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New Thick Paint Hi! I’m Cher Pendarvis, artist and author of the Painter WOW books and artist tablet books. In this video we will explore the exciting new thick paint media in several of the brushes. Golden light downstream was painted with several of the thick paint brushes that I made for Painter. Thick paint has the look and feel of traditional impasto. You can paint strokes with depth and texture. For this video, I am using the classic layout with the thick paint brush and media panels open. You can choose the classic layout by choosing window – layout – classic. And to open the thick paint brush and thick paint media panels, choose window – brush control panels come down here and choose thick paint brush and thick paint media. I also have the real bristle panel because we’re going to touch on that as well later in the video, and here it is. Now to choose the thick paint brushes, go to the brush selector, choose the thick paint category and let’s start with the real bristle oils fan short. The thick paint panels include the media panel right here and the thick paint brush panel. And you’ll notice for my golden light downstream painting, I have built up paint on a lot of thick paint layers. Some of the thick paint brushes also incorporate the real bristle capabilities for realism like the real bristle oils filbert that you see right here. I’m going to open a new file and we’re going to have a look at some of the brushes. Choose a fun color red right here. I’m going to grab my stylus. And you see when I make a stroke, a thick paint layer appears. Choose some blue. I’m going to zoom in so that we can see the beautiful bristle quality of this particular brush. You can adjust the height of the thick paint by opening the layer options right here and adjusting the amount. So we can reduce the amount, make it more subtle or we can increase the amount and make the depth a lot more pronounced, as you see right here — the default is 100. Let’s choose another of the thick paint brushes — this oils palette knife. And I just wanted to point out that there are two basic types of thick paint brushes. The bristle type, and some of those can also incorporate the real bristle technology. And then there are the palette knives, this one is a palette knife and as you see the oils palette knife paints with a lot of striations. It is possible to smooth the paint a little bit more by enabling this paint flattening right here. So the next brush we’re going to have a look at is the real bristle fan short. Now this one is a nice fan brush. At 150% we can really see the bristle marks on this particular brush. The real bristle oils filbert that we looked at — you see how the paint interacts here, color over color. The highlights and shadows. I’m going to go to the navigator and we’re going to go to a 100% and move the file up a little bit. The real bristle oils flat, choose another fun color blue. With this one you can paint narrow strokes by holding your stylus more upright or horizontal strokes and you get a nice bristle look, and you get some blending too. As you see I’m able to pull some of the blue color out into the pink. The next one we’ll have a look at is really fun. This is the smooth round oils and with the smooth round oils, we can make nice thick strokes. And the smooth round oils is the brush that I use to block in the basic colors for the golden light painting that I showed you a bit earlier. Have a look at the real bristle oils fan short with the rotation. I set these up for painting my image because I wanted to use an art pen to pull the rain down I’m going to show you that in a little bit later. Another really fun brush that was made by another artist, the paint tube. Another brush that I like a lot is the grainy fine rake, and this was made by another artist. I’m able to pull strokes that go from grainy on areas that don’t already have paint to actually scrape and plow into paint that I’ve already painted. So you’ll notice that the type is plow paint with grain. And I’m going to go over these palettes in more detail in another video, but I just wanted to show you right here the type. Now the earlier ones with the bristles that I was showing were basically paint with the paint — that’s the type of brush that it is. Then there’s the paint with grain, plow paint, plow paint with grain, and erase. So see the difference if I change this one to just paint. It’s going to paint like this. But if I change it to plow paint with grain, then you’re going to have it do this. I’m going to choose a brighter color here, go back to the oils palette knife this is really nice for pulling paint and you see the blending and the oiliness of it. Just wow, wow, wow. Let’s pull it through this one right here. I’m using very light pressure on the stylus. Now let’s have a look at the surface lighting and see how it affects our impasto paint. I’m going to choose canvas, surface lighting. And in the dialog box, we have a couple of areas that affect the thick paint. Here the ambient lighting, we can adjust the brightness like so or reduce it. I’m going to turn it back to the default of 30. And we also have the shadows that are for the thick paint only. We can increase the shadows of our thick paint or decrease them to give it a flatter softer look. The directional lighting also affects the thick paint. We can increase the brightness like so — concentration or exposure. We can choose another light color which will dramatically change the color of our thick paint. I’m going to go back to white and there are other lighting choices that we can make here. We can drag the circle right here on the light to adjust the direction. And we can add additional lights and we can also choose simple lighting. I’m just going to click OK. With thick paint we can also adjust the paint load. Now I have the oils palette knife right now. The way that I originally set up the brush, it has a 50% load. We can turn the load down to just 8% and you see the brush runs out of paint. Turn it down even lower, we run out of paint. Now there’s infinite paint which gives a wonderful experience if you want to continue to paint. Infinite paint allows you to have your brush infinitely full of paint — and look at those beautiful strokes, just wow. In closing, I wanted to revisit my golden light downstream painting and show you how I painted the rain. Earlier in the video I mentioned having modified the real bristle oils fan short to accommodate a 6D art pen made by Wacom. I changed the expression in the real bristle panel to rotation. You can turn the brush according to how I move my hand. So I want to paint some more rain right here. I’ve also increased the size of the brush, and lowered the opacity a bit, and I’ve sampled some color from the clouds. So this is how I painted the rain coming down from the clouds. The brushes that I used to paint my golden light downstream painting are the oils palette knife, real bristle oils fan short, real bristle oils filbert, and the smooth round oils. To block in the base color from my painting, I used the smooth round oils. And then I built up modeling and details mostly with the real bristle oils filbert. As I showed a bit ago, the real bristle oils fan short with the rotation capability was used to paint the rain. I hope you enjoyed this introduction to thick paint and happy painting!

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  1. Hi Cher,Learned a great deal from this video. The Thick paint and selection brushes are so much fun.Thank You so much!!!!!

  2. What's the hot key for "knife only". Like if I wanna reduce the paint load to zero to move the existing pixels around, not add new ones. Or do I have to set that up?

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