if I want to maybe I'll just do it how I would do it for my page yeah and then we can kind of play with it from there I guess yes so Derek asked about Dreamweaver and Miguel asked about Wix have you used either of those yes so I used to kind of know how to code like in high school and stuff and I took a coding class in college and in that for that I used Dreamweaver and I hated it like I just I don't know more power to the coders like is so hard very hard just like I don't have I just like don't have the patience for that yeah yeah a lot of time yeah and then Wix is cool but I find Wix to be like really glitchy it just kind of seems to I don't know it it's like it ends up I don't I don't know how to explain it just like will like add things to other pages and really like get messy I know they fixed a lot and now everybody's like Wix is great because you can add animations but it's not the 1990s we don't need like crazy animation yeah yeah courses I use Adobe portfolio okay I won't you yeah cool my speed yeah we had a great MySpace what about this guy this was when I pulled like what do you guys think of this this from Adobe stock I think it could be kind of that's really fun this looks ethereal like something is happening yeah so cool okay so I just dragged this in and you said you got that from Adobe stock yep and I think I searched like galaxies for this oh cool I actually just used this same background in a post that I did for Crocs so that was business wise brand partnerships and stuff like those are really fun like when when you form a style that you become known for and brands start reaching out to you because they want that style so let you love yeah yeah really are you finding that brands will reach you through Instagram laughs yeah like email me but I'll email you but up there seeing your work there yep exactly so they'll be like hey we found you on Instagram yeah like it can get back again why it's important because they'll be like oh we found you through this hashtag or we saw your work on like this page or something and so and that's like really really cool you know I'm cool yeah okay let's see what I'm gonna do here and don't forget we have our daily creative challenge in a little bit so in about 30 minutes we're gonna hop over there so if you want to go back and watch the replay for that video the challenge is to design an image with a glitch in Photoshop so we're excited to see what you guys come up with yeah okay so I know I saw ten said to do the sky replacement or yeah there was an actual sky replacement tool I know there's like a thing you can do I haven't even done this before yeah I didn't I didn't know about that I like knew it existed but to be honest I haven't used it because okay everything I know like really changing so much it's like there's always cool new tools everyone's like Jesus I'm like no I still act like I I'm using cs3 to keep up with all the updates sometimes cuz there's so many new things out in ya you know having time to play off all the new tools yeah yeah it's very time-consuming no Billy is okay so let's just see if all the time says there's not a specific sky replacement tool Oh maybe take that back wow I totally thought there was I don't know who I was watching someone and I thought they totally made it up oh there was a sneak at max that's what was okay that's a problem max like throws me off my game because I'm like oh my god you guys see this new thing you know there was like null it doesn't exist yeah I'm just gonna use it magnetic lasso tool here I don't know why it just opted for that so quickly but I was just thinking like you can use the pen tool you can what am I that's what Darren says let's go maybe penciling it yeah I know I used to array sometimes do that too and then I was like hmm I don't know oh my god okay so there we go I got some new sky so we can start to kind of like refine this layer mask if you want Here I am that brings in that colors that you've been using lately too like you're talking about the blues and the pinks and keeping all the colors you have in your feed so you couldn't see that right in this guy yeah exactly like definitely kind of I don't know it's like it seems to me now what I gravitate towards naturally yeah I don't even have to think about it anymore and so I've seen like a lot of people that I've done really amazing things with like blues or greens you know it all kind of depends on what you like so so then I guess from here I would go in and kind of refine my mountains and so I would probably see come in and like paint on my lair to get rid of some of this and I'm just doing this quickly so we can continue talking about business stuff but I want to know how you knew when you're ready to leave your job and do this oh yeah that's that's a great thing talk how do you know that because that's really scary I know it really it really is so so scary and it took me a long time like I was I was thinking about it for awhile before I actually did it and like of course you know you want to kind of like build everything in the background behind your nine-to-five job like either working in the evenings or in the morning or during your lunch break or whatever so we're you doing work like this yes I made late during when you're working at the Denton yeah and that's I guess I was doing a ton of work when I had my job like I was actually editing a lot more than I do now because it was like okay well I'm getting a steady paycheck so I can edit like in the evening or I can edit during my lunch or whatever when there's downtime and so I was getting like you know maybe like four or five edits done per week Wow and so now I'm getting like I'm lucky if I get one done per month because I am spending so much time on all these different channels today build my business you know too so I have to make free opt-ins and I have to then make the actual like paid thing like the course or whatever so you get to a point where you need to hire someone or you need to make your raise your prices so and I am borderline at the point of hiring someone so hey submit your job application no but you get to the point where you know you need you need help yeah in terms of taking the leap into quitting your job it's really like it it's so per each person you know it's like when you feel comfortable but for me what I did was I talked to my family talked to my husband like kind of bounce ideas with friends and then just was like okay how do I feel like did like a lot of journaling at the time to try to decide like what was right and then I eventually I think you just get to your breaking point you know you just end up