could doodling help you relieve stress? for beginners and all

before I get started on today's project I just wanted to answer a few questions that I've received recently the first one is about this piece of glass that I used in the previous video a lot of you were under the impression that it was plexiglass but it's actually a piece of tempered glass and unfortunately I feel bad because a lot of you wanted to know where I came from I have no idea all I know is that it came with a couple of cutting tools it was a cutting tool set and I've gotten rid of the tools that it came with and there are no engravings on the glass however I was able to find something similar online if you research glass cutting boards you will find tempered glass cutting boards like these and actually they're a little bit bigger this one I find is a little small it's roughly 7 and 3/4 by 9 and 3/4 and it's fine if I want to use a piece of 6 by 9 like this exactly like I've used in the last video but it's a bit small for when I do bigger pieces so I will be purchasing from the link that I will put in the description below I found it on Amazon but I'm sure you can find something similar if you go to your big box store any kitchen appliance store and of course you can always use a piece of plexiglass there's nothing wrong with that the other thing also that I got often is will you be sealing these bookmarks which incidentally most of you it seems have liked the doodled ones which I don't have anymore I gave them away also I wanted to know what you thought I liked best and I actually preferred the non-dual old ones that was a surprise I'm sure for a few of you because I'm so into doodling but for these in particular I really really like the look of the non doodled to get back into the question this is what I used to seal most of my artwork it says your non-yellowing protection for oil acrylic watercolor paintings it also works with alcohol inks it also works with graphite colored pencil so whatever I need to seal a painting that's what I use so this is kamar or came our varnish by Kryolan and it's readily available pretty much everywhere I think I bought this few years ago from Michaels so any good art store also will have that all right so I hope that you're not tired of seeing me doodle because I really like it and I'm gonna keep on doing it sometimes not all the time I think the reason why I'm into dueling these days is probably to release some stress which I don't know where that comes from because the things are going well so there's really no real reason I don't know if it's an age thing maybe oh maybe I don't know but I do enjoy doodling because it brings me peace and I get lost when I doodle I really do I get lost in it so for me it's a stress reliever really I wanted to kind of take a different approach this time I think I've done something similar in my morning pages at some point in time last year I wanted to create a background that would support the doodling so I had a little bit of an idea in mind I knew I wanted to doodle florals and the way I saw it to begin with was there's going to be three main flowers the bigger ones and then the rest is just going to be fillers so apart from these three areas where the big flowers are going to be the rest I didn't really have a specific plan so I just dropped color that's basically it I incorporated a little bit of red with that shopping for fillers I guess and then some green because obviously when you're talking florists you're talking also leaves but nothing was defined with the colors except for these three large areas and I let that dry and I started doodling very very basic C shapes this is NE this is for anybody beginners any level all I'm doing is just swirling around and then all of a sudden I have three flowers and as you can see I make them imperfect on purpose because that's that's a style thing but you can take your time if you want to have something a little bit more rounder I like the misshapen circles and then once I was done with these three swirled flowers I made another basic shape which kind of looks a little bit like a tulip but without any details and then it just added leaves and that's it that's all I did and then I got to play around with the doodling so once I had all these three basic shapes then I was able to add fillers oh yeah I also did ovals too awful ovals when smaller than the other inside the other one and boom you got a flower it can be that easy I think we complicate things in general and so I would like to offer you something that you can do I cut like I kind of call this mindless doodling because I really don't think about anything other than just basic shapes so it's really not it's not difficult and it's not something that you need to struggle with you really have to be loose and just scribble and I know some people are going to be tempted to trace with a pencil I personally do not recommend that I when I doodle I don't think I've ever taken a pencil for doodling because I want the doodling to be very intuitive very spur-of-the-moment kind of thing so if if you want if you please do go at it with a pen or marker not a pencil but then I won't know so it's okay if you do all right so once I had all the basic shapes like I said I was going to put in some fillers and I also decided that the painting to add a little bit of drama to it and to put all these flowers in focus it'd be nice to have some sort of a darker background but I didn't want it to just be black so that's why I added these misshapen circles and I think it adds such a nice touch to the whole doodling thing I love doodling because you can be so free you can do whatever you want it can be as funky as you want I think that's the nature of doodling so I really had fun and then once I had done the fillers and you know those dots and everything I started darkening the lines where they would intersect with each other and that's called changing the weight of a line and I think it also adds like a little bit of an arch higher to your doodling and it provides contrast at the same time so I really enjoyed doing that and then I started introducing patterns in those tulip shapes flowers which it doesn't make sense and that's the thing that's the beauty I think of dueling anything goes so I dare you to find a flower like this in real life but I think they look great I like the lines contrasting with the dark in the dots I think that having different patterns in your doodling also helps so that that's basically it yeah play please play and in case you're completely out of inspiration I have put together a sketch for you and stick around till the end because I'm going to show it to you and I'm gonna tell you how to go get it for absolutely free if it's going to help you why not use it as you see fit keep it for your personal work obviously non-commercial use if you're going to mechanically reproduce it reproduce it for your own practice but yeah I thought it could help some of you out the last step you know something should be in writing and I think I'm gonna put it on my vision board new painting is ever complete until you add gold that makes sense to be I liked it I like to add dots outside of the main area of the painting I think it just adds a little bit of flare a little bit of whimsy and I also like to vary the sizes of the dots and this most metallic paints will be more pigmented than regular watercolor paper and so it really covers well so you can almost go over your pencil or not pencil but the marker lines this marker is not permanent but because it's so opaque it really doesn't show and I charge up my brush really really well so that I kind of I don't have to rub on the paper I kind of just like plot the color down without probably not even touching the paper and here's the final look oh oh look at this I made a little pocket doodler that's upon the suggestion of one of you and I'm sorry I can't your name and my friend Kathy and if you want to know how I put this little book together let me know in the comments because I have recorded the process it's just basically sewing together a couple of watercolor pages and I just prepared the circles with colors and other shapes and that's a great thing to bring with you on the go let's say you have a doctor's appointment and you know you're gonna have to wait just bring a pencil or not a pencil a pen oh here's the sketch oh so much to say but you know what I mean about the pocket doodler I thought it was a great idea and yeah that's it okay so this sketch is available on my patreon page and you don't have to be a patron to have access to it the only reason why it's on patreon is because I don't have a website website right now so for me it's the only way to share something with all of you so I will leave the link in the description below you just have to click on that and this will bring you to a post and the file will be an attachment to this post and with that we are done thank you so much for watching I hope this is bringing inspiration to some of you let me know in the comments if you want to see the little doodle er how I put it together don't forget to go get the sketch in the disc from the description below if you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them also below I want to say a huge thank you to my awesome patrons for supporting my art over at patreon thank you so much for watching and I will see you soon you

