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hey hey hey Nina Lewis here from Nina online holistic marketer online I hope you're having a great day today and today I want to talk about copyrighting what is copywriting in a nutshell copywriting is writing to sell when you write to sell it's about creating a connection and I want to put in a little disclaimer here because before when I first started writing copy I used to advertise myself as a copywriter and a lot of people would get confused and think I was a copywriter that you know stop copyright infringement on books and articles no it's not that kind of copywriter macapá writer is the marketing communications right writer a business marketing writer or business communication writer it's same as copywriter but the main goal of copywriting is writing to sell you want to use words that create connection and rapport and build relationship with your target audience so they can get to know like and trust you however if you remember anything that I teach you today about copywriting I want to teach you these three things okay you once must remember these three things if you don't remember anything else one people always buy based on emotions to use the same words that people are already using and throw it right back at them three right in a conversational tone okay so let me go into number one people always buy based on emotions so when we're selling whatever we're selling people are going to put an emotional attachment to what you are selling for example let's talk about a car let's talk about two cars there's a Hyundai and then there's an Aston Martin a Hyundai is a $5,000 car and an Aston Martin is a – excuse me $200,000 car so here's the thing they both have four wheels they both have two or four seats and they both have driving steering wheels and they both get you to where you need to go wherever you need to go so there's an Aston Martin and then there's a Hyundai a Hyundai you're probably thinking about the safety there are a liability the gas mileage can it get you back and forth to work right so when you're buying an Aston Martin when you're thinking of the Aston Martin you're probably thinking about the prestige the accomplishment that you're accomplished you're probably thinking about luxury pride you know I don't know attraction you're thinking a lot of things like if I have this car people are gonna think the Aston Martin I'm talking about it's gonna make me feel let me rephrase that it's gonna make me feel powerful it's gonna make me feel accomplished it's gonna make me feel attractive it's gonna make me feel prideful it's gonna make me feel you know disciplined and determined these are the emotions that I'm feeling it's gonna make me feel great and happy joyful right the Aston Martin will break out those kind of emotions a Hyundai not so much a Hyundai probably would be like well this car it's it's good it's safe its reliable it's affordable all right it's gonna make get me to where I need to go so why would someone buy a Honda over an Aston Martin or an Aston Martin over a Hyundai right so when we market we market to people's emotions and I want to tell you another story a personal story that I can relate to is because what happened was um I've always struggled heard my weight I'm down 20 pounds and I have 20 more to go you know so it's um always been a struggle for me but I think this is the last time but when I first started on my weight-loss journey a few years ago I was feeling discouraged I was feeling disappointed I was feeling frustrated I was just sick and tired of being obese and overweight and not being able to have energy and not wanting to wear the clothes that I want it so I was I would see my friends they would exercise it would look great they would you know um they were skinny buddies and I was still here struggling to you know really find my my perfect speed sweet sweet back for my my weight so at that point I was just fed up and I was like you know what I'm tired of this I'm doing all this on my own I lost a lot of weight on my own but I still want to be toned I still want to look good and I still want to you know get this weight off so that inspired me to actually hire a personal trainer because I knew a personal trainer would help me get the results faster could I have done it on my own yes and I did but I was so frustrated and I was so tired and I was like well personal trainer has more secrets and strategies that I don't know so let me have him come in and incorporate the strategies my for my weight loss but the thing was I solely purchased a personal trainer based on the emotions that I was feeling because I could have easily just kept going to the gym kept doing what I was doing you know and then stagnant and got slow weight loss but I want it fast and quick results and my emotions were getting the best of me and that's why I hired a personal trainer okay so – what do I mean by use the same words people are already using what I mean by use the same words people already using is that people are going to tell you how they feel listen to my weight loss story you heard me say frustrated disappointed sick and tired you heard me use those words I wanted to be able to fit into my outfits again so what you can do is find out where your target market is hanging out and find out what they are saying and just go the forum you can go to forums you can go to social go to social media and you can really get an idea of what your target audience is having trouble with once you find out what they're having trouble with it's going to be very very easy to communicate with them because you're going to be using the same exact words they're using to express their frustration how cool is that it's really not rocket science so people think that copywriters or greatest thing since sliced bread all that and yes there are some magical and great copywriters but the great copywriters what they do is they go over research and then they use the same words that their target market is using and puts it in their copy so remember that and then number three write in a conversational tone and I know that you've probably seen a lot of these gurus and online marketing experts and gurus and whatever they call themselves right now slapping a copy and trying to put you in a trance and try to fee have notic and putting all that red lipstick a marketing hoopla up you know and it's at the point where we're getting smarter consumers are getting smarter and they're not buying into the hype and I know you don't want to sound Scelzi slimy pushy you know so when you're right and copy you always want to write in a conversational tone right like you're talking to your friend you know don't try to be saying all this jargon and mumbo jumbo and having all these big words right like you're talking to a friend or like right like you're talking to your client you know so I always say keep it in a conversational tone keep it fun keep it witty keep it light and it's just like and I can show you better than I can tell you but we have we need to stop trying to be like salesy pushy slimy because it turns off your customers and it's not authentic you want to come from a place of service and you want to come from your heart for example look at me I'm doing this and this is all well this is a teaching course but even in my copy that you see that you've got here you'll notice that I'm using the words that you use cuz I did research you know and I'm talking to you like I'm a person and I'm not talking to you like oh I'm gonna put you in a trance and if you don't buy my stuff you need to buy it now and you're going to forget it and be stuck forever no it doesn't work like that so when you're writing always write in a conversational tone and I can show you how to do that and other course okay so the next one is basically what will you use copywriting for copywriting common uses of copywriting you'll be using them for sales letters direct mail postcards email newsletters brochures but nobody really uses brochures anymore websites opt-in pages press releases magazine advertisements and if you're marketing online you're probably most likely going to worry about sales letters opt-in pages web copy email and direct mail those are the only few things that you're probably going to have to worry about

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