can't do it anymore yeah you're like I'm done like I I've had enough I'm ready to go off on my own I'm making you know a little bit of my a lot a bit of money whatever it is and you just say yep I'm gonna take the leap and I'm gonna do it and so you had some client work at that time yeah yeah so I had a lot of graphic design side work yeah and then I had I guess a number of like branded stuff for Instagram at the time so that was good and then when I started managing other people's instagrams that was when I was getting at least a consistent monthly payments you know yeah and so then I was like okay and I remembered like oh and I also moved at the same time that I quit my job and it was like the most overwhelming week ever a lot of transition all at once a lot of new things but man I tell you guys it's so rewarding like if you have the idea that someday you want to work for yourself and you're working a nine-to-five job just like I hate the word hustle but muscle and work your ass off because you're gonna just really really feel so proud and so good when you make that leap yeah yeah and we were talking earlier that it's kind of a push sometimes that you need in order to start making money yeah or to make more money to grow your business because then all of a sudden you have to make money yeah and that can be stressful and sometimes can make it a little less fun exactly also is a challenge that makes you actually work and you a lot of times see a lot more growth in your business after you know that necessity yeah exactly that's yeah we were saying earlier how like it's crazy because yeah when you're when you're working a job or you have some income coming in and you're not like you don't have to make money you're like okay I'm kind of doing this and then the second you you take that risk it's like like what you said you're just all of a sudden like you have to and then your business like explodes yeah I have like tripled my income from my nine-to-five jobs since quitting my job and it's like oh my god you know I never thought that could happen it's not awesome that's really cool and it's cool to see like where you were and then yeah and how that like transition has even changed your career yeah yeah totally and like and I'm not saying it's easy it's definitely not easy and like I'm not even nearly where I want to be so to like humble it down a bit for you guys like it can from the outside like all these people like business owners or people living the dream like it might seem like oh my god this how can I ever get to this point but like you can and when you get to the point you're just always gonna like continue reaching for the next goal I'm sure so it doesn't come without challenges yeah it's like I still wake up every day like oh my god what am i doing today what am i working on where where is my business life going but you just have to really like kind of hone into yourself and what you want your goals in your dreams so yeah so how did you like for example when this image did go viral what were some things that you did to monetize that or start growing your business from that um let's see so when this first went viral and we'll talk about what will happen after or what you should do after an image goes viral tomorrow I have some tips on that but I guess in this case because I wasn't really expecting it what I kind of started to do from here was one I just was like oh my god but then I started get like enquiries about if I would sell it to people and stuff like that so then I actually decided okay I'm gonna print a hundred of these and I'm gonna start saying like this post is for set or this print is for sale and then I actually reached out to a ton of different like little farmer markets and art things around LA like little weekend art shows and at that point I had had like a decent amount of work and so I was like okay I'm gonna see if I could sell this submit my work and a lot of places liked it you know some people were like 'no not really our style yeah yeah you get rejected you know just something you have to deal with but i got into like a couple different art shows and then from there i was like okay cool like i could sell this but to be honest like the art show world is it's it's like you have to sell a lot to make it worth it yeah you know yeah and it's exhausting like I remember this one weekend we I was selling the entire weekend and I think I paid like $600 for my weekend booth and I think I made like 300 it was like oh my god yes and you work all weekend right that was when I was like no yeah that's discouraging yeah yeah but some people do really well with it yeah yeah I think you have to find your market and find where you're gonna be successful of yeah it's not gonna be the same for everyone someone said if you start an account today do you think it would be harder to get followers now than when you started yeah I definitely think so unfortunately I know it's different yeah it's a lot harder now but I'm not saying it's impossible you know like I mean even if you think about the people that started when Instagram first came out like that have millions of followers now like oh my god why did I get started sooner but the cliche saying if you don't start today it's probably only gonna get exactly so yeah it definitely should so so Kelly's asking about marketing yourself and your services and the ways that you found to be the best for marketing um I guess in addition to Instagram yeah so of course obviously Instagram yeah but then also sharing blog posts on Pinterest yeah that's really helpful and I don't personally like know a lot about Pinterest it's not really like my area of expertise but always like when you if you write a blog post you want to make a cover photo for it like similar to what I have on my blog and and you want it again to be like this vertical sized image for Pinterest and then you want to pin it to Pinterest and then if you do that kind of like over and over you know there's some programs like tailwind yeah that will pin it automatic or pin your stuff and other stuff automatically and that's a great way to market that brings people to your website um yeah and then also like Facebook just telling you know whether you post it on your page or even telling people that you know like family and friends saying like hey guys like I just launched my business like send any you know photographers and I or send any like graphic design needs my way or something I did yeah yeah do you run ads I actually just started doing ads shout-out to my friend Tanya it's my ads manager she's amazing and she just started my ads last week and oh hi