Common Copywriting Mistake to Avoid #2

now most people when they were a copy
they use the wrong language don’t talk in your language talk in the potential
customers language so what do I mean by that well let’s look at two examples
really briefly right here and we’re going to go back to the customer a lawn
care business and we’ll pretend that that’s your business model you take out
an ad in the local paper or maybe you run Facebook Ads to you know a
geolocation or something somewhere in close proximity to your business
whatever we’re not here to argue you know semantics or which ad works better
for you know which business I just want you to understand this crucial
copywriting mistake here’s two examples of potential add title number one get
rid of pesticides herbicides and enrich your grass overnight or number to grow
your grass twice as fast and keep it healthy which one is better well the
second one is clearly better why language speak in the customers
language not your own use layman’s terms and keep it simple and short now you
might think that a lot of things that you’re talking about and referring to
like pesticides or herbicides are common uses or common language or or common
sense essentially but you have to remember that you might be the expert in
that field and your potential customer might not see it that way okay here’s
one more example that you might understand a little bit better I’m an
entrepreneur and I sell a lot of information products online that help
other aspiring entrepreneurs make more money quicker an example of an ad
related title could be pack the Amazon algorithm what Jeff Bezos told me a
better example of that ad title in layman’s terms might be rank your Amazon
product with this one easy secret why because not all people looking to
purchase something Amazon related might understand that there’s an algorithm or
even know what that is some people might share but most people that would
potentially buy that product are new to Amazon and the same goes for Jeff Bezos
do most of the people that are watching probably understand or know who he is
sure but a lot probably don’t – why fight an uphill battle

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