Client-Magnetizing Copywriting Formula

do you feel like your marketing gets ignored do you feel like you're doing the right things to create awareness of your coaching business and attract new clients but no one seems to notice you the underlying problem is likely your copywriting keep watching and I'll share with you a proven copywriting formula that will grab the attention of your ideal clients and funnel them into your coaching business hi I'm Laurel staples I'm a marketing coach and the founder of pro coach calm when I launched my first coaching website years ago it was a great looking website it had the right colors the right branding my logo great photos it looked fantastic the problem was it didn't do anything to funnel new clients into my coaching business think about it this way that's kind of like having this beautiful red Ferrari sitting out in your driveway but this Ferrari has no engine so yeah it might look great might make you feel good about yourself but it's not gonna do much to get you from point A to point B what I learned later with my website is that I was too focused on the branding part of it on the graphics on the colors on all that and I wasn't focused on copywriting of course branding is important and it's something that you do want to focus on but the copywriting I'm going to argue is more important copy is the text in your marketing and sales material for instance on your website webinars workshops landing pages opt-ins email newsletters social media all of those things are copy the difference between creative writing or descriptive or editorial writing and copy is that copy is specifically written to inspire the reader to take action and without action you can't get any clients for instance if people come to your website and the copy on your website is not written in a way that inspires them to take action to either sign up for your email list or to sign up for a free strategy session with you then they're gonna read your website and then they're just going to go somewhere else if they're not going to take one of those two actions therefore the secret to great marketing material is inspiring the reader to take action here is a proven copywriting formula that you can use in all of your marketing material it's going to work to inspire your ideal prospects to take action and that is a eye-dea and that's attention interest desire and action let's look at the four of these first is attention you want to grab your readers attention by writing a compelling and captivating headline or title or subject line that jars them out of their routine everyday lives and makes them sit up and pay attention to what you're about to say the next is interest you want to keep their attention by engaging them with fresh information or something counterintuitive or something interesting this is the point that I like to talk about the person's pain points what their struggles are what their problems are next is desire this is where you engage their emotions so that they want what you're offering at this point this is when I would talk about the goal that they're trying to achieve the outcome they want the result that they want what is it that they want what are their biggest wants and desires that they have and lastly is action once you've grabbed their attention and built up their interest and talked about their desire the next step is to ask them to take one action and I say one action because in every piece of your marketing material you only want to ask your reader to take one action to keep it very straightforward and simple so that is the copywriting formula that you can use AIGA you can use it on your website you can use it in landing pages registration pages for opt-ins you can use it in your webinars anywhere you're doing marketing or sales you can use this formula and it will work wonders for you thanks for watching and have fun putting this a ID a copywriting formula into effect and seeing the great results that happen in your own business if you're coaching income isn't supporting the lifestyle you want you can change that in 30 days or less click here or visit pro coach calm to watch this free video training get 10 clients in 30 days

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