yeah it was kind of cool because we set up an ad for Lightroom presets and for my Instagram course and that like in a week got like three hundred leads yeah and I only I mean to be totally transparent I only put like three hundred bucks into it for like a month or something so it's like you know you don't have to spend a ton of money on do you recommend hiring somebody for that or I mean I would I yeah yeah it's like it's so Facebook guys are like I don't know they're a whole different beast yes and if you're spending money you want to be sure that it's actually gonna have returned even if it is just a little bit of money of three hundred dollars yes and like it's all you know business write-off that's it I mean I'm not a tax expert I don't want to give that advice but like I have people say to me often like well I can't afford to buy Adobe the Adobe suite or something and I'm like well do you have your own business yes I'm like okay well this is all tax write-off yeah yeah and really necessary yeah and that doesn't mean you're not still spending that money but you know you it gives you a cut on your taxes so that's been something that has been very helpful and all that so yeah you have spend money to make money exactly and okay but it's really true yeah you got it invest a little bit it's so true my deciever turn yeah and like I'm still in the very early phases of ads in terms of like yeah actually seeing return on them so like I know people that plug thousands and obviously yes you spend more money yeah I just saw a statistic the other day that Facebook at people spend businesses spend eighty eight million dollars per day on Facebook that's like a hole or something to think about yeah it's crazy all right sky I know so one thing that I really like to do when I am just kind of blending like in this case is to go to my layer mask and then to use the blur tool and make sure you're on your layer mask and not like on your actual layer and just to like blur out that edge of the mask like and so I kind of do this all the time when I'm blending things and right now it's not really doing too much we're also gonna blur this sky background a little bit too but then I also I know you can come in and you can do the shift like modify edge and contract it by a few pixels that's a great way if you want to get rid of like this stuff that's happening here but I don't want to do that because I'm not trying to bring the whole thing in this is actually one of my favorite things to do is to just go to the smudge tool hmm and with like a nice big brush you just unlike right now my strength is on 50% so I just I'm gonna actually like smudge the layer mask in so just like that Tim says or you can just blur the mask using Gaussian blur yeah you can do that too but I like to have control over the areas where an area but I guess then you could get rid of the mask right too then he asks do you recommend having separate Instagram accounts for personal and graphics work or in this case photo work yeah I mean so what I did what I did in the beginning is I had an amount was like my personal account oh yeah posting fun stuff and then I had an acknowledge and that was just like doing really bad because trying to manage the two accounts yeah a lot of work yeah yeah so then I ended up kind of just being like I'm gonna post all of my photography work on my Anna mcnaught page but now I started a travel page as like my personal page so yeah I think it's kind of up to you whether you want to have to or you want to kind of like merge it all into like you being the center of it yeah yeah yeah I think it depends on what you want the voice of your business to be – yeah exactly you want a like something that's kind of separate from you a little bit more professional then I think keeping them separate is great but if you want people to get to know you personally and maybe it sneaks into your life as well then there's no it's not a problem to have them be the same exactly I guess what you want yeah I think that's really great advice because I think definitely like combining the two of them and having like sneaks into your place yeah that's gonna be a really great way to build it you you don't like seeing that I know I know and yeah although sometimes I find that like I'll lose followers when I'm just doing like showing stories of but I'm like oh screw you guys but but yeah it's like it's because people want to see like and that's why I share with clients and students all the time is like people want to see the behind the scenes of yeah and sharing that on your story that's the other thing like you don't one of the main things that I tell people all the time it's like you do not want to be posting like here look at my work that I did today this beautiful piece of art and tomorrow like look at my breakfast that I'm yeah and you want to be consistent we don't know what they should expect when they come to your page when they see your posts exactly like you should totally think of you should think of your Instagram pages like your portfolio showing you best work and like you know yeah you can share posts of you here and there and there things that go with it and then use your story to share behind the scenes and anything that's like yeah the story is a great tool for that and a great way to connect with people more and you let them in on who you are and building that relationship further yeah exactly I think people worse I feel like a lot of accounts or even like really big companies are doing that more just to have more personal yeah feeling instead of like being so corporate or yeah yeah totally I agree and offish agree tim says instead of using this much tool you can also use filter other minimum let's try that yeah let's see what happens Kiki says I'm a fan of two different accounts for sure so yeah I think it really depends on what you're using it for oh wow wow thanks Tim didn't even know you could do that I'm a big fan of doing things in like little brush motions so that I can like you know control it and have areas be without it and have areas with it but then something like this is awesome it's really cool like you can go like all the way yeah GameChanger alright thanks for that tip Tim yeah Derek says I feel like all my followers are interested in when I post now sports cars and off-roading my hobbies if I bring my art into the mix I'm not sure what would happen I would say in that case Derek then you should probably have two separate accounts if you want yeah have you enjoyed doing sports cars and you want to keep that all on the same page then yeah I would either get two separate accounts or