Copywriting Tutorial: The "FlyWheel Process" (LIVE Example)

in this video you're gonna watch me write copy using the flywheel process and for this video I'm going to be writing that email convincing someone that wants to become a freelance writer to enroll in our $99 online course and I'm just gonna be writing the rough draft using this flywheel process that we've been talking about now before I actually get started writing the copy I'm going to get more customer language because this isn't going to be enough to write the first draft of our copy to do that I'm just gonna hop over and start on you to me but really we could go to any market place where a bunch of freelance copywriters are hanging out or are people that want to become freelance copywriters and let's take a look at the top course and I'm going to go straight to the ratings and reviews and I know we already looked at some of these in a previous video so I just want to skip ahead so I'm not at the very top of the reviews here we go so that's a solution copy okay so now that I've gathered more of the customer language we have a more complete customer language document and now we're going to actually start putting together the copy for this email using the flywheel process and the formula that I'm gonna go with here is pause which is pain agitate solution and I'm gonna make these the heading and then start piecing together customer language under each of these and this is where it starts to get fun so pain now we're going to be addressing the pain points that students are facing so there's something here I need more practical advice I was so lost as to where to start organizing my business I love to make some income as a writer and let's see if there's anything else we can do here now typically I would have 5 to 10 pages of customer language that I could use for this process but since this is just a short piece of copy we're writing an email we don't need too much and keep in mind this is just to get us going for the first draft and then you can make it your own and add more to it as you edit and polish it and this could be something to beginning so let's see what we have so far so I recommend this for anyone who wants to start writing copy and build a portfolio let me just say this – are you ready to start writing copy and build a portfolio as a freelance copywriter if so the amounts of information out there to learn from is overwhelming so I'm kind of adding a little bit to put on top of what customers are already saying or what other people in the target market are saying and then we could say one of these I'm just gonna adapt this so it's if you are looking or if you're ready to learn how to get started in this field then you may need more practical advice and point a little bit from here too and I'm seeing more language here that we can use I was expecting this course tell me right step by step instead of going through courses that are filled with endless theory or let's just talk about the pain here so it's saying it's frustrating to go through courses that are filled with Andres theory and then when we go to the solution we'll be talking about how this course is step by step so what if we added this in the beginning are you ready to make some income as a freelance copywriter ready to start writing copy and build your portfolio if so the amount of information out there to learn from is overwhelming overwhelming and not practical if you're ready to learn how to get started in this field then you may need more actionable advice so as you can see I'm still working with the direct customer language but just changing a few of the words here and there to make sure it pieces together and it makes sense it's frustrating to go through it's frustrating to waste time browsing courses that are filled with endless theory and then let's just say it can make you feel lost as to it comes to starting your career as a freelance copywriter and for the sake of an email I would say that's enough pain and it's time to go on to agitate so how can we build up this pain in the minds of the reader now if you do have language in the customer language document that directly points to how the people in your target market are feeling that's really powerful copy that you can use here I think if people are saying in their own words this makes me feel so upset when this happens or this feeling is just like grinding inside my body or whatever descriptive language they use that's gold and if possible we would love to put that under the agitate column now based on the copy that I have here or the customer language I don't really see much of anything that would work well under the agitate column so let me just do one last look through this section here and if I don't see anything then we're just gonna use our best guess to build up the pain that they've already been talking about here so nothing there maybe we could do tedious and monotonous this could be something we can use if you read this you can tell there's a feeling of frustration there so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna add that but I don't want to use the copy itself but I'm just gonna label it as feeling frustrated and what we're doing now is we're just assembling the puzzle pieces it's like when you're creating a puzzle and you put together all of the edge pieces so then you can start working on the edges of the puzzle our edge pieces at this moment are anything that could be used to help us piece together the agitate part of our copy and add this piece and that should be good enough so now we want to agitate this stuff from the beginning and the main points here are the amount of information out there is overwhelming and not practical so I'm gonna put pain point overwhelming amounts of information that's not practical and another pain point wasting time it's frustrating to waste time browsing courses at filleth endless theory wasting time frustrating and can make you feel lost so what we want to do now is agitate these pain points why are these pain points so painful we want to build it up a little bit and if possible we're gonna be pulling some of this language down here if it makes sense so let's just start with this first one an overwhelming amount of information that's not practical is there anything here that fits under that pain point well one is this tedious and monotonous would go under the wasting time how frustrating that is and here is something that has to do with not practice not being practical and I put this under a frustrated feeling and with this you'll notice that I put three pain points here and these are just the pain points from the earlier part of the copy and now I'm gonna start to agitate them you can do that if you like or if there's another way that you prefer to do this it's up to you this is the kind of process where I'm teaching you the basics of how to use the flywheel technique and how we're piecing it together based on the customer language document but ultimately you're gonna have to play and experiment with this technique in order to make it your own and if you enjoy this process that I'm using right here of putting the pain points down agitating them and then I'm gonna delete these pain points then feel free to use it that's awesome but if this is feeling a little awkward for you or you feel like it's not necessary you can just go ahead and piece together copy that forms that agitate