Copywriting tips from Sue Allport

Hi, my name’s Sue Allport from Wamplify
Copywriting and it’s my job to write the words that will sell your products and services.
I’ve got two tips that will help you to write better websites and sales letters. This
can improve all of your marketing materials, if you remember to do it properly.
Clever writing is crucial to marketing success. So if you want to persuade your customers
to buy, to sign up, to call or ‘add to shopping cart’, you’d better think about the way
that you write. Ok, tip number one:
Ignore your high school English teachers because they were wrong about grammar! It’s perfectly
fine to use ‘and’ or ‘but’ to start a sentence.
You need to keep things short and sweet, if that little grammar tip keeps the reader reading
and adds impact, then you should do it. And you won’t get a bad grade if you do!
Tip number two: I am begging you for the sake of your sales,
keep it simple. Complicated vocab kills the reader’s interest. It’s unappealing, it’s
hard to follow – your message can be lost if you don’t keep it snappy.
So let’s think about words like ‘advise’, ‘accommodate’, ‘facilitate’, ‘make
possible’… we could just say ‘help’. And we should say ‘help’ because everybody
understands ‘help’. Everyone has a personal connection to ‘help’ – and that’s
useful. If you can write something that people will
relate to then you’ll get results, which is good copywriting.
If can write something that will intrigue, entice, interest, that’s fantastic copywriting.
That’s all from me for now, I’m Sue Allport, thank-you very much for listening.
The end!

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