just transition fully into art and yeah you'll lose some people but so it's kind of up to you yeah if you yeah I guess it depends on what you want your focus to be yeah exactly yeah so let's see here we added some sky so now we can we could add a blur to the sky a bit because the background here is we have this depth of field working for us so obviously like our background then isn't going to be fully InFocus so let's just convert this to a smart object and so we could try that field blur how do you even get to it oh blur gallery so there's many different ways to achieve the same effect which i think is something that's really cool about Photoshop Jeff has so many different ways Kristen says I have two separate accounts but I feel like I don't have as many likes or attraction to my photography account anymore any suggestions let's see I would say I mean pay attention to I'd have to look at your account but pay attention to like you know how much consistency you have like the biggest problem is I noticed most with photographers and everything is um that they'll be posting like all of their arsenal of work like yeah as a photographer you know I I totally get it like I shoot landscape I shoot headshots and portraits I shoot weddings like but it's not what I share my Instagram you know and so you need to make sure you're kind of like deciding on one certain style I guess and to say that again from before but and then kind of like a look to that style so if you're like okay I want to just do wedding photography or something yeah especially if you are trying to monetize it and turn it into the business you should be putting out the work that you're wanting to attract clients who want that kind of work exactly like if you don't want to be shooting weddings then don't post that you shoot wedding yeah you know because then people are gonna see you as a wedding photographer exactly and you're not gonna be attracting the clients that you want yeah yeah and that's such good advice like if you're trying to turn this into a business then you know going back to what we were talking about earlier like there are certain things you need to do for your audience and for your clients and you know to make money and that's the unfortunate side of it in some ways because you have to kind of like you know who succumbed to all of this but limit what you're putting out there yeah yeah okay so okay this is school SIF Anna asked if you're someone that can do a lot of different things how do you choose which to focus on um that's definitely gonna be like a personal choice you know and then what I would do is I would like choose think about what is your favorite subject that you Yushu or that you work on or whatever and then maybe put mostly that on your Instagram and then in your story you can be like hey did you know I also do XY and Z come over to my website to see that you know and so that's something that I do sometimes be like oh you also like shoot weddings or whatever I'm like yeah it's on my website I actually recently took that off because I'm like I don't wanna shoot ya weddings are a lot of work but if you love it by all means yes well like you were saying earlier you can tell like the photos that have had the most reaction from people were the ones that you were most passionate about yeah so looking at what are you passionate about what makes you excited to do this kind of work yeah inspires you and then putting that out there I think that can help narrow down totally a lot and the people will respond better too yeah it's so true like showing showing what you're passionate about showing the thing that you have the most interest in and yeah directing people other yeah other areas of your business absolutely so many good questions go honey thanks everyone see so fun I know love it awesome um okay so let's see what do I want to do with this you know I totally I'm like off my game on editing because I'm thinking so what I'm doing I'm actually adding another curves layer here because I really wanted like darken up this background and so I added the curves and so what I can do here is on this curves layer with with it selected I can go command-i and in verse it so or invert it so that then I can actually paint it back in because I just really want it on these mountains back here so you can see from there to there don't forget about our daily creative challenge just a few minutes we're gonna be hopping over there and you can submit those on the challenge tab and right next to the chat window and the challenge today is to create a glitch in Photoshop using filters or layers yes I'm excited to see that yeah me too I actually so Tim asks would you remove the harsh shadow probably the one right by the frame there you know I didn't actually in the first one I don't think let's see yeah I guess I'll there but maybe I would I actually had some people commenting on this one being like the shadows not real it's off its off and I but you know that was a real shadow that was there so I think it would depend maybe on where your light was coming from so yeah in this case you're definitely right Tim we would want to get rid of that because we don't know light so yeah yeah so and then I saw someone say that my shirts hanging out of the photo so that's something you definitely attention to on edits where you're really like doing something like a frame or something where you know you're within I don't know whatever the circumstance but you want to make sure you look for any mistakes like that so there's like a lot of work to do on this and it's something that I might actually play with and then I think I would even come in and change this maybe effect that I did here with the curves because I'm not sure if I like it now I think you know I might even make it darker and then just paint back certain areas as if the light is coming from this galaxy yeah cuz it seems like it's creeping in a little there yeah Darren asked if you would colorize this and that could be really cool I mean yeah I know someone said red sand earlier oh yeah maybe we could play with that I know that's not a color that you incorporate though so would you maybe stick to one of the colors or would you not care I think I would just add it I would give it a little bit of a like magenta yeah Pinker yeah yeah Sebastian says lips are kind of important so maybe some gloss or reflection that could be cool yeah I guess I would depend on your light source – yes yeah yeah lots of good tips I love it so called uh see everybody's like ideas and stuff it she says my daughter said that this girl was on her way through the portal and got stopped