Create a Refined Gradient with Your Product Photography Lighting Setup Using Savage Translum™

Hi I’m photographer Scott Hartwick and in this video
we’re going to do something a little different than the previous ones. We’re
going to shoot a hard disk drive with the top open using a scrim. Okay so
here’s the setup I’ve got the hard drive with the cover off so you can see the
actual spinning drive, that’s the part we’re gonna go after, sitting on a piece
of matte acrylic. That’s important too – we don’t want any glare we don’t want to
really show that off at all. Above that we’ve got a simple DIY scrim with a
wooden frame and Savage Translum™, this is heavyweight just taped to it and a
couple of C stands and we’ve got one studio strobe behind that. I’ve got a
seven inch reflector with a 30 degree grid. What’s important to this shot is
knowing the angle of my camera as it comes down to there, because I want that
same angle to my light. Otherwise this shiny disc will be black so that’s the
trick. Now to make this look like it’s shiny we need to show a gradation very
similar to shooting a bottle or anything else that’s smooth and shiny. So I’ve got
this dialed in, let me take one shot show you what that looks like. Okay so you can
see that shine, you see the gradation from the top of the disc and it gets
brighter as it comes down. That’s important to note. Now what I’m gonna do
next is I’m going to pump this light very slightly back maybe about an inch,
inch and a half something like that not very much. I’m gonna take another shot.
Okay so you can see in this picture that the disc itself is completely white and
I only moved it an inch and a half that’s why these angles that we’ve set
everything up to are so critical. Now if I move that back again, I might get a
similar shot I don’t get the same shot and I should get the gradation back that
we were looking for. There you go we’ve got the gradation but it’s a little bit
less but it still looks nice you could still see that that disc is shiny. Now
you can see a little bit of gray around it
on the on the mat acrylic and that’s nice, help for separation but to complete
this shot we would probably need to put some bounce cards in here to bounce some of
this light back into the label here and then get a little light on the side but
for this demonstration we’re just trying to show how you can make something
that’s super shiny look shiny in a two-dimensional space. So that’s this
video thanks for watching.

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  1. like I know you are trying to sell a product but the fact that you are giving legitimate and helpfull lessons with it is fantastic

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