Color injection flower dip technique with Fiona Art – Acrylic Pouring, fluid art

hey guys I'm very excited today cuz I'm doing a collaboration with Fiona art she is our tipping Queen if you don't know her please check her out I put our links in the description she's very nice creative and so sweet and the good thing is she's from Slovenia so she's in the same time zone as I am we call together first video call get to know each other a bit more and after that we decided to video call and start painting together do a little workshop together so I made some green screens you can check them somewhere here and we had so much fun and we came up with a new thing to try for us both and since she is a dipping Queen and I don't do dips a lot but I make a lot of puddles and I'm just getting into this injection so we came up with doing a white base then pour up some more white on the compost and inject it with colours instead and check the colors with white and then dip it and try to make a gorgeous flower shall we try it together they don't work out dead great but I think we need to experiment a little bit more and I think I am ready so we're using today magenta violets yellow and gold and of course white so let's start okay we start of course with a white base I'm spreading it out really good my paint is a little bit thicker for this okay and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna make two photos with white one here and one here okay and I'm gonna start with yellow so I'm just gonna inject it in here okay maybe that's too much let's go with magenta from Pilate and some gold so the paint is already a bit mixing with other colors okay so my conference is not very levels I see already another real problem okay and I think it needs a little bit of drop softer right so I'm gonna dip this just with normal foil I think that will work and Fiona does it a lot with the sit back so maybe she's doing with a sit back I don't know it doesn't matter we all do it on our own style well I've never dipped with this really okay it's beautiful it's a very small design okay but it's not really composition is not very good but I love all these little cells like this maybe just blow it a little bit out like the white and bright series let's see because that one is going over the side okay let's torch this again so delicate so many cells yeah okay this is cool well this worked out great or at least I think this is very gorgeous and it has a beautiful composition and of course I wasn't happy with it at first and I needed to blow something but yeah that's what I do so probably Fiona is gonna tweak it a little bit with her steaks and she's gonna do it probably totally different so I'm very curious how her SH will turn out she's using the same colors as me and this was so much fun and I know already Fiona and I are gonna talk a lot more together please check out her video it's in my description and just subscribe to her she is awesome thank you guys for watching and I'll see you next time you

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  1. This is great. Your art is such an inspiration. I've been trying the dutch pour technique and it's a bit trick as sometimes I comes out lovely and sometimes not:-)
    Love this colour combination.

  2. Can you please try this technique with the Poly Pour and Colour Arte Pigments..Please 😉
    Prerty please 😉

  3. Lots of fun & I Love your amazing style!
    This looks like a much better way to achieve the dip effects with more control and less mess 🙂
    Could you please show the consistency of the paint you are using, as you stated that it is a little thicker. What I mean by my question is when mixing does it leave a trace before setting back in the cup or is it thin and just blends right back in without leaving a trace? How does your mix compare to the Poly Pour; is it thinner?
    I really appreciate the advice 😉
    Sincere thanks from another fluid art addict… I totally laughed while reading your description! Kindest Regards, Cheryl

  4. Oh my GOSH IS THAT BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I’ve got to try this. Love, Love, Love this. And all the colours are gorgeous!

  5. Wow that is beautiful just love the colors a dear friend had talked about your work Tammy Anderson which she is amazing to watch, just subscribe to your channel

  6. Rinske as I told Fiona you two together are like coffee and cream. They blend together beautifully and the world needs them as we need you. You inspire me to keep trying this technique and because of you I pushed myself and now have almost 200k views on one of my Dutch pour videos. That is because of you and I thank you so very very much❤🤗😘

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