Wow through the creepy feeling kind of comes anything yeah okay Oh click that go oh alt option click on the eye oh thanks Tim hug me oh my god so funny um okay so if I were like this is something that happens to me all the time when I'm editing is I'll start working on something I'll go through like the whole process and then I'll be like nah I don't like this like I want to change everything and which is why you know you always want to work non-destructively yes and I mentioned in the beginning of this that I used to just erase everything so that was really bad oh yeah then you would have to start completely over yes match yeah yeah so in this case I might I don't know like maybe let's see what am i doing dances that the sand could be the water or the ocean – whoo that would glow yeah and like maybe we even add like moonlight coming from wow I know you were talking about stars earlier – I think about would be fun yeah I'm like super excited to play with this later and see yeah what you can do but you can see here I'm kind of just like painting in and I'm kind of doing this quickly and not super carefully but like painting in areas where this light from above would be coming down which was car we the sunlight but maybe we change it to like moonlight or some yeah and so actually what I do is I use I know photo shops like soon to come out on iPad like the full version Wow but uh right now I use Astro pad to link my iPad to my computer and then I go in with my Apple pencil and you can also do this on like a tablet but I'll like paint in highlights like really carefully that's what I've done on some of my glow edits and like with you know a thin brush like eight tails like you can see you know if I were to go like like that with like a pen or with them like my Apple pencil yeah tablet and like get those highlights back and that's how you start to like make things look really cool and like angular and carried away by a moonlight shadow I love it yes so let's see well oh we were gonna change the sand color oh yeah let's try that I'm gonna actually no I don't wanna turn this off for now yeah let's make it like let's just lower the opacity on this so we can kind of play with that sand color a bit cuz right now it's super dark okay so we can either do like you know what I'm gonna turn this off completely so we can play with it but we can either do like hue and saturation we can do color balance or we can do selective color or photo filter so sometimes I like to just honestly play with the hue and saturation because I find things that look really cool yeah and you can see what fits yeah and I like what kind of cool that is I have like an alien girl doesn't Isis pink pink sands look like pink you could do it like that so you can see like sometimes I honestly will open hue and saturation like to simply get ideas right to be inspired go like now all of a sudden I'm like oh I want a pink yes yes that's fine yeah and so see that's awesome like and it's kind of cool that I'm green you know it's like it's very alien I know I love it I'm sorry says using hue and saturation you can also target the specific colors oh yeah I forgot about that you can get use by how do you do that above the hue slider is a menu to pick the colors oh yeah yeah forgot about that yeah so wait let me just go back here okay so see if we tried yellows yeah cuz it's kind of brownish you didn't yeah oh yeah okay cool look at green hair so yeah we could go in and do like pinks and that's fun yeah and that brings in the pink from this guy yeah totally hates this whole image and then we could add like the curves back in yes so then you start it and I think I might like in this hue/saturation layer maybe fix my hair I don't know the pink hair is kind of cool yeah so you can see here just like how I get these ideas they start to I mean sometimes I'll have an idea already but I'll do something like this and I'm like ooh pink it I will nail idea yeah yeah see like now it's not as cool without that so I'm just like painting this hair back in there's other ways you can go about doing this but and then I got a little bit of pink here so I would do that more carefully but I don't know I almost feel like now it looks like – it looks sloppy with the hair being a different color so maybe we leave it pink and then yeah Desiree says can we change your hair color to maybe a ombre purplish blue yeah I know love it a glass from this yeah like she crashed through yeah I love the ideas I'm gonna have to play this yeah almost out of time it's crazy this like zooms past yeah yeah you guys will have to come back tomorrow to see are you gonna play with it a little bit tonight and then show us maybe yeah it depends I don't know if she has time yeah we'll see what this could be I know because I really want to start to like play with how this galaxy light is gonna hit and maybe like moonlight coming from up here I don't know this is like I haven't even thought about re-editing this photo so it's really bad yeah yeah it's like a whole whole cool thing to play with well thank you so much for all of your guys's questions and for interacting and being so great we're gonna hop over to discord and look at some stuff that you guys have submitted so first the challenge was to create a glitch in Photoshop using layers or filters so awesome by Lawrence I love that so cool really cool yeah it's fun I almost wonder if I would take out the text though what do you think yeah I think you definitely could like I get the what you're going for yeah but I yeah I really like the two colors on the girl and kind of like this crazy futuristic vibe yeah I think the cut like the actual image is so cool that the text almost takes away from it cuz I gotta go there first instead of going to the images yeah definitely that that's really cool this is by Charles that's super cool yeah I love the colors of course my my color yes all your colors right there I'm Marissa whoo that's cool this is really cool so you have separating the channels there I love the like the green face it's cool I feel like that's kind of like what we were just doing you know changing the color of the skin and everything and all of a sudden it gives it like this different look yeah this background is spent here cuz there's the greens and the Reds in there and like some kind of pattern or something it looks really cool yeah it almost looks like a city skyline or something yeah yes right here yeah like a city yeah really fun cool I like that there's glitch in the text as well yeah things that all together I don't see a glitch there oh here we go not playing around with Iron Man and adding