Copywriting Tutorial: Run a Customer Interview Call (LIVE Example)

where I'm at is actually I'm a stained glass artist and I'm in my studio behind me is the plastic sheeting is protects the paint booth or they do painting it's not like a scene out of most-wanted or anything like that that's awesome seriously – yeah you say glass and I also do writing well I'm trying to I'm trying to get into that and what made you want to get more into writing well I've done writing before usually I have been writing articles for like online magazines specifically in religious or social typesetting and I just finished working with somebody we're publishing a book in Iran about and you know you dispose of Islamic architecture so give yourself laws to write for people and would you say that for me motivation and learning copywriting yeah learning a platform to use the writing skills that I have and direct them towards an income I think and when did you first decide that that was something you want to do or learn how to do about two months ago I think and what led you into that decision I'm at a stage in my career where I can't really advance financially right now I thought it would be really good to expand I'm also extremely I work here and I thought that hey the the writing our expansion kind of complement each other mm-hmm so would you say that your main motivation is to be able to spread your message more powerfully or the extra source of income or is it equal between the field I think the copywriting we help provide a little bit of stability and the communication skills necessary to support the artwork so they complement each other but kind of sideways okay I took a computer programming course same time I was taking an English course they aren't despair the same thing but the computer programming help me to really focus and clarify what I was reading in the English class and the English course really helped me helped me to kind of clarify the objectives with the programs on the show so exactly lead to each other but they really informed each other that's how we see the copywriting at work and really interesting I think it's really cool that you combine two things especially if they seem somewhat unrelated and they actually really help each other well just with the copy writing class that I took from you the first one I really maintained like artists file and stuff like that and just the copywriting mentality really helped me to clarify what should be artsy fartsy language mm-hmm sounding a lot more intelligent a lot more professional and at this point in your journey what would you say will be most helpful grow your copywriting is going on I think that application being the actual values and community working actually seller would be a really big thing and I think that a jury would be helped me to increase the schools as well that's the biggest problem we think as you understand what I need to do but the classes that are taught with sculpture I can have people do worksheet so I can have them do exercises and talk about it but until they actually do the finishing work or do something showy it really don't have a way to apply what they're learning that's already I want to find a source and you know exactly how we can go about to start sewing stuff so I can get better doing it with her world yes and is there any places besides this book that you just wrote where you started to practically apply this stuff well it really doesn't count if it's in Iran I didn't give me money for it look for perhaps but process of writing other things as well gradually applying it but I feel like I've made that kind of NIT step you know taking it somewhere and at this point are you more interested in finding other people's project and then then paying for you to write for them or for you to write something that you would sell I'm interested in both but I think one would really help the other I think that while I'm working on other people's projects that would help me gain confidence and working on my own stuff but it would also provide kind of the financial support to help me as I was working on cutting so just make sure I got that right it sounds like both are equally important because they complement each other and I think probably you would start out with working on their peoples project because that lays the foundation where you can then do your own stuff yeah exactly and is there anywhere that you've gone to start looking for these kind of jobs well I've been looking at a couple different sites that are supposed to help to help people to connect them with people that likes of paper stock and reaching out couple of the places that I reached out to and either don't exist anymore and I don't really know I don't have the tools to know where to actually go to look where doesn't feel like it with a shot at you know and those that you visited where any of them they seemed really promising when you join them yes they did well everything seemed really promising what one thing that is kind of frustrating to me is there are you know saying things like we'll teach you how to sell stuff and things like this but when it comes down to well why don't you like what are the resources fine so I can actually sell so how do I present myself it's seems either either lacking or in a theoretical cloud or it just so happens that they have a program for that but I could pay a lot of money to get to that's really frustrating I'm not looking for another program are looking for this scales like well you know there's in any community there are so different places you can go to that will help you or addressed appropriately and run your resume and serve so you can walk in and just you know somebody but it's there doesn't seem to be any resource I would do that same kind of thing for trying to find at venues for something right now I can imagine the training what are some of these sites are you into how are they seem really Thomasina then they kind of let you down that rabbit Hall I don't know if I should I say he cites specifically I don't want to get anybody oh good yeah we don't have to say that no words that's a good point I guess one question that came to my mind is have you tried the freelancing websites like how poor oh yeah oh God tap work and I started looking at that and I actually applied for several things and it seemed that I have a full-time job right now and we're trying to do these other things and the amount of time it would take to get the kind of I'm hoping for seems like he would be less proud of what I'm making now and that's not you know even as a part-time job like this I was looking for and if I knew if the session would be appropriate to take or the kind of things to look for to whom to approach then I can't potty bear I think I lost one can for a while you know but for now it's still shocking really I will go back into promising but it's at a point where it seems like it's more of a waste of time than anything else like 10 articles for $6 an hour just doesn't seem to be where I want to be if I knew that you know 30 days that would get better than that would be a different thing but you know I have how it looks and with the a lot of Education I have about it it just doesn't seem like that's real City and just to make sure it's this thing where if you knew that investing this time into the up work would tip in the long runs then you would be happy to do it if it was a clear path but as it is now you have this full-time job and you don't want to give up that or you maybe can't afford to give up that paycheck in order to pursue this thing that seems pretty unsure whether it's gonna lead to anything and yeah this is one of the reasons why I'm a Salter and I do art because it's a little bit more difficult to articulate things clearly I'm not working with my hands so and so when I write something I usually go through about 20 revisions to get their 20 where it's actually clear and why would you are why did you choose popular as the way to make extra income there seem to resonate the best with the types of things I've already done a lot of the work that I do with organizations is trying to make something interesting where most people are not interested at all and a lot of the kinds of questions you have to ask yourself that you do copywriting are the questions that you need make sound inviting or interesting to engage that potential audience so see I love that and yeah I don't ask that you learn so much about the psychology of people honey popular members yeah if somebody if you want to tell somebody yeah we're having a Baptist picnic in the park music care the people are do care they're gonna be coming anyway mm-hm but if you tell somebody they really have an awful lot of fun you're gonna be hungry anyway – whoa Jerry was really good people that are that wants to include you in their community and if you service and it sounds a lot more reviving now I could feel it even in that example you're just saying the – the difference between the two is night and day yeah that's we want to engage people we want them excited about the things that we are doing and if you don't use a kind of copyright style language it sounds like you need a nice family newsletter but we don't want people that they're making awesome well I thank you so much Andrew those are all the questions I have for you is there anything I could help answer with or something that came to your mind that I didn't ask well I think it would be really nice to have kind of you know you include a lot of resources in it in the classes and stuff and I it would be nice if there was a resource towards something that in addition add work you know these are the kinds of things that it could be dinner even if you are offer a course like covering that in the future this is how we go about to find clears exactly how to find clients the exercise definitely seems to be a very common pain point it was like you said once you learn all the knowledge you just have to apply it it's through the real-world experience right and so much confidence Constance with working with clients in real life well even if it's selling to your brother-in-law is still useful sense well I'm really enjoy talking to hear your perspective on things very much

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