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  1. Love your doodle painting, can’t wait to try it. Do you have a link to buy the gold paint? I can’t find a place to buy it. Thank you

  2. Just discovered your videos. I absolutely love all your designs. Most of your doodles would translate beautifully on textiles!

  3. Lovely video TFS 🌸I love the pocket doodler idea. I make Junk Journals on YouTube so that’s right up my alley 🦄💕🎉

  4. Excited I found your site. I like doodling and have messed around a little with watercolors but this looks my style as it’s free firm. ❤️

  5. Could? It does. Just like any quiet creative activity does. Or hard manual labor. Anything that takes the mind away.

  6. Love your videos! You are truly inspiring me to jump in & paint with watercolors! Thank you for the doodle download!

  7. Lovely piece. I like the look of watercolor with doodling and flowers are 95% of my art projects. I always like adding gold, or some metallic. Doodling is such a meditative process I enjoy most every day. Thanks for sharing your sketch. And I love your pocket doodler book. Fabulous idea,

  8. I would love to see how you made the doodle book. I like it very much. The added bonus of the sketch is also great. I am a beginner in watercolors and I believe the doodle book will help me. Thanks.

  9. Yea. I really don't know much about doodling. Though I may give it a shot one day…

    on camera. Of course 😀

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. So I started the 100 days thing doing watercolour – then gardening season happened. But that's settled down and I'm back to the 100 days. Who said it had to be 100 consecutive days? This is the inspiration I needed. I've been a fan of your videos for many years, thank you for sharing.

  11. I'm inspired! I love the whimsy doodle. It has so much style and just what the world of art is all about! I've always preferred to doodle flowers and leaves, fences and beach scenes. I've just gotten a watercolor set and have started somewhat. You have a grand way to keep it simple, no overthinking and anything goes! That's art! My mind is a poppy field. And yes! Big stress reliever. I had a teacher in Jr. High that praised everyone's work. She would say 10 A's for you and 10 A's for you…and so on! She was the master. One of the reasons I still doodle today!

  12. So glad you’re doodling again! I love it and it’s so inspirational to watch a beautiful picture come together intuitively! Thanks!

  13. #DoodleForever ! I'm getting so addicted to doodling on my projects that I feel I'm getting lazy with actual Watercolor detailing…

  14. Your doodling always inspires me! My hubby just turned 60. The card I made him was inspired by your doodles bookmarks. I used Tombow dual brush markers instead of watercolors. I also layered some faint stencil patterns for texture. Doodling was done with my beloved TWSBI Eco fountain pen and DeAtramentis document ink along with white gel pen. He loved the card & I thank you for the spark of inspiration I needed. XO

  15. i cannot wait to try the watercolor doodles. Your calm style and wonderful laugh just make my day. Thank you.

  16. I enjoy watching you create. Thank you for the.pdf, and yes, please make an instructional for the pocket doodle book.

  17. This turned out absolutely beautiful! I will have to try some doodling, thank you for the inspiration. You are a professional doodler!

  18. Okay. This is the only video I’m going to watch today. I spend too much time watching videos and never try the art because I get overwhelmed and can’t think of the technique to try. I am not going to watch another video until I try this. Thank you so very much.

  19. I am very interested in your doodler, please.
    I find watching your pages so very restful, I can’t get enough so I think I’ll have to look at repeating your old ones
    Cheryl 🇦🇺

  20. I absolutely love your tutorials! They really click for me! I Love Your art too! Thank you so much much for sharing the processes you use when creating. 😍

  21. I've just discovered your videos. I love your "imperfection" and your kind of commenting, I enjoy watching your videos. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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