a little glitch to that oh that's cool yeah that definitely looks like it could be you know I could see it like moving on the yeah Iron Man the car that's cool yes this is this is that creepy cool that's pretty cool I love it tying it back to the theme yeah so cool yeah I really it's like well done with the glitch and then kind of just feeling uncomfortable uh-huh and the text behind the head there if you like that blends really well yeah that looks awesome so good job you guys whoo that's cool yeah this one's really fun I love it I love like the glitch layering effect that a lot of people have done like it's like the kind of light glitch in the background and then like a full glitch yeah and then and then like a different color glitch on top yeah so many dimensions yeah is that portrait that's cool I I've always loved that effect that you see in like album art all the time birds like the the two colors it almost it's like the old 3d look Oh remember when they used to have to make everything pink or pink red and blue in order to get 3d hmm yeah it doesn't write any of that that's really cool here's another kind of similar but then there's more glitching happening in here oh yeah that actually was happening on Instagram for a while with those liens going across like people's work there was like a day and it's still showing up on my page like really weird I knew it was like this weird glitch that they had and it was just coming across everyone's images you remember that I do remember that but I know it's still going on well it's not like it's not still happening but never like fixated on those images Instagram get it together I know what are you guys doing what are you doing with the how much coming in a day and I do you think they'd be able to I know a million oh my god Oh share the love Instagram yes that's gonna have another one so colorful yeah that's really fun that's really cool yeah I love the I always loved the way like purple blue and yellow kind of way together yeah so vibrant yeah I don't know if these are glitches our yeah is that it I think that might be eggs cool it's awesome cool good job everybody thanks for sharing that yeah so exciting to see everybody's work yeah it's really fun it's cool that with like one way to look at which glitch oh here you go here's a new one whoa again that creepy I know I love it which glitch and a rhyme in there yes that's been yeah I think it's cool I'm gonna talk to earlier that there's so many different ways to do the same thing but you can take one idea and make so many different kinds of images with it you know this is so different from like this which is different from this yeah you know all with the same kind of idea or like a beginning inspiration exactly it and it's so it's so true I mean just to see the way people's minds work differently and then all so like even today talking about this edit and having everybody's suggestions yeah everyone has so many different ideas yeah and like someone said what would what if she appeared as if she was floating on top of the water perhaps if the water was seeping through the mirror type of effect like that's so cool and so yeah I wouldn't think of you know and it's like all of these different creative minds coming together on artwork like this and like I think tying it back to Instagram that's what's so cool and like in the business world is like when all of these creative minds kind of collaborate and work together you can create stuff that like would not even happen on your own yeah yeah like you were talked about using stock images yeah it's like that like you can make something that nobody else would have thought of exactly yeah and I think everyone has unique ideas and so I think you like you were saying to do work that is if you like your passion something you were excited about and that's gonna set you apart because it's gonna be things that other people aren't you doing instead of trying to copy other people or do exactly what you think somebody else wants you to do right exactly and something that I think is happening even more and more so now on Instagram is like everybody's just copying each other it's not as you know and like you see something that's been done really well and then like ten other people do it or something and it's like it's one thing to be inspired it's like obviously yeah they're to like copy stuff and to just you know so yeah it's like figuring out like your own unique thing yeah yeah and doing challenges like this is a great way to do that and to figure out what your style actually is and what your you are passionate about yeah you can play around with maybe something that you would never have you maybe would have never thought of doing a glitch or something like that and then that can be really inspire you or come up with other ideas for something later on exactly no or just learning skills that you can use in the future yeah I am like inspired now to do a glitch shut it yeah I should make the portrait glitch yes I don't even know how to do that though anybody tips how do you glitch something from scratch share how you guys made these images with us yes it's like a template that they use or I don't know I want to learn how I've done well I did one similar to this before but it was several years ago and I kind of forget now yeah that's it happens to me – I do sag I did this one thing where you can take like I took stars and then I made them like grip down that's so and I can't remember how I did it's like watch the stream with Voodoo bow yeah that was right before us if you guys want to go back and watch that you can go back to that and right after us um we have filters yeah I think Oh way filters yeah yeah oh I feel like that's how I did it before oh gosh I have to go back and look I don't even remember um but yeah go back and watch that replay to get more information I'm definitely gonna do that I know I'm gonna do that – that's super crisis lairs screening and liquify okay that's cool there's the link in the chat see you guys can go back and watch that Marissa says that she was inspired by a Buddha vows so oh so cool that's awesome I love it I'm gonna totally do that so let's see some more business tips while working on this piece know that I have so many ideas about sure where I go with it so should we try like some weed filters yeah let's try where do you what do you guys think glitch wise what should we do in this image what should how could an ax incorporate that Bret says blend mode half tones and wait filters so combination of a lot of different okay tools let's see can play around and see what it looks like whoa Wow I you