part of your copy it's totally up to you and the most important thing is it's something that you feel comfortable with now keep in mind as I'm going through this process my mind is a little bit on fire the mental part that's fearful is saying how is this kind of pieced together in the copy this isn't gonna work this doesn't make any sense but the deeper part of me knows that this is part of the process and as you'll see by the time we end this exercise we'll have a first solid draft of copying so it can feel very rough and messy in the beginning but the whole process is just polishing refining and eventually we end up with a piece of copy that's really great so I'm gonna keep moving forward and I'm gonna start with this first pain point here overwhelming amount of information it's not practical and I'm gonna rewrite that to say the amount of information were faced with we're presented with is overwhelming there if you search for copywriting courses our let's change that to freelance copywriting courses on Google or YouTube there will be thousands of videos tens of thousands filled with information the problem is 99% of this information is not practical for you a lot of the advice you hear will not apply to you and your situation the result is you waste and I'm gonna be going into the second pain point of wasting time is you waste countless hours of your time with videos that don't get you closer to your goals so now we can get rid of this and if you had more customer language you could try and piece this together but personally I find the best way is to add customer language in here like what we did in this first section and then if you need more information you kind of riff off this customer language and just add a little bit of your own thoughts extending that main idea that exists in the customer language so even though we started with just two tiny sentences I was able to take the main points of each of those sentences and add on some copy to to it to make it a little bit longer and now I'm going to talk about wasting time wasting time wasting your time is frustrating when you're not in a job that pays you by the hour wasted time equals wasted money and now I'm just building up the pain of wasting your time it sounds Russian television everybody said they said time equals wasted money and as a novice learning about copywriting for the first time it can be hard to focus when the material is very tedious and monotonous and here we're using more of the customer language and I'm gonna get rid of this because I don't think we can really use this and we've already tapped on the feeling of feeling frustrated and this pain point here is it can make you feel lost so we'll just tie up this agitation here and say the end result of this research is you feel completely lost you don't feel any closer to reaching your goal of financial freedom becoming your own boss and achieving financial freedom as a freelance copywriter and if you remember back to an earlier exercise we talked about the number one feeling they want to feel its freedom so that's why I'm coming back and bringing up this idea of achieving financial freedom and that's enough for the agitate right now and later we're gonna edit this so I'm just gonna leave it as it is and finally we come to the solution so what I'm going to do is I'm going to pull some stuff from the solution part of our customer language document so here are all the possible solutions that our target market is looking for so one thing that I'm noticing that's come up a few times is developing new revenue streams or increasing your income so we're gonna make sure we want to cover that in the solution portion of this copy and this right here is a great line I'm halfway through this course and I feel like I've been doing this for months so now that we have all this language together let's start to put it together into the solution part of our copy so let's start somewhere with this is useful for those new to copywriting or actually I think this is a better place to start for QuickStart QuickStart into the copywriting business so let's do a little transition if you're tired of being overwhelmed by training out there it's time learn from a focused online course and we can change this later this is just the first draft let's say you need a course that gives you I'm just gonna copy and paste this all the materials needed for QuickStart into the copyright in business a course that's useful for those new to copywriting and I'm assuming for this example that this course is targeted for people that are new to copywriting and they want to become a freelance copywriter and because of that I'm not gonna use this line down here so I'm gonna get through this delete that your copywriting and helps you write and teaches you everything you need to know know step by step learning about freelance copywriting shouldn't be tedious and boring and that's going to be a transition into this this course the instructor in this course is energetic and engaging throughout and that's enough for now but we're gonna edit this later very short and to the point of course is also filled with examples that the instructor gives so we got that piece done and then let's just say by the time you make it halfway through this course you'll feel like you've been doing this for months and that's why I think this method is so exciting if I were to write copy on a blank white screen I never would have come up with that line that is such a good line for our email copy and that's directly from the customer language and I'm gonna get rid of these I don't think they're too relevant for us and the length of our email is already long enough so that's it so now we have pain agitate and solution and in a later video you're gonna watch me as I edit and polish this copy now I realize that watching this process is a little messy I was speaking through my thoughts as I was having them and none of this was pre-planned but I just want to show you that this is what the process actually looks like of writing copy using the flywheel process now don't worry if this feels really awkward and uncomfortable in the beginning it definitely has for me and like I mentioned earlier in this video even now as I go through this process part of my mind is doubtful that is this really gonna work can I get away with just using the customer language but as you start to do this more and more you're going to become more confident in your ability to go off of that customer language and write a first rough draft and if you think about how hard it would have been to write this much copy from a blank white sheet of paper then this makes this method seem very attractive it was mostly reworking language that we already had in the customer language document and I wouldn't be able to write this much copy in that short period of time without the customer language and on top of that this copy is going to be much more effective than it was just my words alone because most of this is coming straight from the people in our target market and even though I had to take some liberties with the copy in the agitate portion because there wasn't that much in our customer language document it's still building off the main ideas that came directly from the customer language in this video you watched as I use the flywheel process to write a piece of copy live

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