know it's funny I haven't used a lot of these filters since like the early days of Photoshop like I remember when that was like super cool yeah yeah I mean it still looks cool when done right you know but I remember like as a kid being like I'm gonna post rides everything yeah not all that's up first kind of started becoming something that everyone could do everyone started doing it yo Tim says you could glitch her hand since you have a clean background there would that would be really cool because then that would kind of add that like she went through a portal kind of feeling tada yeah the frame Jerry says the frames a glitch ooh it does glitch can work very good and as image I'm gonna have to learn how to do this you guys I feel like I yeah never tried this let's see okay so we got to it wave and thanks for all the tips guys keep sending them in and make sure that you come back tomorrow because we're gonna be talking even more about what to do once you have an image that goes viral how to turn a passion like this into a business so you definitely don't want to miss that set the wave to square sin says the way yeah wait a sec we go oh this is so qua tying in the creative challenge I'm yes that's so fun and learning something new whoa whoa oh my god so many options I know if you'd really do so many different things oh yeah oh my god if I just came in to my computer and saw this I'd probably cry oh yeah okay I'm gonna go back into that now I'm just totally playing but if you guys have more business I know this is about business and in creative fields and Instagram and all that so if you have more questions I'd be happy to answer those as I kind of play around in here and just take some of your suggestions putting that as a blend mode over it would look really cool okay oh yeah do you um come on I know it's important to create work look we're talking about earlier creating work that attracts the kind of clients that you want do you still do stuff just for fun because you're trying to like reach certain clients or is not most of your client work I would say I kind of work everything that I'm posting on Instagram other than if it's like branded posts yes for fun it's no fun yeah so you're still consistently doing that yeah building our portfolio really yeah exactly and just like not as often as I should be like and and as I mentioned earlier that's the problem you start doing you start making it into a business and you run out of time to do it just one yeah and so I'm hoping you know over the next few months and years like my plan is really to kind of try to like set up other streams of income so I can turn our passive and young coming in yeah exactly yeah that's really important Derek says what's the difference between a business profile and personal profile I also see this pop up on my IG account yes so we talked about this a bit earlier and we were saying the biggest benefit to having a business profile is that you can see your analytics and you can also then post automatically on Instagram and you can kind of there's just like a lot of other perks with the business pro run ads if that's something that you're interested in yeah so there's a lot of features that you get and people some people say that you might lose engagement and that might be true but I think I would say that the benefits outweigh that and I think yeah I completely agree I would say the the benefits of the business profile outweigh everything so yeah it's very valuable and you can always switch back if you realize you don't like it or you want to go back to personal you can switch back exactly I'm playing with some blend modes now I think I or glorified it yeah it's not a word glitch Wow so cool cool what's here during that whole area I was thinking like what if we just did the frame yes like Jerry suggested yeah so I inverted that okay and oh cool could do some that's pretty cool like I'm just kind of doing this quickly but yeah that's pretty fun yeah I think I definitely did it too much but yeah but can you now go back home and pull that back oh yeah I guess I could because I did it as a smart filter can we oh yeah okay yeah Robbie guys I'm probably learning as much as you thanks for all the suggestions yeah I was a good idea I like the frame is cool cuz it it looks like she's like really going through something I don't even know what it would be so I'm kind of portal or something I guess I can make it okay let's try it see what happens different oh yeah yeah different kind of like ooh I like that that's like it looks painted I know it reminds me of like um I don't know like those old things that what were they called like the metal things you could press your hand into it Oh Jalen's like little like little metal pieces you'd see your hand yeah it does look like that or then also like when you could attract little lead pieces yeah yes science class Steven says a quick and easy way you could duplicate the image three times and then play with the RGB in the layer style and then math got rectangles on the three separate layers so that was very bad like rectangular look cool yeah that's a good idea that's cool yeah so many different ways I know I need to like write all these down so I can play with this later well I guess I'll watch the replay yeah you do valid super cool that's really awesome like yeah I'm just gonna be like gonna take all this stuff now watch your style transforms I'm or I know like it becomes a glitch Queen says you can't use this technique to create flames oh yeah Justin asked if someone who's interested in graphic design cuz you mentioned that you have a background of that as well do you think of for your degree is necessary um I this is kind of a tough question because I know that like so many people have such a strong opinion on this of yes you should have a degree or you know now people so many people are like self-taught and they're like everything you can learn everything online what's the point I mean I personally feel like having I don't know it's so tough because having a degree has a gotten me a whole lot but I feel like it it will last through my lifetime you know yeah and like if you ever decide to change directions or someday when I'm like oh I want to get a if I want to get a corporate job or you have it did you have it yeah and so that in that way it's like invaluable because you will last you forever versus just being like yeah well I'm an Instagram artist I taught myself and like maybe some day I can just figure it out or you know so that's my opinion on that I guess okay yeah I think there's things that you learn in school that you can't really learn as easily outside of school I think that critique and not feedback from professors and and other students is really valuable yeah then there's also so much you learned on the job that you can't learn in school yeah that's you kind of have to have I think yet having both is really great alright not that you may have to have a degree but yeah I completely agree learning learning both ways and yeah having the degree as kind of a fallback yeah plus like you learn you get a lot of other stuff out of college other than just a tree yeah I think for anybody debating about going to college like it forces you to grow up you're no longer at home you're you know maybe it just forces you to have certain social skills or to learn what you like and don't like and again like going back to what I talked about in the beginning like I went to college originally for graphic design then from there transitioned into photography yeah and I was like oh wait I really love this and then that's when I was like I love landscape photography I'm gonna do all landscape then I was like no I love fashion photography and then it wasn't until after college that I realized all this stuff I studied in school I didn't like and it actually well I liked but you know and it actually was like some of the elective classes that I took a gosh that shaped my life ya know the same thing happen for me yeah yeah but I still use all the skills that I learned in those other classes for the most part exactly now and like being in school will make you do things like a glich challenge or things like that that maybe you wouldn't have done on your own and it measures you in different ways so if you decide not to pursue a degree I would say doing these kinds of challenges that push you outside your comfort zone and do things that maybe you wouldn't give you on your own it's gonna be really valuable completely and like plus you know having like in-class critiques yeah working with other students learning how to work with a team I mean you know it's like not easy to work in a two-yard yeah so yeah good question if you guys have any last questions feel free to ask them cuz we just have a few more minutes yeah just we're wrapping up here ten more minutes crazy I didn't really do a whole lot with this piece but you know talk business instead so who's so valuable yeah all right let's see what some things we could do in the last few minutes here like last time I was live I showed you guys like one of my favorite techniques I'm just duplicating all these layers here I know there's a faster way to do this one of my favorite things when I'm like about to be done with something is to add camera roll and I did a lot of this with Paul last time I was on and it was like crazy to see what it did to the image and I love to kind of like add this as the final like really cool wow factor yeah so let's play with that for a few minutes okay so if you had your image and like this is obviously we're not done we didn't blend things we didn't get everything like finalized but if you were done with everything and then you're like I want to add that extra like I get this question all the time how do you have such intense colors on your Instagram how do you get like the pops and the glows and like all that and Camera Raw is my little power weapon for this and of course there's plenty of other ways again you know doing all of these with the adjustment layers and everything but this helps give it like that umph so this is set up just like Lightroom in a way and so I'm just gonna I am just going to let's see add some contrast increase the highlights and you can gonna play with this I hope it's crazy I like to always bring the vibrance down a little like I think you know this looks kind of like old school and then I feel like this looks a bit or I don't know so sometimes you can add clarity I see when people add like a lot like too much you know but then my favorite aspects of it are one to do the split toning so this is how I get like kind of the right or like the warm highlights and then the cool shadows and so you can see we just like warm that up a bit there and so you can kind of play with like the colors on this maybe you want to do cool shadows so I like to do that and then my favorite thing to do is to come in with the radial filter and start to really like amplify areas that that would have more light so I would draw a radial filter and I'm just clicking and dragging like around this galaxy area and then you just want to make sure you are selected on inside if that's what you're editing and I would just increase the exposure areas yeah and then I might want to make this like really warm and kind of have like crazy storm looking by bring the saturation down a little says the texture slider is so much better than clean yeah yeah clarity like I've seen people just like go so overboard on that it's insane and I remember like for a while that was the look on Instagram it's like fashion I guess that was trending definitely are different trends yeah I think that's okay and it's okay to play on the trends by totally yeah so then I just clicked new and added a new radial filter but this time I'm gonna go outside and then I'm gonna change these settings and make it like a little darker and like maybe bluer and so this is just like what I would do in order to get those colors and then you know you can add another one and like maybe if we had the moonlight coming down from here so you can see and then you can make that we have those highlights on the earth and the body so to switch that so you can see how you can like really yeah enunciate certain areas you know is that the right word the area says that camera even has some presets yeah oh yeah I guess you can do presets and camera roll right how do you get to those okay Instagram looks I always just switched a light room but um let's see and so then also the graduated filter is really cool so you can like you know if we wanted this to be darker down here I'm just like playing around here made a total mess out of this image I would not post this just FYI but you're learning yeah we're having fun today they're gonna learn even more tomorrow I think you're gonna work on a different image tomorrow yeah tomorrow we're gonna get into a different type of image and then yeah so um I guess let's see we're gonna talk about what to do after a post goes viral yes if you want to learn how to make money from your Instagram from your business turn it into a business then join us here tomorrow 9:30 yes it's a big time playlist see you then yeah have a great day

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